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Found 102 results

  1. Hello. I have a custom modpack named "weds4 test pack." I can get the pack to download and install correctly, however on loading it crashes. The error log ends with this I'm not sure if this means there is an error with Random things or no; I am not familar enough with Java to figure this out. The full log is here I got it working!
  2. For the past few days I have been trying to create my own modpack just to play with by myself. I have watched many videos and read many instructions online and followed all of the steps and re-read to make sure I didn't miss anything, yet when I open the modpack it just opens vanilla minecraft. Yes, I do have a coremods folder, I have compressed it with 3 different programs (regular windows compressor, 7zip, and WINRAR), I have deleted the modpack.jar and re-downloaded it, I have pretty much done everything on every other forum with the same topic, yet I end up with the same result. I'm not good with any technical Minecraft so I'll let you guys try to figure it out. Please help as soon as possible. Modpack:
  3. I am currently trying to make my own modpack. I did this successfully (you can download it now and stuff), but when I tried to make a server all the tutorials uselessly said "remove server side mods, things like dmg indicators and minimaps". That's great, but I don't know which of my mods are server side mods. Instead of testing every mod one by one, can someone please tell me out all these mods which ones I put in the "Mods" folder in my custom modpacks server folder? Sorry idk if this is the right place to put this
  4. I made my own custom modpack and I searched this online but no one actually gives you an answer- when I load up my modpack it gives me the default forge loading screen (as seen in the image below). I know I can change this for ME, but how do I make it so everyone who downloads my modpack has it already instead of them having to change the mojang.png themselves. I'm using technic launcher and my modpack is called "Modernization Pack" With the little astronaut as the logo. Also if you get the chance, how do I change the icon on the "hotbar" or whatever the thing on the bottom of the page is called when you load up the modpack (Hexxit's is a little skull)
  5. So I made a simple modpack on my client. I made a bin folder with forge universal 1.8.9 (renamed to modpack.jar), a mods folder, and a config folder, and put it all into a zip and uploaded it to dropbox. When I put the modpack on the technic launcher it ran with no mods. It worked fine when I ran it on the regular minecraft launcher with forge installed and it worked fine. Drop Box Link:
  6. Hello, this is my first custom modpack that i'm trying to get working, I got all the mods to load properly but the problem starts when I try to connect to a server or load a world (generation goes well but the problem seems to be world loading or when I try to render something). The error that I keep getting is caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraft.src.FMLRenderAccessLibrary here is the crash log please help!!
  7. I have made a new modpack and whenever I or anyone else tries to download it, we get the same error. "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: MagicalIndustrialLite Error extracting file Please consult the modpack author." I have no idea what the problem is, the modpack works but the launcher wont install it
  8. hello. i made this modpack a long time ago and it has given me sooo much trouble that none replies on the old thread, its called the jurrasic project (link to download and i would greatly appreciate someone telling me what is wrong with it. i dont remember where i left of, and all this seems like a long time ago plz help. thanks
  9. I have created a custom modpack, but it won't download. The link works, and it gets to 99% but then starts over and after a few attempts it just stops and displays this message: (attached) Any help would be appreciated, I am new to this stuff
  10. Hi people, just encountered a really annoying problem with mystcraft which I assume is a bug. There doesn't seem to be any snow (layer) forming on the mystcraft ages that I am making. I'm aware that one of the main troubleshooting techniques for anything mystcraft related are parsing errors with the pages so i'll post the pages in order that I am using. Essentially I'm using a combination of Biomes'o'plenty and mystcraft in order to produce a Christmas "winter wonderland". so far I have managed to create a snowy coniferous forest with eternal snow (weather type) but no snow layers falling on the ground. I also managed to produce an icy wasteland of compacted ice which wasn't ideal. I've tried with a number of different cold biomes with biomes o plenty both with and without the weather:eternal snow and with and without the terrain modifier stone/dirt/snow Snow block (terrain modifier) - also tried dirt, grass and stone, all to same effect Ice block (terrain modifier) - also tried water Standard world (terrain) Snowy coniferous forest (biome) - also tried arctic, alps and alps forest Single Biome (biome Controller) Normal Lighting normal water colour normal sky colour normal foliage colour normal grass colour (also tried white colour + grass colour) Eternal snow (also tried no weather and normal weather, apart from changing the snow falling it had no effect) Setting (position modifier) zero length (length modifier) normal sun (celestial body) Twinkling stars normal moon Clear modifiers (I have instability disabled) Any help before Christmas would be greatly appreciated, my experience is that someone will unhelpfully lock this thread just before someone is about to answer it. P.s. I also have ancient warfare loaded which appears to add settlements in mystcraft ages, as shown in the attached picture, it seems that snow if indeed layering within the settlement but not outside it. This is with the arctic biome. Arctic: Alps Forest: Snowy Coniferous forest: Mod list is attached. When I get back to the place I'm hosting the modpack off i'll update the modpack files and anyone can have a crack at it. Edit, further to my previous information I've now experimented with biomes O Plenty and cannot spawn any snowy biomes except for extreme hills +. anyone lese getting this? a link to the modpack is:
  11. I've been messing around trying to make a modpack (Magic-of-Tyria) with my brother, but i can't get my download link to work properly. I've gone through all the steps and have even gotten it to work once. I've read through countless other threads and none have seemed to do it for me. The current link i'm using at the moment is "". Any feedback is helpful. Edit: Scratch that. i went to bed and after waiting a while it works? i don't know whey but all's good now.
  12. I just made a modpack for 1.7.10, but when I start it it says "Error unzipping file". Here's the modpack: If anyone could help me I would be so glad! ^_^ Thanks! //Lucceminer130
  13. I have created a custom modpack, which is running fine. Now I am creating a Cauldron server with it, with the following plugins: BossShopChestRegenGriefPreventionHyperConomyNoItemPermissions ManagerPTweaksPunishmentalEssentialsSimpleSignsTradeVaultWorldEditWorldGuardNow I am having the following problem: When a player joins the server, everything is doing just fine, but when a player dies, he doesn't see anything, nothing either when teleporting, while others can see him. He has to rejoin to see something again, which is of course really annoying. I hope you know what this is causing. Btw, does anyone know how to create a player sign shop with hyperconomy, where players can only place signs above chests and nothing else? Thanks in advance!
  14. Recently been building my own with my fiancee out of our favorite mods and we've added just about 47 and if we add any more we start getting a exception in server tick loop apparently caused by 1.7.10's integrated servers? has happened on multiple machines from adding multiple packs, I managed to make it work with journey map by increasing max chunk load size in forge's config file but the error is still happening on my fiancee's machine. I am at a loss for how to fix this. Modpack crash-report.txt just happened on my machine, this was what happened in the console.
  15. Okay so I tried creating a modpack on technic and everytime I launch it, It pops up in Vanilla pure vanilla there is no see mods option or anything. Please help me If u need to know the modpack name is Hero's Of Minecraftia I tried making it for a friend. Please help me and if you can help fix this than thank you.
  16. I have a custom modpack on the technic launcher and it will load about half way and then crash. Modpack Name: JUSTRANDOM211 Crash Log:
  17. so i load a game on my modpack but every time i press e in game it goes back to the menu screen plz help
  18. Hi, my custom modpack crashes when i try to enter. I know it's a problem with modular powersuit but i don't know how to fix it. I have tried modular powersuit QMX. I don't want to remove this mod from my modpack since it's one of my favorite mods. Crash Reports: 2015-10-04-3.log.gz fml-client-latest.rar Modpack File:
  19. I am creating my own custom modpack, some errors of course, solved them, tried again, etc. After a few restarts I came up to this crash-report: Crash report crash-2015-10-03_20.13.14-client.txt Normally I can understand crash-reports at least a bit, but now I can't. I hope you guys can explain me what's wrong. Sorry for my bad English. xeotrel2
  20. Go HERE! Or type in OmiTech: Magical Dabblings into the modpack search on your technic launcher to install the pack. Dont forget to leave a like for our Modpack HERE! | WELCOME TO THE OMNIKRAFT COMMUNITY || Were more than just a server, were a community! |+ To be a member of OmniKraft, means youre part of something that is larger than all of us! What makes us stand out from other Minecraft servers is that we define ourselves by the impact we make on those who join. We recognize that its you, the player that matters most, not the server itself. You are joining a family, one that welcomes everyone when they log in, one that asks how youre doing, and one that helps if youre having a bad day.The staff of OmniKraft may be few, but were the nicest youll find on any server. The owners, Kryptix_25 MrPeppah dont tolerate abusive, childish and immature staff. We pride ourselves on how friendly we are, and how much we care about every member of the community. If there are ever any issues, well act swiftly and wisely, to ensure its resolved as best as we can.We know that our members are responsible for helping us grow, and keeping us here with their donations. We ensure the best possible experience for all, and wont tolerate anything that diminishes that. With weekly polls, and an open and supportive forum environment, we make sure that all with ideas are heard equally and that no form of bullying happens.If you are interested in joining community, apply HERE! Server IP: | What is OmniKraft and Why Are We Special? | OmniKraft is first and foremost a community built around Minecraft. We focus on offering a small server feel for our members where everyone knows each other, where we greet you when you log in and we want to get to know you and be a friend. What makes us different from other SMP (survival multi-player) servers or Minecraft servers in general is that we are fully transparent on how the servers and community are managed, and that we evaluate opinions and suggestions offered by the community. For us to be transparent means that almost every decision that is made that effects the community is announced publicly, we deliver monthly financial reports discussing where all our donation money goes and we discuss potential plans for the future with all members. We offer several ways for our members to discuss opinions and suggestions, such as our forums, social media and private discussions as necessary. We realize that our members are our greatest strength, and we want to make it as easy and safe as possible to allow for new ideas and feedback to be brought into a discussion so the community as a whole can decided what is the best ideas. While not all ideas can be used, it allows the owners insight into what direction is the best for growth for OmniKraft. To be member focused, that means our member's needs are always above anything the community does, and that it makes as much of a positive outreach as possible. Our staff are not just moderators and admins, but we are friends and family. If one of our members is having a bad day, we do what we can to cheer them up, or offer an ear to listen, it all depends on what that member needs. We ensure any new features are as balanced as possible, so that no one feels cheated or singled out. We also ensure that even with perks offered through donations don't provide any edge to gameplay, we refuse to be a pay-to-win server or put our donors into a position where those who can't donate don't feel like they aren't as good. | Current Mods In The ModPack | Optfine Minecraft Coder PackForge Mod LoaderMinecraft ForgeApplied Energistics2 CoreCodeChicken CoreMicDoodle8 CoreNot Enough ItemsPlayer APIThaumic Tinker CoreOpenModsCoreCoFH CoreAdvanced Genetics Applied Energistics 2BiblioCraftThermal FoundationThermal ExpansionBig ReactorsBlood Magic: Alchemical WizardryBaublesThaumcraftBotaniaBuildCraftCarpenter's BlocksChickenChunksThe Twilight ForestForge MultipartChisel 2ComputerCraftDecoCraftDraconic EvolutionMineFactory ReloadedGalacticraft CoreMekanismEnder IOWailaExtra Cells 2Extra UtilitiesFast CraftGalacticraft PlanetsInventory TweaksIron ChestMantle Mekanism GeneratorsMekanismToolsMrTJPCoreProject RedTInkers ConstructMine Factory ReloadedMrCrayFish's Furniture ModNaturaNether OresNotEnoughEysOpenModsOpenBlocksOpenCSSensorsPam's HarvestCraftRandom ThingsRedstone ArsenalSimply JetpacksSoul Shards RebornThaumic EnergisticsThaumic TinkererThermal DynamicsTiC TooltipsTraveller's GearttCoreWaila HarvestabilityWAILA PluginsWhere Are We Looks ATWitcheryForge Microblocks+|COMMUNITY RESOURCES |+Blog: blog.omnikraft.netSteam: steamcommunity.comgroupsomnikraftTeamspeak: ts.omnikraft.netTwitter: @OmniKraftYouTube: youtube.comomninationmc | Please Do Not Post Applications Here. They Will Not Be Accepted. | | Apply HERE! |
  21. Hey guys. So I made my own modpack called Crystal Quest. It worked completely fine when I manually launched it. When I uploaded it to Technic, everything was fine. You can also launch it without it crashing. The problem came when you try to create or join a singleplayer or multiplayer world. It always crashes. Would someone please help me with this as I'm very upset about it. Here is the latest crash report: (If you also want the mod list, let me know, thanks) Mod edit: please use pastebin or similar sites for crash logs
  22. My custom modpack has a crash error and I cant figure out how to get rid of it. I think it has something to do with lycanites mobs but that is a mod I am not willing to get rid of. Can someone tell me how to fix this error?
  23. Hello, I'm sonniccub or princess rainbow sparkles (I'm a guy and no I'm not gay I just have that name because I like it when people get rekt by princess rainbow sparkles) I've been making a mod pack for me and my friends to play on (same generic story everyone has heard 1,000 times) and an error message popped up when I was trying to download it so it could be tested and it said "Error downloading a file for the following pack..." and I've been trying to fix this for a while but I've gotten no positive results from my pack I can leave a link to it somewhere in here if anyone is willing to help. Thanks.
  24. Hey there Technic Forums! My custom modpack, Doge is the real Illuminati, MC Version 1.7.10 has the mods: -Flans Mod -Ars Magica 2 -QCraft -Aether -MCHelicopter -ICBM Updated by SpikeViper -Voltz Engine -BCMod -Backpacks -Thaumcraft -Explosives++ -TooMuchTnt -Witchery -Gilded Games Util -Not Enough Items -Code Chicken Core -Extra Utilities -Optifine -Rival Rebels -Xray -Archimedes Ships -Aether -CoFH Core -Animation API -Baubles -Code Chicken Lib To better explain my problem, for example, when I place a QCraft Computer, and right click it, the server says stops and says Closed Server. This happens with more than just QCraft, for example when I spawn in a Mecha on Flans mod, or when I placed Tentacles in Thaumcraft or Ars Magica 2. I do not see an error in the console when this happens, all I see is a Server Received Stop Command. Any explanations? Thank you! I run Cauldron on my server! Plugins: -Essentials -Essentials Anti-Build -Essentials Chat -Essentials Protect -Essentials Spawn -Lockette -Multiverse-Core -Multiverse Portals -World Edit