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Found 13 results

  1. every time i try to run the Classic Pack, or any other mod pack, it gives me an error Here is the start up in the console https://pastebin.com/y1PCazK1
  2. I downloaded Blightfall and wanted to play it. But whenever the game starts, the minecraft window will come up as usual but is completely black, then after a few seconds it stops responding. About 15 seconds later, it closes and brings me back to the technic launcher. If someone could help me fix this problem, that would be great! For system hardware i have an intel core 2 quad q8200 2.33 ghz, 8gb ram, and a radeon r7 360 2gb graphics card Here is the crash report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Shall we play a game? Time: 7/20/17 1:55 PM Descriptio
  3. Hey, finally I got the technic solder to work. Everything is fine, but then I want to use my modpack, I imported to the technicpack site, in the launcher I get this error: [B#347] net.technicpack.rest.RestfulAPIException: Error accessing URL [https://technic.jomcraft.de/api/modpack/] [B#347] at net.technicpack.rest.RestObject.getRestObject(RestObject.java:157) [B#347] at net.technicpack.solder.http.HttpSolderApi.getMirrorUrl(HttpSolderApi.java:59) [B#347] at net.technicpack.solder.cache.CachedSolderApi.getMirrorUrl(CachedSolderApi.java:134) [B#347] at net.technicpack.platfo
  4. When I click 'play', it'll say 'Checking For Minecraft Assets', and when the bar gets to 100% it'll change to 'Installing Minecraft Assets'. Then the launcher will close and in a blink open again. That happened to 2 packs I installed today and tried to play (Mo' Creatures + Morph; Hack/Mine). I've no idea why this is happening. With packs I already installed (Example: Aether II - Genesis of the Void) they run just fine. I did try rebooting the computer. I really need help with this, since I want to play Hack/Mine again so badly. Thanks for the answers!
  5. After writing my previous modpack help request article, I managed to post a modpack and download it. Now, the only error that I have faced is that when I hit play, it loads to where it shows "Mojang" and then exits and returns to the launcher. Considering my lack of experience with this and overall incompetence, I have absolutely no idea what to do and all the google search results are outdated. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hi, me and my friend have been trying to start a tekkit server for 2 days now and we keep getting java errors. Recently I have tried uninstalling java and downgrading it to previous versions. I'm now using java 7u21 (64bit) now and am still getting the errors. We are using the recommended version of tekkit and download the server from the official modpacks. When my friend tries to join my server or i try to join his we fall through the ground and then after 30 seconds it will kick us out giving us a java error. The one I have gotten recently was Java.net.socketexception: connection reset. I at
  7. When I launch this modpack on Minecraft 1.7.10 (Forge) it doesnt launch. More info: Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/03GBx41m Modpack download:https://www.dropbox.com/s/npjm2m1731d3p5v/modpack.zip?dl=0 btw gonna add this to Technic once it launches. Please Help!! Thanks.
  8. My new custom modpack isn't loading. It opened as vanilla at the beginning but after that I looked it up on here and found that I need to delete a few files in the different .jar folders. Most of the mods on my pack are from different packs that are compatible with 1.6.4. The ones that aren't I downloaded the safer/recommended 1.6.4 versions of each so that it would be more likely to run properly. After I deleted the files mentioned I tried running it again. It didn't run vanilla anymore, it just didn't bother and sent me back to pack selection. After I did all I found I was supposed to do
  9. http://imgur.com/PcjSr7Z this is what comes up when i try launching it.
  10. So you try to launch your favorite modpack from the technic launcher. It verifies all the files and does its thing when, suddenly the technic launcher just reappears as if minecraft had exited. Other modpacks work, but not this one. Heres why: the launcher creates log files everytime you launch the modpack. For some reason it can only get up to 100 log files (100 launches). Your solution: delete them. 1.Navigate to your technic installation. For windows Vista, 7, and 8 its default is: C:Users<Your account>appdataroaming.technicmodpacks<the broken modpack> (You may have to unh
  11. HELP!!! I run a tekkit classic server, and everything is pretty much normal and it runs fine. When I craft items, they appear in the outcome box, and they are visible in NEI. But when I try to take certain things from railcraft, like coke oven brick, out into Minecraft itself by crafting them or spawning them in, I am disconnected from the server!!! It just says Connection Lost: End of Stream. On the console, it says Than2000 (me) lost connection: disconnect.genericReason. the weirdest thing is, they appear on NEI, and in the crafting box; but it's when I take them into the world itself that I
  12. Please help me! I've searched in all internet, but i can't find the solution for my problem. So, I open the launcher, I log-in, I click in the tekkit, I click on the "play" button and the mojang screen apears, but after it the tekkit closes and it goes back to the laucher! Please help me! Inf: Windows 7 64Bit Java 7 Minecraft autentic acount Oficial Technic Launcher
  13. Every time, i will login and the launcher will open. after that i will scroll through the modpacks until i find the suitable one to install (tekkit classic) EVERY time i do this (even after re-downloading the launcher TEN times) it will start to install every part of the modpack, but after about one second MATMOS will begin to install and just freeze at 0% I used to think that it was just taking time to load...until i left my computer on all day, When i cam back home It was still frozen After some frustration i decided to try out a different modpack, Same issue- It always froze on MATMOS.
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