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Found 74 results

  1. www.RetributionGaming.net Wild West Frontier (2.0) was to be the spiritual successor of our previous Wild West Frontier modpack. Initially we had intended a whole new style of play for minecraft featuring player owned land and businesses and a fixed map. While we still believe this would have been a massive step forward for the modpack, the work required was beyond what our small team could have been able to manage. We then set out to improve on our original modpack, which is how it still stands today. Wild West Frontier aims to give players a sense of township while still allowing for wars and plenty of PvP. Please Note: This modpack is only now being released as community activity has slowed down considerably over the past few months due to everyone becoming less interested in minecraft. While this modpack is certainly playable and is fun, it is unfortunately not to the standard we had been aiming for; players may find various bugs, lack of features etc. To get started, simply paste the following modpack link into the technic launcher: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/wwftest This modpack features physical currency therefore it is recommended that you store any money in the bank at spawn. The following picture shows you where the bank is. Once you have had a quick look around spawn, its time to make your way out into the world. Be aware, once you are out of the spawn, PvP is enabled and you can be robbed of all your items! After finding a piece of land you want to settle on, you should look at planting some crops. Crops are the main way people make their currency in game as they can be sold at spawn or sold to other players to create food. This pack has a mod which prevents players from eating the same food over and over, so make sure to diversify your diet! As you build up your land credits (earned by logging in daily) you will likely want to protect your property. The server uses Towny, so make sure to read up on their wiki here: https://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/wiki/Commands Once you have a town, you can invite another player. Players in towns can be taxed to pay towards the upkeep of the town or for expansion of the current town. While melee weapons do not affect other town members, Guns will so watch out. Now you have your area set up you should look at building a smeltery and starting up on tinkers construct. Using this mod, you can create the most efficient tools/weapons in the game and tools which make your life much easier. But what happens when someone attacks from afar? You need a gun. Guns can be bought at spawn or crafted using a gunsmiths table. The rest is for you to explore, make friends and war with other towns. Other: - People who join our website can use the store to spend their points. Points can be earned through events or through donations. You will receive points just for joining though so it is worth doing so to get yourself a gun or even a starter smeltery. - There are some rare guns on sale for 'Wild West Tokens'. These were handed out to some of the top players from the last server. There is roughly 150 in circulation so you can likely find them from other players. - Carpenters doors are not protected in towns, either place a wooden door behind them or dont use them. - We have a custom gatling gun which can be bought at spawn. Be aware that players can break these in towns. We are pretty lenient on rules. The main ones are; - Don't do anything to exploit, cheat or otherwise give yourself an advantage over players. - Dont abuse other players racially, by gender or through belief. - No religious talk - Dont do anything derogatory to the server. This includes but is not limited to; Spamming, Advertising, Hacking, Crashing, Exploiting, Slandering, Pointlessly Griefing (i.e. Nazi symbols, dirt penises) - Do not use excessive caps and try keep the swearing down ( we dont disallow it, just discourage it) Hope you all have a great time once you are on!
  2. Hey guys i was thinking of geting a bunch of people to play on a custom server and have custom modes.We would have a whitelist and would recruit people if they are worthy, But i need help if you are interested in doing this then please comment below.
  3. Hello everyone! I am here to tell you about the ~new~ modpack i have just released! It is called Snail-AIO (All-in-one). It is an all-in-one adventure modpack will some story elements here and there that will get you so intrigued you will want to play forever! We still obviously havent given up the building aspect of Minecraft, we have a bunch of mods that will help you build and build faster! Screenshots below!!! Any questions? E-Mail me at: [email protected]
  4. Servername: Atomkraftwerk Serverip: atompark.eu We decided to create a Freebuild PvP Server for the people that want to play the real Tekkit-Lite. Get in touch with fighting against others, raiding enemys, building factorys to make you more powerfull, defending your base against others and raising your base. Server Information: Grief Prevention with Siege Mode (You can claim a small land in the entire world, but you can be besieged if youre online) Mostly vanilla with pvp everywhere on Server started: 27.Oct.2014 Server Difficulty: Survival Mods Removed: Dimensional Doors and Mystcraft Server Rules: Do not hack, exploit, duplicate Do not advertise in anyway Second Server: Anubis (coming soon) This server was designed to give you an never forgetting tekkit feeling. Custom Weapon Mods, Gravity, Cave Worlds and more! Absolute Custom, Absolute Hardcore Suvival!
  5. Stone Soup Version: 1.7.10 About Us: A modded survival server with a custom modpack available via the technic launcher (http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/stone-soup.446612). It has mods that accommodate to many players play styles (tech, magic, builders, etc). There are three active players looking for many, many more. The spawn town is free to build at, we're doing sort of like a free build thing where people can build aesthetically pleasing builds or buildings with a purpose while still keeping it well organized and connecting each building with a pathway. Rules: We only have a few simple rules, which are as follows: No stealing or griefing. These will not be tolerated at all. Trees need to be cut down fully. No CPU intensive machinery or blocks. We will set up community power sources and a place for quarries, do not build your own quarry or use thousands of chunk loaders. If we keep and maintain a place for quarries and chunk loading the server lag will be reduced immensely. This server is whitelisted and you will be added to it immediately if you are successful in joining. The IP for the server is: stonesoup.game.nfoservers.com:25565 How To Apply: We are encouraging people who are interested in joining our server to apply in the format below: In Game Name: Skype: Age: Reasons why you would like to join: What would you add to the community: How experienced are you with mods (Mod list in desc): Thank you and I hope to see a lot of you very soon
  6. The three member Hero212Hero team has just added a new modpack. We initially wanted to get 70+ mods configured and working, but are unable to at this time. With 26 mods all based on Trains (Traincraft) this mod is sure to please. Check for updates as we will continue to work through the bugs and get to our goal of 70 mods. Link to the project, modpack, and more at http://www.kittenwar.com/
  7. How to play Attack of the B-Team in the most OP way possible: Download Veinminer for 1.5.X. Put it in the coremods folder. Run BigDig. Set up config with /veinminer. Set up the control for veinminer. Enjoy your new, easier, 50x easier BigDig. Need help installing? Make a post! I'll be pretty active today. -TheDogePwner
  8. SoulCraft: Ultimate for 1.7.10! Wish to try out a fun new modpack with fun things to do? Ever wanted to have a home in 5 or more different dimensions? Or run a giant diamond condensing machine while you raise dinosaurs? Well now you can! On SoulCraft: Ultimate, you can do just these things, as well as make a mining turtle dance, clear out massive dungeons spawned in underground, and even wreak havoc in the word with your powersuits! There's lots to do in SoulCraft: Ultimate, and the opportunities become endless when you play with friends! Try it out today! Here is a link to our modpack's page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/soulcraft-modpack.486713 Don't be shy! Let me know what you think of our modpack here, or on the modpack's page linked above! All feedback is appreciated, good or bad. Credits to the mods used go to the owners of the mods he/she made, and links to the mod page for each mod is linked on my modpack page as well! Please do enjoy! A list of Mods and links are listed below! Trap Craft v2.2.1a Treecapitator universal 2.0.3 *Was Downloaded here* Better Storage buildcraft 6.0.17 CodeChickenCore dungeonpack 1.7.10-1.0 Fossils and Archeology 6.4b iChunUtil 4.0.0 IC2 Experimental 1.7.10 Mekanism MekanismGenerators MekanismTools MFFS Core Morph Beta 0.9.0 NEI universal OptiFine HD U A4 Rei'sMinimap 1.7.10-3.6 *can be downloaded here* resonant engine core Thaumcraft TwilightForest 2.3.2 universal electricity core Waila 1.5.5 ProjectE 0.2a PlayerAPI 1.7.10-1.0 Bibliocraft v1.8.2 ComputerCraft 1.65 eggygoodness 1.7.10-1.3 ModularPowersuits Numina Battletowers 1.7.10 ArmorStatusHD 1.27 StatusEffectHD 1.26 Ether 1.7.10-0.7.13 NEI Plugins MC1.7.10- (Unofficial) Dynamic Lights 1.7.10 Now I know this modpack is not the biggest, nor the coolest or funnest, but it is what it is, and perhaps some of you will enjoy it! The modpack was first made so that friends and I could have fun with mods, but eventually I had wanted to make a server with these mods if it got popular enough. I had made the modpack thinking about PvP, so it might be a fun modpack to use for something like Factions. Just to throw that out there! Anyways, have fun trying out my modpack, and if you enjoy it please do 1+ it. Thank you -XxXFreeSoulXxX
  9. NO LONGER ONLINE. Some information I'm starting a private server to just mess around on and have fun + single player is boring. There will be no banned or restricted items because it is just 4 people in a pure survival server. Guidelines I would like people 14+ to join. Don't be rude to people if I accept you. Instructions To get on the whitelist just send me a pm with your minecraft username and something about you as well as your age and I will send you the IP. Community The community should be open. People who can constructive insight on peoples builds or machine systems. Ex: more efficient design, a way to hide this particular pipe, mass gathering of resources, computercraft, etc. Server information The server should be up most of the time and if it's off it's probably for something important. There will be 100% uptime on most weekends. --EDIT-- Current Applicants: 1. xxninjakiller96 - removed (suspected troll) 2. Summersquad I would still like to have at least 1 or 2 more people!
  10. I made a really cool Voltz map where two teams (United State and Russia) have to battle using Voltz items. Check it out! The Cold War
  11. Hey guys, just wanting to advertise a relatively new hexxit server. I think there is a lot that sets us apart.. Our staff is very active Unlike many servers, our staff is almost always on. We don't have a lot of stupid rules Raiding, pvp, faction wars, we allow it all, not to mention we let you use the tools at your disposal to get into bases, such as hookshots and electric staffs. Instead of limiting you, we allow it. You'll just have to be smart when making your base.. If anything goes badly, our staff is almost always on to monitor it. So instead of making a whole assortment of custom plugins to limit you down to sticks and stones, we rely on our staff to monitor what goes on. Now you may ask " Won't that break our experience, won't we get raided all the time?" My response to that is this: it's a pvp server, it's a raiding server. I'm not just going to say deal with it, I say be smart, fight back a bit. Don't long for a peaceful time.. Raid others, strike back.. And there is no world limit, so feel free to build a base as far out as you want.. Not to mention our staff is fair and reliable.. Have fun! IP ADDRESS IS RIGHT HERE hexbox,g,akliz.net:25566 You do need the "25566" at the end.
  12. I own a server that a few of my friends play on that we record on. We are looking for more players that would like an Attack of the B-Team server to record on. We're nothing special ourselves lol, We're just looking to get more players and have a good time. The server is hosted by Stickypiston Hosting. I plan on upgrading the server soon, but right now I see no point as there is only three of us. Rules to the server: No Griefing No Raiding Be nice and polite to others Just have a good time! It would also be nice if you would record for youtube. Application: IGN: Skype [if I accept you, I will add you and inform you : D] Do you agree with our rules to the server? Age [This won't affect your application, so please do not lie : P]: Youtube: How active you will be on the server: Why should we pick you?: Thank you and goodluck to everyone! :-)
  13. IP Address: Industrialwar2.hosthorde.net PLEASE visit the website for all of your information about the server and the modpack! Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/industrial-war-2.293556 Website: www.industrialwar2.webs.com o No whitelist! o Easy to install technic pack! o Mature players only! (seriously, if you act like a 10 year old you will be banned) o 20 slot, PVP enabled, custom modded server with many mods made just for us. ------For Current Beta---------- o Objective based war system --- Declaring War ---------- o Post-scarcity economy focused on UU production through massively buffed generators, reactors and huge mining zones! o PVP arena with free armor/weapons/ammo/drugs. Test your skills vs. other players! *Coming Soon* o Fight mobs at the quantum dam for great loot and take their skulls as trophies! o Custom mod collection featuring IC2/Flans/Guns, planes, vehicles, gregtech and others. o Ranks and promotions from donating in beta only! o Bukkit for WorldGuard, Essentials, block-logging, Groupmanager o 97%uptime o Industrial War is a sci-fi PVP server. Griefing/stealing/killing is not restricted but members of the same nation may not grief/steal from/kill/betray each other. Players are recruited by two opposing nations who must fight for the control of crucial points around the world. Each nation has its own capitol, a 500x500 zone protected by suppression fields designed to keep their enemies at bay. The nations are able to give up money to the invasion bank, by posting on the forums. by doing so, you accumulate power for your side. The power generated this way can be used to bring down their enemies capitol's suppression fields, rendering them susceptible to assault. o Players are encouraged to join a team and contribute to the war effort to the best of their ability. Whether you are a warrior, miner, builder, engineer or farmer is up to you; but no matter what you do it will have meaning. Build huge ammo factories, fields of food, armories with the best weapons and armor or hidden bunkers to launch missiles at your enemies. A promotion system ensures that skilled, mature and trustworthy players gradually play a bigger role in their teams affairs. Remain at the lowest ranks for maximum freedom and minimum responsibility. Work hard and exhibit outstanding qualities and you will be granted access to your nations capitol; the epicenter of economic activity and a safe haven for builders. A 6000x6000 map with tons of hidden vaults, drug fields and other interesting locations ensure that exploration and colonization of new lands is rewarded. Free arenas, armies of tough mobs and a server store keep things interesting in between building and fighting for control of territory. o For a full listing of server rules, features, mods and changelogs check out the website at: www.industrialwar2.webs.com 1.Download the technic launcher here http://www.technicpack.net/download 2. Launch it and on the left menu select "add new pack". 3.Paste in The link from the Technic Modpack Site Below: There should be a bar: "Platform URL" 4.Select "add modpack". 6.Launch the game and connect to the server! If you have any problems e-mail [email protected] for assistance! Add me on Skype if you cant reach me on email. : Skype: Noah.serafini - PA o Server Info: o IP: Industrialwar2.hosthorde.net o modpack Link: http://www.technicpa...al-war-2.293556 o Location: N.America o Do not harass the admins. If you don't like it you are free to leave. Keep your suggestions to yourself. o Server is for mature players ONLY! o Listen to and respect the commanders/commandants, they are moderators. o DO NOT steal from, grief or betray your own team! We use logblock! o Verbal abuse, ad hominem attacks, discrimination, hackusations & advertising will not be tolerated. o Using cheats, hacks or exploits are an instant, no questions asked ban. Only player radars are allowed. If you are even suspected of using other exploits you will be banned immediately. Using things in a manner they were not intended to be used = exploit. o Combat logging, defined as leaving the game after you have taken or inflicted damage in combat to avoid the consequences, is banned. Industrial War 2 ----------------------------------------------- Website: Http://Industrialwar2.webs.com * Please visit To download * ------------------------------------- Servers: IP: Industrialwar2.Hosthorde.net * Must get ModPack to Join * Factions: Join the fun at Factions! Assemble a team and raid / grief the other factions in this server! Also Enjoy all the modded items that are included within the server ! - Guns - IC2 - AE2 And much more! Prison: If you have ever played factions on other servers, this is nearly the exact same thing except it has mods and involves a different faction plugin. Overall, you must use the mods given to you to build up a faction you created or you joined. You can also use these mods to attack other factions or defend your own. IW2 Original War Server ! Industrial War Original is based on a two nations battling it out and building themselves up. This is heavily modded. Economy is built on a buffed UU-matter set up from Industrialcraft 2. This set up will help you make weapons of mass destruction and will help you to create a thriving nation. HOW TO PLAY: Easiest Method: ----> Follow Instructions on this link | http://industrialwar...bs.com/download If you are familiar with the Technic launcher: ----> Download Modpack Here | http://www.technicpa...al-war-2.293556 Already know how to add modpacks? ----> here is the Platform URL: technicpack.net/api/modpack/industrial-war-2 <--* Add Http * Mods: - Applied Energistics 2 - IC2 - Modular ForceFields - Nuclear Control - Compact solars - Zans Minimap - Optifine - Walia - Railcraft - Feurellos weapons - Project Red - Forestry - Extra Trees / Bees - MC- Heli Plugins: - Worldguard - WorldEdit - Myworlds - Towny / Kfactions / Arena ( Different Servers ) - FirstjoinPlus - Essentials Staff: Owner: Fxmuffincow Head Admins: - Shockword - Truevbuilder - Deantheftxbrx Global Admins: - Nighthawk998 Admins: - Shenshi6 - Blockboy200600 Contact Me: Skype: Fxmuffincow Email: [email protected] VISIT THE WEBSITE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS Http://Industrialwar2.webs.com IP: Industrialwar2.Hosthorde.net
  14. Hey guys, xEvo here, just found this awesome mod, and was wondering who else wanted it added into Attack of the B-Team?! The mod is called Mo' Bends, and is made by Gobbobb__Antivirus this mod adds mroe shape to players and mobs giving them more personality, here is a link to the mod's page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/146-mo-binds-steve-have-forearm/ Thanks for reading!
  15. Hey everyone, ___Leaf___ here. You may have been on my tekkit server, and that was fun! Well now I have a 90 Slot server, with the Attack of the B-Team modpack and the plugin Factions on it! And YES! it is survival! Anyone that wants to play is welcome, On my servers I encourage amazing builds, keeping the land generally good looking, and making LOTS of jokes! The server ip is: mc7.fadehost.com:25674 Rule wise Im not much of a nag, but I do like it when everyone can respect each other and have a good time. The server will be up permanently for at least a year, so no need to worry about losing your progress, and I have constant automated backups for you. Alittle bit about myself; I'm 20 years old, my skype is dewhiersoux if you need to contact me and I enjoy playing minecraft as a hobby. I have a job, and summer is coming out so why not put up a server for my friends and anyone else that wants to join in! Your friend, Leaf
  16. Attack of the BTeam IP: hub2.chillax-tech.com Chillax BTeam is a using the modpack Attack of the BTeam. Now introducing the new attack of the B-team mod pack now combines the worlds of magic and science as never before. This brand new mod pack may seem overwhelming at first with its inclusion of GalactiCraft Mars, Biome's O Plenty, Flan's gun mod, Witchery, Necromancy and many, many more! Now but before you summon your undead minions and blast off to Mars or go spelunking in the Nether's ash fields you're going to need some tools and with the Updated T-construct mod you'll have just that. Is there anything better than a diamond tipped Slime edged sword? We don’t think so. Construct elaborate space stations or take a leisurely walk among the myriad of newly implemented biomes the choice is yours. Chillax's BTeam server is way better than all other servers you will see because we have a community already build, we have a separate PvE and PvP Servers attached in one server. You just can go there in one command or portal. On our PvP Server you have the ability use factions and make your own bases to attack and grief others but for those who enjoy no griefing we have a PVE server that lets you use Towny and build up towns and have fun with friends with no worries of griefs. You can morph into ANY mob after killing it on our server freely, we do not limit mob types or people you can become. You can even morph into the owner of the server if you kill him! Chillax also does not crash near as much as most servers. We have put in hours and hours in of effort to fix all crash issues on our BTeam Servers and we are still working on doing so. BTeam PvE: The general PvE Rules. No Griefing, no stealing, no killing, no spamming, and play peacefully! BTeam PvP: The general PvP Rules. Greif, Steal, Kill, No Spamming, and Raid. Coming soon! None! http://www.technicpack.net/attack-of-the-bteam Just download the launcher, login, then select the pack and you are in!
  17. SERVER IP: Send me a pm with your age and experience if you are interested. Hamachi is required (cause I'm shit setting up servers with windows 8) Timezone is GMT(+2 hours CEST) Uptime: 0900 am - 0100 am. Almost every day. SERVER PLUGINS: AUTOSAVEWORLD | COREPROTECT | PLGSETSPAWN | TEKKITTOOLKIT
  18. Brand New Attack of the B-Team server looking for mature and sociable players ages 21 and older. No one under the age of 21 will be accepted at this time! Must be active and friendly. No Griefing. Pranks allowed. Youtube experience preferred but not required. 99.9% server uptime. Whitelisted. Looking for between 8-20 players total. NOT TAKING ANY MORE APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME. ALL SLOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED! Application is as follows: Username: Age: Location: (State or Country Only): How often can you play: What time(s) of day are you most likely to be on: How long have you played Minecraft: Have you played a modpack before?: If so, which one(s): Have you published youtube videos before?: Do you have any examples: Do you intend to publish videos of gameplay on this server: Would you be willing to participate in a skype interview and play minigames prior to obtaining membership in order to gauge your personailty?: Post any other revelant information here: To improve your chances of acceptance I recommend contacting me via skype username kunoichikitteh or emailing your application to [email protected] The server address will be disclosed individually once accepted. Thank you for your interest and consideration. I look forward to playing with you! <(*^.^*)>.
  19. Dragon's Radio Mod adds a single block to the world - a radio. It is not simply a prerecorded sound player or dummy, It plays actual radio streams from the internet. For that you need a radio stream link that provides mp3 stream with m3u extention. Audio stream will be client sided, so the radio does not cause any lag to server, and client side code is enough effective to play on any configuration and mod-pack without any troubles. Radio has 9 buttons, and one text insert area. Buttons allow you to connect to stream link that is provided in text box, Play the stream, turn volume up and down, add stream to playlist, delete it, browse the playlist, clear the stream text-box, paste into it and exit the player. Mod state: fully functional and tested. That means, after weeks of playing with it on a server, it has shown no bugs, crashes or performance issues. example radio stream link: http://listen.radionomy.com/elium-clubdance some more links can be found: http://www.listenlive.eu If some links do not work, they are not mp3 format or with m3u extention. THIS MOD REQUIRES MINECRAFT FORGE INSTALLED. Please leave a comment if you liked the mod, I would much appreciate it. Servers using Dragon's Radio Mod: thesociety.eu DOWNLOAD --> http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/dragons-radio-mod/ PS. Please ignore Thesociety.eu branding, downloadable version DOES NOT HAVE THAT!!!
  20. I am starting a technic server if you would like to make it with me and help choose the modpack, or if you want to be a staff member, please send an application including this info: IGN: Age: How long have you played? How often do you play: Do you have any experience with running a server or being a member of staff, if so how much? What technical skills do you have? What makes you different from everyone else? Some things about yourself: Thank you!
  21. In this episode as the EVIL Dr Scary I reveal my secret lair and how I've hidden it. With a handful of Dragon eggs I start my world domination and have a few discoveries and surprises in the Nether
  22. Alright, so this is another forum game that I've seen and has always been a blast to play, which really surprises me since no one has started it up. How this game works: You have to somehow steal the cookie from the person above you. Here's an example. I bake a nice fresh cookie Next Person: I smack you in the face with a pie and steal the cookie while you are distracted. However to try and avoid having this thread "..Get Bent..." by a forum mod, here are some basic rules: 1. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE FORUM RULES! PERIOD! 2. No being particularly nasty to the person above you. Remember, this is all in good fun. 3. If you have any doubt about posting something because you think it might offend someone, don't do it 4. Put the person who you're stealing the cookie from in quotes so we can laugh at the ninjas later So, now that we have the groundwork laid out, I'll start: I buy I nice fresh cookie
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