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Found 67 results

  1. There is a glitch I found with blocks that deal with XP from Openblock such as the Openblock Tank and the Openblock XP Drain blocks. Right click on the openblock tank to take back some of your XP (I took 30). Then go and enchant a tool such (I enchanted a diamond pick axe) and then after enchanting step back on the XP Drain block and for some reason your XP will go back to 30 and it will start being put back into the tank. Essentially infinite XP, this needs to be fixed.
  2. In light of an exploit I'm seeing around our server lately involving ender pearls and (rowan) doors (details elided), is anyone aware of a plugin or other way to disable the "teleport" feature of ender pearls without banning the item completely (which would pretty much shoot all of TE to hell).
  3. just recently my friend just started to get really bad FPS drop for some reason. he gets 1-2 fps when some one logs on to the same server from the same router
  4. Hello community! I recently installed Optfine HD_U_D1 (1.6.4) for my AotBT client. When I started playing, I noticed there were a few strange visual bugs going on. The first one I found was that my right arm was missing, both in first person and third. However, I managed to fix this simply by morphing into something, then morphing back to human; no big deal. But I also noticed all of my chests are acting strange... All single chests appear to be missing half their texture, and double chests are missing their entire texture (except for the little latch in the front). This only appears to happen with vanilla chests. So, I was wondering, is there a fix for this? Should I use a different version of Optifine? It's not a big deal if there isn't any sort of fix, but any help on resolving this issue would be appreciated. (On a side note, I wasn't able to upload an image of the problem; the forums kept telling me, "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." [i tried using a jpeg, bmp, png, and gif]) *UPDATE* I just noticed that chisled glass appears like vanilla glass. This only happens with full glass blocks, and not glass panes. Also noticed that some mobs are missing body parts; skeletons don't have torsos. I'm likely to encounter more visual bugs, so any advice on the situation would be appreciated.
  5. So it downloads fine, loads... and then just closes. Doesn't crash, just closes. At first I thought it was still loading but no, it just closes every time. I think the problem is that the modpack.jar isn't the right version, could that be the problem? Check it out for yourself, heres the modpack link- <<<< visit the link. Thanks bros
  6. I just downloaded the launcher and Tekkit Classic and Voltz won't launch. I tested installing every other modpack and they all work, but whenever I try to launch Classic or Voltz it gives me this report: Technic Launcher Error Report: ( Please submit this report to ) Launcher Build: 439 Selected Pack: Voltz Stack Trace: Exception: RuntimeException Message: Minecraft not installed for this pack: InstalledPack{info=SolderPackInfo{name='voltz', display_name='Voltz', url='' icon_md5='820ad79798bf8fce3317ad7bb6302384', logo_md5='57bab00b470b738898084b29b541a3e7', background_md5='e9111ee2909af2bc0fa78a50812b1c0a', recommended='2.0.4', latest='v3.0.0c', builds=[1.0.13, 1.0.12, 1.0.11, 1.0.10, 1.0.9, 1.0.8, 1.0.7, 1.0.6, 1.0.5, 1.0.4, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, 1.1.4, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.4, 3.0.0, 3.0.0b, v3.0.0c], [email protected]a}, name='voltz', platform=false, build='recommended', directory='%MODPACKS%voltz'} Trace: net.technicpack.launchercore.launch.MinecraftLauncher.buildClassPath( net.technicpack.launchercore.launch.MinecraftLauncher.buildCommands( net.technicpack.launchercore.launch.MinecraftLauncher.launch( System Information: Operating System: Windows 7 Operating System Version: 6.1 Operating System Architecture: x86 Java version: 1.7.0_55 32 bit Total Memory: 55 MB Max Memory: 247 MB Memory Free: 24 MB CPU Cores: 4
  7. Whenever I try to start my server, I get the following message: I only seem to get this message when starting the server with launch.bat, but when I use the server.jar, any mod blocks on the server disappear after placing them, and spawning mod entities stops the server. Terrain mods such as Biomes o' Plenty don't work either. Vanilla blocks still work normally though. A fix to this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. only the ores for vanilla minecraft are spawning the bones are spawning and orebery bushes and things are spawning but there are no non vanilla ores:(
  9. When you grab XP from the LXP tank, Then enchant an item. When you walk on the xp drain, it drains the xp that you took from the tank and not putting the ammount you had left after you enchanted. I think this is a huge bug especially on faction servers.
  10. So I noticed today that some recipes are missing in my NEI. It MAY have to do with the fact that I upgraded to 1.0.10b and the Downgraded to the version that was before that (1.0.10a?) and then back to 1.0.10b. Anyways, all I've noticed so far is that my ProjectRed-Transportation pipes and pipe modifiers are missing (chips,router utility) and that also the Thermal expansion pipes are missing (Fluiducts and all energy conduits. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it? Note that the transport pipes are missing
  11. Here's a link to my post on minecraft forums: Basically the same exact thing is happening here, except it is in Attck of the B-Team. PLEASE HELP!! ITS CREEPIN ME OUT!!
  12. Can someone help me? When I want to start server everything is loading fine, until this problem shows up Some zombie is placed in wrong position, not sure why. Tried setting gamemode to 0, spawn mobs false, connecting on to find him, nothing worked If required, I can send you files.
  13. For some odd reason the blocks in tekkit or any of tekkit mods our outlined with a white line. I have a screenshot of it but i cant figure out how to post in on here. please help to make my game semi playable. Thanks, Nick
  14. Okay well essentially what is transpiring is that my t3 missile launchers are having some issues. I get them set up. I have my power source running from underneath coming from Solar Panels. I place the missile in the silo, set my lock height to 70 and enter coordinates. Then I try to launch and it blows up within the silo. It can't be sabotage, it isn't an AA or anything like that either. For example exothermic missile caused an exothermic explosion there.
  15. Hey everyone. I'm having troubles with item ducts from Thermal Expansion mod. Sometimes items just stucks in chests and refuse to go in itemducts. Server restart helps to fix that, but then it can happen again for reason I don't understand. Can someone take a look at my world to help figure out what's wrong? Here's the world: Here's a coordinates and chests that glitches: First I thought it's because of item ducts crossing so I added wooden chests instead of crossing, but items keeps stucking, and sometimes they stuck inside those wooden chests now.
  16. Hello, I have been playing Hexxit with my friend for a few weeks now. We just built our base and we had lots of good stuff, but then I messed up badly. When I was about to start the server, I opened the "minecraft_server.jar" file. Now almost everything we had is gone, except for the Vanilla items. Is there any way to undo this? If there is, please let me know, thank you! Regards
  17. When I first downloaded it I thought that it was just a download error. But when I downloaded it again I had no idea what to do. Does anyone have any idea what to do?