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Found 171 results

  1. Hello. I'm speaking on behalf of a private server owner, a friend of mine, and we're looking for TWO, read it, TWO people who want to join a private server. Sounds simple, right? It may very well be, but before you make that decision, read on... Rules: No crashing the server, obviously. It's understandable if it's a mistake, but if you're doing it just to annoy us, we'll remove you. No griefing/trolling other players. Pranks are all fun and games until someone loses their base over it, so please keep it simple. Have fun. If you're not having fun, we're not having fun, and isn't the point of this game to have fun? Requirements: 1. You MUST have a mic. I can understand if you can't get one, but if you honestly try to join without one, we'll simply have to reject you. They're not that expensive, you know. 2. You must also have a Skype to contact us. If you don't have one, make one. 3. You can't have a squeaky voice or be Age 15 or lower, this is merely to ensure that everyone enjoys each-other's company and to make sure we're all mature. The uptime of the server is 12:00 to 00:00 CET, currently, but in a week or so it will be a 24/7 server. Post in this format if you want to join: Name: Age: Skype: Reasons you want to join: Agree to and understand the requirements: Other things you want to say: I hope that you are considering joining us, and we hope to see you soon.
  2. Personally I think that Mekanism and Chisel should be part of the Tekkit Pack and although there is no way this could happen I think that there should be other modpacks that for example, only include magic mods like blood magic and thaumcraft. Reply what you think below and if I made mistakes (which I probably just did by saying "reply below") plz cut me some slack its my first post
  3. I'm trying to work on making my own server, and everything is now working except for the Hexxit "" file. When I click on it it says something like, "File cannot be located would you like to use windows to find the appropriate file?" I can log on to a server by myself without a friend but this problem is consistent especially with AOTBT. I dont know if it's me on the file but I've download it 3 times (Hexxit and AOTBT alike.) and still have trouble with the file. I've ran the launch.bat file and it works fine as well but when it's finish just a simple "server" file is supposed to be there right?
  4. I love Hexxit, it is my favorite mod pack! I have been lagging ever since I got it and my crappy computer won't let me drag and drop items. Could somebody make a modpack that JUST combines Hexxit and Optifine? Please tell me the link or platform url. Thanks!
  5. my hexxit wont stop crashing!! everything else works fine, plz help
  6. hi guys again I need help!? I am not sure if anyone else has this problem but on my hexxit my not enough items doesn't work but on all my mates computers it does. if you have had this problem your self or have an idea on how to fix it plz tell me.
  7. So I've had Hexxit on my computer for a while now. It actually would never bug. One day, I went on my world and tried to type something into the little box for Too Many Items, and the screen just froze. I was so confused. I tried copying the world, but none of the data would transfer to the copy. I left that world a while ago, but did not delete it. I just went back to it, and right upon clicking on the world, it crashed. Here's a copy of the crash report. I just don't understand it. *snip*
  8. Hey, so I've been playing Hexxit for about a day now and I turn off all programs except my Skype then play the game but every ten minutes or so the game decides to crash. By crash I mean: Frozen screen, computer saying that it crashed, windows cannot find out how to fix the problem. I am playing online. If someone could tell me what I need to do in order to stop it from crashing that would be great! BTW I have 8GB of RAM. My friends are able to play it with me just fine, and they have the same GB of RAM. Thank you.
  9. Hey guys, just wanting to advertise a relatively new hexxit server. I think there is a lot that sets us apart.. Our staff is very active Unlike many servers, our staff is almost always on. We don't have a lot of stupid rules Raiding, pvp, faction wars, we allow it all, not to mention we let you use the tools at your disposal to get into bases, such as hookshots and electric staffs. Instead of limiting you, we allow it. You'll just have to be smart when making your base.. If anything goes badly, our staff is almost always on to monitor it. So instead of making a whole assortment of custom plugins to limit you down to sticks and stones, we rely on our staff to monitor what goes on. Now you may ask " Won't that break our experience, won't we get raided all the time?" My response to that is this: it's a pvp server, it's a raiding server. I'm not just going to say deal with it, I say be smart, fight back a bit. Don't long for a peaceful time.. Raid others, strike back.. And there is no world limit, so feel free to build a base as far out as you want.. Not to mention our staff is fair and reliable.. Have fun! IP ADDRESS IS RIGHT HERE hexbox,g, You do need the "25566" at the end.
  10. Hi, I faced Pirate Captain on one of the small pirate boats yesterday with my son together. Pirate Captain challenged us with 2-3 additional pirates. It was easy fight with normal pirates however it was impossible to kill Pirate Captain (the one with Feather on the top of his helmet). He has 60HP and seems to regenerate pretty fast, He also do some lighting/storm attack from the sky. None of these abilities were real problem. We were equipped with full diamond armor and swords. The problem is that every time we hit him with any weapon (including bow from distance) weapon disappeared. Sometimes it was possible to find weapon somewhere around (ocean bottom) but mostly we just lost it. After a few minutes we have lost all our weapons and tools. Is this some strange ability of Pirate or it is bug? I am unable to find any note about such ability anywhere in minecraft/hexxit/better dungeons sources. Thanks for any help or clue Michal
  11. So I just recently bought a new computer, it has 16GB installed RAM. Below is the launch.bat file that I launch: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Hexxit.jar nogui pause ---------------------------------------------------------------------- And this is the result that it comes up with when I go to launch the server (with no programs running): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. Press any key to continue... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I check my task manager and it says that I still have 12-13GB available on my computer unused. The server allows me to launch with -Xmx1G -Xms1G but that is still laggy for clients that are connected. Is there a way to reserve more space or something so I can run a server with more RAM? Thanks
  12. Hello there . So I recently started playing mod packs from the Tekkit program for a 2nd time. I was wondering if there is any way to play Single Player without using an internal server. The internal server crashes my game constantly either because the chunks cannot load or other unforeseen reasons. The internal servers would be awesome if I wanted to play with others locally but I simply play alone. If anyone knows a fix or a manner in which I could play these mod packs WITHOUT Internal Servers, I would be forever grateful!!!
  13. I have had a Hexxit world in the past that was really great. I had almost everything in the game, built a great base, etc. unfortunately, the world somehow got corrupted, and I couldn't use it any longer. I was really upset, so I started a new world, and it was going good. It was better than the last one BY FAR, and I was really happy with it. today, 5/31, I was playing on the world all day, working on my house/base. it is later in the evening I try to go back on it, and it is corrupted. it wouldn't load properly, and it would just say " shutting down internal server" whenever I tried to load the world. if this is a bug, PLEASE FIX!!! If this is just my luck, please help me try to figure out how to fix the world if possible. I hate working on worlds for months, and have then crash when I'm not even finished (BTW, these two worlds mentioned are the only two worlds that I have built a big house/base, and have had most of the items in the game, if it helps). Please reply, and leave this thread open for discussion.
  14. In order to join the server you must be on Hexxit version 1.0.10, in order to get this version, go to the Hexxit menu, below it click on the gear icon and select recommended build NEW MAP - Fresh start - Old player ranks are unaffected! IP: IP : Website: TS3: Welcome to JWL's Hexxit server, where you can raid, grief, and PVP all to your evil little black heart's desire! Burn your enemies, betray your team mates, or try to survive peacefully inside a chaos ridden-world run by anarchists, your choice! We hope you enjoy the time spent on the server, and you should have no problems as long as you follow these rules: -1- No spamming -2- No caps -3- No attempting to crash the server -4- No hookshooting/using staves on people at spawn -5- No hacks or use of exploits/bugs -7- No inappropriate weapon names (as funny as it is, keep it civil) -8- Respect players and staff --As long as you follow this set of guidelines, you should have no problems with staff bothering you, and you may embark upon your demented killing spree. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --And these items are banned for various reasons, which include causing lag and crashing the server: -TreeCapitator: Crashes server -Ankh: Abuse -Blue Slime Eggs: Crashes server -Ender bow: Crashes server -Meteor Shield: Crashes server -Draw Bridge: Corrupts chunks -Emperor's Chalice: Abuse/OP -Destruction Catalyst: Abuse/OP -Capsules: Crashes server -Titan Band: Abuse/OP -Meteor Summoner: Abuse -Water Staff: Abuse/trolling -Storm Magazine/Shot: Buggy/bypasses rain prevention -Bag(7608): Duplication abuse -Ore Magnet: Broken -Chocopedia: Crashes server -Liquid Metal Buckets: Crashes server -Chocobo Saddle Bags: Duplication abuse ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --We have ranks available for those that dedicate time on the server, or in other words, they are freeee!! -Visitor: Acquired upon joining the server, your first step to awesomeness. -Survivor: Awarded upon reaching the milestone of 12 hours on the server, grants access to /kit survivor. -Resident: 24 hours spent on the server, and grants the extremely useful /back command + Able to use hook shots. -Hero: 36 hours, and allows the user to set up a whopping 5 homes! Who needs that many!? -Master: A total of 72 hours on the server grants you the Master rank, which allows you to use /kit master. -Duke: Not for the feint of heart, Duke is given only to those who spend 96 hours, and it gives you the /enderchest ability. -Lord: For nobility, this rank awarded when you've attained 144 hours on the server, which allows you to use /kit lord. -Hexical Legend: Dedicated, and prestigious players are able to reach the Hexical Legend rank, only reachable through 192 hours. You have reached nearly the top rung of the rankings, and therefor are awarded the /jump command, allowing you to zip around like an enderman! Will you be able to achieve the final rank? -Hexical Deity: For the true GODS amongst men, the immortals surrounded by mortals, the Hexical Deity is the ultimate God-Tier rank. Enjoy all your previous sw33t l00t, along with the /fly command, because we here at JWL love you. This extremely elusive and awesome rank only comes with an extreme 400 hours on the server, which weeds out those who are not truly worthy. BASK in your powerful aura and DEMAND respect from those beneath you, you've deserved it. This is one of your last steps to achieving world dominance, enjoy it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We Also Have A PvP Arena Where You Can Have Friendly Duels Without Being Worried About Losing Items! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -P-Mod: Player moderators are our version of 'trial mods', where we evaluate your decision making abilities, and how you handle situations that require staff intervention. You are basically still a normal player, with some exclusive moderator commands. They are the first line of defense against unruly and unfair players, respect them! -Moderator: No longer a regular player, but one who dedicates their time to assisting the community and keeping the world civil. They are allowed to use creative to restore items and structures lost through unfair or glitched means, not to hand out freebies. They also have various other commands that are imperative for operating on a front line basis. -Admin: A rank granted to those who distinguish themselves further from the player base. There are 5 Admins currently. -Owner: Only a few members have this rank, it is not freely given out. The main owners, jd210, Babsicus/mrbabe
  15. HELP I can't record on any technic packs it says not responding please help BTW I'm using action recording software and it's not my PC I'm using an Alienware X51 please help!!!
  16. So if you have a mac, you probably know about the screen flip caused by hexxit and how you can fix it with full screen. My problem is that the lower part of my screen is broken and I can't do full screen. I'm saving up for a new computer now, but in the meantime, if there was a minecraft screen orientation mod, or if someone could make one, I would greatly appreciate it. (I can't imagine it would be too complicated, as whoever made hexxit apparently did it on accident) PS: I know there's a modder section, but I'm not sure wether it's supposed to be used for requests. I am however confident that this is related to hexxit, so I decided to post it here. If it belongs somewhere else, an admin can move it. EDIT: It occurs to me that if I knew what part of hexxit was causing the problem, I could probably remove it (If it wasn't too major) So if you could tell me that, it would work too.
  17. Hello I didn't know hwere to post this sorry if it's in the wrong place. I own the domain for and i don't really use it. So if anyone wants to buy this domain pm me with a price
  18. Hey all, My hexxit keeps running out of memory every 15 minutes!!! Do any of you know how to fix this problem? (it happens most when im on my hexxit server) thanks
  19. this isnt a sever advertisment, just a way to gather interest and ideas. would anyone be interested in a mild role play hexxit server? this would include empires, alligances between empires, wars between empires. empirical teritory, co-ordinated raids. towns with stores, road ways between towns/empires, and so forth. i am currently considering buying a hexxit server, but i want gage interest before i purchase it. this server would be whitelisted- applicants only alowed to join after completing a sign up forum. it would also include some plugins- not many, but a few- such as something like towney (but without the grief prevention- basicly just as a way to let people know who's town/empire they are in, and chest shops). there would be no fancy spawn, no central store, the currancy would be emeralds. store would only be permitted in claimed lands. each town/empire would be encouraged to keep a history of their origins (i remember last time i did this, i recorded everything from the founding of my empire to ever raid and major battle). thoughts? ideas? if there is enough interest, i will purchase and set up the server imediatly, and post a link to the server's advertisement in this thread.
  20. While playing hexxit solo or LAN i have an average fps of 1-10 when normally i would have 40-60 fps i have tried allocating 3gb of memory instead of 1gb but it did not really help i normall play on lowest settings besides the normal render distance but even lowering the render distance does not help i have an alienware m14x that plays any other game amazingly so i know its not the computer here is the most recent crash report for hexxit and the specs of my computer. Dxdiag Results Crash Report
  21. Server Address: Dynmap: Our server is another laid-back hexxit server of 20 slots. We have several active members and several members who pop in and out occasionally. It has been a previously private server for 5 months. Most people either worked together or are friends of people who worked together. There are many new players since first posted. The rules are pretty common sense: Protect your land and property (We have Grief-prevention mods that helps) Respect other players. Have fun Plugins: These are the functional plugins and I will add more in the future Essentials (Buy, Sell, and Trade signs available to players.) Vault GriefPrevention (lots of initial squares, buy and earn options) Dynamap ClearLagg is disabled at the moment. Will re-enable if necessary. ChestShop No whitelist. Had to ban bags, boxes, and a few other items because of Dup bug cheats. I will undo if they patch it. (Update 5/10/14) I haven't had to ban anyone yet. I am pretty tolerant of most things. This is a learning experience for me as well. I am playing as a true player (I mine and build my stuff). I do admin things when they need to be done or players are stuck, building roads, etc. Server will be active 24/7 except for very limited maintenance of patches and/or backups. Added schematics like: - Aysgarth by emree
  22. I tried to spawn in an item that vanished from my inventory, but I got this error. It only started crashing right after I spawned it. I already forgot what the item was, thanks to my short memory... Is there any way to fix this so I can get on my server? EDIT: I used the wrong file, here is the correct error:
  23. A new 1.7.2 Modpack called Wreckkit, I would love if people gave it a try and gave me feedback on the mods used in this pack. If there are any mods that should be removed Comment below. If there are mods u want me to try and add Comment below. Download Link to Platform URL: -=[ModPack]=- Mod List: -=[A]=- - Abyssal_Craft - Advanced_Dispensers - Advanced_Genetics - Applied_Energetics - Advanced_Machines - Archimedes_Ships - Armor_Smelter - Arrow_Cam - Auto_Item_Replacer -==- - Bacteria - Battle_Towers - Biblio_Craft - Blood_Magic - Build_Craft -=[C]=- - Chest_Transporter - Cocoa_Craft - Code_Chicken_Core - Construction_Works - Craftable_End_Portal - Craftable_Horse_Armor - Craft_Guide - Crafting_Pillars - CST_Epic_Weapons - Cube_World -=[D]=- - Doge - Doggy_Talents - DrZharks_Mo-Creatures - Dynamic_Lights -=[E]=- - Eastonium_Mo-Drinks - Enchant_View - Ender_IO - Ender_Tanks - Enchanted_Portals - Expansion-Pack - Extra_Buttons - Extra_Torches - Extra_Use’s - Extreme-Decorations -=[F]=- - Familiars_API - Familiars_Default_Mob_Pack - Familiars_Extended_Fam_Pack - Familiars_Herobrine_Fam_Pack - Fast_Craft - Fun_Craft -=[G]=- -Grim_3212_Core -=[H]=- - Holo_Inventory -==- - Industrial_Craft - Infernal_Mobs - Invincable_Hamsters - Iron_Chests -=[J]=- - J’s_Inventory_Sorter -=[K]=- -=[L]=- - Lamb_Chops - Lanterns_And_Flashlights - Light_Bridges_And_Doors - Lots_Of_Food - Lunatrius_Core -=[M]=- - Mantle - Minecraft_Comes_Alive - Meteors - Minions - Modular_Furnaces - More_Swords - Motion_Tracker - Multi_Page_Chest - Mysterious -=[N]=- - Natural_Craft - Nether_Star_Tools - New_Dungeons - Not_Enough_Items -=[O]=- - Obsidian_Boat - Ocean_Advantures - Off_Lawn - Open_Computers -=[P]=- - Paintball - Pandoras_Box - Pet_Bat - Project_Zulu - Psychedeli_Craft - Psychedeli_Core -=[Q]=- - Quid_Craft -=[R]=- - Radix_Core - Rainbow_Xp - Redstone_Paste - Render_Player_API - Rope_Plus - Ruins -==- - Secret_Rooms - SKC_Core - Slime_Void - Sock_Craft - Soup - Stuff_Worth_Throwing - Super_Enchants - Super_Hero_Core -=[T]=- - Tall_Doors - T_Construct - Teleportation - Team_Fortress_Sentry - Team_Fortress_Teleporter - Thaum_Craft - The_Bombzen_API - TL_Special_Armor - T_Mechworks - Twilight_Forest -==- - Update_Checker -=[V]=- - Varied_Creepers - Voxel_Map -=[W]=- - Warp_Books - Weapon_Mod - Whole_Tree_Axe -=[X]=- - Xnets Paxel -=[Y]=- - Ye_Gamol_chattels - YouTubers -=[Z]=- - Zoom_Mod
  24. 1. You must be 14 or older. 2. If a guy you must have a deep enough voice where it is not annoying. 3. If you are a girl , same age restrictions required. 4.You Must Speak English. 5. If you want to setup an interview Contact me by Skype. Skype - Username - KZStrive My age :16 Gender : Male >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>If you would like to know more contact me through skype