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Found 269 results

  1. I upgraded to windows 10 on my computer and right when I did that my technic launcher wouldn't open. I tried redownloading it but the .technic file wouldn't install but the application did plz help me with this problem
  2. Hello, i have a problem: launcher interface won't loading p.s sorry for my english...
  3. I already looked at the website it told me to go to but i dont really understand what to do now, also it happens at every single modpack, not just at this, so could you pls tell me what i have to do now? Neues Textdokument.txt
  4. Hello, I'm trying to start minecraft after downloading a modpack and it starts loading, exits the launcher and then the launcher comes back. I restarted and re-downloaded the launcher but it didn't make a difference. I'm attaching the log. Postbin for vanilla one: Morph+Mo'Creatures Thanks for your help!! techniclauncher_2016-02-16 - Vanilla.log techniclauncher_2016-02-16 - MoCreatures.log techniclauncher_2016-02-16.log
  5. Seems to be an influx of issues here lately. My launcher won't play any of the modpacks. Here's the log. I've not played Minecraft in a few months and went to hop on ATBT and was prompted to update the modpack and then my Java to 8. Did so and it wouldn't play. So I uninstalled Java 8 and reinstalled 7. Didn't seem to make a difference. Removed the Launcher and all associated files. Redownloaded and still seeing the same issue. Checked some of the other threads and it didn't seem like my issue was quite the same. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. So I've had this problem a while and what basically happens is that I install the modpack, press play then after it loads and installs instead of lauching minecraft, it just closes then re-opens on the same screen as if nothing happened. Any ideas? Just to say, I have checked and there is no xmx for the java thing. Please help.
  7. I have problem with launcher since I changed my nickname on mojang web The problem is that I can't login to launcher (Yes I Checked name and Password 9999999x times ) I checked my old name and this name and no effect :L Can some 1 help ??? BTW Sorry but I don't know where to put this type of topic
  8. I tried the launcher today and it wouldnt work for me. I run the latest version of java. This probably is a launcher bug and i think it is caused by my drivers. This happenes every time I try to open a modpack. When i try to launch tekkit classic it first shows a black screen and then a white screen. with other packs it just wouldnt launch at all.
  9. Every time I attempt to open any modpack using the Technic Launcer, the launcher interface simply closes and reopens about a second later. Help please? Log:
  10. Imma let you this picture and you should be able to understand. <---- this explains it all And I want to clearly say that I never had problems with the launcher since the last patch ! Oh, don't forget that I don't speak Java ... so don't speak to me in Java... Use English instead please Don't tell me to get a new version of java as I already tried. Thanks in advance ! ~Lancelot
  11. I have tryed some mod packs with the Technic Louncher: not even 1 work they all crash when i try to start them and it go back to the launcher without a crashreport any questions anymore why i like install them manually more then this never working sh*** ok forget about this, any ideas whats could be wrong?
  12. So I was trying to allocate more memory to my technic launcher (Because who actually plays for more than 5 seconds on 1 gig?) but when I go to the drop down menu theres only 1 gig there. YES I have more room. YES I have a 64system with 64 bit java. and when i click "find another version" i click the 64bit and it says "cant use version, is already on the list". buuuut the only things on my drop down menu for versions is 2 different 32bits. i have uninstalled and re-installed both types and now i only have 64bit.
  13. Since the latest update, I've been having an issue when I try to run any modpack. The launcher loads up perfectly well, but whenever I hit play the modpack fails to load, resulting in the following error. Of course, I initially assumed that I could fix it by changing the java args, but that didn't work. If anyone's run into this before or knows how to fix it, I'd really appreciate the help.
  14. In my friends Launcher the Modpacks arent loaded Picture is HERE
  15. Hello! After creating a Custom Modpack and my own server, finding people have a crap load of issues, that I could help the general public (you amazing people) by posting them here! Yes, they're probably on another thread, yes blah blah blah, but they're not all in one place Please remember that I'm not perfect and that some issues may not be here. Any issues not on here, comment on the thread and I'd be glad to help you! 1. Game crashes on Mojang Screen, Game Crashes with error "not enough ram", try this if your game crashes at all! This means that you forgot to add more RAM, or there's a RAM leak in the pack. Not that big of a deal. as you just have to allocate more RAM. On the launcher, go to Launcher Options, then find Java Settings. (Launcher Options is in the Upper Right-hand corner, and Java Settings is in the middle of Launcher Options) See the drop down? Clicky! Choose more than 2gigs for MOST MODPACKS! Unless it's one of those fancy Technic Modpacks (such as Tekkit Legends, Hexxit etc). I would say for *most* modpacks, the safest RAM amount is about 3.5 gigs. Round if that option isn't there. -ERROR- Is there a Yellow/Red exclamation point? Hmpf, I feel bad for you. You have to download things. Go down to #2 for this amazing and helpful thread! 2. Yellow/Red Exclamation Point on Java Settings RAM drop down, Can't launch ANY pack (Click Play, the cool green bar runs, but pack doesn't launch.) Classic Java Issue. Darn Java! It's a simple fix, really. If you have a YELLOW/RED exclamation point, go to Once there, find Windows Offline 64-bit (or your equivalent for Linux. If you have a Mac, Im sorry, but your issue is a bust. Don't use apple!), and install it. If you have a 32-bit Computer, DO NOT LET IT UNINSTALL ANY OTHER JAVA VERSIONS! If you have 32-bit browsers, DO NOT LET IT UNINSTALL ANY OTHER JAVA VERSIONS! It will cause your more issues down the line! If your a 64-bit amazing person let it install any old Java versions. If you CANNOT LAUNCH THE PACK then go to Once there, scroll down a bit to find Java 7u80. Find Windows x86 Offline. As this is a new fix to me, I'm putting this in: If it DOESN'T FIX YOUR ISSUE, upgrade to Java 8. Otherwise, download one of the Windows x64. If your expertise is Java, and I massively derped on this, comment! 3. Black Screen of Death on Minecraft! Oh Noes! Go to #1. It's a lack of RAM. 4. My game crashes when I go to Creative Screen, press Usage for an items, it crashes when I hit something! Report your issue to the mod author. Don't annoy him about it, and if it's an Out-Of-Date version of it's been dead for more than a month, don't bother with sending it in. (Unless you want to, because it may influence the Author to continue the pack) - Basically, the mod is interfering with another, the mod isn't stable, it's something. Make sure to download Stable Versions of mods, and this is VERY ANNOYING if your planning on growing your pack! 5. I keep getting messages that my Game is using all of my RAM up, that I'm low on it, my computer crashed, etc. Yeah, uhh..consult the mod(pack) author. It means that there's a RAM leak which is a pain in the . - Stop playing the pack then. Your computer is going to get beat up, you may lose data, just stop playing the pack until it's 100% fixed. 6. My game crashed when loading a world, player logging in to the server and crashing it, player keeps getting disconnected from the server/game. Well, this could be a cause of a lot of issues. Most likely (if the game completely crashes) it's a Corrupted Chunk. Go into MCEdit, import the world, and clicky the cool button that says "Repair Regions". It's beautiful and works. (make sure to import a current version of Server. Go download the server version for the world/modpack, and do the MCEdit stuffs for importing it. Google to the Rescue!) If you happen to have AE2 and Golden Bags of Holding, or another mod such as Jabba and Golden Bags, and happened to be moving something, great job! Corrupted inventory! Very easily solved. Basically, in a nutshell, it's how the mods store the items in NBT and stuff, it's really confusing, but for some reason it works. Don't ask how. If your like me and need 5-yr-old words, it's getting overloaded. Basically. Solution! Go into an NBT Editor (my favorite being that Minecraft one with the deadbush icon) and just copy half of the golden bag into a new golden bag in the same inventory, so you don't lose items and don't get overloaded! (To be honest, don't do it in the first place, but, can't stop you) 7. My graphics are messed up on this one modpack (mainly Technology Advanced: TerraTech, he he) and it's unplayable! Yes, I just ran into this with a Mac user. Very simple fix. Unfortunately, because of Apple making things hard (darn it apple!) there are different steps from Windows/Linux/Mac (mac being the hardest). Windows Solution: Go to %appdata%, find .technic, go to Modpacks, and find the modpack that is having the error. Go to mods, and delete OPTIFINE. One of Optifine's updates is incompatible with something, lord knows why, so just delete optifine. Linux Solution: If you already know where .technic is located, perform the same task as Windows. If not, here's how to do it on Ubuntu KDE: Enable hidden files. the MC folder and Technic folder are both Hidden Files. Once you do that, go to your home folder (/home/yourusername) and you should see a transparent .technic folder. After you go there, follow the Windows Solution! Mac Solution: I would say it's a little bit easier than Linux, in words. Actually doing it, I have no clue as someone on my own Server did this. Since it's a "Hidden Folder" and crap, you can't click to go to it. That's why it's so hard to get to it! Go to ~/Library/Application Support/technic - After that, you *should* be able to follow Windows Solution! If you want to get directly to the Mods folder, go to: ~/Library/Application Support/technic/(modpack name, ex. technology-advanced)/mods - Then delete Optifine! Welp, I'm out of issues that I can remember from my experiences. If you inhabitants of Technic have any other issues, comment on the thread! Help is only a Google away (okay, maybe more, but give it to me that it sounds cool) Thanks! Hope this solves someones issues with Technic, and I prevented someone from throwing their computer out the window!
  16. I'd like to start off by saying I sincerely apologize if this is in the wrong spot or if this is a terribly noobish question. I'm brand new and this is all quite alien to me. Please have mercy! So I'm trying to download the Tekkit modpack. I tried searching in the search box under the modpack tab in the technic launcher, but only tekkit legends is popping up for me. Only a few games are listed off to the side for me. Not sure if this is normal, but anyway. When I go to to download the Tekkit modpack that way, there is no way to download anything because it says that tekkit is already included with the launcher. When I go into my .technic folder to look in the modpacks folder, there's no tekkit there either. I'm wondering if there is some step I'm missing or perhaps my technic launcher didn't install properly? I've tried reinstalling a couple of times and still I am unable to find the tekkit modpack to dl. I've tried running as administrator but no dice there either. Is Tekkit missing for some reason? Any help at all would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!
  17. Currently the issue is this: Last night I accidentally downloaded an ad instead of the thing I wanted to download, and it started installing a myriad of junk on my laptop, so i did a system restore to a few days ago. Now for some reason, the technic launcher i had installed previously isn't running, I looked at my control panel and, the program disappeared, however its shortcut was still there. So i decided to try and re download the program, but when i run it, the pop up shows up asking if i want to run it, and when i hit "run" it doesn't do anything. I tried running as admin and same thing. Currently on windows 7 64 bit. Not sure what other information would be useful.
  18. Hi fellow members of the Technic Platform world, I need your help: I have just uploaded a new private modpack to the Technic Launcher and I keep receiving an error regarding the ".zip" file. "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: Flywheel 1.7.10; Attempting to extract the file:, but it did not exist" Assuming that since the file didn't exist, the launcher is either not downloading from the link I gave it to download from (Dropbox) or the Dropbox file name is not being accepted by the launcher. I have checked that the two are exactly the same name. I cannot figure out why it will not operate correctly. Also, Is it possible that my modpack's directory index is incorrect? Flywheel 1.7.10 Root/ bin/ modpack.jar (renamed forge 1.7.10 universal) config (configurations files)/ mods (103 mods + 1.7.10 folder)/ coremods (empty)/ I just don't know. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. Any tutorials on creating a modpack for Technic are outdated, or at least the ones I have seen are. Thanks
  19. When I try to log in this error appears. Please help. Java version 8 update 66
  20. Hey, I've been searching for a fix for hours now and nothing has worked. I am trying to run modpacks through technic and the launcher is not loading anything for example, minecraft vanilla and attack of the b-team. It installs modpacks fine but when I click play the launcher exits and attempts to load the mojang screen but seems to give up and return to the launcher. I'm running this on Win 10 (64bit) - 6gb ram. Latest Java version for 64bit (Java 8u66) no previous versions installed. I've tried to run the launcher at 1,2,3,4,5 gb ram which makes no difference. I have attempted the legacyjavafix which also failed. My brother who also downloaded the same files as me has it all working fine, therefore copied his files over to me which had no change to this launching problem. I've tried launching as administrator and in compatibility mode. Tried re-installing multiple times. I am about ready to give up so this is my last resort. I have found a crash log which makes no sense to me and it is as follows: If you can help that would be awesome! Thanks you!
  21. Iv'e tried recently to open Tecnic launcher but once I open it, it will try to load and freeze on the icon.Please some help would be much appreciated. Coffeecan
  22. My Technic launcher is stuck at the logo. I can only close it with task manager. I have attempted several re-installations. And yes, i have made an exception for the .technic folder in my anti virus software
  23. Hello! I am testing to create my own Solder Modpack but i have a trouble. I link my solder with my modpack: On webpage i see "Solder Enabled" tag but on launcher is not appears. I think that my problem (I get "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: .... Attempting to extract file ...") is induced for this because Launcher is trying download a only zip with all mods but i have a zip for each mod (Solder Version). What i need do to "Solder Enabled" tag was showed? Like Hermicraft Explorer pack? Thank you! EDIT:Ok, Problem was solved removing from .htaccess: # Redirect Trailing Slashes... RewriteBase /public RewriteRule ^(.*)/$ /$1 [L,R=301] Because my server have problems with links with trailing slashes Thanks!
  24. Hello; I am trying to log into the launcher tecnical and he is reporting that my User or password is incorrect , however logging into the normal minecraft launcher and own website mojang can log in normally , I'm no anti virus , with the firewall disabled , the windows I am is using windows 10 , when he was before the windows 8.1 functioned normally; Thanks for the help now.