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  1. Modpack website link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/alloutwar-aow.875018 Server Ip: (You don't need this ip if you install the modpack, they mudpack already has the server pre added into the multiplayer tab) Server Rules: No cursing extensivly No hacking No racism(Unless it has to do with WW2 RP) No Spamming No threats irl(In Real Life) Don't ask for staff unless it's appropriate timing You can make suggestions, but please don't make them sound heartfelt. Use common sense Most of all have fun, and please explore all
  2. Server Name:Shad0wCraft Server Ip:shadowcraftcure.hopto.org Crafting Dead Version:1.8.1 Server Slots:100 Thank you for checking out the server, we hope to see you there!
  3. Hi every one ! I'm iLucasar , the creator of Fantatech! Fantatech is a new Modpack which mix tech things and magical things !! Cool , doesn't it ? We want every player to have fun with our Modpack. Now follows the complete list of mod we used in this Modpack : Armor Status HUD Status Effect HUD Additional Pipes Agriculture Atomic Science Autoutils Backpack Better Dungeons Big Reactors Botania BuildCraft Carpenter's Block Chicken Chunks ComputerCraft DecoCraft Dimesional Anchor Di
  4. -+-+-+-+-+Rason Craft+-+-+-+-+- RasonCraft is a brand new Tekkit Legends server with amazing staff and a fresh world to explore. We have a very small amount of banned items, and a OP STARTER KIT that includes a DIAMOND! Come on our server at And visit our website at http://rasoncraft.weebly.com/ !
  5. http://technicpack.net/modpack/rainbowz.851693 New and friendly server made by a muti server owner, Blazing War, A stop for Warriors to pick up a sword and fight it out, While Playing Factions With some of the Best mods, A LOT of tech mods, Adventure mods, And More!, Please Rember we are still WIP IP is AUTO http://technicpack.net/modpack/rainbowz.851693 http://technicpack.net/modpack/rainbowz.851693
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Vito and I am glad to announce a new custom made mod pack named "Forsaken Border's Trinity". This Mod Pack consist's of 146 gorgeous mods packed into something incredible. We tried balancing the genres all into one which I think we have done. The genres in this modpack is "Magic", "Tech", and "Nature". This mod pack was originally intended to be a private mod pack, but looking back on how good it is (personally) we thought it would be nice to share it with the community. I understand many people will just look at this thread and leave but its fine. We just thought we wo
  7. Hi there, we're glad you are interested in playing our custom mod pack in our custom server too. Well, let me introduce you to "Forsaken Border's Trinity". Our new custom mod pack consisting of 146 mods with 133 Active Mods in it, including Optifine, NEI, and Inventory Tweaks to enhance client side game play.What is Forsaken Border's Trinity?It's a very open source custom mod pack made with the best known mods and a few obscure mods that need to be heard off, with a mix of 3 genres in it for "Trinity" we have Magic, tons of magic mods such as Thaumcraft, BloodMagic and more. We have technology
  8. WELCOME TO MAJORACRAFT! We are a new server with a custom ModPack that includes fun mods like Witchery, Thermal Expansion, Galactic Craft, Tinkers construct and over 100+ more! with many more additions that will make for a much better and more enjoyable experience we are running 24/7, we have an economy, jobs system and a quest/dungeon system that is being worked on that will be coming withing the next few weeks. our server is now public only with a few small things being worked on. with our excellent staff we make for a very unique and a one of a kind towny modpack serv
  9. This is a new modpack with a official server coming soon if 250 people come and play this modpack! Hope to see you on the pack! Download: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/flub-da-bub The Official server is now out!! IP: hsdofficial.mcraft.pro
  10. DOWNLOAD THE MODPACK HERE: http://technicpack.net/modpack/samurai-life.836362 JOIN THE DISCORD HERE: https://discord.gg/0oYz6fyYXsUOFGa0 LIFE COMES WITH AN OFFICIAL SERVER AND PVP IS ENCOURAGED!!!! A couple of the mods: Tinkers construct Jonds Ninja mod Harvestcraft aquaculture fantastic fish ExtraTIC Metallurgy Biomes O' Plenty Exotic birds! Voxelmap Damage indicators M & M Mod Malasis doors Project Zulu Desertcraft WAILA WAWLA Sushicraft Need a healthy break from technology that still
  11. Hello. Can someone say when tekkit lite will be updated with a newer minecraft version?
  12. Underground Lounge Compitum Magia Server Information: PvE with Optional PvP Custom Pack with over 100 mods Friendly Staff and Players Sethomes and Spawn commands No Whitelist: Free to join! Dedicated Online Forum: UgLounge.com Server IP:
  13. I am trying to make a mod pack so me and my friends can play and I have finally figured out why Dropbox wasn't working. When I figured out the reason it wasn't working my mod pack downloaded but there was one problem. When I hit play the mod pack started and I could only play 1.7.10 without any mods. I went on to youtube to search why it wasnt working and why there wern't any mods but nothing came up. I finnaly found one thing and tried to change my link from https://www.dropbox.com/s/yfwh2jqrjjzcazg/trolol.zip? to https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/yfwh2jqrjjzcazg/trolol.zip?dl=1 and I fin
  14. Website: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/realms-of-fantasy.745085 server info: http://www.minecraftforum.net/servers/1247-official-realms-of-fantasy Server Forums and rules: http://www.gentlemensgaming.co.uk/forum/m/34903533/viewthread/25392084-server-rules Server Features Challenging survival enviromentMulti-worlds for PvE "Overworld" , PvP "Savageworld" , and Resources "Resourceworld" Abilty to setup factions and capture other factions lands through war.Claim land using Grief Prevention, the best land claiming system around!Ability to setup player shops and ability to see all player sho
  15. I want to make a custom Modpack for my wife and I to play on together. Where or how i go about into creating a modpack and upload it to Technic? For now i want to work it out in singla player than later trying a server.
  16. That is the question, cuz it works so bad right now.. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. Down for Migration Will be up after Christmas.(Hopefully) Happy Holidays. Hello and welcome back to... TechnoCraft | Reloaded It's here. It's bigger. It's better. It's just the same as it used to be. Whale come back to TechnoCraft guys! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For those of you who did not enjoy the great experience that was TechnoCraft, it's basically a non-profit server with very few plugins, apart from Factions, Essentials etc. that was started about a week ago. However, the owners did not hav
  18. Hey guys! My friends and I started a minecraft 1.7.10 modpack server a couple days ago. It has about 250 mods active. You can do whatever you want. Its completely free roam. We have a special spawn. PVP or PVE is allowed. Hope to see you guys there! Also looking for some staff members. Discord chat room: https://discord.gg/0cmYSE7dBZfXELlB Ip: Teamspeak ip: ts.thecookiecartel.com Modpack: 1.7.10 Modpack
  19. Hey guys. My friends and I started a Hexxit minecraft server. It is brand new with all of the mods enabled. Anything goes. You can join and do whatever you want. We would like to have a little roleplay We have a teamspeak if you and your friends would like to join. We can make you your own channel in teamspeak. We currently have 30 slots but can increase if need be. I hope to see you guys there! The game ip is : cagminecraft.strangled.net Teamspeak ip is : 2947006.ts3.mpgs.co
  20. Hello Everyone have been a long time fan of the technicpack and finally have created a forum account. I thoroughly love playing the many different versions of minecraft that the modpacks bring together. My hope is to create an awesome modpack as well. I have also been working on a Top List just for Technicpack Server. See you all around
  21. Hey guys this is a new server i made for about twenty players -IP -link to modpack http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/q3tawfgawet3.583999 -Rules -only grief if the owner of that base is on -don't set off really anything that lags the server a lot -just have fun and be cool -swearing is allowed but keep it classy I put this server up so my friends and i could play a fun modpack, and i decided to make it an open server Any kind of player is welcome just don't be an A$$ up time is everyday from 7AM to 10PM we really don't have a community yet but we want players to b
  22. ABANDONED NEW THREAD MADE SERVER WASNT WORKING SO I COULDNT ACCEPT APPS SORRY APPLY FOR THE NEW SERVER THAT IS FIXED IN MY OTHER THREAD! SAME RULES CHECK IT OUT! Whitelisted Server that is completly vannila Attack of the B-Team looking for people to play with! No mods are removed and Nether is allowed!!! We are looking for fun and cool people to play with in this whitelisted server for a good time. You can be any age and if you are atleast more mature then a 4 year old, then your in! The rules are super simple : No griefing unless at war ; No Spawnkilling unless a good reason ; No Total Base
  23. New Server IP! We have new server IP! Our server IP is 'cdc.TheChaoticRushCDC.net or'. Use one of these IP to connect t our new server IP. Your data stays the same and everything else, only thing that changes is our IP. Name Changing As you may have already known, we offer a special rank to players with "TCR_" in their in game name. With this you get a rank equal to Sheriff. Name changing with minecraft effects your player data because of the verison crafting dead is run off of, 1.5.2. With this your data is completely reset, as compensation we already giving you a free rank
  24. So I want to add a few new mods to pack on the computer I am playing on. I tried adding the .jar file of HarvestCraft to the mods folder. When try to run the game, it crashes. Here is he crash report: http://paste2.org/s3ZMa5KX Do I have to adding something somewhere?
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