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Found 113 results

  1. Brand New Attack of the B-Team server looking for mature and sociable players ages 21 and older. No one under the age of 21 will be accepted at this time! Must be active and friendly. No Griefing. Pranks allowed. Youtube experience preferred but not required. 99.9% server uptime. Whitelisted. Looking for between 8-20 players total. NOT TAKING ANY MORE APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME. ALL SLOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED! Application is as follows: Username: Age: Location: (State or Country Only): How often can you play: What time(s) of day are you most likely to be on: How long have you played Minecraft: Have you played a modpack before?: If so, which one(s): Have you published youtube videos before?: Do you have any examples: Do you intend to publish videos of gameplay on this server: Would you be willing to participate in a skype interview and play minigames prior to obtaining membership in order to gauge your personailty?: Post any other revelant information here: To improve your chances of acceptance I recommend contacting me via skype username kunoichikitteh or emailing your application to [email protected] The server address will be disclosed individually once accepted. Thank you for your interest and consideration. I look forward to playing with you! <(*^.^*)>.
  2. Do you feel the need for a greater challenge in Minecraft? Meet RageTech, a modpack designed around progression and creating an environment whereby you cant win the game after just a few hours of gameplay! RageTech has something for pretty much everyone. Want to be the 'Archmage of The Entire Freakin' Universe' then come and learn the rules that govern nature it's self with the Thaumcraft mod! But maybe you don't believe in all that voodoo and magic nonsense, if that's the case then why not get started with Computercraft or IC2/Gregtech? Maybe that's still not your cup o' tea. Well in that case why not try your hand at farming, with the forestry and Apiculture mods? We have all these mods and many many more! Where can I find the RageTech modpack? The download link for the technic launcher can be found on this page: HaxysHideout is the Official RageTech Server As the official server, recommended by the RageTech devs, we have provided a server that matches the dev teams vision for the pack. The only banned items are ones that the devs feel ruin the feel of the pack or which outright do not work. We are also working in tandem with the dev team to bring you the best experience possible! Plugins being run on the server include: MultiWorld, Permissions EX, Essentials, PWNFilter and lots more! Join us using the IP: What are the rules? While a full rule board can be found on the server as soon as you log in, the main rules are as follows: 1: No exploiting of any kind, this includes the use of 3rd party client side mods and exploiting bugs in-game for profit. 2: Do not spam or act inappropriately in any way in the chat. 3: Do not attempt to bypass the chat filter. 4: Do not attempt to grief someones builds or steal from them. 5: Be respectful to everyone, not just staff. 6: The word of admins is law, do not dispute ban's or other punishments. Welcome to the HaxysHideout community! Hi, I'm Arkio and I am one of the owners over at HaxysHideout and I'm here to explain exactly what HaxysHideout is. HaxysHideout is a small Minecraft community currently run by two programming students from the UK which was a recommended server for Technic's own Voltz pack before they terminated the recommended list system. At HaxysHideout we strive to bring you a quality Minecraft experience. We know that banning core items from modpacks due to bugs can break a server and as a result we work hard to ensure that such things are patched and as many items are usable as possible, giving you and your friends the best gameplay experience. You might say that many servers boast having little or no banned items, what makes ours different? To that I say, experience. Personally, in addition to being a programmer, I have gaming industry recognized qualifications and also experience with gaming journalism. Clienthax the secondary owner is also proficient and well recognized when it comes to programming, having provided fixes for a few of the major issues facing Attack of The B-team. Both of us have lots of contacts within the Minecraft world which means we will always be first in providing you with a quality experience. We understand that when it comes to creating a successful community, player satisfaction and server quality are key, and we hope to provide a quality experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
  3. Hey guys, and, I know that there are a lot of mods that people want added, but, what are some PRACTICAL and POPULAR mods that you think need added? Now, I'm going to post 4 that I think may be useful. Tinkers' Construct; This is probably one of the best mods out there, who agrees? Tinkers' Mechworks: C'mon, you gotta admit, this would be useful beyond reasoning. Thaumcraft 4; It adds so much content! Plus, it is one of the best mods of all time. MetaWords Mod; Archimedes' Ship Mod is just outdated, so is Redstone in Motion! C'mon, this would prevent crashes, which means a lot less fixing for the modpack assemblers. Do you guys think there should be more(Better?) mods? Reply to my post what you think, and try to make this post popular for the Tekkit guys to see! Peace~ UnknownShifter
  4. This Server is now closed as of 10am EST wednesday march 26th. Due to low play times from all members(sorry to new members who havent had a chance), and most of all i will NOT pay for a server that is barely used. Sorry to all that enjoyed their time on the server but it has come to an end after only a 3 month run. Maybe one day ill bring it back for new players who will actually dedicate time to the server. Server is now Updated to Version 1.0.9c IP: Hello Fellow b-teamers! A week or so ago i started this server and it was a success. but do to recent events. Some members were removed from the whitelist and we now have some space open At This time we have 8 dedicated players in our community. we are looking to expand a tad. so please if you fit my requirements, fill out the app and make me want to add you! I dont mind youtubers. if you have a channel then thats a plus. Requirements: ​Mature Preferably Over 15 Can join the server for at least 4 hours a day Like i said MATURE is the catch here. so there are adult convesations sometimes between players. cursing is allowed(nothing extensive and ridiculous) If anyone is interested please reply to the topic with these questions answered. ( i will fill out the app with my info for an example )
  5. I recently came here to get helpful admins to develop the server to a playable point. Now, it's ready, but I want some population on it before it's public, nobody likes playing on an empty server! You can either reply to this forum post, or email me at [email protected] your application. Here is the format. Although not necessary, I highly recommend using it. In-game Name: (Ex. carrotmaster69) Skype Name: (Ex. carrotlover34) Most Common role in a faction: (Ex. Miner, Soldier, Farmer, Leader) Servers you have moderated on: (Ex. Youcraft. Although I'm not looking for mods, this is if I get a LOT of applicants) Builds you have completed: (Ex. ) (NOTE: This is purely for aesthetic construction, such as castles, towns, etc.. Pixel art does NOT count.) Pvp structures you have built: (Ex. ) (NOTE: This is purely for pvp survival constructions, such as proximity detectors, clever traps, automatic turrets, etc..) Anything else you wish to add: (Ex. I hate carrots.) If I approve you, I will simply respond with the IP. Here are the major server rules: 1: Builds MUST look aesthetically pleasing. No giant boxes of the same materials. 2: No unreasonable disrespect of other players, especially staff. 3: No unreasonable RDMing.
  6. Hi! After searching far and wide these are the mods that I believe would go best in a modpack: Orespwn Morph Rei or zans minimap Galacticraft buildcraft Mystcraft Enderchest mod Archimedes ships Hats Tree capitator Mutant mod Furniture mod tinkers construct Biomes o plenty Applied energistics Millenaire Optifine There are probably some that I missed/won't work together but I think a lot of these would go good together. If somebody could make this for me I think it will be very popular. Thanks!
  7. i would like to sujest some new mods to the attack of the bteam to be considered as these mods would suit the pack. these mods are -Gulliver Mod (forge) -Starmine please add these as they would be great additions to the modpack http://forum.minecra...hp?f=13&t=17975 starmine http://www.minecraft...0000-downloads/ Gulliver mod btw love the modpack which is the only reason i did this and sorry for any misunderstanding
  8. o No whitelist! o Easy to install technic pack! o Mature players only! (seriously, if you act like a 10 year old you will be banned) o 20 slot, PVP enabled, custom modded server with many mods made just for us. ------For Current Beta---------- o Objective based war system --- Declaring War ---------- o Post-scarcity economy focused on UU production through massively buffed generators, reactors and huge mining zones! o PVP arena with free armor/weapons/ammo/drugs. Test your skills vs. other players! *Coming Soon* o Fight mobs at the quantum dam for great loot and take their skulls as trophies! o Custom mod collection featuring IC2/Flans/Guns, planes, vehicles, gregtech and others. o Ranks and promotions from donating in beta only! o Bukkit for WorldGuard, Essentials, block-logging, Groupmanager o 70%uptime - For Beta Testing - o Industrial War is a sci-fi PVP server. Griefing/stealing/killing is not restricted but members of the same nation may not grief/steal from/kill/betray each other. Players are recruited by two opposing nations who must fight for the control of crucial points around the world. Each nation has its own capitol, a 500x500 zone protected by suppression fields designed to keep their enemies at bay. The nations are able to give up money to the invasion bank, by posting on the forums. by doing so, you accumulate power for your side. The power generated this way can be used to bring down their enemies capitol's suppression fields, rendering them susceptible to assault. o Players are encouraged to join a team and contribute to the war effort to the best of their ability. Whether you are a warrior, miner, builder, engineer or farmer is up to you; but no matter what you do it will have meaning. Build huge ammo factories, fields of food, armories with the best weapons and armor or hidden bunkers to launch missiles at your enemies. A promotion system ensures that skilled, mature and trustworthy players gradually play a bigger role in their teams affairs. Remain at the lowest ranks for maximum freedom and minimum responsibility. Work hard and exhibit outstanding qualities and you will be granted access to your nations capitol; the epicenter of economic activity and a safe haven for builders. A 6000x6000 map with tons of hidden vaults, drug fields and other interesting locations ensure that exploration and colonization of new lands is rewarded. Free arenas, armies of tough mobs and a server store keep things interesting in between building and fighting for control of territory. o For a full listing of server rules, features, mods and changelogs check out the website at: -----------------Coming Soon ------------------ Looking for Staff: Please Apply Below in the Comments: Username: Skype: Age: Experience with Administration: 1.Download the technic launcher here 2. Launch it and on the left menu select "add new pack". 3.Paste in The link from the Technic Modpack Site Below: There should be a bar: "Platform URL" 4.Select "add modpack". 6.Launch the game and connect to the server! If you have any problems e-mail [email protected] for assistance! Add me on Skype if you cant reach me on email. : Skype: Noah.serafini - PA o Server Info: o IP: o modpack Link: o Location: N.America o Do not harass the admins. If you don't like it you are free to leave. Keep your suggestions to yourself. o Server is for mature players ONLY! o Listen to and respect the commanders/commandants, they are moderators. o DO NOT steal from, grief or betray your own team! We use logblock! o Verbal abuse, ad hominem attacks, discrimination, hackusations & advertising will not be tolerated. o Using cheats, hacks or exploits are an instant, no questions asked ban. Only player radars are allowed. If you are even suspected of using other exploits you will be banned immediately. Using things in a manner they were not intended to be used = exploit. o Combat logging, defined as leaving the game after you have taken or inflicted damage in combat to avoid the consequences, is banned. 1.Download the technic launcher here 2. Launch it and on the left menu select "add new pack". 3.Paste in "http://www.technicpa...ndustrial-war-2" 4.Select "add modpack". 6.Launch the game and connect to the server! If you have any problems e-mail [email protected] for assistance! Add me on Skype if you cant reach me on email. : Skype: Noah.serafini - PA Looking for Staff: Please Apply Below in the Comments: Username: Skype: Age: Experience with Administration:
  9. EDIT: We have enough people now, no more applications please. I am intending to host a whitelisted public server, but as someone only experience in running old tekkit classic and vanilla publics, I require some help in solving a couple issues (tropicraft moving spawnpoint, random crashes that result in unoperable server until I break a block listed in the crashlog, etc) and help in optimization. (B-Team server seems to run slower than a vanilla or tekkit classic/lite server.) Assisting will ensure your whitelist spot, and depending how you help, perhaps mod/admin. Apply to my email: [removed] It's a secondary email that I intend to check almost daily. (It won't be how we communicate, we'll be using skype.) EDIT: the reason why my email is because I don't go on these forums enough to check here. I might check every couple days if I remember, but if you want to get a faster and better chance at joining, email. Format: What servers have you admin'd on? (Do not include moderating, I only care if you contributed to the server in a way other than dealing with players.): What servers have you hosted, and for how long (if any)?: How familiar are you with B-Team server administration and hosting?: What is your skype name?: Anything else you might want to add:
  10. IP: MoralCraft: Choose your side, good vs evil! Website: Features: 24/7 hosted externally Friendly staff who do not abuse powers PVP/PVE (PvP is only active outside of claims Very few banned items (explosive flans mod (c4, claymore, explosive rounds), minions, and mechs) Anti-Grief All morphs allowed! Ranks are now set up! This is a NEW server with 50 slots, no whitelist, and very basic rules just like everywhere else. PvP is active outside of claimed land. Over 700 starting blocks and you can gain more as you play! Note: Currently working on adding economy! Time to farm and make some money! Hope to see you there! ~DeityKiller
  11. Hello! I really want the mystcraft mod to be included in this modpack. It fits in with the scary theme, what with the numerous scary world modifiers. It's endless fun And it's intresting! Do you think this is a good idea? Feel free to tell about any other mods you wouldlike to see in this modpack!
  12. Well met peeps and peepsies! As you read in the title I have the dream of putting together a mighty mod-pack! But sadly I am quite the greeny at making mod-packs and could really use some help. I promise you a great treasure for your help in creating this mod-pack! A "Mighty Thank You!" from me, regrettably i can't promise you anything else so i hope that it will suffice! I don't think there will be allot of work to be done since I've done everything that the Technic guide told me to do. I hope that one of you experienced, brave, helpful people out there will be willing to join me in my quest! Best Regards Flyff
  13. Hello Attack of the B-Team server owners.My name is jake and I bought a server to play with my friends and wanted to add plugins to make it even more fun.But sadly I never used McPc before and even after watching the videos how to install McPc it just would not work for me.So I am here asking for help if anyone is kind enough to help a new McPc user out. My McPc Problem? Like I said never used it before and I downloaded the latest build then placed it in my Attack of the B-Team server folder and ran the server and it would not work.Could someone please explain what I am doing wrong and steps to fix the problem.I think not just me but a bunch of people need help with McPc. -Thank You