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Found 192 results

  1. I am currently looking for a few mature players to join me on my server. My server has been up and running with a myriad of mods/plugins since Minecraft's Alpha, and the time-tested modpack is extremely stable and fully-featured. I've never seen anyone else attempt a modpack quite like this one, as it maintains a survival experiance and has zero game-ending features (such as quarries, Equivilent Exchange, invulnerable armor, super-powerful magic, etc.) that override other features. The core concept is to never get bored in Paradigne, and to never reach a point where the game is trivial. I work a full-time job, so I haven't had a chance to keep my community healthy. We've had up to 50 players at one point, but over the years this has died down since many players moved on from Minecraft. Custom modpacks are also prettty difficult to get players into - it was WAY easier when we ran Tekkit Classic years ago. I am now hoping to get a few more interested if they are willing to brave a new modpack! Sign up on our website, or simply log in and take a look around. -LucidLethargy General Server Information: Type: 24/7 Professionally Hosted Server (multiple server locations worldwide) IP Address: (this IP comes pre-configured into the modpack) Slots: 20 for now, but willing to upgrade any time Modpack: Server Rules & Guidelines ("Laws"): The type of players we want: Mature, fun-loving players This server is an open server for the moment (no whitelist, no graylist... play right away), however ignorance is not a tolerable excuse for breaking our rules. If you refuse to register, and you break a rule and get banned, you cannot simply state that you were never told the rules... unregistered players play at their own risk, and should know the rules and laws if they intend to continue playing with us.
  2. Tekkefy We are Tekkefy a tekkit lite server with much fun! You can survival on our server griefers can't do anything because we have grief prevention. You can claim your home with it. We don't have much banned items you can do very much. Rules can be find with /rules Banned items: Mining turtles Rift blade All explosives Chunk loaders Vote: 24/7 Come and play :D! IP: IP:
  3. Greetings everyone on the technic forums! I wanted to post my modpack here to get some more exposure for it! I posted it a long while ago on technic, but due to the changes that technic went through, I don't feel like it got the attention it deserved as it has more likes, downloads and runs than many of the 'featured' or 'trending' packs, but because of it's published date, never appeared in those lists. I have been working on this pack for over a year now, and it's VERY finely tuned to be difficult even for a veteran Minecraft player! MysticBlade is a PURELY RPG magic modpack. There are NO tech mods in this modpack. Mods that you will find in this pack include things like More Swords mod, Ancient Warfare, Thaumcraft, Botania, Roguelike Dungeons, Dynamic Sword Skills, Biomes O' Plenty, Decocraft 2, and so, so much more. The pack is based around your character surviving the hostile, and sometimes unforgivable RPG world that you spawn into. Strange monsters may come out of portals that you place down, roaming monsters of immense power could attack you anywhere, at any moment, and in order to survive, you will need to work quickly, find shelter, explore the deep dungeons and caverns in order to acquire life saving loot. There are DOZENS of weapons, some completely unique to any other modpacks for minecraft; Flails, Halbreds, Shields, Boomerangs, Magic Staves, and so much more thanks to the unique mods contained within this pack! You can even duel wield weapons, and they will combine their attacks into a single swing of fury for even more damage! Besides awesome weapons, you can also help your survivability by wearing rings, gauntlets, necklaces, and belts from a variety of mods that will give you boosted stats, immunities, or special abilities! Harness magical powers through the use of Thaumaturgey, or delve into the forbidden art of Blood Magic and become a powerful necrotic battle mage! It's fun to play alone, and its even MORE fun with a friend or two. =========================================================================================== PLEASE NOTE: This modpack is designed to be HARD. I mean REALLY, REALLY, hard. I'm not kidding, and I'm not toning it down. I designed it so that even a VERY experienced modded minecraft player would find it challenging to survive; that's the way I want it, and that's the way it will remain. TO HELP OFFSET THAT: I have posted a 'How to Survive MysticBlade 101' on the MC forum post. Hopefully this will help the people that find the pack hard, but enjoy playing, or want to try it out: =========================================================================================== If you are having trouble downloading this and get a message saying that Akka-etc.jar can't be downloaded, there is currently an old issue possibly effecting the technic launcher. Please see this post for the fix (or update your launcher): If you are experiencing other issues, please feel free to post here, on the modpack page, or on the MC forums. I check them as often as I can. Updated 6/2/2015 Another massive Update -Added Ancient Warfare -- Since there are so many items to farm (and no tech), I wanted to add some automation and a little immersion of building a town and a world, not just a life -Added BeamExtended Chat (BExChat) for people who want to stream the pack on and see their stream chat in game (Please see the documentation @ for login and usage details) -Added Dense Ores -Added Jewelrycraft 2 -Added Witching Gadgets -Updated Bibliocraft -Updated Blood Magic -Updated Botania -Updated Colorful Portals -Updated Crafting Manager -Updated Decocraft to Decocraft 2 -- If you are loading an old world, you will need to pickup your old decor and re-place it! -Updated Forbidden Magic -Updated Grimore of Gaia 3 -Updated Iron Chests -Updated Luppi's Ladders -Updated Minecraft Comes Alive -Updated Mystcraft -Updated Travellers' Gear -Updated Twilight Forest -Removed Custom NPC's -Removed Craft Heraldry (Vazkii has stated this will no longer be developed, and thus is not supported) This modpack is always evolving as mods for 1.7.10 become more stable, and as such has gotten frequent updates, and will continue to get them! Currently, the modlist is as follows: Ancient Warfare =Shadowmage4513= ArmorStatusHUD =bspkrs= Ars Magica 2 =Mithion= Backpacks Mod =Eydamos= BackTools =iChun= Baubles =Azanor= BExChat =IFDevelopment/Graphical Bear= BiomesOPlenty =TDWP_FTW, Adubbz, Amnet, and ted80= BiblioCraft =Nuchaz= BiblioWoods (and BoP addons) =Nuchaz= BloodMagic: Alchemical Wizardry =WayofTime= Botania =Vazkii= bspkrsCore =bspkrs= Carpenter's Blocks =Mineshopper= Chat Bubbles =MamiyaOtaru= // Chisel 2 =Automatic_Maidi, TheCricket26= Chococraft =ClientHax= Chocolate Dungeons =Chocolatin= CodeChickenCore =ChickenBones= Colorful Portals =Tmtravlr= Cosmetic Armor =dmillerw= Crafting Manager =CreativeMD= CreeperCollateral =INpureProjects/Valaelea= Custom Chest Loot =FatherToast= Custom NPC's =Noppes= Damage Indicators =rich1051414= DecoCraft =RazzleBerryFox= Dense Ores =RWTema= Dragon Mounts =BarracudaATA= Dynamic Sword Skills =coolAlias= Enchanting Plus =mssodin28= Ender Storage =ChickenBones= Eternal Frost 2 =poiuytrezay= Enviromine =TimbuckTato= Extra Utilities =RWTema= Fireplaces =Grim3212= Forbidden Magic =SpitefulFox= Gany's Nether =GanyMedes01= Grim3212Core =Grim3212= Grimoire of Gaia 3 =Silentine= Grims Fireplaces =Grim3212= Grims Lamp Posts =Grim3212= GrimCore =Grim3212= Hardcore Ender Expansion =chylex= Helpful Villagers =WeaselNinja= Infernal Mobs =AtomicStryker= InGameInfoXML =Lunatrius/bspkrs= INPureCore =INpureProjects/Valaelea= Invenotry Tweaks =Kobata= IronChests =cpw= JewelryCraft 2 =OnyxDarkKnight= LiteLoader =Mumfrey= LunatriusCore =Lunatrius= Luppii's Ladders =Luppii and Aiqueneldar= MAtmos =Hurricaaane= MCA =WildBamaBoy/SheWolfDeadly= Metallurgy 4 =Glassmaker= MrCrayFish' Furniture Mod =Mr_CrayFish= More Bows 2 =ShinyMew1256= More Swords Mod =DarkHax= Mystcraft =xCompWiz= Natural Absorption =FatherToast= NotEnoughItems =ChickenBones= NEI Addons =bdew= NEI Plugins =mistaqur= OpenBlocks =Mikeemoo= Pam's HarvestCraft =(MatrexsVigil) & Rhodox= RadixCore =WildBamaBoy/SheWolfDeadly= RogueLike Dungeons =Greymerk= Special Mobs =FatherToast= Spice of Life =Squeek502= Status Effects HUD =bspkrs= Talismans 2 =Mj11jM= Thaumcraft 4 =Azanor= Thaumic Horizonz =TheKentington= Thaumic Tinkerer =pixlepix= Trade Booth Mod =Aeroc= Traveler's Gear =Dannyl= Treecapitator =Bspkrs= Twilight Forest =Benimatic= Unique Artifacts =Draco18s= Waila =ProfMobius= Waila Harvestability Addon =squeek502= Wildycraft =Nolpfij= Witching Gadgets =BluSunrize= Voxel Minimap =MamiyaOtaru= // For the mods that require permission (Infernal Mobs, Chromatictaft (removed, left for posterity), Mystcraft, and Myths and Monsters (NYI- waiting for update to fix conflict) I have sought their mod makers out and acquired the correct perms. Posting print-screens of our conversations. (Forums are misbehaving again and won't let me post them as an inserted picture) (Please be sure to check the Description, Changelog, and Permissions & Licensing sections for information on credits, updates, and usage) Client: Server: and click 'Server Download' on the right hand side underneath 'Install Modpack' I hope everyone enjoys! Please feel free to post feedback, comments, or suggestions on any of the following- Technic Modpack Page, this forum page, MC Forum page, my twitter (@wolfofthenyght), or my facebook (Alexial Blackpaw - Wolfofthenyght).
  4. About us Craftnoids is a mature gaming community that has been around for nearly three years. We started as a mature Tekkit server then during the 1.3 update we started to make our own custom mod pack. Minecraft is certainly at the heart of the community however to do also play other games together which are coop focused. Community Rules 1. Be nice to your fellow community members. 2. Listen to the Moderators and Administrators. 3. Do not advertise other services without permission. Minecraft Server Rules 1. Be Nice!!! (No stealing, griefing, pranks or killing other players). 2. Do not build within render distance of spawn or another player. 3. Do not mine under spawn or another players property. 4. Listen to the server Admins. Our Current Server: Craftnoids Fundamentals (1.7.10) After years of creating modpack with every in it, including a kitchen sink, we have taken a radical approach with the Fundamentals mod pack. We tried to create a mod pack that contained a lot of content, but that only uses the minimum number of mods. We primarily focused on not supplying duplicated content and extending the nature charm of minecraft. When loaded, it only has 36 mods, and only 13 of them are actually supplying content. Having played on the server I don't think you don't notice any lack of content. Mods in Pack... The Server is set to Hard Mode and is using an aplified seed. What we're looking for... Currently looking for all manner of members, new to minecraft; our server is perfect for you. Played minecraft for years, most of our senior members are in the same boat. Craftnoids is best suited for the mature gamer(+25) who enjoys voxel and crafting based games, someone who wants to join a community who is focused on cooperative gameplay and couldn't really give a **** how many 'noobz' you 'pawned' in some generic FPS thats a rip off of Battlefield 1942. Application Form Want to join? Fill in all the fields below. I recommend putting some effort into your answers as it will radical improve your chances of getting in. We're not looking for players who can't be arsed. IGN: Age: Country: Reason or Reasons for wanting to join: Your mod experience: Do you have a Mic: Are you willing to use Teamspeak or Vent: What other games do you play? Marmite; love it or hate it? Random fact about yours? How many roads must a man walk down? Would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse or a hundred horses the size you ducks? Any Comments? Example of a Good application.... You will be notified by private message with details on how to proceed if your application is success. You will also be notified is your application is unsuccessful.
  5. FORLORN is my lastest modpack using 1.7.10 In the near future where the world has been corrupted, Gone are the wildlife, Life as you know it destroyed but somehow you survived. It is up to you to put the world right once again but be warned it is not as it seems, plant life is almost gone, water is corrupt, the air is turning poisonous and the remaining life is not so HUMAN anymore. O and dont forget the land itself is unstable so BE CAREFUL! It'll take all your skills to make a living in this new world! Using the likes of enviromine and the wasteland mod gives this modpack a very apocolyptic feel along with steampunk style mods, so be wary of the caves as you get deeper your sanity starts to grow, thirst plays a big part along with body temperature and lastly the land itself will crumble from above so be careful!! Theres plenty of tech mods here to help with your survival so use them wisely. The pack can be found here: A server is currently being developed so you can help fellow survivors to rebuild the land. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT WASTELAND FOR MAP OTHERWISE ITLL CRASH!
  6. After being online for over 3 months now we find ourselves with 4 active players. we would love to add 2 or 3 more players to our numbers, The only demands we have for our players are: - We are looking for european players, or players that reside close to a GMT +1 timezone - You are a mature player in both age and manners, concrete this means you are older then 18 - you play regurly, we dont have a demand for hours but we would love to see you around often the ip is: feel free to ask questions! below you can put your application. put in ingame name, your age, your country of residence and the reason why we should add you to the server List what you are planning to do aswell looking forward to seeing your applications! surv1vell
  7. Get this modpack here - Server link is also here - Direct link - (copy paste to technic launcher, "add pack or search") This is a modpack wich is made on purpose to update Tekkit Classic from 1.2.5 to 1.7.10, huh!, how much versions is that! - By: Hawkeye_9876 - Ingame: jordywt - Skype: marko.balasko2 - Mods: 1.IC-2 2.IC-2 Addons; - Advanced Machines - Compact Solars - Nuclear Control 3.BuildCraft 4.ChickenChunks 5.Chisel-2 6.CodeChickenCore 7.CoFHCore 8.EasyCrafting 9.ComputerCraft 10.EnderStorage 11.Flans Mod 12.Flans Addons: - MW2 Weapons Content Pack - Simple Parts Content Pack 13.Immibis Core 14.Immibis Microblocks 15.IronChests 16.ModularForcefieldSystem 17.ModularPowersuits 18.NeiAddons 19.NetherOres 20.NotEnoughItems 21.NotEnoughKeys 22.Numina 23.OpenCCSensors 24.OptiFine 25.PowerConverters 26.Project-E (Equivalent Exchange) 27.ProjectRed-Base 28.ProjectRed-Compat 29.ProjectRed-Integration 30.ProjectRed-Lighting 31.ProjectRed-Mechanical 32.ProjectRed-World 33.QmunityLib 34.Railcraft 35.Secret_Mod! 36.Tubestuff 37.VoxelMap 38.Waila 39.WR-CBE
  8. Welcome to the INFERNAL RISING SERVER Its a 30 slot PvE open survival server so that does mean no PvP unless its permission granted We are looking for friendly/mature players to build a thriving community. This server does have a few plugins atm which include grief prevention, clearlag, buycraft (in development), essentials (economy) randomtp, warpsigns, just to name a few Here is the link to the modpack needed And here is the ip: Will also be looking for future staff to help with the server, so stay tuned for that.
  9. Infernal rising modpack is a well balanced modpack and then some! it has both magic and tech along with a few extras, from normal mobs to Infernal mobs to MUTANT mobs! So go crazy and build up the land your way and defend it the best you can! I took inspiration from my previous not so good mudpack A Wanderers Tale and added some old and new mods, I think in total it has 121 mods, so you will need at least 2GB to run. A server is also in the making so look out for that Here is the link to start your adventure
  10. Nemalusion - 1.7.10 Custom Modpack server Nemalands Network IP: Modpack download: Website: [Custom Modpack][PVP][GP][40 SLOTS][32GB DEDICATED SERVER][PLAYER SHOPS!][THE BEST SERVER & COMMUNITY!] ### I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MODS INCLUDED IN THIS PACK, ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THE RIGHTFUL CREATORS ### ### If you download the modpack please +1 it so it becomes more popular ### This is a modpack specifically made for our nemalusion server - part of the NEMALANDS network - to let our players enjoy an amazing collection of mods with better support than other modpacks out there. We, the owners, personally selected the mods included in it, with the help of a few dedicated players who wished to share their thoughts on it. We will keep the mods as up to date as possible. ** This is still in testing, and there might be little bugs here and there! ** ** Please note that you need to be running 64bit Java for this modpack due to it requiring over 1GB of RAM** Who are the owners? We’re a couple who love playing games together (Netty & Matty), we started out playing a few first person shooters then Netty heard about Minecraft on the 360, This was where Netty's obsession with Minecraft began.. I'll admit that I never really liked the game as I could never get into it, there just wasn’t anything drawing me to it but as Netty loved it I used to put up with playing it. Then we bought our XBox ones with the intent of getting Minecraft but the wait was too long for Netty so she convinced me to buy a laptop to play so we could play on the PC. This is where we sold our souls as we haven’t even touched our XBoxs since getting Minecraft and I actually really started to enjoy playing the game as the game was so much better and it was a lot more than just building in a single player game. After a while on a vanilla server we decided we wanted to try something new so when we heard about Attack of the B-Team we fell in love with the mod as there was just so much to do but we just couldn’t find a server or community that we liked so we had to make a choice. What is our goal? In the end we chose to start our own server with a vision to have a great community where everyone who plays on the server enjoys their time and always wants to come back as we noticed a lot of servers where the staff just didn’t care about the community as long as the server had enough players. We don’t just want to have the best servers but the best community run by players for the players as we're on playing all the time as well. This isn’t some server run by a 14 year old, I can safely say we offer a fair, stable and enjoyable experience although we’re starting out small it has to start somewhere and we can’t grow without you so I encourage you to be part of this at the beginning. We only have one server at the moment but once we’re in the right place we want to offer as much as possible for everyone so you can always try something new if you fancy a change or just want a little break from the norm. What does the Server currently offer? We currently have 2 Attack of the B-Team servers, a Pixelmon server and Nemalusion our custom server which all have a wide array of plugins to offer support for your protected areas, PvP, Ranks, Economy and all the stuff you’d expect a good server to have. We’ve even spent tireless hours working on the auction plugin so it’s fully compatible with ATOB as currently on most servers they don’t register the mods items but ours does! Nemalands is an open server network, you don't need to apply, just join and play! We are also looking for extra staff, so please visit our website for more information. This is a PVP Server, you can protect your belongings by creating a Grief Prevention claim. Griefing outside of claims is allowed but griefing whole chunks, greifing with water or lava, or using exploits to override protective measures is not allowed. Use of hacked clients, cheats, xray mods and similar will result in a ban. Moderate language and swearing is allowed in chat, but please do not offend other players. For full rules visit our website: How to install our modpack! Download the Technic launcher from here: Once you have installed the launcher follow this: MODPACK LINK: And you're ready to go! Drop the modpack a +1 to help us get more popular! List of mods of currently included: We currently also have 2 Attack of the B-Team servers, a custom 1.7.10 Pixelmon modpack server & a hermit modsause server which all have a wide array of plugins to offer support for your protected areas, PvP, Ranks, Economy and all the stuff you’d expect a good server to have. We’ve even spent tireless hours working on the auction plugin so it’s fully compatible with the servers as currently on most servers they don’t register the mods items but ours does! Join our AOTB v1.0.12a server - IP: Visit the Technic forum post for details - Join our 1.7.10 Nemalusion custom modpack server - IP: Visit the Technic forum post for details - Join our modded 1.7.10 Pixelmon server - IP: Visit the Technic forum post for details - Join our modsauce 1.7.10 Nemsauce server - IP: Visit the website for details -
  11. Hey guys im bringing you the first UNofficial A rogues Journey server, the only snag is Pandoras Box is disabled due to a claims issue other than that everything is there, ive added a few plugins including essentials (economy), clearlagg, grief prevention, group manager (ranks) and buycraft! The server is 24/7 No PvP and runs version 1.3.0 Just looking for friendly/mature players to adventure with. Modpack if you haven't already got it can be found here The ip is O and last but not least this server wouldn't happen if it wasn't for amaxter for bringing out this amazing modpack so credit goes to him.
  12. The only rules are no hacking/glitch or swearing no removed mods and no banned items have fun .
  13. Hey guys! Dread Here, Tekkit X legends needs some beta testers, its a tekkit lite server and is allready on a vps! Just a few test and it will go live! If you wanna help out the server and do some testing/survival early join the open beta now!
  14. Thermal Expansion At It's Best!! Mojangsters Modpack MODPACK COME WITH A PRE-INSTALLED IP ADDRESS: Very Hard Survival: Improved [Nether, End] Twilight Forest, Guns, Rocket Launchers Solar Panels, RF Tools, More Health PPS(Personal Protective Shield) Like in Halo! Optional Intro Video: Server Website: Technic launcher, Modpack location: Techic launcher url: Please let me know what you like or don't like about this modpack. No comment is too harsh or wrong in my opinion. This server Modpack was designed to be very hard on experienced players. It will take most players a long time to get to End game material. Start in Overworld, Gather materials from the nether, Explore Twilight Forest and finally Challenge The End. Mods List CodeChickenLibForgeMultipartClothingCraft Dress yourself with custom color clothingSpaceCoreUseful Pets Have a Wolf, Cat, or Slime as a pet and level them upExtended Workbench Make bigger Vanilla toolsInvisibLightsHearts Start out with 1 Heart, but gain up to 30 heartsAnimals Plus Birds, squirls, fish, sharks ect. to enhance your experienceAnimationApiAppleCoreAppliedenergistics Massive Storage and crafting systemBetter Anvils Increased cap and lowered some costsBiblioCraftBiomesOPlenty Incredible world generationCannibalism eat villagers or other playersCarpenter's Blocks Build with no limitsCharcoal Block You can make em nowChisel Lots of new Blocks to decorate withChocolateQuest Npc villages, castles to raid / recruitCleanView No potion particlesCodeChickenCoreCoFHCoreCosmeticArmor Wear Armor While looking like your skin or other armorCraftableGlowstone Yup!!CyanosLootableBodies When you die a corpse is left on the ground wearing your items / inventoryDecocraft Decoration onlyEnder IO Run 5 different pipes through 1 block of space ExtraFoodFairylightsFlans ModModern Weapons Flan's GunsPack a Punch Flan's Guns With A Punch!!Flat Signs Place a sign on the ground or on the ceilingFog Nerf No water or bedrock fogFortress Mod Protect your base with Bedrock like material [Fortress Generator]Hardcore Ender Expansion - New [The End] Hunger Overhaul Last longer without eating, debuffs on low hungerHungry Animals Smart Animals, they poop and eatInfernal Mobs High health, high damage monsters.Insomnia Can't go to sleep, ever!!Inventory TweaksJumpPad++ Make a portal pad, end pad, jump pad, incineration pad, etc.Ladders ladders without a wall behind themMalisiscoreMalisisdoors Epic DoorsMedicineCraft Craft regeneration bandages or health packsMoarSigns Diamond sign, emerald sign, etcMob Armor Mod Kill mobs, look like the mob with special abilitiesMobius CoreModular Pots Plant stuff in potsMr Crayfish FurnitureNatural Absorption Personal Protective Shield, Like in Halo!NetheroresNEIOpen BlocksOpenModsLibPet Bat Have a Bat as a pet and level it up!!Progressive Automation Mining and harvesting systemRafradek WallpaintRedstone Arsenal Thermal Expansion Power ArmorRuinsSafe-ModSecret Rooms Make traps with ghost blocks or pressure plates, Camo doors ect.Simply Jetpacks Hard to craft jet packs, realismSolar Flux Thermal expansion solar panels like IC2Special Mobs Different skeletons, creepers, enderman, zombiesSpice Of LifeSteel Industries Steel and TitaniumSuper Diamond Tools Make Tools With Diamond BlocksThermal Dynamics Thermal Expansion PipesThermal ExpansionThermal FoundationThirst Mod You now have thirstToo Much Time Days And Nights Last 30min Real TimeTranslocator New ways filter and transfer items from chests/otherTwilight Forest Epic New Dimension!!
  15. We are looking to expand our community and add players! Our AotBT server offers grief prevention and economy plug-ins, allowing you to trade for items or in-game currency while allowing you to build without fear of griefers. Players of all ages are welcome, but immaturity and rule-breaking won't be tolerated. Stealing or abusive behavior will get you banned, and no one wants that! Our servers are hosted on a dedicated server to give the best performance, near-perfect up-time, and flexibility. To apply, post here with your IGN, timezone, and favorite mods!! To apply, please go to our website,, and click the "Apply" button. Fill out the few fields, and I will be notified of your application faster which will get you playing faster! I don't collect any personal information, and you won't be getting any emails from us unless it is a response to an application or question. Feel free to ask any questions you have here in this thread! Thanks for taking a look at our thread and I hope to see you in-game! tldr; Geo-Craft servers include Vanilla, Attack of the B-Team, Agrarian Skies, and Yogscast Complete. We are a small, white-listed community looking to add new members. All servers run on a dedicated server!!
  16. Hi guys! My channel- I thank you for taking the time to read this! your GREAT! Sorcerer's Dawn-Adventure map-alpha!The map is in early alpha and is not yet complete.To give you an idea what how complex this map is it currently has Over 1,300 command (1413) and is full to the brim with side quests!Credit:Map made by:Talis If you wish to download the map your self you can follow this link to the maps forum: After EndAfter End is a brand new modpack that has just been released.The pack is still in alpha stages but it still has quests to power through.The pack is a space block style map which is geared towards adventure and quest completion You can find more info using this link: Video: Stranded on the beach info:This series is aimed at mod exploration and teaching the player mods that they may not have used before (such as witchery). With over 100 quests and over 100 mods this series promises to be a good one!More info and download links by following this link: Let it End series-(beta)This series is a play through of a new mod pack that is currently in alpha stages.You can read all about the mod pack and costume map through this link: series has over 80 mods installed!if you wish to view this series here is a link to its playlist:Linkor you can watch the latest episode here: If you need help with anything I will make a video on it.If you wish to see a specific mod/mod pack series you name it are do it. TutorialsEvery now and then I upload a random tutorial.... it could be on any thing.If you need a tutorial of some kind just ask! I will do my best to get it done!Here is one that I recently made: Other contentalong with this series I do a number of other series you may be interested in watching.You can click on the names to take you to the playlists.-bridges-hunger games-draw my thing-Super paintball-and the occasional mini game FinallyIf you wish to see content of any kind don't be afraid to ask!I am also looking for people to do collab recording so get in touch if your interestedI am here to provide Any way thank you again and heres the link to my channel.
  17. It Begins Again...The world is left ravaged by countless nuclear explosions, war, and mining. The surface is left as a nearly leveled plain of dirt with the occasional trees and plants. Below lies nothing but dwindled ores and rock for miles and even further below lies the hollow caves left from the exploits of the resources... You awaken in your tiny bunker to view the destruction and you appear to be the only one out there... Survival is your only thought... NOTE: To increase accessibility in-game, configs and/or content packs have been modified to properly fit the pack or to get working! Pack Link: This pack was originally in 1.6.4 and was nothing but a large, empty cave that was pitch black. Now in 1.7.10, it brings both the classic cave diving (courtesy of Enviromine's Cave Dimension) and an apocalyptic feeling (The Wasteland Mod). Scavenge the wasteland's ruins for water, food and supplies or even better some guns! Not only do you have to keep cool and hydrated, but now you must collect a variety of foods AND wander the pitch-black nights alone! Proper ores are a rarity since most of the underground caves have nothing but poor veins of minerals. I hope you guys will enjoy it! REMEMBER: TURN WASTELAND WORLD TYPE ON!!! SCREENSHOTS: Overworld Underground Caves: Police Station (Rare WorldGen Spawn) My In-Game House MODLIST: All Mods belong to their respective owners, I only take credit for editing configs to make them work together. Modlist: Advanced DispencersAnother One Bites the Dust (AOBD)Apple CoreApplied Energistics 2BackpacksBacktoolsBetter StorageBiblioCraftBuildCraftCatwalksChicken ChunksChiselCodeChicken CoreCompact Solars (IC2)ComputerCraftCoroUtilsCustom Chest LootCustom RecipesDense OresDiseaseCraftEnetBridge(IC2)EnviroMineEx NihiloExtra UtilitiesFlans ModFPS+Hardcore DarknessHolo InventoryHunger OverhaulIndustrial Craft 2Combinable Armor (IC2)Nuclear Control (IC2)IChun UtilIguana's TweaksIguana's Tinkers TweaksInfernal MobsInventory TweaksJABBAJNBTLaunch GUIMantleMap WriterMineTweakerModTweakerMrCrayfish FurnitureMy World GenNot Enough CodecsNot Enough ItemsNEI AddonsNot Enough KeysOpen BlocksOpen LibOptiFinePam's HarvestCraftPlasmaCraftPoor OresRailcraftSimple LanternsSomniaSpecial MobsSpice of LifeTinkers' ConstructWAILAWasteland ModWild Caves 3ZiplinesTIPS: +Find The closest source of water, even if it is dirty. +Save your ammo, use a sword +Invest in Canned Foods or Jerky (They dont go bad) +Invest in a Camel Pack, they can be equipped to your chestplates as well! +Certain Foods Restore Sanity +Dont drink the green water, its either poison or acid +Make a Sink/Well +Stone Torches are better as they are cost efficient! +Use a Hammer on stone or poor ores! it drops nuggets instead of the ore! +Cars are great for traveling! +Use backpacks to save inventory space! +Get Gud! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at [email protected] or make a post on this forum! I reply to emails faster though. THis modpack generates no revenue whatsoever, downlowad links/direct links are not sent through AdFly or AdFocus nor do I request donations...
  18. Link to server's website: Link to modpack: -AdvancedGenetics 1.5.6 -AnimatedPlayer v1.4 -AnimationAPI 1.7.2 -Apothecary 1.0 -AquaticAbyss 1.7.2 -ArchimedesShips v1.7.2 -Armoa1997Core -Backpack v 1.7.2 -Battlegear2-Bullseye -BiblioCraft 1.7.2 -Buildcraft 6.0.16 -Calendar 1.7.2 -Carpenters Blocks 3.2.6 -ChatBubbles 1.7.2 -Chimneys 1.7.2 -CocoaCraft 1.63 -CodeChickenCore 1.7.2 -CoffeeAndTeaMod 1.0.1 -ColorBlocks 1.7.2 -CompactWindmills -CraftingGuide -Crash 1.7.2 -CustomNPC 1.7.2 -DiseaseCraft 1.0.2 -DecoCraft v1.10 -DynamicLights -DynamicTransport -Dyeable Beacons 1.1.1 -Enchiridion 1.1 -Extinguisher v0.1 -Factorization 0.8.82 -Fireplaces v0.1 -Flans Mod 4.2.3 *WW2 Content Pack *Manus Civil Content Pack *Simple Parts Content Pack *Manus Parts Content Pack *YeOle Content Pack *Modern Weapons Content Pack *Danish Addon WW2 Content Pack *Manus WW2 Content Pack *EliteGuns Content Pack *DCsGun Content Pack *Titan Content Pack *Military Equipment Content Pack *Kevin&Vinis Survival Content Pack *Manus Modern Warfare Content Pack -Forestry 1.7.2 Dev -ForgeMultiPart -Galacticraft BETA 1.7.2 -GGGlasses 1.7.2-11 -Glenn's Gases -GraveStone 2.8.5 -GrimCore v0.2 -Hammsteriffic v0.2.0 -Imomaterials -IndustrialCraft 2.1.484 -Kicthen Mod 1.2.2 -LampsAndTrafficLights -LittleBlocks -Localized Weather & Stormfront -Mantle (1.7.2) 2.2 -Mariculture b11 -MCHeli Mod -MekanismAll -Minecraft Comes Alive 1.7.2 -Miner's Friend -MoDrinks 2.02 -Morefood -MrCrayfishFurnitureMod 3.3.5 -Natura (1.7.2) 2.2 -NuclearCraft 1.7.2 -Oceancraft 1.4 -OpenComputers 1.3.0 -Optifine 1.7.2 HD-U-D3 -PlantMegaPack 1.7.2 -RadioXCore v1.7.2 -Railcraft 1.9 -Rancraft Penguins 1.7.2p -RoadWorks 2.01 -SecurityCraft 1.5.11 -SiriusMC v1.7.2 -SlimeVoid Library -SoundsCool 1.0 RC6 -SpecialArmor 1.7.2 -ShaderModCore 2.3.18 -Stone Plus v0.6 -SushiCraft 10.1.0 -Village Taverns 2.2.1 -VoxelMap 1.7.2 v1 -Universal Electricity -Waterpipe 1.14.2 -Weather2 v2.3.5 -Balkon's Weapon Mod 1.14.2 -YeGamolChattels-1.0.1 -CustomMobSpawner -DrZharks MoCreatures -Javal Cars v11 -Lampchops v14 -Pam's DesertCraft -Pam's Get all the seeds -Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.2 -Pam's Random Plants -Pam's Temperate Plants -Pam's WeeeFlowers 1.7.2
  19. What is RealityNetGaming? RealityNetGaming is all about quality. We maintain a dedicated staff and have all staff members adhere to a strict code. Any notion of player abuse or cheating are taken with the utmost concern and severity. Constant supervision is provided to our servers, as hacking, spamming or any other form of ill-conduct will not be tolerated. Not only do we strive to provide a great gaming atmosphere, but provide the most optimized experience taking full advantage of our dedicated server box in a data center located in Chicago, IL. The server box is located in a central position so that even internationally players can experience lag-free game play. The RealityNetGaming staff strives to provide an amazing experience to all players, as events are hosted regularly and all tickets submitted will be evaluated and taken into consideration. No player's concerns, comments, or suggestions are left ignored and everyone’s opinion is valued. Through years of experience as both server managers and players, our staff has a keen understanding as to what the general gaming population desires. On a final note, we remind our community that providing a server is not free, and our dedication doesn’t pay the bills for the server, so all donations are greatly appreciated. Any banned items? We currently have no banned items! All items are patched / and the damaging items have been slightly restricted. How do you connect? To connect to the server, you use the TechnicPlatform to launch Tekkit Classic, and you add the server like how you would normally add a server. The IP of our server is Our Rules: [1] No excessive use of caps, or flood/spam chat. [2] No DROP PARTIES! Any DROP PARTY will get you banned. [3] No glitching! Any type of glitching will result in a tempban. [4] Scamming in-game money is allowed. [5] Do not disrespect any players, or staff members. [6] No asking for ranks or money. [7] No lag machines, Anti-AFK machines, or EMC farms. [8] DDOS threats are NOT allowed on our server at all. [9] No modded clients, or any client which gives an advantage over other players. [10] Do not advertise servers or websites. Come join us! IP: Website: Comment on this thread with your username for 16 RM 16DM & 8 DIAMONDS!
  20. Welcome to ZCraft! ZCraft is a small, whitelisted, survival server run by hisnamewasz (Below) including many features including a Main Village, Commercial District, Bases for all players, morph flight capabilities, other cool stuff. It is run by hisnamewasz (below) and was founded by him and player slinkslop (not shown). ZCraft is strictly pg rated, and while we will allow moderate (bad words) in the comments, we will not allow any inappropriate buildings or postings in the chat. ZCraft is strictly non-griefing, and griefing in any way will result in an automatic infinite ban. This doesn't mean we cant have fun though! One of the funnest things about Minecraft is pranking other players (Witchery is great for this), and if you apply for ZCraft make sure you know that pranks will be common. Were heavy on member Collaborations, do some fun community projects! Still Interested? Read on below! ***SERVER RULES*** No Griefing! No harassing other players! Though we are OK with some playful Witchery Curses we do not want players getting hurt or killed every time they get on the server. Harassing is an instant ban! No expropriate buildings or innuendos in the comments! This will be a instant month to life ban! Be friendly to other players! We are looking for players that will be on AT LEAST a couple of hours a week! If you are a no show we will give your slot to someone else if you don't give a legitimate excuse. ***HOW TO APPLY*** Below in the comments fill out the following form: IGN (In game name) Reason you want to join: Age (Optional): Favorite Mod: Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Youtube (If you dont have one it wont beat your chances of joining): Building Ability on Scale of 1 to 10 (ex: 1=Dirt House 10=Keralis): EXAMPLE IGN: hisnamewasz Reason you want to join: I own the server Age : Not Telling!!! Favorite Mod: Witchery Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Redstone Builds and Pranks. Youtube : Don't Have One Building Ability: 7 ***SOME FEATURES*** Morph Flying Monthly In-Game Newsletter Commercial District Main Village Bases Starter Materials Pranks! We want devoted members, Prepare to put in some time. Collaborations between members! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? APPLY ALREADY!
  21. ============================================================================================= Brand New Attack of the B Team Server! Come Check it out! Custom Plug-Ins! Survival with your friends! Economy with Spawn and Towns! 100 Slots Plenty of room for you and all your friends! YouTube/Twitch Friendly! Announcements when someone goes Live or Uploads Videos! Need Someone to have their Videos Featured on our posts! VIP Kits and access! Come on down and join our Server Family! Also Builders Wanted! ============================================================================================= We are hosting a new Minecraft Attack of the B Team Server! We need skilled builders to come and help us build our spawn and server! If you think you can build cities and help apply and either post on this thread or message me on here! All builders will receive the VIP kit and bonuses on the server when it is complete for their help and services! Thanks again and Hope to see you on the Server! ============================================================================================= 0
  22. It Begins Again...The world is left ravaged by countless nuclear explosions, war, and mining. The surface is left as a nearly leveled plain of dirt with the occasional trees and plants. Below lies nothing but dwindled ores and rock for miles and even further below lies the hollow caves left from the exploits of the resources... You awaken in your tiny bunker to view the destruction and you appear to be the only one out there... Survival is your only though... LINK: FOR BEST EXPERIENCE: Allocate more memory to the pack and when creating a new world, go to World Type and select Wateland!!! This pack was originally in 1.6.4 and was nothing but a large, empty cave that was pitch black. Now in 1.7.10, it brings both the classic cave diving (courtesy of Enviromine's Cave Dimension) and an apocalyptic feeling (The Wasteland Mod). I hope you guys will check it out! Surface: Caves: Modlist: Applied Energistics 2 Backpacks Bactools Better Storage BiblioCraft Chicken Chunks Chisel Compact Solars (IC2) ComputerCraft Dense Ores DiseaseCraft EnetBridge(IC2) EnviroMine Flans Mod FPS+ Hardcore Darkness Holo Inventory Hunger Overhaul Industrial Craft 2 Combinable Armor (IC2) Nuclear Control (IC2) Iguana's Tweaks Iguana's Tinkers Tweaks Infernal Mobs INventory Tweaks JABBA Map Writer My World Gen Not Enough Codecs Not Enough Items Not Enough Keys OptiFine HarvestCraft PlasmaCraft Poor Ores Railcraft Simple Lanterns Somnia Special Mobs Spice of Life Tinkers' Construct Wasteland Mod Wild Caves 3 Ziplines Zombie Awarness
  23. --Welcome to ModPocalipse-- --Custom ModPack and Exclusive server!-- --ABOUT-- ModPocalipse is a Beta modpack created and tested for the "Not so average" Minecrafter. This modpack was built for the adventurer, and hardcore survivalist. We recommend you run this pack on 'hard' difficulty mode for the best experience. Allot of recipes have been changed with the help of ModTweaker and MineTweaker to create a more challenging gameplay experience. This isn't your normal run of the mill Pack that was thrown together last minute. Every last Mod has been hand-picked, tweaked, and integrated into one another. Please remember this pack is still in Beta, so you can expect big changes in the near future! We thank you for your support and look forward to any positive feedback. --CREDIT TO AUTHORS AND DEV TEAM-- I would like to give thanks to the following Mod Creators for all there hardwork allowing this modpack to be possible: I also reach out too Doc, Killroy and Alpha for the Mod ideas, support, testing and giving me a hard time, and my good friend DarkMozark for all the art work --JUST SOME EXTRAS-- This Forum will be used to track any issues and suggestions until I can get a separate forum with the links needed. Please still free to post any ideas and issues below! I have put COUNTLESS hours into this modpack and any and all support helps me out a ton. This forum shall be edited frequently, so check back every now and then for updates =] --ModPack Download-- Server Info: We now have a dedicated server! Enter the IP below Currently running 1.0.0 IP:
  24. Modpack: Server IP: (simply click "Join Almura" in the client with our modpack) Introduction Almura is the culmination of countless hours of work between the members of the AlmuraDev team in bringing a truly unique Minecraft experience front and foremost. Beginning August 21st, 2011, Almura's humble beginnings were of friends getting together to play "the cool new game called Minecraft" and branched out to a community of extremely dedicated players (some of which have been around for years). What we bring to the table is a fun and friendly environment to play the game with tons of new content and features. What first started with Spoutcraft, which set out to provide custom content for Minecraft/Bukkit players, turned into a spectacular mod that strives to provide everyone an enjoyable game experience that expands upon that which Minecraft brings. Using both Forge and MalisisCore (GUI framework) as the base for our mod 'Almura', we feel we've accomplished something amazing! Prerequisites These are the requirements you must meet to be able to play on our server and/or use our modpack. 4GB+ RAM Java 7 (64-bit) or above Almura Modpack (listed above) Rules These rules are subject to change. Any violation of these rules can result in supsension of services provided by AlmuraMC. AlmuraMC staff retains all rights to pass judgement on actions to determine if any punishment is warranted. Don't Grief No fully automatic Mob/XP Grinding Farms Don't ask for teleports Always report exploits Don't ask for any administrative/op permissions Don't ask for time and/or weather changes Must be 13 or older to join Don't threated users or the server Don't deliberately annoy management Don't use unauthorized client mods (X-Ray, etc) Features Screenshots
  25. IP: Rules: No hacking, cheating or duping items, no immature biggets banned items: these are also disabled, enderbow (crashes server), storage creates PLUGINS: essentials, itemban(only for items listed above) GriefPrevention New dedicated 24/7 server. We are a mature group of people looking to grow the community. . All players are welcome who want fun PvE, PvP exploration, Rpg, Survival. The server is located in CA, USA. We respect all players that join in on our server. Looking forawd to seeing new faces!