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Found 193 results

  1. I have a new whitelisted attack of the bteam server. It is the latest version of the modpack and will continue to be updated to the latest version, asap. It will hopefully run 24/7 but due to updating the server, that might not always be possible. IP: (SERVER IS BACK UP) The server will require just the following: IGN: Age: Why you would like to join: My server is for mature players, and is a place for peaceful and fun players. (DONATIONS IS SET UP (do /shop to access) We would encourage players to donate, however its is not required to join, but it would help with the up-keep and security for the future of the server!) Thanks for all those reading, good luck. Hope to see you all on the server!
  2. We have room on our Minecraft survival server for more people... especially YouTubers! We feel that half the challenge in Minecraft is found by playing without cheats. Therefore cheats, beyond what the Attack of the BTeam! mods allow, will not be permitted. In addition, the following rules apply: Have Fun PVP is allowed as long as all parties voluntarily agree ahead of time Witchery Mod is allowed as long as the above rule is followed Prank Wars are allowed (and encouraged) as long as all parties agree ahead of time. Respect Others No Bullying No Griefing No Stealing No Destroying Gravestones No Cussing (Its hard on family friendly YouTubers) Respect the Moderators - Zaepora (Lady Z) and myself (Dano) Do not ask for cheats (time set, tp, etc.) Do not ask for OP privileges Moderator decisions are final! Respect the Lost Lands Server Do not use our server for advertising (i.e. no links to other servers) Do not spam You LOVE Ocelots, remember that. The consequences for breaking these rules are: First Offense: Warning Second Offense: 48 hour server ban Third Offense: Permanent ban from server. To apply, please provide the following information: Minecraft Name: Skype Name (required): Age (15+): Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): Favorite Mod: Have you reviewed any mods? Do you plan to record? What should you love? What do you like to do in Minecraft? Why do you want to be on our server? What else should we know about you? Server info:
  3. Hey everyone, ___Leaf___ here. You may have been on my tekkit server, and that was fun! Well now I have a 90 Slot server, with the Attack of the B-Team modpack and the plugin Factions on it! And YES! it is survival! Anyone that wants to play is welcome, On my servers I encourage amazing builds, keeping the land generally good looking, and making LOTS of jokes! The server ip is: Rule wise Im not much of a nag, but I do like it when everyone can respect each other and have a good time. The server will be up permanently for at least a year, so no need to worry about losing your progress, and I have constant automated backups for you. Alittle bit about myself; I'm 20 years old, my skype is dewhiersoux if you need to contact me and I enjoy playing minecraft as a hobby. I have a job, and summer is coming out so why not put up a server for my friends and anyone else that wants to join in! Your friend, Leaf
  4. RPM Gaming's BadWolf Pack Server Website: Dynmap: Teamspeak: Feel free to join our Teamspeak even if you are not Whitelisted! We are usually there and speaking to us may speed up your Whitelisting process. Server Address: This server is a WHITELISTED server. We are running the BadWolf Modpack. A list of mods can be found here includes: --GalactiCraft --Mekanism --ThermalExpansion --Hardcore Ender Mod --Farlander --Mystcraft --DimDoors --Archimedes Ships --Much,Much More Obtain the Link here to add the ModPack to your launcher: http://www.technicpa...dwolf-pack.2432 If you have any problems go to this page: In your launcher, click "Add New Pack", paste in the Platform URL given after clicking the link above. Then create an empty directory folder, click okay, and click play! Go to our website to apply for Whitelist! Also, any information about the server and its specifications or staff is located on the website. We are a FRIENDLY server community of MineCraft players who enjoy Survival Mode as a group. We aim to gather friends on our server in order to explore, build, survive and have fun together while using the new and complex technologies our modpack provides. Crafting of high level missiles is not possible but is only disabled and not removed. The only way to obtain this is by the power of an Admin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR RULES: 1.NO Griefing: This is when we feel that pvp is getting out of hand or a group of people is ganging up on rather new/ unprepared members or peaceful players for the sole purpose of being cruel. THIS IS FULLY UP TO THE DISCRETION OF THE STAFF AND COULD RESULT IN EITHER A PERMANENT OR TEMPORARY BAN. 2. PVP is not encouraged or prohibited. It comes with consequences and will result in a ban if it becomes a violation of rule 1. (At the discretion of Admin involved.) (We will only severely punish the Aggressor if the attacked reports it) 3. NO cheating. (If temporarily given creative and privilege is abused, you will be teleported to remote location and your house will be decimated)
  5. Version: 1.0.10a SERVER IP WEBSITE: RULES: 1- No spawn killing 2- No Griefing ITEMS BANNED: Staff Explosives (due to griefing) Plugins used: Towny! signchestshop essentials lwc Server Description: Evolvecraft This server is designed to let the plugins do there job. we wont constrict you in anyway beyond our 2 rules. We offer full pvp! True player driven economy. We have a base shop other than that, it's up to you to make money and your own shops!
  6. WARNING: Requires 64-bit Java and additional memory assigned to your launcher to run properly! This is a massive modpack and it will take a decent amount of power to run properly. First launch will take some time. Our Website: Server Information: More Information about us: Modlist: Technic Launcher: Technic Modpack: Technic Platform URL: Server Address: Need Help? Check out or tutorial here: We only have 30 player slots currently, but we are always willing to expand the slots and server's memory to keep players happy and lag to a minimum! We hope to get some awesome new players joining us soon.
  7. Hey everyone! I just started a new channel on youtube, and im posting a new attack of the b-team lp series. Here me and my friends build, explore and try out mods! As I have noticed youtube is very hard to get people to find you, even if you have good content. So that lead me here in hope of making some new friends and pushing my channel a little further. Please dont hate as this is just a way to get my channel out there, and theres probably people that like looking at Lets plays! So if you enjoy, please leave a like and subscribe! That is what motivates me and makes me do videos. Remember to gove constructive feedback aswell. Thankz. Channel: A cool episode of the series: Hope you enjoy!
  8. Tired of the same old Pixelmon servers? Well take the time to join PIX3LMON!! PIX3LMON is a Pixelmon survival server that incorporates rpg mechanics, simple mods, as well as, a more mature plotline.. Regions New Kanto: A region which is fresh in development.. Since the creation of Team Rocket's organized crime ring many, residents of Kanto have ventured off in search of new land. This new region is lightly populated and very wild.. A wide variety of Pokemon and wild habitats can be found in this region and is a great place to build a home and train your team! Johto: This region is home to the second 8 original gyms of the Indigo League, as well as, the notorious Team Rocket.. Here you will begin your quest to become the Indigo League Champion! You will need to collect all 8 badges in order to gain access to the Kanto Region where you will continue on your journey collecting the remaining 8 badges to challenge the Indigo League and claim the Champion's Crown! Kanto: (Coming Soon) DJ3STR's PIX3LMON - Technic Platform Platform URL: IP:
  9. Server IP - Mods Removed: Dimensional Doors - Because it generates to many new worlds which over time crash the server Banned Items: Ender Bow - Crashes Chocobo Saddle Bag - Duping Bag's - Duping Bane Of Pigs - OP Meteor Summoners - Griefing Lumber Axe - Crashing Chocobo / Freezarite Armour - No Cost To Enchant Capsules - Grief Description This server is a follow up from a old factions server that I used to have. Due to high demand to relaunch the server, I decided to. The server is currently very new and quite buggy. But hopefully over the next couple of days we will smoothen out the bugs to bring you the best Hexxit + Factions Experience you can get! Server Specs Our server is one of the few bungeecorded hexxit servers around. Which if you don't know it basically means that the server is lots of different servers combined, which gives you the best experience to spread out the players and try and make it as lag free and user friendly as possilbe! <3
  10. Hey everyone! I just started a new channel on youtube, and im posting a new attack of the b-team lp series. Here me and my friends build, explore and try out mods! As I have noticed youtube is very hard to get people to find you, even if you have good content. So that lead me here in hope of making some new friends and pushing my channel a little further. Please dont hate as this is just a way to get my channel out there, and theres probably people that like looking at Lets plays! So if you enjoy, please leave a like and subscribe! That is what motivates me and makes me do videos. Remember to gove constructive feedback aswell. Thankz. Channel: A cool episode of the series: Hope you enjoy!
  11. Join us in Teamspeak @ -Welcome- Monsters on every turn, you don’t know if the next person around the corner will be a fellow wizard or a zombie, a werewolf, a vampire! Unlike all other servers, we pride ourselves upon our light-hearted, joking nature! Pick between Classes, and Factions! Join in the endless struggle for supremacy between the races, Zombie, Werewolf, Vampire and Wizard! Hard work of months has finally worn off, and the result is amazing, breathtaking and hilarious! Now introducing the new attack of the B-team mod pack now combines the worlds of magic and science as never before. This brand new mod pack may seem overwhelming at first with its inclusion of GalactiCraft Mars, Biome's O Plenty, Flan's gun mod, Witchery, Necromancy and many, many more! Now but before you summon your undead minions and blast off to Mars or go spelunking in the Nether's ash fields you're going to need some tools and with the Updated T-construct mod you'll have just that. Is there anything better than a diamond tipped Slime edged sword? We don’t think so. Construct elaborate space stations or take a leisurely walk among the myriad of newly implemented biomes the choice is yours. -The Mod Pack- This modpack was designed with one thing in mind, crazy mad science! With the help of the B-Team we hand picked the wackiest mods we could find and shoved them all in a modpack for you guys. The result is Attack of the B-Team! Installation Instuctions: With TechnicLauncher [RECOMMENDED]: 1. Open your technic platform 2. Click Attack of the BTeam 3. Click Play! Server Website:
  12. Custom Modpack: Cuddly Creeper Pack Server IP: or use the URL Link to Server Rules Basic Rules: 1. Discussion topics and language must be appropriate for all ages. (Exception Cuddle Cabana forum, chat channel, and Teamspeak channel) 2. Do not take items from others without permission 3. Do not destroy items/blocks placed by other players without permission. 4. Do not intentionally cause emotional distress for your own amusement, aka trolling. 5. Just play nice with everyone and then you don't have to worry about rules. Server Description: Cuddly Creeper is an All-New Minecraft Server with a few key goals 1. Maintain a world with no resets for 5 years; your grand master works will last for years 2. Provide a family-friendly environment for all ages 3. Encourage community involvement and activities through game mechanics Highlights: PvE Economy No Whitelist Player owned land claims using Protection Blocks Custom Modpack - provides players with a large variety of new block types Uptime: Almost 24/7 Scheduled 15 minute downtime nightly for server backups. Community: We are an all-ages community that primarily caters to survival gameplay Due to the large variety of modded blocks and the server world having no resets for 5 years. Our server should be especially friendly to builders who like to make incredible works and have their efforts around to stay for several years. Server Application: Open server, no applications necessary. Additional Gameplay: PvP arena Player Shop Plots PvE arena to access The End (coming soon) Spleef (coming soon) Twilight Forest (requires premium membership)
  13. Server ip: News: 24/7 uptime updated to 1.0.9 Server Rules: [1] No cheating/hacking [2] No advertising IPs/Websites [3] Use English in chat (No excessive cussing) [4] Do not spam or use all caps [5] No asking for OP/Free Stuff/Creative [6] Respect faculty members [7] Play with common sense Key features: Survival Friendly game-play for all ages 32 lag free player slots! 24/7 up-time - Hosted commercially, not home hosted!
  14. Name: DeltaCraft Nations Server Version: 1.6.4 Server Version: V8.3 Online: 24/7 Notice :The server is young so now is the perfect time to secure your slot before it fills up Links Homepage Forum Server Wiki [Coming Soon] PMC Page Basic Commands Description The DeltaCraft Nations Server is the official server for DeltaStrium & the LanteaCraft Mod we use a modpack with many mods most of them We make texture packs for links to the mods weuse are in the mods list The modpack is a balanced blend between magic and technology and couple that with the server makes for a very progressive gameplay. Features 1.Magic [unleash your magical abilities with Ars Magica 2][Pack] 2.Technology [Go tech with UE, Buildcraft, Mekanism][Pack] 3.Stats [using McMMO plugin get experience from mining and earn extra perks][server] 4.Towns [build mighty Cities and join together with others to form nations][server] 5.Fast Travel [Travel from base to base in style with Stargates][Pack] 6.Food [Over 200+ Foods on the server][Pack] 7:Economy [Credits are everything without them nations cannot be formed][server] How to Connect to the server Download the technic launcher from the link below when you have run the launcher go to the modpack link then copy the platform URL Go back to the launcher and click add new pack then paste the platform URL and add the pack Press Play Server address is built into the modpack just click multiplayer and come join in Technic Launcher is REQUIRED for the server. Technic Launcher Modpack To Use DeltaCraft Warfare Modpack Plugins Mods
  15. Hello! This is a super-friendly Hamachi server! It is free of server plugins, so I can't accuratelly give a Pv_. It uses the Super-Blue Modpack, which has many technology and building mods. I also plan to add more transport mods, though I am a little tired of fixing version and block id issues. Please come! I will allow gamemode changes and item spawning! Now only if I could enable the cammand globally...... I sure wish someone could tell me how.......... and back to the topic, trusted people will be allowed /tp. But how do I do that, also........ I plan to find out through answers outside this post. I plan on using this server to record YouTube videos, under the channel 27. I also plan on having a group of people like in The Yogscast in another YouTube channel. Also, if im online, and the servers online (don's expact good uptime on a laptop!), im probably recording, so you can be starstruck, even though I only have one subscriber at this time of updating. Anyway, thanks for viewing! Hamichi Network ID: Hs27 Tip on ID: think HappySmash27 Ip:
  16. I recently rediscovered hexxit and would love to have a small server to play on with people whenever.
  17. Hey guys, come check out our custom modded server! Please only Mature Players! IP: Our Site: Link removed: you are not permitted to post links to your own launcher here. Rules: Respect other players, no fighting. PLEASE keep it family friendly. No Intentional griefing. Mods: Our Mod list
  18. New AquaCraft server apply down below : This is a multiplayer survival server named AquaCraft. Rules : 1/don't steal of greif 2/please be respectful of other players 3/ you have to be kind 4/pranks are allowed but no lava,TNT or killing involved Questions : I'll be answering these questions like as if i was answering these questions so you get to know a ll'bit about me 1/name: brodie 2/IGN: aquabrodie 3/Age: 16 4/skype: brodiekaitelogan 5/Have you been banned from a server: no 6/location: France 7/Nationality: Scottish 8/How long a day do you plan to play on the server: 2-3 hour maybe more 9/why do you want to be on this server: because I own it 10/hobbies: I like to constructed lego 11/Any further questions?: no you will be notified on this forum and skype if you made it in have fun! IP: