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Found 182 results

  1. Custom Modpack: Cuddly Creeper Pack Server IP: or use the URL play.cuddlycreeper.com Link to Server Rules Basic Rules: 1. Discussion topics and language must be appropriate for all ages. (Exception Cuddle Cabana forum, chat channel, and Teamspeak channel) 2. Do not take items from others without permission 3. Do not destroy items/blocks placed by other players without permission. 4. Do not intentionally cause emotional distress for your own amusement, aka trolling. 5. Just play nice with everyone and then you don't have to worry about rules. Server Description: Cuddly Creeper is an All-New Minecraft Server with a few key goals 1. Maintain a world with no resets for 5 years; your grand master works will last for years 2. Provide a family-friendly environment for all ages 3. Encourage community involvement and activities through game mechanics Highlights: PvE Economy No Whitelist Player owned land claims using Protection Blocks Custom Modpack - provides players with a large variety of new block types Uptime: Almost 24/7 Scheduled 15 minute downtime nightly for server backups. Community: We are an all-ages community that primarily caters to survival gameplay Due to the large variety of modded blocks and the server world having no resets for 5 years. Our server should be especially friendly to builders who like to make incredible works and have their efforts around to stay for several years. Server Application: Open server, no applications necessary. Additional Gameplay: PvP arena Player Shop Plots PvE arena to access The End (coming soon) Spleef (coming soon) Twilight Forest (requires premium membership)
  2. Server ip: News: 24/7 uptime updated to 1.0.9 Server Rules: [1] No cheating/hacking [2] No advertising IPs/Websites [3] Use English in chat (No excessive cussing) [4] Do not spam or use all caps [5] No asking for OP/Free Stuff/Creative [6] Respect faculty members [7] Play with common sense Key features: Survival Friendly game-play for all ages 32 lag free player slots! 24/7 up-time - Hosted commercially, not home hosted!
  3. Name: DeltaCraft Nations Server Version: 1.6.4 Server Version: V8.3 Online: 24/7 Notice :The server is young so now is the perfect time to secure your slot before it fills up Links Homepage Forum Server Wiki [Coming Soon] PMC Page Basic Commands Description The DeltaCraft Nations Server is the official server for DeltaStrium & the LanteaCraft Mod we use a modpack with many mods most of them We make texture packs for links to the mods weuse are in the mods list The modpack is a balanced blend between magic and technology and couple that with the server makes for a very progressive gameplay. Features 1.Magic [unleash your magical abilities with Ars Magica 2][Pack] 2.Technology [Go tech with UE, Buildcraft, Mekanism][Pack] 3.Stats [using McMMO plugin get experience from mining and earn extra perks][server] 4.Towns [build mighty Cities and join together with others to form nations][server] 5.Fast Travel [Travel from base to base in style with Stargates][Pack] 6.Food [Over 200+ Foods on the server][Pack] 7:Economy [Credits are everything without them nations cannot be formed][server] How to Connect to the server Download the technic launcher from the link below when you have run the launcher go to the modpack link then copy the platform URL Go back to the launcher and click add new pack then paste the platform URL and add the pack Press Play Server address is built into the modpack just click multiplayer and come join in Technic Launcher is REQUIRED for the server. Technic Launcher Modpack To Use DeltaCraft Warfare Modpack Plugins Mods
  4. Hello! This is a super-friendly Hamachi server! It is free of server plugins, so I can't accuratelly give a Pv_. It uses the Super-Blue Modpack, which has many technology and building mods. I also plan to add more transport mods, though I am a little tired of fixing version and block id issues. Please come! I will allow gamemode changes and item spawning! Now only if I could enable the cammand globally...... I sure wish someone could tell me how.......... and back to the topic, trusted people will be allowed /tp. But how do I do that, also........ I plan to find out through answers outside this post. I plan on using this server to record YouTube videos, under the channel 27. I also plan on having a group of people like in The Yogscast in another YouTube channel. Also, if im online, and the servers online (don's expact good uptime on a laptop!), im probably recording, so you can be starstruck, even though I only have one subscriber at this time of updating. Anyway, thanks for viewing! Hamichi Network ID: Hs27 Tip on ID: think HappySmash27 Ip:
  5. I recently rediscovered hexxit and would love to have a small server to play on with people whenever.
  6. Hey guys, come check out our custom modded server! Please only Mature Players! IP: naturetek.net Our Site: www.naturetek.net Link removed: you are not permitted to post links to your own launcher here. Rules: Respect other players, no fighting. PLEASE keep it family friendly. No Intentional griefing. Mods: Our Mod list http://ix.io/apR
  7. New AquaCraft server apply down below : This is a multiplayer survival server named AquaCraft. Rules : 1/don't steal of greif 2/please be respectful of other players 3/ you have to be kind 4/pranks are allowed but no lava,TNT or killing involved Questions : I'll be answering these questions like as if i was answering these questions so you get to know a ll'bit about me 1/name: brodie 2/IGN: aquabrodie 3/Age: 16 4/skype: brodiekaitelogan 5/Have you been banned from a server: no 6/location: France 7/Nationality: Scottish 8/How long a day do you plan to play on the server: 2-3 hour maybe more 9/why do you want to be on this server: because I own it 10/hobbies: I like to constructed lego 11/Any further questions?: no you will be notified on this forum and skype if you made it in have fun! IP:
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