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  1. Jump into BlastZone, a survival/pvp modpack designed to make you fight to survive. Make allies, form enemies, conquer the world with the strength of technology and bombs! The world only wants you destroyed, will you let it conquer you or will you dominate your enemies in this brand new world? From machines that help you advance your might to explosives that showcase the flaws of your fellow being, you will be challenged to thrive where few survive. The pack comes with a server already ready for you to enter. Technic Launcher page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/blast-zone.47620
  2. Chris's Modpack Official A Balanced Space Modpack With a Server! Download When I first started making this pack, it was just for me to play with some friends on my server. It's now released publicly! This is a tech modpack but is still balanced a lot. I am working constantly on this pack, updating to the latest forge, checking for mod updates, adding and removing mods. This will be done almost every day. As soon as there is an update, the server will restart, having the latest version always. I am VERY open to any mod suggestions, bugs and more. If you want a mod, and it fits, it'll b
  3. This was made by ShneekeyTheLost I did not get his permission bust found it to be very helpful you can visit the original page at Thermal Expansion 3 for Newbies (A Reference Guide for the Rest Of Us!) The latest version of Thermal Expansion has now been released, and there's been quite a few changes since the last version. Here's everything you need to know to get started! Initial Resources Like most tech mods, you're going to need some resources to get started. After all, you can't just build machines out of dirt and cobble! Here's a good laundry list of what you should pr
  4. IP: play.evolutionrd.net Website: http://evolutionrd.net/ Dynmap: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/map.php Mumble: mumble.evolutionrd.net Port: 64738 Pack: Evolution-RD Evolution R&D, also known as Evo, is one of the oldest Tekkit based servers still standing today. We were founded more than 2 years ago in February of 2012 during Tekkit Classic 1.1.4. We are an ever expanding and diverse group of individuals who love building and taking the game to new heights. We offer 4 main worlds for usage by the community. The first being the Overworld where you spawn. This is where you can build
  5. Hey guys, I am making a modpack (in the planning stage), and my only issue (so far) is the name. I don't want something lame like "TechCraft" or "MachineCraft". I want it to be clever, catchy name. I don't want to start making the modpack, and realize that I can't change the name for some odd reason. Version: 1.6.4 Some of the mods (maybe): IndustrialCraft 2 BuildCraft 2 Redpower 2 Biomes O' Plenty Flan's Mods (with planes, guns, giant robots, etc) Thermal Expansion RailCraft Aether 2 Equivalent Exchange 2 (or 3) Galacticraft 2 I want a Fantasy/wild theme at first (nothing hardcor
  6. WELCOME TO THE MNSMM MODPACK! I'd like to personally welcome you all to my custom-modpack-in-the-making! As of right now the mod pack is called the MNSMM Modpack or, for the long name, Mike's Not So Magic Modpack...Modpack! This is a custom mod pack I have put together containing some of my favorite mods along with some that I haven't even played before! It contains many different types of mods from Magic to Weapons to Exploration to Morphing! It has it all! Keep in mind that this is my first ever mod pack and that it's in its very early stages. I have many updates kinda planned so
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