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Found 5 results

  1. Ok hello to whoever comes along to help, My name is SeanBod and I'm an average college student and streamer. I am still pretty new to the scene of modpack making and I'm coming across some problems and thats why I decided again to make another post to get the help for my partly made modpack. It was in the works with another person but he ran out of time to give me help, we got pretty far and the modpack was in good shape until it didn't work. It was working perfectly and than nothing was done to it and it failed to work after a few days. I have the last two saves of the modpack that I believe is the closes thing to what it was but missing some few piece that once we get it stable again will be able to address better. Below will be a link to dropbox if you would like to help just send me a message so that we can talk about what was done and either how we can fix it or how you can (due to my lack of much knowledge of modpack building). All of my mods cam from curse or directly from the mod makers page. This mod does mean a lot to me and if you are really interested and have good intents come join me to finish making the best dinosaur modpack out there. This modpack will top very dinosaur modpack that exist to this day by having more mods, more dinosaurs, and more technology than any other out there. Thanks for reading this and if you or someone you know is willing to help comment down below and send me a message. Here is the dropbox links you will need https://www.dropbox.com/s/ya6esdhqagbjhf3/modpack.zip?dl=0 , https://www.dropbox.com/s/wsj6iczm7z2vbho/modpack%202.zip?dl=0 these are the last close to "working" files I have.
  2. Recently, I tried to update my modpack by adding 1 mod, a minimap mod. My modpack was all fine and dandy before I updated it. I haven't updated it since 115+ days ago. Now, as soon as the update was supposedly setup, my modpack just does not work. Ironically, the Technic servers went down as well meaning I could not fix this until now (since it obviously is up). When I start Minecraft with my later version (the one before the update that is was working perfectly fine) it loads the three default mods which are by forge, as if the modpack never really downloaded but forge did. I know the link is direct because when I paste it within my browser it automatically downloads the zip file. Within the zip file, are 5 folders which consist of the following: bin, config, coremods, mods and Chocolate. (Chocolate is for Chocolate's Quest). This worked perfectly fine, as I keep saying. Here is a screenshot of my modpack settings: http://puu.sh/c8JoE/72b35b5422.png Also, note I have tried using "Force Directory Change" multiple times, and without it as well. Nothing seems to be working. I also am sure that within the Technic Launcher, I have the correct version selected (the only one which is the non updated one). Any help is highly appreciated.
  3. So I am trying to catch a demon in a safari net but it is not enabling me to do so. I have seen ChimenySwift11 have a demon in a reusable safari net which I have many of those but when I try to capture one, it does not seem to work. I have tried naming them, using witchery charms to capture and using the launcher. None of those solutions have worked. I know it is possible. How do I do so?
  4. Hello Attack of the B Team assisters. I am currently running an Attack Of The B Team Server of the version of 1.0.9 as of a few weeks ago. I am aware there is a client version of the newest update of 1.0.10 which is what I want on the server. The reason is, OpenBlocks contains a bug from 1.0.8-1.0.9 of Attack Of The B Team with the Height Map Projector. I spent a lot of time building this item for my armory addition to my home in survival. However when I go to the official page for AOTBT (Attack of the B Team) the only jar file is the 1.0.9 version. I see other servers with versions of 1.0.10 which I want to have but don't either know where it is or I don't have the "perks" of obtaining it yet. Any help is appreciated. If you know how to fix the Height Map Projector to where it actually appears, then answer that as well. Thanks for your time, Jake
  5. So I currently own a Height Map Projector and I used the cartographer and made a map that was fully green in the square. I right click to get it out and placed it in the Projector. It had a bunch of different squares and such but I could not see anything but the squares. No map was projected or within the projector GUI itself. I believe this is a bug with the two versions listed within the title but for some reason I am having issues with updating to 1.0.10. I upgraded my client to 1.0.10 and the projector worked splendidly. When I downgraded back to 1.0.9, the projector was still working. This was on single player. Is there anyway to fix this bug without updating on my server?
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