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  1. Website: http://apocgaming.org | Server IP: BT.APOCGAMING.ORG | Discord: https://discord.gg/uctbDQb For more information on our servers, network, status, wiki's, launchers, pack pages, and more checkout our server page here: http://apocgaming.org/servers AGN is a community of gamers for minecraft and other online games founded in 1999 for gaming and setup in 2010 for minecraft servers. We host independently from Zilacon's own privately hosted dedicated servers. (Bungeecord, Vanilla, & Tekkit Classic are on a paid host. All others are hosted by Zilacon) I pride myself in hosting and managing high performance servers with virtually zero down time. All of our servers have deadlock, lag, and crash detection. Automated restart scripts, entity clearing/merging, spawn limits, timing adjustments, etc. To make the server run as smooth as possible. Our servers normally maintain 19-20 TPS no matter what. If you experience any type of lag with a good ping to the network, please contact us so we can look into it. Me and my staff team are available almost 24/7 on our discord server. On APOC we have many gameplay styles for you to choose from, along with over a dozen modpacks and servers to play on. All of our servers (excluding skyblock modpacks) have all of the features below. Server Features: Always Online: Dedicated, optimized, built for performance servers since 2010. Our servers are fully automated with almost zero need for human intervention to remain online and running smooth. Multiworld: We have worlds for PVP and PVE. These worlds are Survival (PVE/GriefPrevention Protection), Factions (PVP/Factions Protection), and Towny (PVP/Towny Protection). PVP worlds allow griefing and raiding by following the rules within the factions and towny plugins for war. Survival is PVE only and uses GriefPrevention for its protections. Custom Economy (APOC-Payday): Our economy is like no other, with one giant plugin (APOC-Payday) this plugin offers rewards for over 30 gameplay activities from killing mobs/players to crafting items. It also rewards you for voting with keys/kits to redeem for items and economy/exp/claimblocks. Our plugin also handles sign shops, player plots, automatic ranking, online/login rewards, and much more. Admin & Player Shops: We provide basic vanilla items in the spawn tower for admin shops. And we leave the modded side for players to buy a plot in spawn, create a shop, and select their items and prices for their shop. We encourage a competitive player market on APOC. Our admin shops will not interfere with selling modded items. Custom /help Commands: We have a custom menu of /help commands that explain everything on apoc. How to use our economy, claim systems, worlds, voting, shops, teleportation and homes, and much more. If these help commands cannot answer your questions, staff are available on the servers or on discord. MCMMO & APOC-RPG: All of our servers come equipped with MCMMO and APOC-RPG which adds skills, bonus drops for actions, custom enchanted item drops from mobs, and randomly placed chests or structures with loot inside in the worlds. Bungeecord: Our custom bungeecord server allows clients of any version to connect to our network & servers. Once connected to the server of your choice, you can communicate with everyone from every server, and see everyone who is online in the tab list from all servers. Looking for Staff: We are seeking active staff members for all servers on apoc. If you are interested in any position please apply on the links below. We are looking for java developers and server staff. Apply for Chat Mod: http://apocgaming.org/cmodapp Apply for Server Mod: http://apocgaming.org/smodapp Apply for Developer: http://apocgaming.org/devapp Voting & Reviewing Rewards: Voting for our network on one of the 36 vote sites listed on our /vote command in game or on our site at http://apocgaming.org/vote will give you 1 Common Key and 1 VoteKey. Common keys are one of 4 types of item reward keys issued on the servers. These keys can be earned by voting, being online, or logging in daily. When redeemed they will give you one item out of a long list of possible rewards. The higher grade the key is the better the rewards. Redeeming keys like Common have a chance to upgrade to Uncommon, and Uncommon to Rare, etc. Vote Keys are issued only for voting for sites, they give 1 EXP Level, $100 Economy, and 10 Claimblocks. We also reward for reviewing our network/servers on vote sites and forums like this (technic). If you enjoy our servers, please write us a review by replying to this topic for $2500 Economy and 3 Rare keys as a reward. If you got any suggestions or ideas for improvement, we are open to change. Just let us know!
  2. so I was just spawning minions with the staff, when the game crashed. This happens sometimes and I didnt think too much and wanted to load my world again, but it was gone. is there any way to restore the world?
  3. Does anyone know if the GalactiCraft rocket ship is required in order to get to space, or can you get there by flying or towering high enough by any means? Because I had a really cool idea for constructing a space elevator with minecarts (and with oxygen- and power-supply tethers), but I don't want to dedicate resources towards it until I know it's actually workable.
  4. Hey All, Brand new to Technic, but been wanting to do this for a while. Only issue is, on my laptop I cannot actually play the AotBT modpack despite installing it. The download & installation seems to complete fine, but I never actually get to see the play button. I know what should be happening as I've installed and played AotBT on my desktop, where it worked fine. I have tried: - Deleting the pack and redownloading/installing it via the delete pack button, bottom right of modpacks tab - Reinstalling the pack via the modpack options menu - Restarting my laptop - Restarting the Technic launcher This problem also persists with other modpacks (I tried Blightfall and got the same issue). I am using the current default minecraft Java, 1.8.0_191 64-bit, with 3GB of RAM set in the launcher options. Any help is greatly appreciated. Latest log (Including installing Blightfall) is here.
  5. every time i try to load a world my game crashes Here's the crash log https://pastebin.com/E44HMArb
  6. So, I've been experiencing something I can only explain as a glitch. Whenever I download AotBT, it stops at 14% and says: Error downloading a file for the following pack: Attack of the B-Team Failed to download https://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/mods/tconstruct-v1.5.5.7.zip Please consult the modpack author. I have Java 64-bit Version 1.8.0_131, and 2 gigs of ram allocated out of 4 gigs. Can anyone help me? This is driving me insane!
  7. just installed the technic launcher and attack of the b-team on this computer (my daughter's) yesterday. After upgrading to 64 bit java so it would free up enough ram, it worked all day yesterday. Today, the launcher will start minecraft, it will make it though the load screen, but after selecting a world to load, it starts loading various pieces, then boom, it shoots back to the launcher with no warning. A crash report is attached. Thank you for any help. Andrew W Grover crash-2017-03-12_14.36.06-server.txt
  8. Hi. If you are reading this, then you must be looking for someone to play with. As am I. I made a server (private) for around 2-6 other people to play Attack of the B-TEAM mudpack with me. If you are interested, contact me via skype for more details, or leave your skype name. My skype: Skype gnomes stole your name! Thank you, -Signature gnomes stole your name!
  9. So, I want to play attack of the B-team, but whenever I try to launch the modpack, it just loads up the game and then directs me back to the launcher, there is no error or whatsoever, I've tried everything I know, but still no luck, can someone please help? It also says on the forum that my log file is too big to add so I don't know how to show that to you.
  10. Hi, I hate to be rude, and I have a download problem Recently I've been trying to download ATOTB-T, but it's saying that one of the files, sepcifically the CodeChickenLab file is not deleting. Is that normal? and if so, what is the solution.
  11. Hello, I am playing B-Team now for about one week and now i have a problem. I went through the nether portal and was killed by a ghast as i respawned i spawned in the ground and fall off the world. Then i respawned again and i was stuck in the ceiling of my house and was killed again. And Now my hitbox is too big. I restarted the game already and nothing changed. Please help me, thanks Toby
  12. ZzzCraft is a Attack Of the B-Team Survival Multiplayer Server (SMP). Its whitelisted with 20 slots on version 1.0.12b. This server has 99.9% up time and no LAG AT ALL after loads and loads of tests. Please fill out this application if you wish to join. Application: Age(13+): name(optional): Skype(must): Why you want to join: What your minecraft skills are e.g. Building,Redstone: IGN(in game name): Active Time(at least 2+hours most days): I will message you over Skype with the ip when you have been accepted. My Skype: Harrythelegend11 if you need to ask any questions. Hope to see you on, xXGAMELORDXx11
  13. Attack of the B-Team is a modpack developed by Technic, the creators of Tekkit, and includes a large variety that are mainly about 'crazy mad science'. The modpack includes fewer technical mods from FTB but includes more building orientated mods. Whitelist Sign up: The B-Team server is a whitelisted server to prevent griefing. Ways to sign up for the whitelist: Erebus forums Planet Minecraft Minecraft Forums ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Technic Forums Server rules:1. No Griefing 2. No killing other players without consent 3. No asking for items 4. No advertising, hacking, swearing, spamming Donation Store: To keep the server going we need donations and there are 3 packages in the B-Team store (Link). Dynamic Map: We also have a Dynamic map for exploring areas around the server (Link). Tutorials: If you are new to the server or need help you can browse through our tutorials (Link). Sphax Texturepack: The texture pack that I recommend is sphax even though some computers might not be able to handle it (Link). Modpack Download: Downloading the modpack is pretty simple and can be found here. Once you launch it select 'Attack of the B-Team' and hit play. Whitelist Application To sign up for the Attack of the B-Team server you will need to answer a few simple questions. Staff will check the forum and update it straight away. We will leave a comment to let you know that you have been accepted. All players will be accept. IP: erebus-bteam.sytes.net Leave your reply in the comments: Minecraft username: Where you found this server? Why you want to be on this sever? What are you planning on doing on the server? Your favourite colour? Have fun. | Whitelist Application: Erebus Fourms, PMC, Minecraft Forums, ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Technic Forums | | Sphax Texturepack | Modpack download | Server Store | Tutorials | Dynamic Map |
  14. I'm having a problem trying to play on any serve,r (Single Player too) always when I go on any server, the game crashes for no reason .. I have 8GB Memory RAM, and 2GB activated for Minecraft, so I think it's a Modpack problem in itself .. Please help me !! I'm desperate to play Attack of the B-Team .. Thanks.
  15. So I was starting my server up. Everything looked fine until this happened: http://pastebin.com/pQG0khbv Please help!
  16. Hello everybody! I'm looking for a whitelisted Attack of the B-team of chill dudes to start an adventure together! Comment if you have a server looking for a member! About me: -15 years old -Very Chill -Mature
  17. ABANDONED NEW THREAD MADE SERVER WASNT WORKING SO I COULDNT ACCEPT APPS SORRY APPLY FOR THE NEW SERVER THAT IS FIXED IN MY OTHER THREAD! SAME RULES CHECK IT OUT! Whitelisted Server that is completly vannila Attack of the B-Team looking for people to play with! No mods are removed and Nether is allowed!!! We are looking for fun and cool people to play with in this whitelisted server for a good time. You can be any age and if you are atleast more mature then a 4 year old, then your in! The rules are super simple : No griefing unless at war ; No Spawnkilling unless a good reason ; No Total Base Destruction. Please be aware that other people have feelings too when you are thinking of finding ways to slip past the rules. I will have an application down below for you to fill out to see if you are fit for the server. I will contact you if you make it in the server to give the IP. I try to keep the server on as long as possible. Stay cool and hope to see you online!!! Application Real Name (Op) : IGN : Skype/Email/Way to contact you : Maturity Level [1-10 and why] : Why do you want to join : What Mod(s) are you best at on ATotBT : Timezone : Anything Else to Add (Op) :
  18. Hello everyone, as you may see from my profile, this is the first post I am making (on this account, that is.) From the title, I would assume you would know that I am searching for an attack of the b-team server that is recruiting. I have been on multiple private AoBT servers in the past, all of which have closed down due to financial problems. If anyone that did not just skim through this post knows of a server, I would be very thankful to be given the link to the post or, better yet, be given the IP and be whitelisted immediately, which never happens. I thank the few that have read this post, and good day.
  19. I installed the game, and where it's supposed to say "Play" it says "Install". I have Installed it and deleted it many times, and it just says the same thing... Is anyone else having this problem? Please, if you have an answer tell me. - Dreaming_Deer
  20. Hi, today I offered an access to Minecraft to my best friend. I installed it on her computer, and then installed the Technic Launcher, to allow her to join me on my aotbt server. I was asked to run Java, so I downloaded a 64bit of Java 7. It worked fine, and I was able to get AOTBT and vanilla easily. But when I clicked on play, nothing happened. Well, I say "nothing", but it was like the technic launcher disapearing for the Mojang screen, but Mojang never shows, and we're back to the launcher. I tried to uninstall it, delete the .technic file, restart the computer, install again, change java version, allow Java and Minecraft in the firewall, but it does this everytime. I attached the log. Can you tell me what's wrong ? http://pastebin.com/sN55Q3yd
  21. Hello, I am a member of the official Useless Gamers: Attack of the B-Team Server which runs 27/7, is backed up frequently and has members from around the world! Although the server has been running for what may seem like years and years by now, it has grown rather empty now and so we are now looking for people to join. Below are some simple rules about the server, along with some little bits of info for those who may wonder how it runs and what kind of community currently inhabits it. Rules: 1) Although pranks are welcomed, no griefing/raiding of other people's bases/builds. 2) No PVP unless it is in the PVP Arena we have built on the server, or the other player(s) agree to this out of the arena fighting. 3) You can build/mine anywhere and everywhere that you would like to, just as long as it is not within the grounds of someone's base/build. 4) Please be kind and friendly to others (: 5) We understand that there may be things that you have to get done IRL(In Real Life), but at least hop on the server a few times a week to show that you are interested in being a member of the Useless Gamers. Random Bits of Info: 1) The server is run from Winnipeg, Canada. 2) The world is saved/backed up frequently. 3) We all have Skype so we may be able to chat in a more direct way, meaning having Skype is a must. 4) If more people are looking to join, we can expand room for more players (: 5) the server owner and myself are YouTubers who do a "Let's Play" series on the server, but if you would like to not be on film then we will respect your wish (: 6) We enjoy seeing people show their creativity and share ideas and thoughts on others builds, so build whatever your hearts desire may be (: What the Useless Gamers: Attack of the B-Team Server can become, with your help is... A server much like the one GenerikB, BdoubleO100, Keralis, Pungence, Skyzm, Chimneyswift11 and the others played on! We have a spawn with shops that were built by past and current members of the server, and it could always use more and new cool shops! A nice, friendly community like the Hermitcraft server consist of is ideal but of course with our own little touch. Bases can be built anywhere in the world, as long as we can visit with ease and leave in the same manner. If you are interested in joining what could be, a very nice-cool and community friendly server then please comment below or feel free to private message me. Looking forward to seeing you soon! My YouTube link is: www.youtube.com/vanillaraccoon1984
  22. I play on an Attack of the B-Team server and can not seem to find a biome that hamsters naturally spawn in. Would anyone happen to know which biome or biomes they are commonly found in?
  23. Hello everybody, yesterday I have started my own Youtube channel with tutorials for "Attack of the B-Team". The tutorials are in german language and are intended for the german native speakers here, which have a hard time coping with english. In the german language area its is lacking some tutorials to cover the various mods and I hope to close some of that gap with these tutorials. So check out my Youtube Channel, or get in touch via Twitter. See you around B
  24. Hello! Was wondering if there is anyway for me to install Mo'Creatures on Attack of The B Team. It is possible to play on single player B-Team but I'm wondering how do I go about implementing it into my server? Any Help will be appreciated! Also I heard about IDConflicts but am unable to locate that file at all. I've seen people play B-Team with Mo'Creatures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8nzxJ4lZ3M Is one person who installed Mo'creatures on Attack of the B team for multiplayer. But there are no tutorials.
  25. Join us in the newest phenomenon that is Attack of the B-Team! The Attack of the B-Team is a technic modpack made by two well known youtubers . The modpack includes fewer technical mods from FTB but includes more building orientated mods and some fancy mad science mods. A link to GenerikB's Attack of the B-Team playlist can be found at the bottom of this post if your are new to or have never heard of the modpack until now. The Voidcraft B-team server is a whitelisted server to prevent griefing and unnecessary harm to both the server and the community. To get your name on that list you'll need to sign up on our the Voidcraft forums, here on minecraft forums or on our Minecraft Forums thread; Link to Voidcraft Website : void-mc.enjin.com Link to Minecraft Forums : http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2459986-voidcraft-attack-of-the-b-team-whitelist-modded-server-trusted-community/ To keep the server going, we will eventually need donations - There is a donations store on the Voidcraft server website, with various packages available in the near future! Our server has simple but strict rules and they are: 1. No Griefing 2. No killing other players without consent 3. No asking for items 4. No advertising, hacking, swearing, spamming 5. Must be 16 years or older to apply The texture pack that I recommend is sphax even though some computers might not be able to handle it. It can be found at: http://bdcraft.net/c...-wip-t1800.html Whitelist Application To sign up for the Attack of the B-Team server you will need to answer a few simple questions. Trorin or myself will check the forum and update it straight away. We will leave a comment to let you know if you have been accepted onto the whitelist or not, and if not, the reasoning for why. Please take your time when answering the following questions - a good application says alot about you! To make sure that you have read everything here, please add the phrase 'Crafty!' at the end of your post: Minecraft username: Age (be honest - there's no shame): Where did you find out about this server? Why do you wish to join this server? Do you have any prior knowledge of the B-Team Modpack? What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server? Cake or Death? All application will be looked through, but applications that stand out will be considered
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