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  1. I have been playing on a working singleplayer world (LAN server) for a few weeks, but recently it will not work. When I try to join the singleplayer world, it will start to load in. I might be able to see a few blocks around me, and I can hear sounds. But after a few seconds it freezes for a very short amount of time, says "Shutting down internal server", then crashes and brings me back to the launcher. I am playing on AOTBT 1.0.12c. Crash log: https://pastebin.com/bdB9CUJ7 Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Project Boul is a minecraft server that started as an idea to have a survival vanilla minecraft server. Then we got bored of vanilla and we decided to open a whitelisted minecraft b-team server. Our spawn is a WIP. We want this server to be like the real Attack of the B-Team server... Donate to the server: http://www.omgserv.com/en/contribute/251012/ Server Website: Coming soon Rules: 1: We allow PvP but both players must agree to PvP 2: No griefing, No Stealing, Pranks are allowed 3: Use common sense 4: Be nice to other players: 5: Do not mine or build your house within 50 blocks of players
  3. Hey guys I have an attack of the bteam server I have been playing on with a couple of my friends, but we want more people so it will be more fun. I do know a lot about the mod pack. If you guys want to we can skype and play together. Some of us record on the server and its cool to see everyone build. If you want to join let me know and let me know age and what you plan to do. Ip: tbt.serverminer.com:26384 Rules: Don't be stupid. Don't destroy peoples stuff. Have fun! Also please don't use minions mod because last time I used it on an old server it destroyed the server. Thanks!
  4. How do i put plugins in ive tried many diff. things but they dont work please give me insrtuctions on how to do this.
  5. Hi guys after producing a massive list of tutorials I found a lot of people were asking me to play attack of the bteam on my channel and not wishing to disappoint here is the series... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lztgRS2s6ZU&list=UUjUbZj4DfWBWm_F63Qjp-2w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IhqEwwVWMQ&list=UUjUbZj4DfWBWm_F63Qjp-2w
  6. When I hit play on my technic launcher, it loads up fine and closes but then technic launcher reopens ! Below is the error in my console. If anyone could help me fix this asap thanks! [b#439] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException [b#439] at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.checkForComodification(Unknown Source) [b#439] at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.remove(Unknown Source) [b#439] at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(Launch.java:114) [b#439] at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(Launch.java:27) [b#439] Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=2
  7. Hi Guys, I recently have downloaded Technic and Attack of The B-Team onto my new PC running Windows. I have installed Java 8 JRE, but only after discovering that AOTB wouldn't start the Java VM. After I installed the JRE, Technic would start and begin the loading process but after it would complete, revert back to the launcher. Do I need to re-download AOTB or re-install Java? I have read a thread posted earlier on V1.0.9a on AOTB but it did not help at all. Please Help & Thanks, Hitler Wasn't A Christian (He wasn't.)
  8. Hey and i cant build the smeltery from tinkers construct.I followed the book and all but still i couldnt do anything with the smeltery.Please help!
  9. Presents: Do some of your favorite packs include Voltz, Tekkit, or Attack of the B-Team? Then we have the modpack for you!! Modpack Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/thefatpack.433818 MODS (The important ones anyways) • Railcraft • Advanced Genetics • Applied Energistics • BiblioCraft • Big Reactors • Biome-O-Plenty • Blood Magic • BuildCraft • Carpenters Blocks • Chisel • COFH • ComeCloser • Computer Craft • Deadly World • EnderStorage • EnderTanks • Hardcore Ender Expansion • Factorization • Flans Mod (3D Guns) • Forbidden Magic • Forestry • Galac
  10. Im sorry guys we had to shut this server down for financial reasons..... we tried our hardest to keep it up and im sorry we just couldnt afford it, i hope you all understand.
  11. Can you please add Mekanism to attack of the bteam in the next update because it will add so many more things and possibilities like more power more tools and also jetpacks because as good as morphing into bats is it uses so much hunger.
  12. I'm trying to deal with an odd problem where our server crashes, but it doesn't "crash-crash"; that is, the process stays alive, but is in a state where it doesn't respond, the server loop doesn't appear to be running, etc... This is particularly obnoxious because it means that neither auto-restarts, nor notifications work to get it back on it's feet (spigot restart-on-crash just makes it spam the server log with "Unknown command" errors forever) Is there a way to induce a crash with Cauldron (git-Cauldron-MCPC-Plus1.6.4-1.965.21.89 (MC: 1.6.4)), the way F3-C crashes the client? I suspect
  13. Attack Of The B-Team Server 10.0.10B ​-This server is white listed. -It has 6GB. dedicated RAM, and more will be added shortly. -PVP is allowed, just don't kill unless the other person says its OK. -Prank wars are allowed as long as everyone agree with it. -I will not accept anyone below 16. Sorry -As of right now there are 5/12 spots filled, but more spots may be added. -There will be server events such as UHC, Mini-Games, etc. -No Bullying -No Griefing -No Stealing To apply, please provide the following information: Minecraft Name: Skype Name: Age: Experience with Attack of the B
  14. Hello, if any of you lovely people are looking for an attack of the Bteam sever that is Hosted in Australia cause I know how hard it is to find one please feel free to fill out the following and I will send you The Ip Name: IGN: Skype (if owned): Email: Age ( Do not have to say its just helpful ) Also why do you want to play on this server:
  15. ObsitusCraft! Great Server with Friendly and Helpful Staff. Sorry that part was important. Every advertiser writes that but only some of them are good. The reason im making this advertisement is the server is closing in 2 days. They need donations to keep the servers running. They have a vanilla, ftb unleashed and a bteam server. I hope you can help us running the servers with donating personally or buying ranks that cost 5 dollars. They need 110 dollars to keep all the servers up till 8 May. I hope you like it! You will want to stay if you join atleast one time. THE IP I
  16. Hello! I run a server with quite a few players, recently it has come to my attention that certain mobs (mainly or only Fossils and archeology ones) can break blocks even if your morphed into them. Now i know how to blacklist them using the morph mod so people cant greif but i have no clue what the entity names are for the mobs of the Fossils and archeology mod. It would help me allot if you can point me in the right direction or give them to me! Thanks.
  17. I have downloaded the Attack of The B-team modpack but when I click play it shows the mojang symbol and then doesn't work. I have tried everything, I have even deleted the technic launcher and redownloaded everything. Please help me.
  18. For some reason, I can not play attack of the bteam.Every time i press the "Play" button it starts attack of the bteam , then stops and goes back to the technic launcher.It only happens to this one modpack. By the way , not sure if this is the reason , but im on a iMac
  19. I began playing this Mod pack and found it very interesting. However if you play the mod pack in single player there seems to be missing content. Now it would seem to me that this missing content would be the Modder's job to fix and maybe patch it. I certainly hope that's the case cause there are 2 mods I know of that deserve special attention for single player to function properly as the multiplayer does as well. These mods are: 1: Tinkers Construct: The chisel you seem to munch on it like a bone instead of using it properly. I for one thought it was funny but it gets annoying after a whi
  20. Check out this showcase video on my Shooting Range and Gun Shop for Flans Mod! Leave some feedback and don't forget to like and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KadCx8mR3Zw&feature=share&list=UUlk_EkGvA2s0ts1kytfA9kw
  21. I have this error when i press play of "attack of the bteam". it starts to download ok and then i get this error: http://resources.download.minecraft.net/9b/9b2a0/leDd0456b8fbe33557fbc19d4fe342f94d6 i have no idea what this means so help me plz!!
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