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Found 2 results

  1. This should work with any server, pretty much. Or anything, really. I needed to do some simple backups for my server because stuff happens. I found a nifty program called HoboCopy online. It's not hard to find; just google it. I used Hobocopy because xcopy and robocopy doesn't like files that are locked or in use, and they would be skipped. This method seems pretty reliable in that it will copy everything, regardless of it's lock status. It is also an incremental backup, because it uses a base zip file to store the snapshot and then each backup after that just includes the differences from the last backup. Here we create the Base zip and the statefile for Hobocopy. (Statefile is where Hobocopy stores what has already been copied and when, so it knows what to copy next time.) @echo off REM ::BaseBackup.bat REM ::Creates a base image backup for use in Hourly.bat REM Create base statefile title Base backup. cd "c:UsersDragoonDesktop" echo Creating base image now.. HoboCopy.exe /statefile=d:state.txt /verbosity=0 /r /y "MC" "Base" | FIND "complete" 7za.exe a -tzip -y "D:BackupBase.zip" .Base* | FIND "ing archive" REM delete the Base directory. rmdir /S /Q Base You'll need to edit the directories, of course. I'm using some external storage for this backup to be safe. Next you start the Hourly backup: (Edit: added rmdir for Incremental directory. Without it, the incremental just gets added to the backup regardless, making ZIPs larger than necessary.) @echo off REM Hourly backup REM we need to run as admin, so hobo can do a backup of active files. cd "c:UsersDragoonDesktop" REM TODO check if d:state.txt exists here REM goto start :newbase echo NEWBASE FOR %%A IN (%Date%) DO ( FOR /F "tokens=1-3 delims=/-" %%B in ("%%~A") DO ( SET Today=%%B%%C%%D ) ) echo checking for previous backup.. ren "d:Backup" "Backup_%Today%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%">nul echo removing old statefile.. del d:state.txt>nul echo Begin new BaseBackup call BaseBackup.bat echo End new BaseBackup REM we just did a backup in the form of a BASE image. Skip the first one! goto sleep :start SET COUNTER=0 echo Starting initial backup. Set to write backups every hour. :loop SET /a COUNTER=%COUNTER%+1 TITLE Internal hourly backup: %COUNTER%/96 echo Starting backup %COUNTER%.. HoboCopy.exe /statefile=d:state.txt /incremental /verbosity=0 /r /y "MC" "Incremental" 7za.exe a -tzip -y -r "D:BackupIncremental_%COUNTER%.zip" .Incremental*.* -x!*.log.* | FIND "ing archive" rmdir /S /Q Incremental>nul :sleep echo Backup %COUNTER% done. echo Sleeping for 1 hour.. PING -n 1 -w 3600000 > NUL if '%COUNTER%'=='96' goto newbase goto loop This uses the statefile to check what has changed and create a Incremental_xx.zip file on the same external drive. Now, if you want to rebuild a backup: @echo off title Restore. REM Set the maximum depth of incrementals to go. SET Max=9 REM set the number to start from. Usually, if you want all changes (and to be certain everything works) keep it 1. SET Start=1 SET COUNTER=%Start% echo Extracting BASE first.. SET /a Max=%Max%+1 7za.exe x -y "D:BackupBase.zip" -o"C:UsersDragoonDesktoprebuilt" | FIND "ing archive" :loop 7za.exe x -y "D:BackupIncremental_%COUNTER%.zip" -o"C:UsersDragoonDesktoprebuilt" | FIND "ing archive" REM Increment the counter; goto next ZIP SET /a COUNTER=%COUNTER%+1 if '%COUNTER%'=='%Max%' goto end goto loop :end echo Done! pause This will take a few arguments at the top of the file, such as where to start in the incremental backups and how far to go. It effectively unzips 1-9 incrementals into a folder on your desktop. I know there are some things I can change or add to make it better, and if anyone wants to add to it, please do! Edited again. Added in some new stuff to the hourly backup; now it is pretty much automated.
  2. Hello, I downloaded the server files and started it. But Im having a weird problem, where I dont know what to do. Usually it works, but when I start the server it tells me some weird things and pauses. Does anyone know, what to do? Thank you! Picture:
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