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  1. I have been having weird problems with technic recently and honestly have ran out of ideas at this point, my problem is that whenever i tried to join a server on technic i was greeted with this message: Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderExeption:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError and whenever i start a solo world it just crashes and sends me back to launcher. How can i fix this?
  2. The game crashes after I create a new world on Tekkit Classic modpack. My error: 41 mods loaded Optifine OptiFine_1.2.5_HD_S_C6 Minecraft Forge FML v2.2.106.176 Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.2.5 mod_CodeChickenCore : Available (modpack.jar) mod_MinecraftForge : Available (modpack.jar) mod_NotEnoughItems : Available (modpack.jar) mod_ReiMinimap : Available ([1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.2_04.zip) mod_IC2 : Available (industrialcraft-2-client_1.97.jar) mod_IC2AdvancedMachines : Available (AdvancedMachines_4.0_client.zi
  3. right, me and some frineds are working on a modpack however i can not get it to work like at all, i've been in this endless loop of crashes and i need someone who knows their stuff to give me a hand. thanks modpack link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjx7dvmzf4j2ywa/Amped%20Industrial.zip?dl=0 (i do remove dl=0, user content etc) https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/amped-industrial.1505997 this issue i'm currently getting is when the mods begin loading, the game reaches stage 2/7 loads the mods then crashes back to the tekkit launcher.
  4. Ok So i hopped on here to see if anyone can give me some insight, I've been trying to fix this issue for two days for my little bother to no avail. So whenever he starts a modpack (or the vanilla minecraft launcher) it loads up but when the game is supposed to open it just closes technic (or mojangs launcher) and restarts it, ill include the log file it is not a ram issue cause i have 7 GIGS ALLOCATED. Please help thank you. techniclauncher_2018-07-10.log
  5. I'm not sure if this is under the right topic, but- Ever since I updated my laptop, the Minecraft Diaries mod-pack crashes after 2/7 (Phase 1), before that it was fine and ran well. I've tried re-installing the pack and the technic launcher itself, nothing new has happened and I'm not sure what to do. (I'm not sure if it counts as a custom seen as i myself didn't make it, but I think it's fan-based) ((MOD-PACK -- https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tribute-to-aphmau.722351/about ))
  6. The Technic Launcher seems to crash every time I try to access the "Modpack Options". Here is the error log the launcher generates after closing itself. Crash Log - Pastebin GIF of the problem
  7. Hi, I've been playing tekkit lite for quite a long time now with no issues, but as of yesterday every time I press play on the Technic Launcher, it gets to the Mojang loading screen and then freezes/crashes. I don't know if it helps but I've also attached the crash report, it makes no sense to me but hopefully it'll help. Help! crash-2018-04-09_15.14.34-client.txt never mind made a save of the world then uninstalled tekkit lite and then reinstalled it. moved my world over and it worked fine
  8. So essentially my launcher loads up the mod packs like its going to play and then immediately crashes and reopens launcher. This seems to be a common occurrence for users with certain updates of java and/or drivers that aren't updated. I double and triple-checked that my drivers are updated and java is as well. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon RX 580. I haven't been able to play since getting this pc. I have attached all the crash logs created since installing the launcher. This is the most recent crash report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Ooh. Shiny. Time: 4/8/1
  9. My custom modpack wont work at all launching and I sincerely dont know why this time, i checked for error mods and such but cant find any https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Slcn2umTk2eNpXwg35H2sBqyOYVrpwlaiBOkQIILIXI/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I have been trying to fix my launcher and mods for awhile now and can't find a solution. I have downloaded 64 bit Java, Java 8 I believe, and dedicated 3 GB of ram. I have no clue why it won't work at all and when I press play, it just brings me back to the launcher almost instantly. I have no clue what to do and help will be appreciated.
  11. Hi so i dont know if this is the right place for this but, i made a custom mod pack which is a mix between tekkit and hexxit (never made a mod pack before), and it loads them in phase 1/7 saying "constructing mods" in the mojang screen but as soon as it goes to 2/7 it says "initializing mods phase 1" and crashes with no error message. The modpack is named "NRHS Mod pack" in minecraft version 1.7.10, Idk what to do from here so if someone could figure out why it keeps crashing and comment why i would be soooooo grateful. Mods: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sErCVa1CrChjL7RL
  12. Hello Thanks for anyone attempting to help me out on this issue that is oddly happening. The issue is when I or others enter some biome or something we oddly crash for no apparent issue. If anyone knows the resolve of this issue this would be great. I would like to find it and remove it or fix it.
  13. i start up the modpack, then the launcher goes away, then it comes back and nothing happens [19:02:13] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Injecting tracing printstreams for STDOUT/STDERR. [19:02:13] [main/INFO] [FML/]: Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.10.2 loading [19:02:13] [main/INFO] [FML/]: Java is Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM, version 1.7.0_67, running on Windows 8.1:x86:6.3, installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7 [19:02:13] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Java classpath at launch is C:\Users\Britni\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\farming-valley-pt-br\bin\modpack.jar;
  14. Game Crashes within 15 minutes of starting a map, every time. It always brings up the Out of Memory screen and crashes again on trying to reload. It may be connected to the BuildCraft Creative Engine as the game seems to crash much faster when placing a few of these down with quarrys. It still crashes without these things, but takes more time (nearly 15 minutes). I have no real idea on why this happens but it makes Tekkit Legends virtually unplayable (for any amount of time longer than 15 minutes). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. IMPORTANT: This is on THE NEW TEKKIT CLASSIC, which is different from Tekkit Classic. I'm new to these forums, so I don't know how to get to specifics. I have a feeling it has to do with a nearby quarry, but I can't do anything about it due to it instantly crashing. I've tried turning render distance down from 18 to 2 (lowest), changing RAM variants around between 3-6 GB (I have 12 GB total), but nothing works. I've updated Java to the most recent version, using 64-bit, and have tried almost anything I could find. This has happened a total of 12 times over the past few days; it hasn't happe
  16. My mod pack keeps crashing during the post-initialization phase. Can anyone tell me why? ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Sorry Time: 3/28/17 6:46 PM Description: Initializing game java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ID is already registered: 171 at net.minecraft.entity.EntityList.func_75618_a(EntityList.java:94) at cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(EntityRegistry.java:199) at matteroverdrive.init.MatterOverdriveEntities.addEntity(MatterOverdriveEntities.java:78) at matteroverdrive.init.MatterOverdriveEntities.regis
  17. Hello ! so i downloaded the Texkit but when i want to enter a server with my bros it crashes . why ? My Laptop is powerful so it's not about my laptop strength Tell me why
  18. Help i am trying to make a server for my new mod pack but it keeps crashing and i don't know why... Here is a paste bin link: https://pastebin.com/34vreXnU
  19. hey guys, i've been having a problem with tekkit lite where it crashes anytime i press alt+w, which i do a lot because i usually set alt as my sprint key. i've tried everything i can think of to fix it but nothing has worked and it's made the game impossible to play because i keep accidentally pressing alt out of habit. i've googled around and i can't see where anyone else has had this problem. can anyone help me?
  20. My modpack crashes at phase 1 of initialization and I don't know why. I couldn't upload my modpack to technic because the captcha wasn't working or something, so here's the file: http://bit.ly/2o4K4ge Here's the log: http://pastebin.com/Zge9cc2R I think it's an error with dependencies, but I'm not really sure.
  21. For some odd reason I went into the Twilight zone, came back and my game constantly crashed. I skimmed over the report a bit and it seemed like it had something to do with the Reinforce Chest, any help will gladly be appreciated. Here's the Crash Report ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // There are four lights! Time: 8/11/16 5:33 AM Description: Ticking tile entity java.lang.NullPointerException at net.mcft.copy.betterstorage.inventory.InventoryTileEntity.getAllContents(InventoryTileEntity.java:34) at net.mcft.copy.betterstorage.inventory.InventoryTileEntity.
  22. Right so ive literally made an account for help because i cant find the answer anywhere ?!?! I go to open up any modpack and the launcher disappears from my screen then it doesn't load the pack and goes back to the launcher screen ! I cant play anything at all ! i need help !!! Thank you
  23. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----// Why did you do that?Time: 14/01/17 16:46Description: There was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to failcpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/xml/XML$at cpw.mods.fml.common.LoadController.transition(LoadController.java:163)at cpw.mods.fml.common.Loader.initializeMods(Loader.java:739)at cpw.mods.fml.client.FMLClientHandler.finishMinecraftLoading(FMLClientHandler.java:311)at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71384_a(Minecraft.java:552)at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(Minecraft.java:
  24. Hi i'm trying to create a modpack that i created originally a year ago but last night I updated everything and added new mods it opens just fine but when I create a survival world it crashes even when I try to load a world also. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated! here's my modpack Site: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-ultimate-adventures-pack.744242
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