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Found 18 results

  1. I'm not really sure what's wrong with my pack that makes it so it won't load - it's a custom pack I made, I tried to make sure that all the mods are valid (have version numbers and such) and that the forge file was named modpack.jar but it's still not working and I'm not quite sure where I went wrong Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8sjm5qj8y8avbi9/modpack.zip?dl=1 Pack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/dndyspack.1713886 (Please let me know if neither of those work, I'll try to fix it)
  2. Hey folks, I made a modpack, "Title Made To Not Plagiarize" and loaded it with a few different mods. When I install the pack from the Technic Launcher, it seems to download the zip I uploaded to Dropbox, but doesn't seem to actually install the mods. Some of the mods are older versions, but it shouldn't be a problem with most of them. (Here's the link for the file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/iynms0xi9ifl1e2/TMTNPv2.0.1.zip). Any help would be appreciated, and my forge version is forge-1.12.2- This is my first modpack so please be forgiving.
  3. Well.. I was trying my hardest to do this by myself but I've hit a wall.. I can download my modpack and run it but I have no idea why the mods aren't loading into it.. This modpack is simply for me and a handful of friends and i need a lot of help T-T Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vnrihmzyb5lhof1/O%27%20Kiin%20Dii.zip?dl=0 Modpack Page: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tus.1492655
  4. I keep getting an error that says- Failed to download https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/version/1.12.2/1.12.2.jar - how do I fix this????
  5. This is my first ever time creating a modpack and i would love to do it correctly, i am having the same problem a lot of other people are having and i'm sure you are getting annoyed of these posts. I linked the Error message So here is the dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kike0fcaem3g1vh/MODPACK.zip?dl=0 . If i did anything wrong or if i missed something completely please tell me. Thank you for your help!
  6. Hey fellow Modded Minecraftians! We are looking for some news players for our new modpack, Wirenut Reloaded for MC 1.7.10! Wirenut Reloaded is a fun pack with a good mix of both Tech, and Magic mods, and custom world generation. We have our own dedicated server running the pack, so we are a small community, looking to increase our members, at the same time making good friends along the way! You can view all of the mods and download the pack at (http://technicpack.net/modpack/wirenut-reloaded.844456) This server and pack are hosted in the UK, but we have players from all over the world who are helpful, and enjoy having other awesome people to play our favorite game with. So no matter where you live, we always have a good time. The server is lag free (As close as for 1.7.10), and you will have a top of the line experience at Wirenut. =) We like to have a good time, but this is also a mature community, so you must be 18+ to be whitelisted. Our pack info will be sent via PM to those we pick to join the server. This pack is accessible with the Technic Launcher and maintained by players with years of modded Minecraft server experience, and are very knowledgeable about the pack's mods. Banned items/mods: None! we believe in the full experience, and that our members have the same opportunities the staff do, so nothing is restricted, and we don't believe in silly donation kits. =) We recently added FTButilities, so you can now claim and protect your base from any players you haven't invited to access. =) Anyone interested, will need to submit an application using the following format, here on this thread. We will notify you here, if you are whitelisted =) Please reply using this format Your IGN What is your age and Where are you from? Previous bans (if any) and reasons Why do you want to join us? What qualities and or skills can you bring to the Wirenut community? Who is your favorite Youtuber that plays modded Minecraft and why? Anything else fun cool, intersting, or quirky about you that you'd like to share =) Do you have Teamspeak, and are you able to join us there, microphone or not? Do you have Skype? Server specs Dedicated Server 24/7 with 99% uptime Server located in the UK Thanks for you time, and we look foreword to hearing from you! Siriuo (Co-owner, from the UK) bcbuckles (Co-owner, from Florida, USA) iDarper (Head Admin, from Utah, USA)
  7. About Us Otherside is a reiteration of an old group of the same name, focused on starting up a community of friends who enjoy playing Minecraft and other games as well. We have no age requirement, but we are looking for players that are mature. Maturity doesn't necessarily depend on age, so we'll be looking at how well written an application is and how you are during our initial interview/event. We do also like sharing memes and music, as long as they are tasteful. Our current map was started on June 11, 2016. Other Games Besides Modded Minecraft, we also play games such as Overwatch, Cards Against Humanity, GTA V, and others. Mods You can find the list of mods on the server here. Don't worry, there's nothing for you to put together! One of our members has graciously put together the pack and uploaded it to the Technic Launcher for easy installation. Rules No Griefing - This rule is pretty much self-explanatory. Pranks that do not involve uncontrolled fire, lava, explosives, and anything generally destructive are alright, however. No Bullying - There's a thin line between joking with someone and bullying them. Jokes are wonderful, but sometimes they can be taken too far. No Hacking - Clients that provide any unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. No Stealing - This community is being built on trust, so we expect players to not steal from one another. Keep the World Looking Nice - If a creeper blows up; properly fill the hole. Do not leave floating treetops, pillars, etc. Application Your application will be looked at and considered within 1-3 days after you send it. We will contact you via the site you're applying on or on Skype and schedule an interview/event. If you are contacted, we will schedule an interview/event with you (which usually consists of playing some games with a number of our members): don't be nervous! We just want to get to know you more and see if you get along with the other members of our group. Link to the application cab be found here.
  8. I've made a pack where I'm having an issue with Aquatic Abyss. The mobs - sea serpent, sea horses and swordfish - are not spawning in the ocean biomes or in any water blocks in general. I'm only seeing the small fishies, in both creative and survival mode. I got JAS, Just Another Spawner, to help me with this but I'm just a complete idiot when it comes to configs. If anyone can or feel like helping I'll put the download link here: [modpack broke] If you can fix or point out my dumb issue, I'll gladly credit you in my pack. Users who are credited in a pack made by a forum mod are rumoured, nay destined!, for great things. You might become more attractive to the opposite sex! (or same sex, if you swing that way). So being credited in a pack made for modded lego is your ticket to fame. Don't hesitate. Just to repeat my issues: 1) Aquatic Abyss is not spawning sea serpent, sea horses, swordfish and a few other small fishies in the overworld 2) the mod seems to spawn the smaller fish in the Twilight Forest. I'd like that dimension/biome to be blacklisted from Aquatic Abyss. 3) those stupid squids, I'd like their spawn rate considerably toned down in favour of Aquatic Abyss's mobs. Please do not recommend CustomMobSpawner by DrZhark. I've tried it for 3 days until I found in his forum that it doesn't play along with other mods well.
  9. Hello I've made a private modpack for me and my friends but when you install it you don't have any mods! Someone please help! (This is my first modpack) Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pm4p1hd8cj0uvtn/ModdedRidge.zip?dl=1 Technic Platform: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/moddedridge.837519
  10. I started a huge custom modpack full of tech and magic. I am running a custom whitelisted server using this pack. This has a ton of magic, tech, and adventure. Aside from the usual Botania, Blood magic, and Thermal Expansion, this pack includes all of Reikas mods (IE Rotarycraft, Reactorcraft, Electricraft, and Chromaticraft + others) and also includes IC2. If you want to be whitelisted, apply on the site. I usually get you whitelisted quickly. http://eastgatemoddedserver.enjin.com/ Modlist: Advanced Solar Panels Ae2Stuff AgriCraf Ars Magica 2 Aroma Mining Dimension Another One Bites The Dust AE 2 Avaritia Better FPS BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Big Reactors Binnie Mods Blood Magic Botania Buildcraft Buildcraft Compact Carpenters Blocks Chicken Chunks Chisel 2 ChocoCraft Chocolates Quest ChromatiCraft Compact Storage ComputerCraft Cosmetic Armor Critter Pet Custom Mob Spawner Cyan Warrior Swords Mod Decocraft Dense Ores Dragon Mounts Dr Zharks Mo' Creatures ElectriCraft Enchanting Plus EnderCore Ender IO Ender Storage Ender Tech Ender Zoo Enhanced Portals Expanded Restone Extra Biomes XL Extra Cells Extra TiC Extra Utilities Fastcraft Fast Leaf Decay Forbidden Magic Forestry Fossils Archeology Revival Funky Locomotion Galacticraft Gendustry GeoStrata GraviSuite Hats Hat Stands Headcrumbs IC2 Nuclear Control Immersive Engineering IC2 InfiniBows Inventory Tweaks Iron Chest Jabba Journey Map JurassiCraft Level Up Mod Logistics Pipes Magic Bees Magical Crops Meteors MineFactory Reloaded Morph More Swords Mod Natura NEI Nether Ores Open Blocks Optifine Plant Mega Pack Portal Gun Practicalities Primitive Mobs Project Red Railcraft ReactorCraft Redstone Arsenal RFTools RotaryCraft Simply Jetpacks Solar Expansion Basic Sound Filters Springboards Stefinus Guns Steves Carts Steves Factory Manager Steves Workshop Storage Drawers Tinkers Construct Thaumcraft Thaumic Energistics Thaumic Exploration Thaumic Tinkerer Thermal Dynamics Thermal Expansion Thermal Foundation TMechworks Translocator Twilight Forest Void Monster Waila Waila Harvestability Witchery WR-CBE Xeno's Reliquary
  11. I have a modpack that works fine with new worlds, however, with my old world that I would like to keep running, the pack is reluctant to run. Whenever I open the world, the internal server crashes. It displays an error; "Shutting down internal server." and goes to a screen that says "Connection lost: A fatal error has occured, this connection is terminated." And quits to the multiplayer screen. The game does not crash, so there is no crash report. Latest.log seems to be the only log that contains any useful information. It says something about a json file that is corrupt on line 7 column 134. The specific line reads "com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: com.google.gson.stream.MalformedJsonException: Unterminated object at line 7 column 134." I've tried to look through the file and cannot find any explicit references to a file that exists, or can be found when I search for it. I deleted all *.json files that I could find and had the game reload them, and the error persists. I've downloaded completely new mods and basically recreated the entire pack from scratch after I could'nt fix the error yesterday, and I'm still getting it. I am stuck, if anyone can find what the latest.log file is referring to, and how to fix it, I would be immensly grateful. I've had problems in this world before, specificially with fluids. Forestry squeezers would crash when I opened them, and fluiducts had corrupted my world. I had to update forestry and Thermal Foundation, Dyanamics, etc.. If that helps in any diagnosis. latest.log fml-client-latest.log fml-junk-earlystartup.log The pack download link is "http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/saiko". if you would like to take a look. Its a hidden pack, so it may not work.
  12. What is Claytonia? Claytonia is a relatively small community of gamers, playing just about any game people want to try. We all centralize around our forums, and our Teamspeak server. Our main player-base however, is in Minecraft. We host a Vanilla server and an adventure RPG server. Even if you don't want to play on our Minecraft servers, you're always welcome to join our Teamspeak server and jump in some other games with us! What we have - A community of gamers, over numerous games - Not just Minecraft - Our own forums, used constantly - Our own Teamspeak server - Multiple 'always up-to-date' Minecraft servers, with more popping up as we gain interest. How to join You can join Claytonia just by signing up on the forums, To join the Adventure RPG server, just sign up to our forums, there you will find how to install the custom mod pack and the IP for both the server and our team speak if you wish to use that. The forum also contains the lore for the server. If you have any issues or questions feel free to post on the forum or join our Teamspeak and we will be happy to help. You can join any of our other servers by signing up on our forums. What is Claytonia's adventure RPG mod? It is a mod-pack that adds new weapons, mobs, dungeons, and bosses to Minecraft without changing the core mechanics that make Minecraft what it is. This creates a world with many new and exciting possibilities. What is Claytonia's Adventure RPG server? Claytonia's Adventure RPG server is a quest and adventure based Minecraft server that uses a number of mods based on Forge's Hexxit Modpack. It does not contain all the mods from Hexxit, and it also has some extras, including one that is custom-made. All settings from all mods have been tweaked to increase difficulty, and improve longevity. For a full list of mods in the pack go here. http://claytonia.net/forums/index.php?topic=2847.0 The server itself is an adventure Role-play server that focuses on questing and dungeon raiding. Currently there are three races on the server.  Elves: The forest-dwellers that are good at magic and ranged combat but are average at melee.  Dwarves: The mountain people who are poor at ranged combat and have no magic ability but excel at melee combat.  Humans: The plainsmen who are average at melee, range and magic. What our server gives you.  Each race has its own set of rules, perks and negatives.  The server also has an in-depth questing system that uses the Custom NPC’s mod with new quest created often to keep things fresh.  The server is updated often with new features.  Players are not required to Role play if they don’t want and can just adventure. But you are still required to follow race rules. Rules: 1. Don't be an ass.. 2. If it's not yours - Don't touch. (No griefing, raiding, or being an ass [see rule 1]) 3. PVP is not allowed in Midrelm and only with permission from you opponent. 4. All other rules can be found here.
  13. EDITED 7/6/14: Our new pack is out! Please apply here: http://righttorebel.net/forums/showthread.php?6911-Minecraft-Application-for-Whitelisting I will no longer be monitoring this thread guys! Right to Rebel About Us ​Adult Server, 18+ Server has been running over a year no with no downtime. We are stable and not going anywhere! So, if you are tired of servers shutting down on you, this is the place for you. Right to Rebel has been member runned and paid for for over 10 years and is stable. Teamspeak 3 is used and required while in game. Close knit community. We are a family. Competitions with rewards! Community events like Quick Build Challenges, Musical Chairs and more to come. Mod link and pack will be given upon approval. rTr hosts several games. (DayZ, BF3, BF4, FFXIV) We also play many other games as a group! (7DaysToDie, CivilizationV,WoW, DiabloIII... The list goes on.) Please make sure to read all of the rules and put effort into your application. This is how I judge you as a person and a player. One worded responses tell me you don't care about getting approved. Make me laugh! Read all the rules please. Questions? TS3: Rules 1. No griefing, duping, hacking, or exploiting. 2. No mechanical mining in the Overworld. This includes but is not limited to Turtles, Quarries, Arcane Bores, Ender Quarries et cetera. 3. If you do not know, ask an Admin, or otherwise assume no. 4. Not knowing is not an excuse. 5. Please use respectful speech. No sexist, racist or offensive speech is permitted. Multiple warnings on this aren't given. 6. Please use care with Thaumcraft. 7. One stack of fuel for your Stargate will be provided, use it wisely as you must trade or mine the rest yourself. 8. Don't steal my shit. 9. One quarry/turtle et cetera per person or per group. This means you are not allowed to have more than one mechanical device mining for you at a time. Unclear? Ask an Admin. 10. If you wish to Stream please check the forums and put in the proper paperwork prior to doing so. 11. Donations are not mandatory or inforced, however we fund all of this via donations, please ask a member if you are interested. 12. Mechanical mining is to be restricted to the mining world only. Please do not mine the Hollow Hills in Twilight Forest using machines. 13. Consensual PVP only! This is subject to change if we add a PVP world. But no PVP in the Overworld except for in the PVP Arena. 14. Avoid creating visual diarrhea. Examples of visual diarrhea are as follows but are not limited to: floating trees, messed up water flow, creeper holes, and 1x1 towers of cobble/sand/dirt... (Put water in your post.) 15. If you have a disptue, please keep it private, no text chat battles here guys. If it cannot be resolved contact an Admin or file a PAF. If it involes an Admin file a PAF. Here is the ranking system. A. Howie B. Lyzzie C. Simon, Kenny or Tabs 16. No advertising other servers or sniping players. 17. Have fun! Application​ What is your username? What is your name? How old are you? Location (State or City & Country)? Have you ever been banned? If yes, why? Which mod packs are you most familiar with? Pictures, videos, or descriptions of things you have built: Are you community-oriented or a solo player? Do you have a microphone? Are you willing to participate on a regular basis in TeamSpeak3? After getting settled are you interested in joining the rTr clan? Why do you wish to join our server? How long have you been playing Minecraft? How long have you been playing modded Minecraft? At what times do you typically play? Are you willing to donate? Are there any other games that you play? How many hours a day do you play games? Do you have hairy arms? Are you willing to get involved in community events? Please tell us something about yourself: Do you agree to the rules? Specifications Virtual Private Server: Four full, dedicated HT CPU cores (Nehalem or better) 8GB of RAM 300GB of RAID-protected storage 15GB SSD (Solely for running Minecraft) Over 1,500GB of Bandwidth a month. Windows Server 2012 Modifications and Plugins Major Mods, mind you there are 180 mods, I am just listing some of them. This pack is intended to make survival more difficult. Starvation is much easier, monsters are more difficult. It is also catering to people who enjoy both the tech and decorative side of Minecraft. AE, Ars Magica, Bibliocraft, Blood Magic, BC, ComputerCraft, Forestry, Hunger Overhauld, IC2, Mekanism, MFR, Pams Harvestcraft, Tinker's Construct, Thaumcraft 4, Twilight Forest, Witchery, TE3, Zan's Minimap. RotaryCraft, MrCrayfish, and DecoCraft. Family Album Current spawn town. Everyone opening their presents for the holidays around our Christmas tree. One of our Quick Build Challanges. 15 minutes to go wild in Creative Mode! Donkel's and Lyzard's old mountain home. Old Spawn House on our previous mod pack. Train ride on our old map. Good times! People kept getting killed by the running locomotive. Davey's super awesome pyramid of Thaumcraftiness.
  14. I would dearly love to be playing Tekkit on a server with my friends, but the area I live in has approximately two internet options to choose from: "slow" and "slow". Seems that every Tekkit server I've tried to run regardless of the hosting company, has always been exceedingly laggy, even on brand new worlds. So I figured, "Why not cherry pick the mods I like, and create a custom pack that's a bit smaller?" Which is exactly what I did. I haven't had any issues with the pack in single-player, and even after running the server for a week or so, all the mods seemed to be playing nicely with one another. I've got a whopping three players on, and rarely more than two of us at a time. Everything has been largely fine, up until last night, when the server dropped myself and my friend, and was just ... down for roughly 30 seconds. If that was the only time it happened, I wouldn't have been worried, but it's been occurring at seemingly random intervals ever since. Sometimes it's within minutes of the last crash, and sometimes it goes an hour without an issue. There doesn't seem to be a crash report anywhere, unless I'm just looking in all the wrong places. So, at this point, I feel like I may be in over my head. I'm bringing in the big guns, i.e. posting here for help, because I know a lot of you are far smarter and far more knowledgeable than I am. I'm sure this is something really silly that I've done wrong. Be gentle with me, and thanks in advance for any help anyone offers! Mod pack page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/jaybots-toys.360138 Mod pack (direct link, zipped): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/v5s3gzet6ghh2te/modpack010.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAHn0dJgLZ7UlnS2xRAgHyJr7651_eXEpyX4zl3n6CoOjg&expiry=1401324985 Launcher log: http://pastebin.com/EjQ6EyWq If there's anything else I can provide, just holler and I'll be happy to get whatever you need. I'm sure I haven't given nearly enough information :-)
  15. ~~~INTRO~~~ Ok I’ll be blunt here, I’m not good at intros but I’ll try my best. After about 2 months of hard work and reloading worlds to find a spawn point I like, I settled on one and made a nice little Spawn town that will always be growing with more to do in it. It’s a community based server mostly PvE (player vs the world for those who don't know) though PvP is ok as long as you don't loot the grave and give the other player a chance to get back to it (10-15 min sounds fair to me). I am always looking for input and ideas for quests and buildings and other stuff to put in spawn as well, so feel free to post on the Facebook page or here on the forum. ~~~RULES~~~ Ok this section should be basics but i'll put it anyhow • Respect EVERYONE (even the NPCs lol jk), some people have it rough so don't make it worse. • Sexist, Racist or just plain rudeness will not be tolerated and will be ban ASAP. • NO hacks, glitching , cheating, greifing, duplicating, or all around abusing bugs (I know a lot of them). • Staff have final word, if there is a problem come to a staff member to solve it before making a bigger problem. • One Quarry per full time player (I don’t need a lot of chunks being held active for players who play once a month) • Streaming and YouTube videos are welcome, message an owner and we can even help out a bit if asked • Finally don't beg for staff or promotions, you earn or donate for a rank ~~~STAFF APP~~~ Just because I said staff rank is earned doesn’t mean you can’t still apply for it. In fact it’s part of earning the staff rank, so basically fill out the app down below and send it on Facebook, email or even in a message on here for me. They all get saved for backup and looked over. I am always looking for builders to help with spawn and people familiar with the mods that are on the server. Other roles are open as well, there is also a special house in spawn for staff members and soon maybe even a world if all works out. Position applying for: In game name: Age: How long have you been on the server: Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph): Experience (details): Contact info: Dedicated time: What you can bring: Proof of work: ~~~SERVER SPECS~~~ I’m not running some 5 star BnB here (bad joke i know) but here is the info on the server as donations and real life work picks up the server is planned to be upgraded more and more SERVER HOST: HostHord (I find them to be good at what they do) Up Time: 99% (there is always stuff you can’t see or when updating the mod pack) MEMORY: currently 2G and can fit 50 players at one time hoping to upgrade to unlimited pack though) ~~~MODS~~~ It’s my favourite part about a post, I get to tell you about all the mods I have on the server =^~^= MCPC+ (forge and bukkit jar, it can be a real pain in the butt tho) Buildcraft Ender IO Applied Energetics Thaumcraft 4.1 + addons (forbidden magic and Advanced Thaumaturgy) Naturia Tinkers Construct Mine factory Reloaded Nether Ore Twilight Forest Witchery Bibliocraft + addons (bibliowoods) Gravestones Liquid XP Thermal Expantion Pams Harvestcraft, and Wee Flowers Railcraft Power Converters Custom NPC and More player Modles (Cnpc is a fix because MCPC+ is a poopey head) Carpenters Block ~~~Plugins~~~ Well most of the plugins I have on are for admins only but I’ll put a few down here for you to see what's going on Grope Manager Towny World Border Item Restrict Buycraft World Guard Essenchals ~~~Links~~~ Sorry it’s not a bunch of pics of the hero of time ( >.> really another bad joke?) Anyhow this section is the Facebook and other links to help with the server and other important things you may need to know Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1424355977817088/ Server Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/heroexterios-pack Server Texture: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/178480845/HeroExterio's%20Texture%20Pack.zip Buycraft: http://tekkitkings.buycraft.net/ E-mail: - on request only SERVER IP: s22.hosthorde.com:25845 All pics of the server will be on the Facebook page (mostly because i dont know how to post them here
  16. Custom Modpack: Cuddly Creeper Pack Server IP: or use the URL play.cuddlycreeper.com Link to Server Rules Basic Rules: 1. Discussion topics and language must be appropriate for all ages. (Exception Cuddle Cabana forum, chat channel, and Teamspeak channel) 2. Do not take items from others without permission 3. Do not destroy items/blocks placed by other players without permission. 4. Do not intentionally cause emotional distress for your own amusement, aka trolling. 5. Just play nice with everyone and then you don't have to worry about rules. Server Description: Cuddly Creeper is an All-New Minecraft Server with a few key goals 1. Maintain a world with no resets for 5 years; your grand master works will last for years 2. Provide a family-friendly environment for all ages 3. Encourage community involvement and activities through game mechanics Highlights: PvE Economy No Whitelist Player owned land claims using Protection Blocks Custom Modpack - provides players with a large variety of new block types Uptime: Almost 24/7 Scheduled 15 minute downtime nightly for server backups. Community: We are an all-ages community that primarily caters to survival gameplay Due to the large variety of modded blocks and the server world having no resets for 5 years. Our server should be especially friendly to builders who like to make incredible works and have their efforts around to stay for several years. Server Application: Open server, no applications necessary. Additional Gameplay: PvP arena Player Shop Plots PvE arena to access The End (coming soon) Spleef (coming soon) Twilight Forest (requires premium membership)
  17. Hello Technic people! ...yeah, couldn't think of any better way to start that. Anyways, I've been working on modpack construction for quite some time now, and am currently working on a modpack that is going to have its own 32GB dedicated server once finished. More information on the server once the pack is done. The pack's name is Survivalivity Underground 2. The goal of this modpack is to contain a reasonable number of mods and be fairly lag and bug free, while still creating an awesome RPG-style experience. It doesn't have any complex power systems to learn. It doesn't have any insanely complicated crafting methods. It just has an awesome collection of mods to keep the feel of vanilla while giving the game more of an RPG feel. If I can make it work properly, I intend to add McMMO at some point as well. This thread is to provide a preliminary modlist, and to get any suggestions that the technic community might have, considering people from these Forums would likely make up a large portion of the playerbase. If there are any major bugs in any of the listed mods that you know about, do tell so I can try to patch it before the official release. When suggesting additional mods, keep in mind the goal is for the pack to have semi-vanilla gameplay style, and any suggested mods must be available for use in public modpacks. I don't feel like dealing with modders who seek to restrict the use of their content; if they don't want me to play it, I won't play it. One thing I'm considering doing is rebalancing metallurgy via config files, which is something else I'd like opinions on. Should I rebalance it or leave it as distributed? So yea, suggestions, bugs to fix, anything. Go. Modlist (This will look nicer and have necessary links after official pack release in the server thread, I promise): Better Sprinting Bibliocraft Bibliowoods Highlands Bibliowoods Natura Chat Bubbles Chicken Chunks CodeChickencore Craft Heraldry Custom Chest Loot Damage Indicators Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2 Enchanting Plus Ender Storage Enhanced Portals 3 (Power requirement removed) Flat Signs Hardcore Ender Expansion Highlands Hopper Ducts Infinibows Inventory Tweaks JABBA Journeymap KeithyUtils Lava Monsters Metallurgy Mob Properties Natura Natural Absorption Not Enough Items No Voidfog No Dimming Obsidiplates Openblocks Project Red Base Project Red Integration Project Red Lighting Rei's Minimap Roguelike Dungeons Special Mobs Switches Torch Levers Translocators Twilight Forest Utility Mobs What Am I Looking At Wireless Redstone - Chicken Bones Edition ZZZZZ Custom Configs
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