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Found 3 results

  1. Does anybody know a good and efficient way to get emeralds because i need A LOT and i don't think any of the new biomes have them and its extremely rare to find vanilla biomes.
  2. Ok so I've been searching for 2-3 hours for emeralds. Every biome i pass by I look it up on biomes o plenty wiki to see if it has emeralds. So far, all the ones that have said "yes" i've looked and can't find any. It's very frustrating. Everytime I see a peridot from ProjRed I get so excited until I realize it's not an emerald. What's going on here? Is the Wiki false? Is Emerald just not spawning like the other ores and follows it's "natural" spawning? I also can't find any villages to make an emerald farm so I'm kinda stuck. I might just start using the cheat mode and exchange 2 Peridot for 1 emerald! Please help!
  3. Hi everyone I appear to have tremendous problems to find emeralds in nature (I find tons of other stuff, of course). Now I heard that it is possible to melt villagers in a tinkers construct melting pot. However, I have questions and I was not able to find answers by using google, youtube or this forum. Hope you may be able to shed some light on this issue: Are there certain biomes which spawn emeralds in a decent number (I guess not, but I have to ask) How do I exactly melt the villagers? (I melted iron, then put a villager in the pot with the melted iron using my safari net (despawning the villager), but nothing happend) I was not able to find a youtube video or any "step by step" info about this... Once I manage to melt the villagers, how to I get the emeralds? I guess I get liquified emeralds that needs to be put somewhere to make emeralds or do I get a block of emerald The breeding stuff is not important as of now, I will trying to use the MFR approach with the autospawner. Thanks a lot for your help!
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