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Found 1 result

  1. EDITED 7/6/14: Our new pack is out! Please apply here: I will no longer be monitoring this thread guys! Right to Rebel About Us ​Adult Server, 18+ Server has been running over a year no with no downtime. We are stable and not going anywhere! So, if you are tired of servers shutting down on you, this is the place for you. Right to Rebel has been member runned and paid for for over 10 years and is stable. Teamspeak 3 is used and required while in game. Close knit community. We are a family. Competitions with rewards! Community events like Quick Build Challenges, Musical Chairs and more to come. Mod link and pack will be given upon approval. rTr hosts several games. (DayZ, BF3, BF4, FFXIV) We also play many other games as a group! (7DaysToDie, CivilizationV,WoW, DiabloIII... The list goes on.) Please make sure to read all of the rules and put effort into your application. This is how I judge you as a person and a player. One worded responses tell me you don't care about getting approved. Make me laugh! Read all the rules please. Questions? TS3: Rules 1. No griefing, duping, hacking, or exploiting. 2. No mechanical mining in the Overworld. This includes but is not limited to Turtles, Quarries, Arcane Bores, Ender Quarries et cetera. 3. If you do not know, ask an Admin, or otherwise assume no. 4. Not knowing is not an excuse. 5. Please use respectful speech. No sexist, racist or offensive speech is permitted. Multiple warnings on this aren't given. 6. Please use care with Thaumcraft. 7. One stack of fuel for your Stargate will be provided, use it wisely as you must trade or mine the rest yourself. 8. Don't steal my shit. 9. One quarry/turtle et cetera per person or per group. This means you are not allowed to have more than one mechanical device mining for you at a time. Unclear? Ask an Admin. 10. If you wish to Stream please check the forums and put in the proper paperwork prior to doing so. 11. Donations are not mandatory or inforced, however we fund all of this via donations, please ask a member if you are interested. 12. Mechanical mining is to be restricted to the mining world only. Please do not mine the Hollow Hills in Twilight Forest using machines. 13. Consensual PVP only! This is subject to change if we add a PVP world. But no PVP in the Overworld except for in the PVP Arena. 14. Avoid creating visual diarrhea. Examples of visual diarrhea are as follows but are not limited to: floating trees, messed up water flow, creeper holes, and 1x1 towers of cobble/sand/dirt... (Put water in your post.) 15. If you have a disptue, please keep it private, no text chat battles here guys. If it cannot be resolved contact an Admin or file a PAF. If it involes an Admin file a PAF. Here is the ranking system. A. Howie B. Lyzzie C. Simon, Kenny or Tabs 16. No advertising other servers or sniping players. 17. Have fun! Application​ What is your username? What is your name? How old are you? Location (State or City & Country)? Have you ever been banned? If yes, why? Which mod packs are you most familiar with? Pictures, videos, or descriptions of things you have built: Are you community-oriented or a solo player? Do you have a microphone? Are you willing to participate on a regular basis in TeamSpeak3? After getting settled are you interested in joining the rTr clan? Why do you wish to join our server? How long have you been playing Minecraft? How long have you been playing modded Minecraft? At what times do you typically play? Are you willing to donate? Are there any other games that you play? How many hours a day do you play games? Do you have hairy arms? Are you willing to get involved in community events? Please tell us something about yourself: Do you agree to the rules? Specifications Virtual Private Server: Four full, dedicated HT CPU cores (Nehalem or better) 8GB of RAM 300GB of RAID-protected storage 15GB SSD (Solely for running Minecraft) Over 1,500GB of Bandwidth a month. Windows Server 2012 Modifications and Plugins Major Mods, mind you there are 180 mods, I am just listing some of them. This pack is intended to make survival more difficult. Starvation is much easier, monsters are more difficult. It is also catering to people who enjoy both the tech and decorative side of Minecraft. AE, Ars Magica, Bibliocraft, Blood Magic, BC, ComputerCraft, Forestry, Hunger Overhauld, IC2, Mekanism, MFR, Pams Harvestcraft, Tinker's Construct, Thaumcraft 4, Twilight Forest, Witchery, TE3, Zan's Minimap. RotaryCraft, MrCrayfish, and DecoCraft. Family Album Current spawn town. Everyone opening their presents for the holidays around our Christmas tree. One of our Quick Build Challanges. 15 minutes to go wild in Creative Mode! Donkel's and Lyzard's old mountain home. Old Spawn House on our previous mod pack. Train ride on our old map. Good times! People kept getting killed by the running locomotive. Davey's super awesome pyramid of Thaumcraftiness.