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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, I'm working on a small project and I got stuck.. It is about Computercraft. I know this isn't the right place to ask for help. (Hoping that somebody here knows a thing or two about Computercraft & is willing to help out) Here's what I'm working on and what I'd like to achieve: I got a computer on right side and I'd like to have constant redstone signal on top (for the red lights) -> "no go / closed air lock doors" And when I right click on it, it asks for the launch permission password, if you enter the correct password it sends a redstone signal on the bottom block for 40 seconds which then lights up the green lights and opens up the air lock frame. After 40 seconds it reboots/restarts. And this is what I wrote so far, of course it doesn't work, hence why I seek for help :/ ("edit startup") while true do rs.setOutput("top",true) print("Enter the launch password: ") password = read() if password == "blabla" then print("Launch sequence has been initiated!") rs.setOutput("top",false) rs.setOutput("bottom",true) sleep(40) rs.setOutput("bottom",false) os.shutdown() end Any help is appreciated and once again I apologize for posting here. -kind regards- Gomo EDIT: Got the problem solved. Here's the code for those who want something similar. rs.setOutput("top",true) rs.setOutput("bottom",false) while true do print("Enter the launch password: ") password = read("*") if password == "blabla" then print("nLaunch sequence has been initiated!") rs.setOutput("top",false) rs.setOutput("bottom",true) sleep(40) rs.setOutput("bottom",false) rs.setOutput("top",true) print("Launch sequence complete.") else print("nInvalid password.") end sleep(3) term.clear() term.setCursorPos(1,1) end
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