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Found 80 results

  1. Hello people of the Technic community, I've had this problem for around 3 weeks now, and after countless hours of research i couldn't get it to work. I've got the following problem: I've been using Ubuntu (PoPOS) for around 2 months now, and i got really familiar with it. I got minecraft from the repositories no problem whatsoever. But as i wanted to play with mods, My old friend Technic Launcher came to my mind again, so i tried to install it and play some modpacks. Problem: I've installed the correct java version (OpenJDK 8 ) and put the techniclauncher.jar as an executable. Now when i run the launcher, the installation screen pops up, everything normal. Now when i install it as a portable or just normally, it creates the directory and the installer dissapears. Everything ok until now: When i try to launch Technic again, it just crashes. The java process is running, but starts dissapearing. So i tried again with oracle Java 11. Same problem. It just crashes. When i launch it over Terminal, it gives me this: [email protected]:/home/muenzlpsaveyourinternet# java -jar '/home/directory/TechnicLauncher.jar' '/home/directory/TechnicLauncher.jar' Settings for exe: /home/directory/TechnicLauncher.jar Portable settings dir: /home/directory/technic Setting up logging And nothing else happens, the terminal doesnt continue launching, same with launching without terminal.Nothing opens , just the process i can see in my system manager I tried and tried, i uninstalled the runtimes, 8 and 11, tried and tried but nothing worked. I found no answer, now after 2 weeks of trying, I decided to post this here to get some answers from nice people who like to help in the community. If you like to help me, just post solutions or suggestions in the section down, please stay simple with ubuntu stuff since i am really new to linux and just getting started. Thanks for any response. (replaced my install directory with directory because its pretty much useless for help and might confuse people)
  2. I recently started a Tekkit Legends world and decided to manually add Galacticraft back into the modpack. I've been playing for around 50 hours. After returning to Earth from my space station, I noticed an insane dip in TPS. The /TPS command reveals a TPS of 0.3. I have no idea what caused this, but if anyone has any insight into whatever's going on, it would be much appreciated. Information: World Download: RAM: Java using 3.4GB of allocated 3.5GB If any more information is needed, I will add it here.
  3. So i was playing fine until the movement starts stopping randomly like with jetpack it would stop mid flight and then back on again.I cant go walking in a straight line without stopping 3 or 4 times and it doesnt freeze just stops because everything around keeps moving when this happens. i tried many things none worked .My fps is constantly 150+ even when this spikes appen. i have no idea, if someone know how to fix pls help Repluged keyboard and now its fine
  4. Hi, After a few hours of playing I experienced a huge TPS lag on my two player server. If I try to break a block, it appears again... The TPS is usually 0,48... And even the server stopping takes ages... However in the nether, or even farer from my house everything is okay. How can I debug what block/entity/mod causes this? My PC is strong enough (I gave it 2-10 GB of RAM) and my Java 8 is 64 bits. Thanks!
  5. Im Having a lag issue with tekxit getting 1-10 fps. im running 15 chunks with other settings turned down! i allocated 4 gb of ram and it ever only uses 40% of it(tried 2.5gb and made no difference), i have 64 java 8 and havent added extra mods to it. Logs available on request. Help appreciated! Specs: windows 10 64bit fx-9830p 2.6ghz-3ghz rx 550 4gb 8gb ddr4 ram Acer Nitro 5!
  6. So i was working on project red and was starting on a chest system and it broke when i took an item out. There is a video of it. Now the chunk makes the server unplayable but wont crash it. I tried breaking all the pipes and chests and that didn't work. Aswell as i tried updating the missing blocks by tossing cloud in a bottles but nothing helps. Anyone know a way to fix it?
  7. After a tekkit classic world had glitched out, I decided to create a new one. It worked perfectly fine without lag. I mined, found diamonds and started building a home. Now, when I try to play this world, it either crashes or is really slow. By reallt slow I mean that when I move my mouse it takes like 10 seconds to react. When I press esc it opens up the menu after a couple of seconds and that works perfectly fine. I don't know what to do now, I really really don't want to lose this world. Tell me if you need any files.
  8. My friend and I wanted to get back into tekkit. I can run tekkit just fine averaging about 50 fps. My friend on the other hand, he cannot. He gets about 4 fps in the MENU screen and can't select to join a server or start a new single player world. Before anyone asks for specs, he has 16gb of ram. while its running it only uses about 30% of his ram and 40% of his cpu. We have already tried allocating more ram in the launcher but that did not effect anything. He has a better computer than me so can anybody tell me why it runs better for me and not him. Any solutions?
  9. Hey guys so for a long while I've been playing hexxit but every so often it would randomly crash while I was playing with my friends due to not enough memory. I got fed up and installed 64 bit java successfully which I was really happy about. I decided to try out hexxit with 2 gb and the new java but now everything I open on technic is extremely laggy in the menuscreen so much so that I can't even click create new world or connect to any servers.
  10. i download blightfall and it was working fine, however suddenly i only got 0-3 fps and i have restarted my computer and even restored it to the factory setting and optifine doesn't help. (please help me)
  11. Hi technicpack-community! I have a problem with a modpack. A friend created a modpack (1.7.10) and a server. If I go to my base, the fps will drop down to 1-3. My base isn't big, because we are playing since yesterday. I broke already down all machines but that wasn't a fix. I assigned 6gb ram and the game uses max. 3gb. My cpu is most time 60% occupied and my gpu 30%-50% (outside the base up to 80%!). I removed some mods but this don't helped. I don't have more ideas to fix the problem. Thanks for all help! Bisenius18 Modlist: Advanced Solar Panel animalsPlus AnimationAPI Antique Atlas Applied Energistics 2 Architecture Craft Arcs Magica 2 ATG Baby Mobs Bag Pack Battle Towers Big Reactors Buildcraft Buildcraft Compat cfm ChickenChunks Chisel ChocoCraft CodeChickenCore CoFHCore ComputerCraft Damage Indicators Deconstruction Dragon's Radio Mod DrZharks MoCreatures Mod Dynamic Lights Dynamic Surroundings Enchanting Plus EnderCore EnderIO EvilCraft Extrabiomes XL FairyLights FastLeafDecay Forestry Fossils Archeology Revival GalacticCraftCore CalacticCraft-Planets Hats IChunUtil IndustrialCraft 2 ItemPhysics Lite Mekanism MekanismGenerators MekanismTools MicdoodleCore MinecraftComesAlive MineFactory Reloaded MmmMmmMmmMmm MobCages MorePlayerModels NetherOres NotEnoughItems OpenBlocks OpenComputers OpenModsLib Optifine PneumaticCraft PowerConverters ProjectRed-Base ProjectRed-Compat ProjectRed-Fabrication ProjectRed-Integration ProjectRed-Lightning ProjectRed-Mechanical ProjectRed-World RadixCore-universal RoadBlocks rougelike Ruins SecurityCraft StorageDrawers Thaumcraft TheKitchenMod ThermalDynamics ThermalExpansion ThermalFoundation Thirst-Mod Trashlot TwilightForest UpdateCheckerMod WallCraft-Mod
  12. Hello! So, as the title says, I've been having some major lag issues with every mod pack I try in the Technic Launcher. I've tried to allocated different amounts of RAM - from 1 to 7 GB - and nothing. My laptop has a quad core Intel driver and Geforce graphics. It can run DOOM just fine, so I'm pretty sure there's no faulty cards or drivers. Please help! The lag isn't in the launcher itself, but I chose to post here because it affects every modpack I try.
  13. When I start the mod pack I get huge amounts of lag on the title screen and it prevents me from doing anything does anyone know how to fix?
  14. Ok. So i've been having some trouble with lag in modpacks. This lag is completely insane. Its so bad i cant even choose stuff in the main menu. This is not only happening in technic but also fbt. I updated my java to the newest version. I also tried reinstalling the launcher. I used to be able to play it with 60 fps. So i doubt it has anything to do with hardware.
  15. The server is very nice but. Theres always a but, in the 10 hours I have been on I havn't seen ANY staff at all this seems to be a big problem. The lag is also quite the issue but I don't blame you guys for it. Its yet again very nice server. ac130inthe92 is my GT I need them tokens plz.
  16. No matter what I do, all packs lag to the point of being unplayable. I tried messing with the RAM, but this doesn't help. However, when pressing f3 after making changes to the RAM I can see that the memory has been corresponded, but memory used stays roughly the same (3-7%). Any suggestions?
  17. My tekkit is just lagging the hell out, i have about 15-40 fps, takes forever to start technic launcher up and then takes another forever to start tekkit legends. My ram is fine i guess 2gb minimum 3 maximum, i've tried everything to fix this so im starting tho think this is either the tekkit servers or my computer specs, please help me out here!
  18. Hello, I've been having problems with launching, running and playing (or trying to play) Attack Of The B-Team. As far as I can see, it IS NOT a RAM problem as Tekkit Classic runs fine. The only thing that puzzles me is how I've tried reinstalling the pack three times, reinstalled Java two times and refreshed my computer once (don't judge please xD). The problem I'm having is that it takes a long time to load up, and then when it finally does, it lags immensely on the menus and crashes when I try to join a server/load a world. I'm running on Windows 10 and I upgraded as soon as it gave me the chance. It ran fine when I was on 8.1 though, so could it be a problem with Windows 10? My specs (pretty low to mid-range) I'm running are: Intel i5 4210u @ 1.7GHz (Turbo Boost to 2.7GHz) 4GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4400 I have 3.5GB of the 4GB allocated and have tried 2, 2.5 and 3. Any help is appreciated. If I missed any crucial information about my problem, let me know and I'll acquire it for you.
  19. I was playing Big Dig normally, mining some gold, when the fps quickly dropped from 20-30 to 2-4, i guessed it was my computer, because it's a low end, but i played in other maps and it worked well, then i made my way home, near it, i noticed hundreds, maybe thousands of creatures on the minimap, then i saw the bug, yes, i left Whiskers home, and he learned to clone himself, i think, because there was hundreds of Whiskers Well, it never happened before with me, can i get some help here? IMAGES:
  20. Hallo out there, I am hosting a Tekkit Legends Server v.1.1.1 with 4 of my friends. A few days ago my console startet spamming out something which looks like an error, i guess, and our performance started gradually decreacing all the time. First, two of my friends noticed the microstutters and FPS Drops and yesterday I (the host) noticed them too. I dont really know what causes this but maybe the pneumatic tubes are overloading my PC. At this time around we started building 3 quarrys and 2 Item sorting Systems made out of transport pipes and pneumatic tubes. My Specs are: My Java version: Version 8 Update 73 for 64 Bit. And this is a small part of my console log (i get this messeage appr. every second) from the file "fml-server-latest"
  21. Every time i join this one server i get 50ish fps until it drops 5 or so seconds in and stays like that, i have 7gb dedicated ram and i have 12gbs total I've played on the server before then but just randomly it started doing that. any help would be very appreciated update: its only in a certain area, other people on the server get it too.
  22. It has been a few months since I last played AotBT, but I used to get around 60fps in game. I recently updated the launcher, opened AotBT, and created a new world. In game, I am only getting 10fps, which I have never experienced before. What's even weirder to me, however, is that when I hit ESC and pause the game, the fps immediately jumps up to at least 60fps. I am still using the same computer, with the same 2-3GB or RAM dedicated to the game, with nothing running in the background. I don't know what is suddenly in game that causes such horrible frames. If you have any suggestions or fixes, please let me know! I am unable to play with only 10fps In Game 10fps Paused Game 60fps @Kalbintion, @Munaus, you guys have been a big help before
  23. Hey there, I don't use Tekkit Legends much but am curious about an issue with world - doTick causing very bad TPS (5-15 TPS). World is already generated so that shouldn't be an issue. CPU usage is under 15% and RAM is <70% used. IO is <5%. Any suggestions to improve performance? Edit: Appears to only happen on world saves.
  24. Bassically, i'm on a mac, I have tried almost everything people have said, but when I get on a server, If I click e, escape, or load any chunks, my character dosent move or do anything.
  25. It has been a few months since I last played AotBT. When I last played, I got about 60 fps in game. Today, I opened the launcher, was prompted to update the AotBT modpack, which I did, then loaded the game. Everything is working fine, except I am now getting only 10 fps. I am still using the same laptop, with 16GB RAM, and still allocating 2GB of memory to the launcher. I remember having an issue long ago by having too much memory dedicated. I have changed nothing about how I am playing the game, so why am I getting such low FPS now? Could not find any posts with helpful tags in a search. Thank you.