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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone started a new technic top site. Let me know how it is and if you could give me some feedback on it. [![alt text][2]][1] [1]: http://technictoplist.net [2]: http://imgur.com/qDpdbPn.png (technictoplist.net)
  2. Hello Everybody, As a server owner, I need to know a lot about bugs, crashes, dupes... on Tekkit Classic. Unfortunatly, not so many server owners know about them, and as far as I have seen, there isn't a list about it. That's why I'm going to list all the bugs, crashes, dupes and exploits (as far as I know) in this thread. This will NOT be an explanation on how to dupe or crash a server. (because it might be usefull for some :/) If you know a bug that isn't listed here, you can post it in the comments and I'll add it ASAP. DUPES 1:Red Matter Furnace Probably the most known, with a Red Matter Furnace as key ingredient. Can't dupe non-stackable items. Image: http://postimg.org/image/sd5lkxbir/ Patched by TekkitRestrict. 2:Tank Cart Also pretty common, the same way as Red Matter Furnace, with a Tank Cart. Can't dupe non-stackable items. Image: http://postimg.org/image/qncpw2eg1/ Patched by TekkitRestrict 3:Alchemy Bag+Void Ring/Black Hole Band Not very common, but still a dupe, works with Void Ring or Black Hole Band. Can dupe non-stackable items. Image: http://postimg.org/image/bqzztojcp/ Patched by TekkitRestrict 4:Transmutation Tablet Also not very common, and requires fast hands, and requires a Transmutation Tablet. Also works with the portable one. Can dupe non-stackable items. Image: http://postimg.org/image/fc2ae1gnn/ Patched by TekkitRestrict 5:Teleportation Dupe I haven't seen anyone using this dupe on my server, and it's very uncommon. I don't know much about it, so anybody posting information would be helpfull. Patched by TekkitRestrict 6:Automatic Crafting MKII+Blockbreaker This one isn't common, but it's being used, it utilises an Automatic Crafting Table MKII and a Blockbreaker. Also works with Mining Turtle/Mining Laser. Can dupe non-stackable items. Image: http://postimg.org/image/r21hbqye9/ Patched by TekkitRestrict 7:2 Players+Project Table Dupe A more difficult one, because you need two players, and u need a Project Table. I don't know much about it, so anybody posting information would be helpfull. Patched by TekkitRestrict 8:Chest Cart+Item Loader Probably the most recent and dangerous one, not familliar with any other dupe. Requires a Chest Cart and an Item Loader. Also works with BatBox, MFE and MFSU Cart. Also works with Advanced Item Loader. Can dupe non-stackable items. Image: http://postimg.org/image/3q1gymkqn/ NOT PATCHED BY TEKKITRESTRICT To patch this, you willl need to learn coding plugins. 9:Another Tank Cart dupe A very recent dupe, and very difficult to patch Requires a complicated setup Can dupe non-stackable items. Image: http://postimg.org/image/rjuqszltb/ NOT PATCHED BY TEKKITRESTRICT To patch this, you willl need to learn coding plugins. EXPLOITS 1:Sugarcane+Pedestal EMC Farm A quite common one, but very recourseintensive. Utilises 2 Pedestals, a Condenser, some sugarcane, a Black Hole Band, and a Harvest Goddess Band. Image: http://postimg.org/image/91x0pvytj/ This can also be done by using blockbreakers instead of Black Hole Band. This can be prevented by banning Pedestals. 2:Bonemeal/Blazerod EMC Farm The most common EMC Farm, legit on most servers. The more recourseintensive variant (blazerod) gives more EMC. Image: http://postimg.org/image/t0hh608w7/ This can be prevented by using TekkitRestrict "SetEMC" option. 3:Milk EMC farm Also a quite common one, needs a cow, some buckets, pipes, filters, a deployer and 2 Condensers. Mushroom stew and a Mooshroom can also be used. Image: http://postimg.org/image/fgat29o5v/ Can also be prevented by using TekkitRestrict "SetEMC" option. 4:Powered Rail EMC Farm I've never seen anyone using this, except me once, but it generates tons of EMC. Requirements: Timer, Red Alloy wire, Sticky Pistons, Powered Rails, Condenser, Black Hole Band Image: http://postimg.org/image/jbab28f4b/ This can also be done with normal Rails, however, the output will be lower. This is a difficult one to prevent, one way is to use TekkitRestrict "Minimum Timer Speed", however, some smart people might make a Vanilla "Rapid Pulser". Banning Sticky Pistons is also a possibility. 5:DM/RM Furnace Exploit A very, very recent bug and not patched by anything. Original post + fix by me: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/tekkit-restrict/tickets/343-rm-furnace-nova-exploit/ Image: http://postimg.org/image/stx5ls4z3/ To patch this, you willl need to learn coding plugins. CRASHES 1:ComputerCraft There are endless ways to crash a server with ComputerCraft scripts. Due to variety, there isn't an Image. Instead of banning ComputerCraft, I advise to use TekkitRestrict. 2:REP in Depoyer Pretty uncommon, an REP in a Deployer can crash a server when activated. Image: http://postimg.org/image/934k1ctqh/ Not fixed by TekkitRestrict 3:Red Alloy Wire+Redstone Very uncommon, flicking the lever will result in a crash. Image: http://postimg.org/image/64g0x7dst/ Fixed by TekkitRestrict 4:Stacked Weed-Ex+Cropmatron I haven't got experience with this one at all, and I didn't manage to replicate it. As far as I know, this corrupts your chunks, so BACKUP I don't know much about it, so anybody posting information would be helpfull. Not fixed by TekkitRestrict 5:Wireless Tracker crash I haven't got experience with this one at all, and I didn't manage to replicate it. Image: http://postimg.org/image/l51nk52ch/ I don't know much about it, so anybody posting information would be helpfull. Not fixed by TekkitRestrict 6:Water Strainer crash A pretty common one, but is easy to prevent by banning the Water Strainer. Image: http://postimg.org/image/bherdiaz1/ Not fixed by TekkitRestrict If anything is wrong on this thread, please post in comments and I'll correct it ASAP. Some plugins I would recommend: Tekkitrestrict - A plugin packed with features, designed for Tekkit Classic. EEPatch - Prevent/Restrict all of your EE features, such as RM Morningstar Mega-Impact. FixPack - A bunch of very usefull fixes, made for Tekkit Classic.
  3. By "semi-professional" I mean 75 percent functional plugins, just so you don't feel mislead. Literally, it seems like the decent Voltz Bukkit servers out there purposely withhold import information, recommended plugin versions, and good tactics/advice. So for the first five days or so of starting my crappy server, I will provide and share information that got me this far. Really, I am making this thread for the better knowledge and understanding for the other poor souls like me who got knee-deep in this mess without knowing how complicated it would be getting plugins working on a 1.5.2 build server that also happens to be modded. I don't know for sure, but this may or may not also apply to tekkit lite and quite possibly tekkit classic. Let me know if it does. First off, you want to have a look at this if you haven't already: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Below are a list of plugins I use, the download links and other related helpful information I can provide you with. [keep in mind there is probably more information, feel free to post better versions or advice. I will update as needed] Plugins: Working: -Essentials Known Bugs: /kit create and /kit doesn't work properly. PM me if you know a fix! I will update it here. Recommended (working) version: [LATEST] Essentials Reloaded 2.13.1 Download: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/essentials/files/ -CraftIRC Works great! just make sure you know how to work IRC. Recommended Version: Latest Download: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/craftirc/ -Factions Small bugs, /f map does not read worldguard safezones and warzones. Probably just not configured on my end. Recommended version: 1.8.2 Download: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/factions/files/53-1-8-2/ -WorldEdit Known bugs: //wand doesn't work, however spawning a wooden axe does. //set 0 or air doesn't work. //set fire does with rain turned on. NOTE: Worldedit not interacting with modded blocks is NOT a bug! Check your configs! Recommended Version:(server console states unknown) Download: https://github.com/sk89q/worldedit/ **EDIT** This comes with worldguard! -Multiverse-Core/multiworld Buggy: Plugin loads fine however it CANNOT load/import worlds for some reason. If you know the fix to this, it would be GREATLY appreciated! I spent all day yesterday experimenting with different versions, attempting to import/load worlds manually, etc. No success. -PermissionsEx Works fine and dandy with no issues. Recommended Version: Current Download: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/files/ This is it for now! Any other info regarding these plugins would be appreciated. I will regularly keep this post updated as I go
  4. Hey guys, Lately I've said Tekkit Lite goodbye and started on the new Tekkit. Besides the fact I really like it, I somehow miss some sort of big screen to display text on, like the Industrial Information Panels that used to be in Tekkit Lite. I really like making 'offices' or 'control rooms' in which I have a set of screens which displays all kinds of information, like 'to do-lists', coördinates, ideas for future projects etc, and I hate switching back to signs or written books for that. Is there something in Tekkit that works similar as the Industrial Information Panels? Something which I can use to easily write things to do on on a wall or something. I know there's Computers wich DO have a screen, but before you can write anything on them you have to be programming and such, so that is a nay to me Thanks in advance!
  5. the title says it all. i own a server located in northern france and i am looking for people to play B-Team with. the server is a survival server though i want no pvp action. i am looking for people who like to build stuff and things for and with the community, show off awesome builds and massive machines made. if you like to apply please reply in the comments and i'll evaluate you (things like past forum posts, replies etc) all in all i want a balenced server when it comes to geography. multiple people from different time zones though not far apart so that no one plays alone when offensive behavior and/or griefing etc is detected you are immediatly removed from the whitelist. remember, first come first serve. the server cant handle more then 20 connections at a time. so no more then 30 people may ever be whitelisted at the same time.
  6. SERVER IS CURRENTLY 1.0.6, PLEASE DISREGARD TITLE FOR NOW. Hello, its Khudnirn back with a server for AotBT, some of you that played Magicians Cookbook may remember me. So first lets talk about the elephant in the room. This ISN'T a dedicated server. Uptime will not be 24/7. However, I am a reasonable man. I will drop my Raidcall Channels details, if you are online, and the server isn't up, you simply jump on raidcall and type "Hey khudnirn, can you turn the server on?" and I will happily oblige. my TZ is GMT, i'm usually up very early, and don't go to bed until stupid times, so I can usually be found in RC from 9-10am, until 2-3am GMT. Now that's out of the way, Heres my Ten Commandments. 1. Any mistakes in the Application and it will be automatically rejected. Feel free to try again (This is simply an idiot test to get rid of undesirables which undoubtedly didn't read the rules either) 2. To minimize stress on the server, and my brain, only 1 Archimedes ship moving at a time please, unless given permission to do otherwise. 3. No Griefing. At All. Griefers will be banned or banished to a special circle of hell reserved for Griefes, where you spend an eternity being griefed by everyone, and during every task. 4. No moaning. I cannot abide whiners. So don't do it. 5. Do not ask for OP. Ever. It wont happen, and I will probably just kill you lol. 6. Do not ask me to make changes to the server or rules. I will make changes under my own steam, not on the request of others. 7. PVP will be organised and consensual. don't just run up and kill someone, however do ask if they want to fight all you want. 8. Any dispute between players I will take as full hearsay unless proof can be given. Which can be done easily. Screenshot, send the file to me on Raidcall, then the culprit will be banned. 9. If you damage the landscape in any way, fix it. That goes for hideous minion holes, Nyanping explosions, TNT, water, lava, anything. 10. Keep it civil. We're all fellow minecraftians here. No need for hurling abuse. Also, don't ask me to add your friend in game, get them to post on the forum. The Application: (As a warning, type your name as your in game name reads, if it has capitals, type them in capitals, I will be copy and pasting from this thread to my server files, so I wont interpret them at all, just CTRL C CTRL P. Also, I will fill in the application to show the format. Name: Khudnirn Age bracket: 20-30 TZ : GMT Best thing you ever built: my 6 axis frame/motor moving spaceship on tekkit, with nuke bomb bay and quarry/oil pump. Why this server?: Because I own it. The server details are The Raidcall details are 6951607 Details with the Raidcall server: # Feel free to use it, we have several channels for all different games # Don't feel that you just need to use it to get the server up, feel free to join us in our chat # Even if you aren't playing with us, but other friends and need to use a channel, we will happily accommodate # Respect my authoritae # Keep it civil, don't swear if a young person is on, other than that I'm sure the adults don't mind a little profanity. See you inside!
  7. How do i make a Mod List on its own page in my modpack??
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