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Found 22 results

  1. This morning I tried to load into my Blightfall world and instead of loading, it just sent me to the title screen and did nothing else. I tried loading multiple times and restarted Technic Launcher, but nothing worked. This is the first time I've had this issue and I have no idea how to fix it. Will this bug affect any of my save data for my saves or render them unplayable permanently? I have another small, optional complaint. When I use a Transporter Beacon, sometimes it spawns me halfway in the ground. Usually I hold jump to counteract this issue, but sometimes I have to dig out the blo
  2. So I have recently opened a server for my custom modpack, and its been acting very odd. sometimes (maybe 1/3 of the time), I log in, and it works as expected. most of the time though, when I try it freezes on loading terrain, goes to not responding, and I have to force quit M-I have allocated 7GB to the launcher, and 4GB to the server. -I am running on 1.12.2. -Here's the server logs: https://pastebin.com/K8XnSFQs -and heres the Modpack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4iwqn2xhzefy558/Noodles and Compay Sucks.zip?dl=1 -Heres a list of mods if you cant be both
  3. So Im pretty sure I did everything correctly, but whenever I load this pack on the launcher, it launches in Vanilla Minecraft. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk9ug3kdnsm1fyu/modpack.zip?dl=0
  4. Hello! My problem is, when i start a modpack (now the Ultra Modded-Survival) it starting loading but after it, crashing with no message. I give 4GB RAM for the Mods (so i have 64-bit Java of course). I put the crashing report to the attached file. I hope someone can help. ^^ Have a good weekend. crash-2018-01-21_10.55.54-client.txt
  5. Hi guys I've just made a modpack and we both downloaded it with my friend it's name is : start again however my friend gets "fatal error occured connection determined" both in single and multiplayer.could you help me please? I upload his crash log folder crash-reports.rar
  6. So after trying every thing I've seen online I cant seem to find a fix to the problem of when clicking play on a modpack the launcher 'hides' as it would do when the modpack starts but it then reappears within seconds and the modpack hasn't started.Sometimes when Minecraft is loading the mods java crashes when it actually opens. The final thing that loads in the launcher is installing Minecraft assets. Can anyone help or know of any possible fixes? techniclauncher_2017-02-04.log
  7. Whenever i press play the launcher loads at the bottom then goes away and quickly come back... i have tried for all packs and cant get anything to work! I have tried deleting all packs and still nothing! Help would be greatly appreciated
  8. I can't tell you exactly what happened but I'll tell you what I remember. I downloaded mineout 2 and played it, the game crashed right when I looked around in the spawn area on multiplayer. Since that happened I decided not to play that mod and wanted to look for something else, but when I search something now, nothing pops up at all. Bottom Line : Searching for mods doesn't load the mod list. I've tried : Restarting Technic Launcher, Logging out and signing in, deleting the technic folder in %appdata%
  9. Alright, so my friends and I wanted to start playing some Attack of the BTeam again, this time on an unlaggy server (the last time it was hosted on my computer). Sooooo, I've turned my Bukkit server that is no longer used (hosted by OwnageHosting) into a BTeam server... or atleast attempted to... I deleted all the Bukkit files and made it vanilla again before adding the extracted BTeam files. Everything went fine but the server will just not start, no matter what.Console: http://pastebin.com/PJQsRGF6 After waiting forever for that one mod to load this pops up... Spoiler
  10. So I made my own modpack- and when I load up the modpack it shows this forge loading screen with the little hammer (I attached the file). Can someone tell me how to change this so I can put my own logo there? I know that I have to make a file and name it mojang.png or something... but I don't know how big it should be ( what x what) and where I put it before archiving the modpack folder
  11. I made my own custom modpack and I searched this online but no one actually gives you an answer- when I load up my modpack it gives me the default forge loading screen (as seen in the image below). I know I can change this for ME, but how do I make it so everyone who downloads my modpack has it already instead of them having to change the mojang.png themselves. I'm using technic launcher and my modpack is called "Modernization Pack" With the little astronaut as the logo. Also if you get the chance, how do I change the icon on the "hotbar" or whatever the thing on the bottom of the page is call
  12. So I'm going to keep this short and to the point. My friend created a modpack and shared it with me, and I've encountered a problem. The downloading of the pack goes smoothly, but when I click the play button, it loads, closes the technic window, then just loads it back up again without ever loading the modpack. I've searched google for a while and none of the answers have solved the problem, so I decided to bring it to you guys. For some reason the link button isn't working for me, so I'll leave you with the relative urls. Link to pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41847767/modpack.zip
  13. Hi Everybody, I have been having this problem for a while now about 2 or more years. I am able to download the recommended version of hexxit and play it but im not able to play any ones above or below the recommended version. Any time i install the latest version of hexxit 3.0.0c it just keeps re appearing the technique launcher. Could you try and help me out with this problem as i would like to play with my friends on lan with the latest version. Thank again, Smileybabes
  14. My Tekkit(main) world won't load! I've been using Tekkit and the Technic Launcher for a year or two now and everything else works fine. But, for some reason, it refuses to load my world. My creative world works fine so it wasn't an update issue or anything sensible like that. My world's .dat fine is still in my tekkitmain>saves folder; and inside it looks completely normal-identical to my working world's file. I'm not too far in game so its not like I was doing anything extremely taxing on it other than a couple of ComputerCraft things; which disable at logoff anyway ... Also
  15. Hi Guys, I recently have downloaded Technic and Attack of The B-Team onto my new PC running Windows. I have installed Java 8 JRE, but only after discovering that AOTB wouldn't start the Java VM. After I installed the JRE, Technic would start and begin the loading process but after it would complete, revert back to the launcher. Do I need to re-download AOTB or re-install Java? I have read a thread posted earlier on V1.0.9a on AOTB but it did not help at all. Please Help & Thanks, Hitler Wasn't A Christian (He wasn't.)
  16. Every time i go to load thew world, it gets to the worls loading screen then exits back to the tekkit launcher CRASH DETAILS: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Would you like a cupcake? Time: 5/30/14 10:18 PM Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.NullPointerException at StevenDimDoors.mod_pocketDim.core.PocketManager.createAndRegisterBlacklist(PocketManager.java:697) at StevenDimDoors.mod_pocketDim.saving.DDSaveHandler.loadAll(DDSaveHandler.java:59) at StevenDimDoors.mod_pocketDim.core.PocketManager.loadInternal(PocketManager.java:442) at StevenDimDoors.mod_pocketDim.
  17. Hey, Yesterday my friends decided they were going to find a Voltz server to play on, but as I loaded up my launcher it didn't take long to realize that it wasn't working. All the launcher displays is the normal launcher with you game profile, but it doesn't load any of the selectable modpacks at the side, it just says 'Loading', it also only comes up with the java logo on my hotbar. So I saved my Tekkit let's play and deleted the launcher and it's .jar to see if that would help, then reinstalled it, but still the same. It was working a few weeks ago so I'm not sure why it doesn
  18. When I try to play Attack of the B-Team, my client doesn't load. Here is what happens: 1. I open Technic Launcher 2. I click "Play" on Attack of the B-Team 3. The Technic Launcher disappears as usual 4. The mojang symbol appears(client) 5. After about 20-25 seconds, the client just disappears! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PLEASE HELP ME! I WANT TO PLAY THIS MODPACK SO BAD WITH MY FRIENDS! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Hello, recently when I try to load Attack of the B-Team, it shows all the stuff loading in, then it closes the launcher screen like it should, but instead of opening the Minecraft screen, the launcher just appears again. This only happens with versions for 1.0.9b and higher. What could my issue be?
  20. Attack of the B-team is available for quick installation on this server hosting site (version 1.0.5). But it doesn't seem to implement properly. Too many items, the minimap, and a few others seem to load. But Morph mod, the new blocks, and swaths of other mods don't seem to load at all. Is this an issue with Wrench? When I download the server files and run them from my computer, everything works flawlessly. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had the same issue from MPserv, and I can't seem to get any answers from them. They've literally directed me to you guys. "Unfortunate
  21. Hi. I had come up with a very good idea for modpack loading. Currently when using forge or something, you put it as modpack.jar the only problem is if you want another mod that requires to be in the jar, but with error with forge. So I had the idea where you could have multiple jars. The first would be modpack.jar(would be the main, primary focus in case the others error out). The second would be modpack2.jar and so on.
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