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Found 4 results

  1. I just got Rocket Boots crafted onto my Modular Power Suit in my SP Survival... i've tried Key Binding them in the MPS Keybinding Interface to turn the Rocket Boots on & off... but I can't figure out how to fly around on them, how do I get off the ground & stay off it with these things? Gonna need to know how to do this with the MPS Jetpack I wanna add on to the Suit in the future too. Many thanks for your time. P.S. Tekkit keeps giving messages when I enter it that look like Patch Notes from time to time... is it still under active development even though Tekkit 2 is on the wa
  2. just came back to tekkit after taking a break following the 1.6 update. i just make my power fist, intending to use the axe module to clear and adjacent jungle and put in in my charcoal factory. there no longer seems to be a search radius bar for the axe module, even though i can see its default value in the .cfg as such, it only chops one block of wood, making it redundant when i can just use a regular axe and chop down a whole tree. i would guess this is a bug due to it still being in the .cfg, but can anyone confirm? if it is a bug, any fixes?
  3. Hey guys, well i've managed to find and reproduce anoher MPS bug in Tekkit. Was wondering if you guys had any help or sugestions. Basically, if I install the Lightning Summoner i can select it like a usual tool and everything, but it refuses to work. I cannot summon lightning. If i then go to the Tinker Table and "Salvage" the Lightning Summoner, it uninstalls it and places most of the parts in my bag. However, the Lightning Summoner is still selected on my Powerfist..and thjis time it works. If i disconnect or change tools it vanishes. It does this every time without fail.
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the TreeCapitator mod to work with the Axe tool on the MPS Power Tool by manipulating either mod's config files? I have tried adding the Power Tool id to the list of AxeIDs in the Treecapitator.cfg file and this allows it to work but it chops trees as if you are chopping with the hand tool itself rather then the axe IN the hand tool. In other words, it takes forever to chop through a tree. It's like chopping a tree down with your hand. Is there a way to reference the axe IN the hand tool in the AxeID list? I see that some AxeID definitions have the wor
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