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Found 15 results

  1. Your world is save in %appdata% .technic>modpacks<select your modpack<saves
  2. Is there a way I can share map pins with all players? For example, if player Bob makes a town, can I make a map pin that everybody can see on their maps that says "Bobtown"?
  3. Hey mates, My modpack doesn't have any problems, but in my modpack.zip, I got a map file which is not in the soloplayer when I launch the modpack. I recently download a modpack (of someone) and in Soloplayer, there was a custom map. I want the same. OR, do you know how could I, in java, add an event on a button (GUI button) to open a specific map ? I coded the GUI and I don't know the term of opening a specific world. My modpack.zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9xgi9vjkw4ybbzq/modpack.zip?dl=1 Thanks !
  4. Welcome to Mc Life 3! Our Key features are: A unique chernarus style map Cars and guns! A unique roleplay experience! Tons of ways to make money! Cops and a law system(In development) Fps style minigames! And much more in development! Own a apartment or house! There is so much to do! Join tons of people in a never before seen unique RP server! Connect today: Search "Mc Life 3" or paste in the modpack url http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/mc-life-3 Media:
  5. While it's not really an adventure map, it's more of a DIY story with a guide! It's called "Special Assignment". You start on a military boat with (preferably) up to 8 players on a secret assignment to use unknown elements and build large factories. It's hugely surrounded by the idea of roleplay, and everyone having their own name and rank. I thought it would be a cool idea to combine teamwork and roleplay to have a somewhat more disciplined, realistic style of tekkit game-play. (Think of Yogscast and their old jaffa factory series) The seed I put in is also really works. I highly recommend you play it with other Trust Worthy people on a server: The point of the map is teamwork, not griefing and trolling. Playing single player is OK, but not as fun as the roleplay experience with other people. The link is the map and text document with more details. https://goo.gl/uZjazJ Have Fun!
  6. Welcome to Mc Life 3! Our Key features are: A unique chernarus style map No building! Cars and guns A unique roleplay experience! Tons of ways to make money! Cops and a law system(In development) Fps style minigames! And much more in development! Join tons of people in a never before seen unique RP server! Connect today: Search "Mc Life 3" or paste in the modpack url http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/mc-life-3 Media:
  7. new crafting dead server hoping for it to be a cool big one like the other ones. join and signup for a chance to get staff otherwise just have a great time playing. if you can code plugins [create] then please join and show me some examples becasue if you can make me a custom plugin that would be great. also if you are good with essentials sign shops please join as i would love a helping hand with making one. ip: IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^IP^^^^^^^ IP ^^^^^^^IP ^^^^^^^
  8. Tired of the same old Pixelmon servers? Well take the time to join DJ3STR's PIX3LMON!! PIX3LMON is a Pixelmon survival/adventure server that incorporates rpg mechanics, as well as, traditional Pokemon mechanics into the world of Minecraft. Regions Free Build: A region which is fresh in development.. Since the creation of Team Rockets organized crime ring many, residents of Kanto have ventured off in search of new land. This new region is lightly populated and very wild.. A wide variety of Pokemon and wild habitats can be found in this region and is a great place to build a home and train your team! Kanto Adventure: Come visit the Kanto region in it's post-Fire Red era.. It has been a few years since the events of Red vs Team Rocket, but the effects of those events are still shown.. Kanto has been recovering, but so has Team Rocket! Do you have what it takes to follow in Red's footsteps? New Quests Added Every Week! Connection Info Platform URL: . http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/dj3strs-pix3lmon IP: pix3lmon.mc-srv.com **The Technic Launcher is required to join this server!! The Technic Launcher is an alternative Minecraft launcher that will download the forge build, mods, and files required to join the server just download the launcher and copy and paste the Platform URL into the add modpack field, click play and your Minecraft will launch.**
  9. I made a really cool Voltz map where two teams (United State and Russia) have to battle using Voltz items. Check it out! The Cold War
  10. So I was watching the official AOTB youtube today and I wished my builds were as good as theirs. So I was wondering if the official technic guys could ask them to put the map up for download (on the downloadable one chim can remove his horcruxes or other secret stuff). IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  11. I am currently using an Attack of the B Team 1.0.9c server and just recently the "MapWriter" mod seems to have severely bugged out. The map quality was aces and had the records of everywhere I have had traveled, now (for everyone on the server) the map resets on login with horrible quality. Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks. [if more information is necessary, do ask, I am not sure what else is needed]
  12. hi folks! Im playing on a server and often my map goes totaly black and i need to discover everything again to make it visible on the map. when i do this the map gets displayed in a different way as it normaly does. with a lot of "shadows". can someone tell me whats happening and what i can do about it?
  13. Hey, so i started up my Attack of the b team, and everything was fine, till i saw that the map was re-rendering the chunks i was in at the time, and any i loaded, as pitch black. I know for a fact that it is not cave mode, which is why im so confused. I havn't changed anything in any settings, but i looked through the mapwriter settings anyway, and no luck. I tryed restarting B-team (including the launcher), and my computer, as well as loading up another world, but still nothing has worked. Linked are two pictures of what is happening, one in my survival world, and one in my creative one. Anyone know whats up? Thanks. Survival Creative
  14. This has been bugging me out quite long, and i haven't figure out it yet.. so as i said in topic. how i can clear my full screen mode from old world map picture? it start to get way too messy picture in picture in picture, and new picture is writing on it.. Or is just glitch that i need to travel that area all over to get a full new picture? (what i have done pretty much every time)? now it just start to get too huge to travel all that area... i tried search tool but i could not find topic about this.. Thank you for help
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