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  1. I made a private Tekkit Lite SMP server. If you want to join, just send me your skype.
  2. GET THE MODPACK IP : We have a discord! http://discord.gg/YJ4pvAk NUCLEAR_REVENGEANCE is a unique casual factions experience. Rather than participating in all out war, the separate factions oprate civilly with one another. We're a mature, casual group, ready to learn and to teach. Choose a side, and build something truly glorious with your team! EXPECTED UPTIME: 24/7, SUBJECT TO CHANGE THE FACTIONS AQUION Endless ocean, as far as the eye might see. TERRA FRACTUS A fractured land, removed from reality TALAMH A truly living place, infused with earthen might. THE RULES Players must join at least one faction Each faction dimension has a specifc teleportation method to get back to spawn. Do not modify these under any circumstances. Main bases are to be limited to your faction's home dimension. No griefing or theft of any sort. All quarries and similar mass-mining machines and devices are to be limited to the Deep Dark. PVP is limited to dueling circumstances, i.e. agreement on both ends. Don't expect every player to be an expert. Report all issues to staff. Chat is fully un-censored. Rulebreakers will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We will not hesistate to ban anyone. Staff word is law. Any existing lawbooks may be edited to reflect changes. Gentlemen's Protocol Do not complain without reason. Critique and whining are two very different things. Do not slide insults into pleasant conversation. If you're going to be rude, be direct. BANNED ITEMS/TECHNIQUES Angel ring (Unlimited creative-style flight is simply broken) Wither spawning inside of Spectre room (Allows users to obtain unobtainable blocks) STAFF So what are you waiting for? IP :
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Vito and I am glad to announce a new custom made mod pack named "Forsaken Border's Trinity". This Mod Pack consist's of 146 gorgeous mods packed into something incredible. We tried balancing the genres all into one which I think we have done. The genres in this modpack is "Magic", "Tech", and "Nature". This mod pack was originally intended to be a private mod pack, but looking back on how good it is (personally) we thought it would be nice to share it with the community. I understand many people will just look at this thread and leave but its fine. We just thought we would share it with the community. What does this modpack have? -We offer 146 gorgeous mods, new and old. -A White-Listed Server For This Mod Pack -24/7 Mod Pack Support Via Email Wait, there's a server? Correct, this mod pack was made for the "Forsaken Border's" Community, we own a Semi-Vanilla Server for 1.8 and all the players decided they wanted a modded Forsaken Border's Server too. So we started working on it. Through conflict problems, crashes, low FPS. We finally managed to fix everything up and released it to our community. Of course, since now we are sharing the mod pack to the public we made the server a whitelisted server. Players who do not belong to the community CAN join the community! So if you enjoy the mod pack and want to play it with friends, well now its the time to ask. Since the Guidelines and Rules prevent us from posting applications from open forum websites, it's located in our "Overview" section in our Technic URL. If I manage to join the server, what are the rules? 1. No Griefing at all. This is strictly forbidden. 2. No Stealing items from chest's or anything that belongs to a different player. 3. Do not insult each other with offensive language. 4. Minimum cursing is allowed (but do not direct the curse words to players) 5. Do not spam other different server's in the chat or spam anything else. 6. Do not ask staff or the owner to give you items from the creative tab. 7. Do not spam teleport request's to players or anything similar. Are there any server plugins? Indeed! We managed to include KCauldron 1.7.10 on the server meaning we can add plugins on a modded server. Plugins included currently are: 1. World Edit 2. World Guard 3. Lockette 4. CoreProtect 5. AcceptRules 6. PermissionsEX 7. Essentials I like it so far, what are the mod's included?: Here is the full list of mods,-SecurityCraft-Advanced Genetics-Animal Bikes-Archimedes Ships-Artifice-BetterStorage-BiblioCraft-BiblioWoods (Biomes O Plenty Edition)-BiblioWoods (Natura Edition)-Biomes O Plenty-Build Craft-BloodMagic-Carpenter Blocks-Chisel 2-Compact Machines-Custom Swords-Dense Ores-Dragon Mounts-Enhanced Portals 2-Extra Utilities-Fast Craft-Food Plus-Fossils Archaeology Revival-Galactic Craft-4Space (Tons of new planets for Galactic Craft)-Garden Stuff-Hamsterrific Mod-Hats-Inventory Tweaks-Iron Chests-Liquid XP-Malisis Doors-Mantle-Map Writer (Might Be Switched With JourneyMap)-MineFactory Reloaded-Minions-Morph-MrCrayFish Furniture-Natura-Necromancy-NEI Addons-Not Enough Items-Not Enough Keys-Open Blocks-Open Eyes-Optifine (HD Edition)-Project Red-qCraft-RailCraft-Random Things-RogueLike-SecretRooms Mod-Simply Jetpacks-Statues-SuperCrafting Frame-Sync Mod-Tinker's Construct-Thermal Dynamics-Thermal Expansion-Thermal Foundation-TMechWorks-Thaumcraft-Torch Levers-Trail Mix-Twilight Forest-Waila-Weather 2-Witchery-MC Heli (Realistic Planes, Jets, Fighter Planes) How can I run the mod pack correctly? It is extremely recommended to run the mod pack with at least 2 GB of RAM since we have quite a lot of mods. So where is the Technic URL to download it? Our ModPack Showcase link is : http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/forsaken-borders-trinity-smp.847533 Our Mod Pack Download Link is : http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/forsaken-borders-trinity-smp Hope to see you there! Oh and do not forget to tell me what you think!
  4. Addicticraft Tekkit Server We are a Survival Tekkit Server but we have many other servers in Progress. On Top of having to survive the outside against the mobs, you are able to build with friends. We have plenty in store for the server and to make a place where players can have a challenge with mobs, craft Tekkit Items and go to the Moon. The owners Bruce and I have previously owned/ran minecraft servers in the past and know the ropes and experienced minecraft/tekkit server owners. We do our best to ensure our players can play somewhere where theres friendly players, helpful staff members, fun events and as well as pvp. We have an effective protection system for blocks placed as well as your stuff. Come join us in the Tekkit server by using the technic launcher and using the bluerocket picture for Technic. IP: Rules: 1. Placing blocks to cover people is bannable. 2. No spamming or advertising 3. No hacking/ exploiting/ cheating of any kind 4. If you find any exploits, tell a staff member 5. No griefing. 6. Dont ask for staff position. 7. Respect both staff and the players on the server Some items are banned due to the issue they are used to dupe items or cause major destruction to a server. Dont have a complete list but there are some items listed on our enjin site. We are currently still going through all the items. Some are: Turtles, matter cannons, needleguns, SPAMR launcher, sacred rubber tree, plastic bag, florb, confiscate module, anti personal module, descinagration module, sponge module, block breaker, minecart tnt, plasma, trade booth, and drums. Disabled Mods: Balkons Weapons, Inv tweaks, redstone in motion and more. Message me or join in the server at IP: Website: http://addicticraft.enjin.com We also are almost done with our MOB ARENA!!! We have been big before and are working our way back up!!
  5. We are a friendly community hoping to expand. The server has been a couple of days now had a amazing outcome. we have player based economy which you can own a shop yourself. we have grief prevention so everything is protected. minigames and much more coming very soon ip:
  6. Oden: Land Of the Free Welcome player! My name Is Kaz!, and I want to say hey and thanks for checking out this server advertisement. So what are we as a server? A fun, friendly environment, where "You!", the player can enjoy the game in your own time and pace. We make up a mature group of staff, admins and player base. You are very welcome to join in and keep the good times rolling. To clear this up we have a few rules, check them out below! - No griefing or stealing! - Keep the bad language to a minimum. - No cheating or exploiting. - When an admin states something is final it is, e.g. don't argue with us! We are here to enjoy and play the game too! - Be nice and people will be nice back! Some useful information! - Server restarts every three hours! You will be warned before hand with regular server information notices. - Server saves every ten minutes. - Keep Inventory is enabled. - Mob griefing is disabled. - Three backups everyday. - We have a TeamSpeak! Come join us, IP: " uk-voice2.fragnet.net:10119 " Server Info! - Modpack URL: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack - Server IP is " " - We have a TeamSpeak! Come join us, IP: " uk-voice2.fragnet.net:10119 " [1.7.10] The 1.7.10 ModPack | Recommended Version | No Lag | MyTown Grief Protection | Nothing banned | Mature Admin/Owner.
  7. Hello all! We are looking to add to our community, playing on a private server running the "Realm of mianite" modpack. (modpack can be found here http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/realm-of-mianite.579505 the server runs modpack version 1.2.1RC1_B2_A1 Our server is hosted on the East coast (USA) We are all hard working adults who enjoy to come home, relax, and have some fun on MC. We are looking for like minded individuals to join. We have players from ages 20 to 30, both male and female. I would like to request that all players who contact me about joining be at least 18 years old. We are a close group of friends and we generally have a skype call going with 2-4 people, so a microphone and willingness to chat is preferred (but not required) Standard server etiquette applies, please do not grief, steal, harass, etc. PVP is disabled. Pranks are welcome if you are familiar and in good standing with the other player. Please refrain from chunk loaders, and the Ender quarry is recommended over the BC quarry, as the ender quarry has less load on the server, and is more efficient for gathering materials. Username: Name (optional): Hobbies (both on and off minecraft): What are you looking for in a server: Why you think we would be a good fit: IP: Hope to hear from you soon, -Biro
  8. Project Boul is a minecraft server that started as an idea to have a survival vanilla minecraft server. Then we got bored of vanilla and we decided to open a whitelisted minecraft b-team server. Our spawn is a WIP. We want this server to be like the real Attack of the B-Team server... Donate to the server: http://www.omgserv.com/en/contribute/251012/ Server Website: Coming soon Rules: 1: We allow PvP but both players must agree to PvP 2: No griefing, No Stealing, Pranks are allowed 3: Use common sense 4: Be nice to other players: 5: Do not mine or build your house within 50 blocks of players base For any questions mail me on the fourms Info: Me and bored178 are the owners Backups everyday and restarts every 3 hours Please tell us your Skype if you have it so we can add you to the group chat You must be 12 or older You can build whatever you want You can build a shop in spawn PaulHotel (Me) has a youtube channel called PaulHotel Feel free to record on our server App form: Age: How long have you been playing the modpack: What are you going to build on our server Why do you want to join our server What is your skype What is your IGN What is your location (State and Country Plugins: Essentials Colored Sign ServerSigns RandomTP Thanks, PaulHotel and bored178
  9. About us Craftnoids is a mature gaming community that has been around for nearly three years. We started as a mature Tekkit server then during the 1.3 update we started to make our own custom mod pack. Minecraft is certainly at the heart of the community however to do also play other games together which are coop focused. Community Rules 1. Be nice to your fellow community members. 2. Listen to the Moderators and Administrators. 3. Do not advertise other services without permission. Minecraft Server Rules 1. Be Nice!!! (No stealing, griefing, pranks or killing other players). 2. Do not build within render distance of spawn or another player. 3. Do not mine under spawn or another players property. 4. Listen to the server Admins. Our Current Server: Craftnoids Fundamentals (1.7.10) After years of creating modpack with every in it, including a kitchen sink, we have taken a radical approach with the Fundamentals mod pack. We tried to create a mod pack that contained a lot of content, but that only uses the minimum number of mods. We primarily focused on not supplying duplicated content and extending the nature charm of minecraft. When loaded, it only has 36 mods, and only 13 of them are actually supplying content. Having played on the server I don't think you don't notice any lack of content. Mods in Pack... The Server is set to Hard Mode and is using an aplified seed. What we're looking for... Currently looking for all manner of members, new to minecraft; our server is perfect for you. Played minecraft for years, most of our senior members are in the same boat. Craftnoids is best suited for the mature gamer(+25) who enjoys voxel and crafting based games, someone who wants to join a community who is focused on cooperative gameplay and couldn't really give a **** how many 'noobz' you 'pawned' in some generic FPS thats a rip off of Battlefield 1942. Application Form Want to join? Fill in all the fields below. I recommend putting some effort into your answers as it will radical improve your chances of getting in. We're not looking for players who can't be arsed. IGN: Age: Country: Reason or Reasons for wanting to join: Your mod experience: Do you have a Mic: Are you willing to use Teamspeak or Vent: What other games do you play? Marmite; love it or hate it? Random fact about yours? How many roads must a man walk down? Would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse or a hundred horses the size you ducks? Any Comments? Example of a Good application.... You will be notified by private message with details on how to proceed if your application is success. You will also be notified is your application is unsuccessful.
  10. Hey, I started a server for me and my friends to play on but it soon turned into a single player. So I'm looking for a few people to join. Rules: (If these rules are broken a punishment will be given) - PVP is allowed (If you kill someone, make sure to give there stuff back) - I don't like cheating (but if you ask me and give a good reason, I may allow it) - Pranks are allowed (Also please leave a sign It makes it more interesting later on) - Skype is needed (makes it easier to let you know of changes) - Don't do one time events without others (Killing the Ender Dragon) - Try not to make too much lag (You will be asked to fix it or remove it, also help others if they have a problem with lag) - No Hacking! You will be Banned! - No griefing or Stealing The server is up 24/7 and has a restart once a day. Application: IGN: Age (Don't have to say): Skype (you may PM me if you wish): Why would you like to join the server?: Why would other people want you to be on the server?: I look forward to your application Thanks Mouse ^^
  11. After being online for over 3 months now we find ourselves with 4 active players. we would love to add 2 or 3 more players to our numbers, The only demands we have for our players are: - We are looking for european players, or players that reside close to a GMT +1 timezone - You are a mature player in both age and manners, concrete this means you are older then 18 - you play regurly, we dont have a demand for hours but we would love to see you around often the ip is: feel free to ask questions! below you can put your application. put in ingame name, your age, your country of residence and the reason why we should add you to the server List what you are planning to do aswell looking forward to seeing your applications! surv1vell
  12. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IP address: play.geo-craft.com Game mode: Survival Version: 1.0.11a Server up-time: 24/7, 99.9% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rules~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be polite No Griefing Be MATURE! No Stealing Have fun!? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Staff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner: Namico2000 Admins: Rijlal (~Rij) Slumerican420 (~Slum) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Come Join Us!~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please copy and paste the form below into a post and answer each question. Basics: In game name: Age: Timezone: About You: Describe your Minecraft experience: Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: What attracted you to this particular server? Anything Else? Optional.Is there anything you'd like to ask us or you'd like to share? Is there anything important for the staff to know?
  13. We are looking to expand our community and add players! Our AotBT server offers grief prevention and economy plug-ins, allowing you to trade for items or in-game currency while allowing you to build without fear of griefers. Players of all ages are welcome, but immaturity and rule-breaking won't be tolerated. Stealing or abusive behavior will get you banned, and no one wants that! Our servers are hosted on a dedicated server to give the best performance, near-perfect up-time, and flexibility. To apply, post here with your IGN, timezone, and favorite mods!! To apply, please go to our website, www.geo-craft.com, and click the "Apply" button. Fill out the few fields, and I will be notified of your application faster which will get you playing faster! I don't collect any personal information, and you won't be getting any emails from us unless it is a response to an application or question. Feel free to ask any questions you have here in this thread! Thanks for taking a look at our thread and I hope to see you in-game! tldr; Geo-Craft servers include Vanilla, Attack of the B-Team, Agrarian Skies, and Yogscast Complete. We are a small, white-listed community looking to add new members. All servers run on a dedicated server!!
  14. I have set up a 20slot TPPI server, There is a whitelist and if you want to be added just ask, State your name and age and i will responed (probably)!
  15. Hey Everyone! My friends and I started a server on the custom mod pack that we mode on Monday, since it is only three of us we were hoping to get some other people to play. This server is intended to be a small tight-nit community. We are looking for 2-3 people to join us that we can get along with and have a good time with. I am currently the only server admin, but this can be changed if needed. The mod pack is intended to be a touch-all sort of deal. This means the pack covers almost anything. It contains pretty much everything you could want, exploration, adventure, tech mods, magic mods, etc. etc. A decent machine is required to play this pack, at least 6GB of RAM. If you are having troubles you can always install some client side mods that help with performance. A full list of mods can be found in the first link. Technic Pack Link http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/darwinism.524412 Server Information IP: RAM: 3GB (this is why we have a small server, this can be upgraded if needed) Host: GG-Servers Location: US (closer to Canada) Server Rules: 1. Everybody on this server plays 100% legitimately, including the admins. This means that op commands will never be used unless there is a very good reason. These can include losing items due to glitches, or crafting recipes not working as intended. 2. There are no banned items or plugins as of yet, so be mindful of causing massive amounts of lag or using exploits as this will most likely get the items used banned. 3. Obviously no griefing/stealing/killing is allowed, unless both parties agree to a prank war and/or a battle or something of a similar nature. 4. Please use common sense Whitelist Application: If you are interested, please leave a comment on this topic telling me why you would be a good addition to the server and a little bit about yourself. Please leave your IGN and Skype If you need a template, you can use this one: IGN (and Real name if you would like): Age: (16+): Skype: (this is how I will contact you): Minecraft / Mods Experience: Play Style: Why would you be a good addition to the server?: Closing If you have any question or concerns about the pack and/or the server you can leave them here and I will do my best to answer them. I will not accept people on this topic, I will add people on Skype and call them, make sure you are who you say you are, that I can have a conversation with you, and that you are not a homicidal maniac, and then give you more information about the server and add you to the whitelist. Thanks all, happy mining.
  16. ~ Gideon ~ ~Modded AOTB SMP Server~ Gideon is a 24/7 custom 1.6.4 Towny AOTB modpack server that is currently hosted in London (UK). The Server is currently whitelisted, but we are now accepting applications from players that wish to join our community. The server was created because many of us (current staff) was tired of joining servers that were down for more than 24 hours, had many younger players that kept whining when loosing their stuff, or was asking for items even when the map was bursting with resources. We are looking for applicants who are above the age of 16 (with exceptions if maturity is proven to be acceptable) and share the same qualities that are present in current members. ~We would like to accept players who: ~Have a good sense of humour. ~Respect staff and other players ~Doesn't spam or swear in public chat ~Assist other players and contribute assets to group builds. ~Have intermediate to advanced AOTB skills and are familiar with most of the mods in the modpack. ~Have intermediate to advanced skills in building ~Speak fluent English. *** You are responsible for what happens on your account (the excuse your brother did the greif is not valid) *** Server IP: ~Rules: ~No griefing or raiding whatsoever, And will not be tolerated. ~No stealing others things. What's yours is yours and we shall respect that, we hope you do too ~No advertising other servers! ~Be kind, respectful, and understanding of others, insults veiled by the phrase "I was only joking" or similar will not be accepted and will result in a ban (be mature) ~Pranking is allowed, but again nothing malicious, harmful, or potentially dangerous. Follow the above rules with this, if you do not know whether it is permitted then don't do it unless confirmed by a senior member(Basically: Use common sense, and follow the same rules as the other servers) ~You must be 16 or above. We are willing to make exceptions but it is extremely unlikely unless you can prove in some way you are mature enough, We apologise to everyone under that age but please do not lie as we will find out. *** Breaking any of these simple rules will result in a ban *** Our goal is to create a fun, social, friendly and respectful community, where players enjoy spending their free time playing. We do not tolerate veiled insults! (like the "i'm just joking..." insults.) It is also important that we emphasize that we at Gideon are 100% legit! We do not spawn anything in for any reason, we expect that you accept your losses and never ask for anything that isn't already implemented in the game. ~Disabled Mods: ~None ~Major Plugins: On the server we got several plugins, but some of the major plugins we offer are: ~Economy ~Towny ~Griefprevention ~Chest Shop ~Randomteleport ~Banned items: Items has been banned because they either has been known to cause crashes or can be used for raiding/griefing/destroying in the world, the current items on the ban list are: ~Oven (Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod) ~Mail Box (Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod) ~Voodoo Dolls (Witchery) ~Mystic Branch (Witchery) ~Oxygen Sealer (Galaticraft Core) (Temp Ban) ~Sacred Rubber Sapling (MineFactory Reloaded) ~Sacred Oak Sapling (Biomes O' Plenty) ~Block Mover (Random Things) ~First Dubstep Gun (Saintspack) ~Explosive Dubstep Gun (Saintspack) ~Dubstep Circular Gun (Saintspack) ~Nyan Pig Launcher (TrailMix) ~Cloud in a bottle (Chisel) ~Alpha Titan (Flans Mod) ~Vehicle Crafting Table (Flans Mod) ~Gun Modification Table (Flans Mod) ~Master's Staff (Minions) ~Application Form: ~In Game Name: ~Age: ~Skype Name (can be sent in a private message for privacy!): ~Country of residence: ~How familiar are you with Attack of the B-Team and Modded Minecraft?: ~What types of builds do you usually make?: ~How active will you be on the server?: ~Have you read and accept the rules?: ~Have you played on any servers before, if so why did you leave?: ~You get pranked by another member of the server, how do you respond?: ~You accidentally let your nuclear reactor run for too long and it blows up all of your things, what do you do?: ~About you?:(This should include, Your inspiration for builds, YouTubers you enjoy, if you make YouTube videos, and maybe some personal attachments if you deem it necessary.) ~Please post your application's on our forum application section or on this thread! ~Website Thread: http://gideon.enjin.com/forum/m/23772385/viewthread/13611728-application-template/post/last#last (Threads will be checked at least once every 24 hours!) *** On the Application form please remember to remove everything inside a parenthesis (also known as brackets, or essentially where this comment is) these are just so we know that everyone has actually read these rules. Unless you do this there is no chance of you being accepted onto this server!!! *** We hope to see you active on our server!
  17. Notice: 12a wasn't friendly to older maps. It was a tough call but players agreed that we had to reset our map. Everything's fine now and we landed on our current host who is fantastic. Tired of the sucky hosts that oversell their machines and don't give a flip? Unhelpful tech support? This guy saved our frickin' keister. Tell him Stormy sent ya. McDust Hosting Due to natural decline of applications and interest, the server is closed. Good luck! Sidenote, if you're a codejockey looking to help with a future Survival based modpack, very very Survival based, that isn't another Agrarian Skies lookalike, throw me a PM. I am having minor compatibility trouble with a couple things, mostly Mo Creatures' Custom Spawner glitching mob and animal and mod creatures spawns in Biomes O Plenty despite careful config adjustments across each mod. It would help if I could get a second opinion in case of derp or someone who can point in the right direction. The modpack? I intend it to pick up the torch for where Life in the Woods and its clones come short, and you realize that save file isn't interesting anymore. With so much more to do and as minimal machines as possible. Way too much machine reliance everywhere. For multiplayer it emphasizes community cooperation, and I've had so many times where I wish I was running my save as a server for friends to join and enjoy it with me. So far I have it pretty open-ended for every playing style; lots of configurable goodies for people's tastes. A few ways to adjust the Survival experience to a "YOU'RE GONNA DIE" challenge, because Minecraft needs more Survival challenge! It's a survival game. Tell me that and the creative building aspect isn't what drew you to the game? hahaha Basically fun times that remind you why you loved the game in the first place. Wanna help? lol
  18. Hi all. our new community is after some mature minded people. if you think that sounds like you fill out the application below .. The server is based in Australia and hosted by STIPE Server Hosting, its a 24/7 server with no lag and no banned items. This will be a small community of around 10, We may add more if needed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ As all servers go we have rules as well, They are quite simple *NO Greifing. (this will NOT be tolerated) *NO Stealing. (if you need something ask and someone might help) * NO PVP. (unless both parties agree) *Don't go over board with the pranks and know your boundaries. *NO Spam chat. *DON'T Cheat or Hack.(this will not be tolerated either) *Respect other players. And most importantly have fun... Now the boring bit, You need to fill this application in. and remember this is a small community that were going to have here, where everyone knows everyone. And we can help each other out where needed.. APPLICATION: IGN: AGE: WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: SKYPE: WHAT WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING ON THE SERVER: Now that the hard parts over it's just a mater of waiting for your applications to be reviewed, If your successful you will receive a message with the ip..
  19. Welcome! Dogs of the State is running a custom modpack available on the Technic Platform which can be found here. We are a greylist server. Once you have fully read and understand this post (including spoilers) you may join us on the server at minecraft.dogsofthestate.com. DO NOT LOG INTO THE SERVER UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS POST ENTIRELY. We will know and you will be banned. We have an external hosting service so the server should be up 24x7 with few exceptions. Our players join us from around the world so at any given time there will be a friendly face to greet you when you log in. Who are we? Dogs of the State is a gaming community that has been playing games together for over 5 years now. We've also been running a Minecraft server since Multiplayer went live, and have gone through several different town/server configurations. If you are mature, seeking a tight-knit community, and wanting to be part of fun and massive builds while helping each-other survive, "Dogs of the State" is the place for you. We have instituted an age restriction of 18+. We are only looking for the best and most friendly players, who can also communicate well and are looking for a constant community to spread their wings in. What sort of server is DotS Escape Most recently our server was running the 1.6.4 Direwolf20 pack on the FTB launcher. Our community really enjoyed having a large subset of mods available. As interest dwindled in that pack we looked for a change of pace and decided to either start a tech only or magic only pack. After, some debate we settled on a tech only pack. Not being satisfied with any of the out of the box packs available to us, we used SolitaryCraft to customize a tech only pack for our purposes. We purposefully omitted some of the usual tech mods one would find in the most popular FTB packs in favor of some of the neglected and lesser known mods. Since SolitaryCraft put a freeze on their 1.6.4 modpack development we took our existing pack updated it and made it our own. Military Minded Several iterations of the server have existed prior to this one, as a fluke, a number of active duty military and veterans chose to make Dogs of the State their home. Having intimate knowledge of this life and embracing that connection and seeing value of these members in the community, Incomitatum, the DotS owner, decided to make it a selling point. To this day that tradition continues. We are proud to have a significant number of military individuals (both American and foreign) as members of our community. Thank you, for your service and dedication to your country. General Server Rules Our rules are simple and rely on mutual respect for each other. Here are some the nitpicking rules we expect players to abide by. Application Process Once you have read this entire post join the server (DO NOT APPLY YET) If you have read this post, you should get through the Noob Challenge easily. Once you are through the challenge. Look around, ask questions, be polite, and get to know us. A mod should be with you shortly to give you the tour. After your tour you will be given time to apply on this forum thread. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted a moderator will work out a time to conduct a little getting to know you interview. Your maturity is the biggest factor in your acceptance into our community Those who do not log on for more than a week, without prior notice, may find their houses demolished to make room for regular players. The Application Please copy/paste and answer all questions truthfully in a response to this thread - we will get back to you as soon as possible. -Have you READ everything before this? -Where are you from (Example - Iowa or United Kingdom)? -How old are you? -What gender do you wish to be know by? -What is your Minecraft Username? -What other games do you play on a semi-regular basis? -What role do you enjoy taking the most in Minecraft (Eg: Farmer, Builder, Explorer, Digger)? -Which mod do you know best (from the ones we have installed)? -If you are added, how often do you intend to be on? -What is your schedule like, what hours do you most often play? -Why do you think you will be a good fit for the Dogs of the State? -(Optional) What have you seen worked well on other servers that you might like us to implement too? -(Optional) If you have any history of Military service, what branch were/are you a part of, what was/is your rank, and where were/are you stationed? Lore: by phantagor
  20. Hello again fellow Minecraft fans and addicts! The International House of Creepers is a minecraft server & community that has been around for a few months now, formed after the shutdown of the Maestor's Kingdoms server with the goal of being a stable, long term mature (18+) modded minecraft community. Custom pack information As of right now, we're again looking to invite some new faces to join in on our shenanigans on a brand new map as of Friday, April 11'th! April 11'th: We've landed on a new world Our pack is based on the Direwolf20 1.6.4 pack, but also has a few custom improvements to help us run smoothly. Information about how to set it up and connect can be found on our website http://ihoc.enjin.com/ Server rules: Keep it civil and be respectful of other people and their builds. This is a mature server for mature people. If someone asks for help, or is obviously having a bad day; be a good neighbor and lend a hand! Griefing, stealing, or being any variety of a dick will not be tolerated. PVP is consensual only! [Automated mining of all varieities!] Quarry considerately. Don't quarry the overworld unless it's in your base or you've gotten permission from a mod or admin. There is a digger age meant for quarrying, as well as special dimensions like the deep dark or twilight forest that have lots of shiny ore. Chunk loaders are allowed, and have limits built into their mechanics. Exploiting any chunk loading mechanics will not be tolerated. Info on chunk loading can be found here Do not build within 100 blocks of spawn. Players are only allowed one mystcraft age at a time. Unwanted ages can be removed by request. When you make an age, post about it here. Ages that are not listed in that thread may be deleted at any time without warning! Note that all mystcraft ages will be border limited to 5kmx5km (because lag). All builds that include buildcraft pipes, tubes, or anything of the sort needs to be built responsibly with overflow control. If you need help with this, just ask! It's all to keep the server running happily and your machines from exploding in a massive ball of fail fire. For pumping lava, or large quantities of any other liquid from the world, always use an ender-thermic pump. Any buildcraft pumps found in the nether or anywhere else pumping lava will be removed. Yellow/Yellow/Yellow is the public exchange ender chest. Any items left clogging it up for more than a few minutes are fair game/public property. Ask before you take. Rules are subject to change. Interested? Apply for whitelisting by your choice of 2 ways: ->On our website http://ihoc.enjin.com/apps ->Reply to this thread Application format: What is your Minecraft in game name (IGN?) What is your age? Only 18+ will be considered What time zone do you reside in? How active do you expect to be? How experienced are you with Minecraft mods, such as those included in our pack? Do you have anything in particular you hope to accomplish on our server? What is the server's policy regarding PVP? (It's in the rules) If you have any questions or would like to chat with us at any time, we have an IRC channel: #IHOC on irc.esper.net https://webchat.esper.net/ We also have a teamspeak server for members. We hope you'll consider joining our mature community! <3 Pwny
  21. UTOPIA NATION Welcome To Utopia Nation. We are a public server (No Whitelist) anyone is free to join our server as long as you obey our rules 1 - No Griefing 2 - No Glitching 3 - No Stealing 4 - No Abusing Staff 5 - No Asking To Be Staff 6 - No Advertising 7 - No Spamming 8 - No Racism Or Sexism 9 - Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated We have no banned items and you are pretty much free to do as you like, there is player shops, admin shops and events. We have an economy and some other good plugins (Grief protection plugins) to help further enhance your gaming experience with us. The ip is mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu mc.utopianation.co.vu
  23. I have a new whitelisted attack of the bteam server. It is the latest version of the modpack and will continue to be updated to the latest version, asap. It will hopefully run 24/7 but due to updating the server, that might not always be possible. IP: (SERVER IS BACK UP) The server will require just the following: IGN: Age: Why you would like to join: My server is for mature players, and is a place for peaceful and fun players. (DONATIONS IS SET UP (do /shop to access) We would encourage players to donate, however its is not required to join, but it would help with the up-keep and security for the future of the server!) Thanks for all those reading, good luck. Hope to see you all on the server!
  24. I am looking for a few MATURE people to play on my AotBT server.... I have a white list and a couple people who play already. I use the server to not only have fun with friends but also to record my videos for youtube and twitch.tv. I need only people who can behave like they have some sense or you will be booked right away. Skype is a must. Also if you end up in one of my videos on voice you need to have a decent working mic... i've worked hard and spent alot of money to get the mic I have (needing one more piece to the puzzle to get it perfect) dont want anyone on mic worse them me lol Leave me a message on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96tEGdlih___LJzXf0lscQ and I will get back to you as soon as i can.... see you soon!!!! EDIT: Send me a private message here ... seems I'm not getting all my messages on youtube *kicks the box*
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