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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome! Dogs of the State is running a custom modpack available on the Technic Platform which can be found here. We are a greylist server. Once you have fully read and understand this post (including spoilers) you may join us on the server at DO NOT LOG INTO THE SERVER UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS POST ENTIRELY. We will know and you will be banned. We have an external hosting service so the server should be up 24x7 with few exceptions. Our players join us from around the world so at any given time there will be a friendly face to greet you when you log in. Who are we? Dogs of the State is a gaming community that has been playing games together for over 5 years now. We've also been running a Minecraft server since Multiplayer went live, and have gone through several different town/server configurations. If you are mature, seeking a tight-knit community, and wanting to be part of fun and massive builds while helping each-other survive, "Dogs of the State" is the place for you. We have instituted an age restriction of 18+. We are only looking for the best and most friendly players, who can also communicate well and are looking for a constant community to spread their wings in. What sort of server is DotS Escape Most recently our server was running the 1.6.4 Direwolf20 pack on the FTB launcher. Our community really enjoyed having a large subset of mods available. As interest dwindled in that pack we looked for a change of pace and decided to either start a tech only or magic only pack. After, some debate we settled on a tech only pack. Not being satisfied with any of the out of the box packs available to us, we used SolitaryCraft to customize a tech only pack for our purposes. We purposefully omitted some of the usual tech mods one would find in the most popular FTB packs in favor of some of the neglected and lesser known mods. Since SolitaryCraft put a freeze on their 1.6.4 modpack development we took our existing pack updated it and made it our own. Military Minded Several iterations of the server have existed prior to this one, as a fluke, a number of active duty military and veterans chose to make Dogs of the State their home. Having intimate knowledge of this life and embracing that connection and seeing value of these members in the community, Incomitatum, the DotS owner, decided to make it a selling point. To this day that tradition continues. We are proud to have a significant number of military individuals (both American and foreign) as members of our community. Thank you, for your service and dedication to your country. General Server Rules Our rules are simple and rely on mutual respect for each other. Here are some the nitpicking rules we expect players to abide by. Application Process Once you have read this entire post join the server (DO NOT APPLY YET) If you have read this post, you should get through the Noob Challenge easily. Once you are through the challenge. Look around, ask questions, be polite, and get to know us. A mod should be with you shortly to give you the tour. After your tour you will be given time to apply on this forum thread. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted a moderator will work out a time to conduct a little getting to know you interview. Your maturity is the biggest factor in your acceptance into our community Those who do not log on for more than a week, without prior notice, may find their houses demolished to make room for regular players. The Application Please copy/paste and answer all questions truthfully in a response to this thread - we will get back to you as soon as possible. -Have you READ everything before this? -Where are you from (Example - Iowa or United Kingdom)? -How old are you? -What gender do you wish to be know by? -What is your Minecraft Username? -What other games do you play on a semi-regular basis? -What role do you enjoy taking the most in Minecraft (Eg: Farmer, Builder, Explorer, Digger)? -Which mod do you know best (from the ones we have installed)? -If you are added, how often do you intend to be on? -What is your schedule like, what hours do you most often play? -Why do you think you will be a good fit for the Dogs of the State? -(Optional) What have you seen worked well on other servers that you might like us to implement too? -(Optional) If you have any history of Military service, what branch were/are you a part of, what was/is your rank, and where were/are you stationed? Lore: by phantagor