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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! Me and my friends started a server for 2 months ago, one of my friend is the host and we disabled the dolphins spawning in the server config files (Mo'Creatures).However,now they started to spwan on one specific place (at my friend's house) and they make lagging the server if we are on the nearby and make us dropping out from the server,we couldn't realy find any commands that would help us to kill those buggers,(we're on 1.7.10) and tried the" /cofh killall [entity] " command,(CoFH mod) but this is only kills the hostile mobs, and the only solution what we can do is take out the Mo'Creatures mod what I realy don't want,so please if someone know what can we do then please reply to this topic !!! THX!!!
  2. cant seem to get Mocreatures mod to work on my tekkit Clasic is there some special way i have to do it or all the youtube videos say to just add it to the mods folder im trying to use DrZharks MoCreatures Mod v6.3.1 do i need to add the CustomMobSpawner 3.3.0 mod too?
  3. PVE Survival Multiplayer server using the WoodsCraft modpack. Moderators Hamonous & RebeccaFett, Explore the world with the many machine mods, Magic Mods, and several other useful addons for Minecraft. Looking for self driven players to join us and adventure the dangers of Mo' Creatures, The Wyvern Lair, Twilight Forest, The Deep Dark, and even blast off into space with Galacticraft. We want to build a community here with trade and questlines/factions built using Custom NPCs and group builds. The server right now is Open but after a base of players is built we will be looking to whitelist. Please see Hamonous with any bugs/modpack Issues Platform URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/woodscraft-space-edition Dedicated Server IP: TheWoodsCraft.gamename.net Up time: 24/7; Approx 3 hrs weekly maintenance Server: Unlimited RAM/CPU 1.6.4 Cauldron (Formally MCPC+) Server 20 Slot (For now) Core Mods Applied Energistics Core Autoutils ChickenChunks Code Chicken Core DeltaCore DenLib Forge Multipart Galacticraft Core Immibis Core Micdoodle Core Minecraft Multipart Open Mods Core Open Mods Power Crystals Core Resonant Engine Tinkers Corestruct Wireless Redstone Core Utility Mods BiblioCraft Biomes O' Plenty Carpenters Blocks Chisel Custom NPC Dimentional Anchors Dr Zharks Custom Spawner Forge Microblocks Forge Mod Loader GraviGun Hatstands Hats IchunUtil Mapwriter Minecraft Coder Pack Mo' Creatures Mr Crayfish' furniture Mod Not Enough Items OpenEye Optifine Portal Guns The Twilight Forest WAILA Mods! Applied Energistics Archimedes Airships (Test building materials in single player before compliling a ship, I cannot stress this enough) Ars Magica 2 Big Reactors Backpacks Buildcraft CochoCraft Ender Storage EnderIO Extra Utilities Forestry Galacticraft Galacticraft Mars Iron Chests Magic Crops Mekanism Minefactory Reloaded Modular Force Field System NetherOres Open Blocks Railcraft Random Things Resonant Induction Small Boats Thaumcraft Thermal Expantion Tinkers Construct Totemic Tux's Weapon Mod Universal Electricity Wireless Redstone Xeno Relinquary Mod Addons Additional Buildcraft Objects Bibliowoods Biomes O' Plenty Addon Bibliowoods Forestry Addon Buildcraft Tools Extra Cells Extra TiC Mekanism Generator Mekanism Tools NEI Addons NEI Keys Plugins For Forestry Tinkers Mechworks Wireless Redstone Logic Plugins World Border World Edit GriefPrevention 1. The server is PVE 2. Respect all peoples & properties 3. World border is set at 3000 blocks from spawnpoint 4. Griefing will not be tolerated
  4. WARNING: Requires 64-bit Java and additional memory assigned to your launcher to run properly! This is a massive modpack and it will take a decent amount of power to run properly. First launch will take some time. Our Website: ambientcraft.com Server Information: ambientcraft.com/reloaded More Information about us: ambientcraft.com/about Modlist: ambientcraft.com/forum/modlist Technic Launcher: technicpack.net/download Technic Modpack: technicpack.net/modpacks/ambientcraft Technic Platform URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ambient-craft-reloaded Server Address: Need Help? Check out or tutorial here: ambientcraft.com/reloaded/tutorial We only have 30 player slots currently, but we are always willing to expand the slots and server's memory to keep players happy and lag to a minimum! We hope to get some awesome new players joining us soon.
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