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Found 14 results

  1. Hello there, I have a question about my quarry. I've never seen this problem. So my quarry is powered up by a reactor and the power is sent wireless with the power teleport pipe. The Quarry works fast and fine but whenever I get close to it, it stops. The quarry works only when I am not near. It is a bit far from my house but not really that far. Let's say 256 blocks or something like that, even more. My items are also sent wireless with the item teleport pipe and I already built some Teleport Tethers and put them on the road to the quarry, thought it would help.
  2. hello, EpicrafterHD here I have some problems with my tekkit server... I have been looking on google for days... Problem 1: When i add any plugin(does not matter wihich plugin) my quarry stop working... Problem 2 my console is spamming slotchanging... even if I have not added a plugin. (Some of the console log) 01.03 18:42:24 [Server] INFO slotChanging(21) 01.03 18:42:20 [Server] INFO slotChanging(19) 01.03 18:42:19 [Server] INFO slotChanging(0) 01.03 18:42:19 [Server] INFO slotChanging(22) 01.03 18:42:18 [Server] INFO slotChanging(21)
  3. I have no idea what I am doing wrong here. In the first image, I am inside my base/factory/building; whatever you want to call it. EU should be flowing from a full MFE into the Big Flux Generator, and from the Big Flux Generator into the Wooden Kinesis Pipe and finally into the Power Teleport Pipe. The Power Teleport Pipe is linked to the quarry shown in the second picture, which also has an Item Transport Pipe (the Item Transport Pipes are not yet linked). I previously tried to use Power Converters, but my High Voltage EU Consumer exploded as soon as I plugged it into the system. EDIT: I have
  4. Hello, So, I haven't played tekkit in a while(A few years), and last I played I did not have this issue. When trying to power my quarry, using three Stirling Engines, I get one engine holding a steady green with 10 RF/t output, but the two others quickly turn read and break down, while only outputting 3RF/t. The quarry also mines increadibly slow, I do not know whether this is because of the engines ouput or because I placed it in a body of water. Is there a cap on how much the quarry can take at once, or is my setup wrong? All response is greatly appreciated.
  5. Me and my friends are having a Nitrado Server, with 6144MB RAM, and we have just finished building a quarry... as we tried to put it up and transfer EU into RF, which we have done successfully, the quarry keeps on bugging around... first of all, as u can see in the pictures... the quarry is literally only digging random holes which is completely strange... 2. it's throwing out cobblestone (no real items) in form of a laser which is randomly flying around ... anyone know's why and how i can fix this? (cant upload the other picture cuz they are too big :/)
  6. Hello! I have a private tekkit legends server that I play on with my friend. We built a quarry and there seems to be some sort of bug, I connected 3 stirling engines and the quarry receives energy only from one. I have also tried connecting the engines with kinesis pipes and the total energy received by the quarry is 9rf/t and the output of each engine is 3rf/t. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  7. Greetings, Tekkiteers! When I started using the Buildcraft Quarry, I ran into many small problems and annoyances that were not covered by any wiki or guide. So now that I have largely mastered that art, allow me to share my insights in a concise and (hopefully) compact manner. 1. Why Quarry? Mining is tedious. Really tedious. It may be exciting to hunt for The Shiny at the start, but after doing it over and over again, it eventually loses its luster. Especially when you need to ramp up your production in mid-to-late game to feed that ravenous machinery. There will come a point where e
  8. So I am making a sorting room/storage room made from obsidian chests and dsu's, i need a list of everything a quarry will pick up so i can get all the stuff and sort it so i can start my quarry, thanks!
  9. Does the pump "drain" quarries or any large body of water any more? I've got one set up over a source block of water in a quarry filled with water (and other unwanted fluids) but the level of the quarry is not dropping. 1. The pump is working as I can see water in the transparent fluid duct. 2. The exact area I am pumping from is just water - not oil or sludge. It remember that it used to be that the rate of water depletion was so quick and dramatic that the server lagged so back that I would get kicked. Now I don't see anything happening to the level at all. Thank you.
  10. Ok so I have some questions. 1) whats the best way to a mass resources? In ftb I generally went the UU mater rout but thats not in tekkie so I'm not sure what to do. I generally don't like quarrys because I have to re plant them :/. Ive heard (seen on some servers) some kind of device that gigantic and basicly cuts a path through the world eating everything up but I'm not sure how I would search for its design much less if its in this modpack. I "think" it used redpower but I"m not sure. 2) Any way to generate lots of XP? I'm currently in the "playing like vinila minecraft" stage, wher
  11. I have a problem with Quarries on my server which has Towny installed. Unfortunetely Quarries won't work even in the wilderness. I have made them a group in permissions and made them fake accounts but still won't work. Please help. Thanks - Kloklok
  12. Hello to you all! I have a slight problem with quarries on my server that me and a friend is using. I´m not very familiar with modding, editing code or any of this sort, just how to use the console to the server. Now, my issue is that i tried to make a quarry the other day, but all it did after setting the landmarks and powered it, was to build the orange frame. after it finished the frame, it didnt start digging or do anything. it simply stopped. Is there any known solution to this? Anything that failed in my server that i need to edit? Im using tekkit server version 1.1.10
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