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Found 4 results

  1. hello, so i just woke up and created an account for this bug. as far as i know, no one has messed with the launcher except to, yknow, play it. so when i launched it this morning, every single modpack was gone except for the base 6 (vanilla, b-team, etc) and i had to reinstall those too. the only thing that was kept was me being logged in. it was like someone pressed hard reset on my launcher. after installing and looking at vanilla, nothings gone, no servers or worlds. with high hopes, i reinstalled aminity (my sisters favorite. i know shed be pissed if it was gone) and...it crashes. so i get complex pixelmon instead. it asks me if i want to update it, which makes me think this is some sort of graphical bug, not a data one, as in all the data is kept, but theyre uninstalled. after launching it, thank the gods all my worlds are there, meaning i just have to reinstall everything and dont have to face the wrath of my sister. however, im reporting this because i dont want it to happen to anyone else in casee they dont realize everythings fine, just a bit annoying, or if it gets worse.
  2. http://platform.sctgaming.com/ I was googling around and this popped up. It looks like a backup of the old platform website... can anyone shed some light on this?
  3. Okay, I don't think this counts as a bug, but it's certainly a bit strange. My compound was messed up by a Tornado before they changed the default config to stop damaging the landscape and when I was filling in the chasm it caused I decided to beautify the area around my house with the Stone Path blocks from the Mr. Crayfish's Furniture mod. I've since noticed that the hostile mobs seem to be confused by the paths. I just had a hoard of zombies and spiders making noise outside my house while I was trying to get stuff done and I decided to go out and slaughter them to get some peace and quiet. I went out the front door and around the corner where I waited for them to come to me. The spiders came straight at me with no problem, but every time a zombie hit one of the Stone paths they started jumping in place. Later I noticed a creeper doing the same thing. I'm guessing that the mob AI is confused about the height of the block and keeps trying to jump to get on top of the Path block even though the block has no added height. Depending on where I stand, they seem to find their way off the Path block eventually, but it certainly helps kill off a lot of mobs when they get hung up like that.
  4. Due to the fuel problems with Galacticraft in the Attack of the B-Team modpack, i was re-visiting the Lapitos Galacticraft Modpack. I'm just collecting resources and haven't gotten beyond the standard furnace and crafting table stage. I'm down in a strip mine at level 53 when I uncover a cluster of REDSTONE FURNACES! They seem to have spawned as if they were a group of ore blocks. Anyone else encounter this? I just dug down lower and found 3 more cluster of redstone furnaces! As amusing as this is, there must be some ore that was replaced by these furnaces so I think Lapitos Galacticraft modpack is also a bust.
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