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Found 7 results

  1. Hai! =) I'm trying to look for some quest modpacks on technic, and I'm having a hard time trying to find a good one. Any suggestions? C= - Assertive_ | Bella
  2. So I had a mixed feeling on the new update. From its problems and now hidden features has really made it kinda a mess with a nicer look. - Discovery page.. why cant we add these modpacks while IN the launcher? Why isn't there a "add modpack"? You have to click the modpack THEN go to the web browser THEN go back to the launcher and the modpack. - Why are adding modpacks a hidden feature it seems now? Before for people who didn't know there was a nice thing that says to click to add a modpack but not everyone knows just to add the parse to the search bar.. make it easier for the newer users. - A auto updating feature? I would love to enable a auto updater so I don't have to wait for a update when I wake up or get on and find a new update happened and have to wait when it could have installed it for me when it first came out - a play button next to each modpack on the left panel. instead of having to click the modpack then going to the right to click play why not a quick play feature on the list of modpacks? - a change log slot on modpacks so we can see a quick view of what was added to modpacks instead of having to go to the website and find out These are what just come to mind and hope that others agree with some or all of these and that these get added in the future. Would really like to see these added to make the Technic experience great for all.
  3. Hello minecrafters! I've been working on my first modpack for 1.7.10! It's my first modpack ever! I was looking for some mod suggestions to help me out with cool mods that I never heard of. Here's the link to my modpack: http://www.technicpa...radox-ii.371082 It would be great if you could read the mod list and tell me what you think I should add in to build 2.2! Thanks everyone! Manny
  4. Hi guys, been playing AoftBT for about 3 weeks now and iv gotta say I'm loving it! I think its got the balance spot on so far! moved over from a big dig server, and a voltz before that and iv gotta say the only mod i feel i really miss is Applied Energistics. would love to see this included in a future release. imagine dropping down in your airship with your portable ME system. lovely! Have found storage is the biggest challenge on the game, especially on server with teams. Even with deep storage units from factory mod, so being able to build a centralised unit and have mobile interfaces would be a very cool addition, without so much backwards and forwards if your working on a project far away. It also greatly reduces the risk of a random chunk reset (we've all been there), taking out all you hold dear to your heart! if you have a storage drive built in the system in 2 locations, if a bunch of chunks reset its not as disastrous a complete reseed of your precious storage room, and they don't take up as much space or RAM usage as a piped up store using thermal expansion. Keep up the good work! *signed Nerd taken away by a Geek*
  5. I was trying some Moonquest mods and they seemed all glitchy or missing stuff, or buried in the untested pages. This one looks promising. And I don't like mining too much either. But, I did want to experiment with some minecarts and such. I noticed on the main page there was no Railcraft, or Steve's Carts. Is there any mod in here that adds to the minecart system in any ways, or plans on adding those mods? Is this mod pack sorta like Moonquest but with more ores and things?
  6. In this mod pack, its super easy to become VERY powerful quite fast. I think a good mod to help balance things would be the mutant creatures mod. It could add a bit of challenge and very much fit with the 'mad scientist, evil' theme. I would also like to hear what suggestions other users have.
  7. Hey guys! First off, let me start by saying the mod pack is AWESOME. It fits my needs perfectly and I love it. Been playing it for dayz! I never used a Technic pack before because all the mods were so... industrial and complex! Too much work to figure out and everything. This one is the perfect balance of fun and complexity! But, I have some suggestions! I almost wrote this on GenerikB's video but I figured the forum was a better place. First: CraftGuide- There are so many mods in this pack and not everyone knows how to craft everything. There is probably a way to find the item in NEI or TMI and find the recipe but I cant seem to find out how. (If anyone can tell me, that'll be great!) Second: Optifine- Well, obvious reasons! It boosts your frame rate and it has that handy zone thing going on! Also, theres probably a way to add it manually but I can't figure out how and I will most likely mess it up! Last but not least: TreeCapitator- I love this mod and it would go perfect with the mod pack because so many trees are really big and complex and really hard to get all the wood! I hope you keep these suggestions on your mind when you're looking for "more mods" to add. Thanks! EDIT; Handy ZOOM thing going on for Optifine, SORRY
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