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  1. Technic needs to update their modpacks. like legends it has newer versions of the mods with bug fixes, lets get it updated. did the people of technic quit or what.
  2. I had a bit of a mess up when I updated my modpack recently and the zip file had the folder to all the other files rather than the files needed in the root. So I deleted that one from Dropbox and replaced it with a new zip which is fixed. But everytime I try and get my modpack to update it tries to find the zip file that was messed up rather than the fixed one. I know about the change log and stuff, but I uninstalled the modpack and now I'm trying to install it fresh (so I don't have to worry about the 'update trigger'). Do I still need to update the change log for it to pick the right zip file? Typical... the moment I post this it starts to work and picks the correct zip to install... ><
  3. I upgradet my java to java 9 and try to starting the launcher i get a message like this: This application requires a java runtime environment 1.5.0 Please Update launcher to Java 9
  4. I want to talk about the modpack Voltz. I'm trying to make a modpack called Voltz: Updated (You can rename it to Voltz or whatever you like) it so all of the mods are keep closely the same and updated to 1.7.10 or 1.8. So the old Voltz gets replaced with the one I made if it pleases you. I will also make sure to clean out any bugs reported or found. I don't wanna just add another Voltz remake to the community because no-one would play it because no one would know it existed. If you're interested please email me or message me on discord. [email protected] Ghastninja46#0467
  5. Fellow techniclovers, For the people with the problem that they cannot load minecraft after launching. This is how it was solved for many people, including me. Nvidia new update may have occurred a error for loading modded minecraftlaunchers. So this redditthread gave the solution: I really hope it worked for all of you. With greetings from a hatfilms lover
  6. Okay, So I have a much problem. My normal Minecraft Program has decided to not work and gives an error something along the lines of: SSL peer shutdown incorrectly when ever I try to login. I checked online for solutions but noone had the same problem, But if they did all the "responses" were godawful and didn't do jack to fix the problem. (It's either that or people just don't post about it). So I got the Technic Launcher to fix that but I can't update Vanilla MC, It's stuck on 1.9.4. I have already tried to find a fix on the internet, But as stated about Noone has a not poo answer or they don't to post about it. Help would be appreciated. (let's be honest... I'm probably too stupid to notice something and just don't have enough patience to find an answer)
  7. I've created a modpack and two people have liked it, but the installs and runs bit say that no one has installed or ran the modpack. is this a bug in the technic launcher or something else?
  8. how do I update,i cant join the server.
  9. Hello. Can someone say when tekkit lite will be updated with a newer minecraft version?
  10. Hi ya all, For a while II have been trying to update my server but without results. Can anyone show me how without losing my world? My ser er is with a commercial party and I am using (mandatory) a Jar called Çustom.jar. Searching on the internet and forums haven't giving me the right answer. Greetz, Tudor
  11. That is the question, cuz it works so bad right now.. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. How would I go about updating the ProjectRed mod within tekkit to the latest version? I tried simply replacing the specific mod files but ended up breaking tekkit. Thanks.
  13. Welcome Tekkit Community to our amazing server!. Our growing community on CTG Pro offers a warm place to build among friends and make new ones. Server admins are on regularly or can be contacted easily with any questions or concerns about the server. We have Mods regularly to help with any problems and issues! The list below is of our head staff! If you see these guys online make sure to give them a shout out! MoggleMan01: I am the Server Owner and lead admin. My responsibility is to make sure everyone has a great time and to get new staff on our server while overseeing the general needs of the server. I frequently help with any issues and problems that people might have and am always here to answer any questions! Hope to see you on the server! Arcamis: I am the other Co-Owner and Build Team Admin. I work on the servers aesthetic value building community areas and leading the build team admins. We try to add new things to spawn that YOU the community want to see! Our most recent addition by popular demand was the Admin Shops, make sure you check those out! Also if you would are interested in joining Build Team build something amazing on the server and let me check it out! We are just looking for players who are regulary on and have some skill! If you are interested in being staff on our server please fill out the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CH8PVNW PS. We are in the works of adding mini games to our server! We are looking at a week or so until they are ready for public use! Construction is under way and I hope that you guys are as hype as we are! We look forward to seeing you on the server, and reamber to have fun!!! We just updated! If your having any trouble connecting to the server, make sure your mod pack is up to date!
  14. Hi, I'm interested in playing galacticraft 3 on my server, so I would like a new, updated, version of tekkit. When are you planning to release as stable 1.2.10c or to test an hipotetical 1.2.11?
  15. It's not that I want to see more downloads or runs, but I am pretty sure that after 3 days of a few people playing and running the modpack it should be more than 0. It will show the likes, but not the runs or downloads. It shows here. http://technicpack.net/modpack/minejade-alpha.756890
  16. Hi. I recently made my own modpack and all was well, until i wanted to add Metallurgy 4 and the Core. (I used the right versions and added the to the extra folder i had and made it into a .zip. I uploaded it to Dropbox and got the share link which i then switched with the original link. When i then downloaded the pack again, there was no new version. I searched in the mods tab in the start menu and Metallurgy 4 and Metallurgy Core wasen't there If anyone knows how to update the mod, please help! Thanks;D (Note: I have already tried to delete the files for the modpack on my computer in the %appdata% folder)
  17. Hello, ive been trying to update my modpack called "KappaOut" with a download link, but whenever i put in the download link and press update it says : "Application Error! Looks like we hit a snag! Something went terribly wrong when we were fetching the page you requested. It's probably our fault and our engineers have been notified of the problem. Please try your request again in a few minutes." Download link: https://copy.com/SHZbwojXFolhbpoi/kappa69-1.0.zip?download=1 Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  18. Hey would anyone happen to know how long an update takes to deploy to everyone using the modpack? I want to make sure everything works and all that jazz EDIT: I mean when you are the owner of a modpack and you add/change/update the pack in some way how long does it take for the technic launcher to register the update? ive had issues before while updating and want to fix theme asap but always end up waiting a day to do that.
  19. !! I haven't used technic launcher or even played minecraft in like 2 years please tolerate my ignorance !! So I downloaded technic launcher + installed Attack of the B-Team , but there isn't even a launch button? I searched for the launch button and even looked it up but found nothing This is what the launcher looks like when I open it. (File too big to upload)
  20. Is it currently possible to update B-Team? I recently got the Tier 3 Rocket Schematic and I really want to go to the new asteroid belt dimension. But, Galacticraft is not updated, so I was wondering if it were possible to update the entire pack.
  21. Back to classic is an unofficial update to the tekkit classic modpack >Click here to find out more and download this modpack Latest Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA-g193TEGM If you have any suggestions for what i should do next etc please leave a comment
  22. so ,im trying to finnd out on how to make it so when i update my custom modpack the only the files that are being updated is the new files not downloading the zip file all over
  23. So, I was wondering, how do I use attack of the b-team as in minecraft 1.7.4/1.7.9? The latest build is 1.6.4, and many other builds are simply outdated. Re-installing the game does nothing, as I have the most recent build of launcher. How do I get 1.7.4 OR 1.7.9? NOTE: I tried every build, and I don't seem to find it. Apparently, 1.7.10 Build is MC 1.7.9, but I don't have it.
  24. How do i update a modpack also how do i add a world aready build in to the modpack
  25. I already had a minecraft server before I started using attack of the b-team, but ofcourse, attack of the b-team is a lot better! I love it! But I would like to "update" my old minecraft vanilla server to an attack of the b-team server, that way I still have all the cool stuff i've been working on for a long time. Is this possible in some way?! If absolutely not, is there a way to "copy" structures from the old server / parts of the old server into an attack of the b-team server?? Thanks in advance.
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