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Found 10 results

  1. Steps to remedy white screen after press play issue for build 4.493 OR Modpack fails to launch (applicable to any modpack) reopening launcher instead This topic is constantly being updated so feel free to check back on it. 1. Sometimes logging off and logging back in solves a lot of program related issues. If logging off didn't work then it is a different software / config issue. 2. Ensure you have the latest version of java. A lot of people may suggest to use java 7. However I would not recommend this. Reasons being: a. Java 8 contains the framework for java 7. e
  2. So Ive just downloaded the launcher. I log in, everything is fine. The discover page, is white, exept for the top and bottom borders. I can adjust settings and switch tabs, but no modpacks load and none of the technic packs are there to install and play. Just nothing, and i tried redownloading it, and still nothing. Help?
  3. Hello everyone, i recently got my tekkit classic server up so that i could play with a mate. Everything was working fine, server had no problems, i had no problems joining and playing while in my server. Until, when i logged into the server once, i played for about a minute and then my screen froze, and after 5 seconds or so turned into a white screen. I wanted to ask this because no other posts i could find had the same problem. HOWEVER singleplayer works fine, which is quite weird. It just happens everytime. i log in, play for 30 seconds or a minute or so, then everything freezes and the who
  4. Hi! Ive been trying to play hexxit and it was working fine yesterday so i started it up today and the screen turned white, ive tried everything, i updated java, I allocated more memory to java and the modpack, And i deleted some mods inside of the folder! Here is the log http://pastebin.com/MLthzSWs PLEASE HELP ASAP
  5. So i just reformatted my PC and now I cannot get anything to work. I downloaded the latest launcher and a few mod packs. When I hit play the launcher goes away for a few seconds or less and pops back up and the game never loads. When i try tekkit classic i just get a new window with a white screen that never goes away. When I close that the launcher comes back. What do I do?
  6. Ok, so, I just downloaded the launcher (from the site, not some third-party, virus junk), and I opened the launcher. I am on a Mac, so the security preferences interrupted the opening. I changed the preferences, opened the launcher successfully, went to tekkit classic, hit download, it downloaded without anything wrong, hit "Play", it opens the Minecraft window, but with just a white screen. It's like it stops right before the "Mojang" screen. I am on a Macbook Pro, with version 8, update 25 of Java. Thanks for any help you can give me!
  7. When ever i start up Tekkit Classic, my game just enters a white screen. I am using a Mac (Yosemite) Java 8.
  8. Playing the game and every time it auto saves, it saves then returns to just a white screen and never goes back to the game.
  9. when i open the techinc launcher then open tekkit classic it launches but the tekkit classic has a white screen and doesnt load! I dont know why it isnt working because i had it working on the same computer before but now i have a different hardrive. if anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated Also After i download a mod on the technic launcher the mod wont open. So i think something is wrong with my launcher or i dont have something installed to help the games run.
  10. Hello, I was playing on tekkit classic the other morning, on my server, and everything was fine as usual, I came off the server for a little while, and now whenever I run the tekkit classic modpack, the Mojang screen loads, it takes a while, then the screen goes to the standard dirt background, it stays like this for about ten seconds, then a brief error message comes up thats too quick to read, then the screen immediately goes white and stays like it. This is really annoying me because I need to get on the server to be an admin. This problem is persistant and annoying and I would like help wi
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