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Found 11 results

  1. I have an old minecraft modpack which I want to send to technic. After sent it to technic , I had this error: Error extracting a file for the modpack . The modpack is on 1.4.7. I don't know if on this version has something different. I've created all the 3 main folders (bin, mods, config ) and putted the forge with the name modpack .jar on bin. After sent it to a . zip file, I've sent it to dropbox . Please help me !
  2. I'm having a weird problem where when i try opening the Technic Launcher it shows the icon like its loading, but never loads. I checked the log and it gets an error " error in opening zip file" I have attached the log for more info. Thanks ~ Skilled techniclauncher_2016-08-27.log
  3. Hey, I made two modpacks, but one of them is just a light version of the other one, and they don't want to install. At ca. 50 percent of the mod installation phase there is a error which says something like: "Error unzipping file! Please contact the author." It happens with both packs. I dont know what to do, please help me. It workes just fine with a normal minecraft forge. Here are the links: And sorry for my bad english Im german xD Thanks for help, craftycram
  4. Hey there, I've been enjoying this site and the packs on it for a while and been trying to set up my own private pack to play around in. I was accomplishing some for a while, but recently I've not been able to download and install any of the packs I try and set up. I always end up getting the "error unzipping a file for the following pack:" message, telling me to contact the mod pack author, which is me:/ . I've looked around and found a few threads that had similar problems, but I have gone through and done the same stuff to fix it that they have and still no luck. I removed the resources pack folder(though for loot++ you need its custom resource pack), checked and double checked that my dropbox link was properly set up, and I am pretty sure my modpack.jar file works fine. I am starting to get kinda frustrated, so any help would be appreciated. Links to the pack I am testing:
  5. I am pretty new to creating a custom modpack (not to installing minecraft mods though) So, I created my own modpack, by using a tutorial. The problem is, that whenever i try to install the modpack, the following error appears: Dropbox link: Link to my modpack: Any useful help will be appreciated!
  6. I have made my first modpack, and installed it myself without problems. But my son can't get it to work - the launcher won't download the pack. On the same laptop, we've verified that the URL reported as not working by the launcher can be downloaded using both Chrome and IE and we can unzip the result by "rightclicking". Would appreciate it if anybody could tell me why the Launcher dislikes my zipfile Regards, Bent
  7. I have made a new modpack and whenever I or anyone else tries to download it, we get the same error. "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: MagicalIndustrialLite Error extracting file Please consult the modpack author." I have no idea what the problem is, the modpack works but the launcher wont install it
  8. I've been messing around trying to make a modpack (Magic-of-Tyria) with my brother, but i can't get my download link to work properly. I've gone through all the steps and have even gotten it to work once. I've read through countless other threads and none have seemed to do it for me. The current link i'm using at the moment is "". Any feedback is helpful. Edit: Scratch that. i went to bed and after waiting a while it works? i don't know whey but all's good now.
  9. My modpack (http://www.technicpa...pack/koyoskraft) doesn't open. How can I fix this problem? Is says: Error unzipping a file for the following pack: KoyosKraft IllegalArgumentException while parsing next element. Please consult the modpack author.
  10. Hello. I just created a new private modpack on the Technic Platform called SwaggPak for just me, my brother, and my friends to play. When I try to start it up, I get the error message "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: Swaggpak. Error in opening zip file. Please consult the modpack author." I've googled all over for a solution and haven't found anything. I have no idea what causes this issue so I have no idea how to fix it. That's why I came here. This is my very first modpack so I don't exactly have very much experience in this type of stuff. I've tried all the solutions that I've found on the internet and tried them all to no avail. To my knowledge, I've made sure that the DL link is in the correct format, that the modpack.jar fle is not a .ZIP or .RAR file, and that the modpack ZIP itself is a .ZIP rather than a .RAR (I use winrar so...yeah). The only other potential problem I could think of is mod compatability, but I'm not sure if that causes the error I'm experiencing, since most if not all of the mods I'm using are part of other big packs (like Tekkit and CrazyCraft) that work flawlessly. I'll post a download link at the bottom of this post so that you can make sure that it's in the correct format and so you can get the ZIP file. Also, one more thing: all the posts I've seen anywhere tell everyone to check the console, so I did. It just says this: [b#439] Analytics response [installModpack]: 200. I assume that means that there were no errors as there was nothing else and the 200 means so. Thank you for reading this and if you have any suggestions on how I can fix my problem then please respond ASAP. Thank you. Modpack DL link:
  11. I created my own modpack (Modders In Space and when i try to download it in Technich Launcher it downloads, then i go to that mod pack in the list, click play, it unzips but doesnt do anything after that! same thing if i click again the play button. Please help. Thanks .