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Found 3 results

  1. Advanced Planetarian Warfare 2.0 Advanced Planetarian Warfare 2.0 is here! - Defence Tech - Thermal Expansion - Modular Force Field System (MFFS) - EnderIO - Mekanism/Tools/Generators - Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) - Flans Mod - MineFactory Reloaded - Nether Ores - Galacticraft/Planets + More! TechnicPack Page: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/adv-planetarian-warfare.1006563 This pack was solely made for Factions! Please join the Official 24/7 Server: s7.hosthorde.com:26667 (Port is needed!)
  2. i have a small idea for the launcher, though im not sure if it would work like that. my idea is, to have an advanced tab under the settings, so you can select, what version of java to use, or more specific, the location of the java to use. im sure it might be much, but it would help in future situations where a java update breaks it, and it would possibly be more stable, as we know java 7 update 71 is working, and works well, it would make it easier to determine the problem, since if it does not work with the latest java, and it works wit 7u71, its a java error, and if it does not work with any java, its a modpack error. also if you need to have the latest java for banking(as i do) it would allow to have multiple version installed. and since chrome selects the newest to use, that part is easy to fix, and then have the advanced option to select java 7u71 for the technic launcher. i have no clue how hard, or easy it might be to implement, but im sure it would help out a lot in the long run.
  3. In my single player world, I'm about early-mid game (red stone conduits/storage, and starting to use reactors) and quite new to tekkit, and I have some questions about how near-end game players play. 1. How do you efficiently and quickly get ender pearls? Or do you just use A philosophers stone? 2. Other than a mining laser/precharger, what is the point in having a 20k + rf/t reactor and tons of resonant energy cells? Do big manufactories use that much power? 3. Based on previous question, do you have big factories creating/pulverizing/smelting items? If so, how to you get a consistent input of materials? Do multiple quarries do the job? 4. How do you get shiny metal efficiently? Platinum is rare in the nether, and the 10% chance from pulverizing ferrous ore is annoying. Is there any way to make it more efficiently? 5. Any easy way to quarry in The nether? So annoying constantly watching it to eliminate lava. 6. And last, but not least, could you give me any tips on what I should be doing at this stage? What mods to be using? I am currently using thermal expansion ( red stone components, magmatic dynamos and a small reactor, various machines), modular power suits (low-mid), buildcraft (engines, pipes, quarry), and probably more that I can't think of atm. Thanks!
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