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Found 3 results

  1. This is a paste from my console, I tried figuring it out myself & learned some things about Java to do so. Although in the end I'm too stupid to understand the problem(s). Send help <3 https://pastebin.com/TPwEbve8 I'm running this on Windows 10, 4 GB dedicated to the launcher, 2.5 Ghz (Intel i5) processor & I've a feeling there may be conflicts due to my graphics processor (Intel(R) HD Grapics).
  2. -UPDATE- 8/24/14 0 SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE About A while ago, I noticed that there were a few people looking for a private server to play on due to them not having the ability to host or that their previous server went down. I host a private, whitelisted, survival server that is as vanilla ATB as possible (no fancy spawn rooms or anything, just a big open minecraft world). There are more or less two people on the server (including myself) as of now, and I am willing to invite a few more people, but I want to keep the player count small. The server is similar to the official ATB server in terms of the play style, which is similar to single player but allows for online interactions with a community. Right now there isn't a community but as things progress positively a community will form. Maximum amount of people I am allowing to join will be between 4 to 6 players, note that this won't be the max player count, the max player count will be 10 which I think is good size. Rules As far as rules go, keep the chat clean, do no steal other people's creations, do not destroy each other's creations, pvp is allowed to an extent - you can't go around killing everyone but if two or more people agree that they can attack each other whenever/wherever then thats fine, if they agree to do a type of "battle" to see who is the better, that is fine also. If you break the rules you can be booted off depending on the severity of your actions. Support For in-game support, you are pretty much on your own. Don't ask for help if a creeper explodes something, you die, you are lost, or whatever, because you will not get it. How fun would it be for me or someone else to get interrupted everytime something happens to you? What about when something happens to me, who helps me (hint: no one)? I will only offer support for serious things, such as if you lose (an) item(s)/block(s) due to a server shutdown or lag (rare chance of happenening), or if your creation gets destroyed only by another player. Outside of minecraft, I can be contacted via the technic forums messaging system or if many people request, e-mail. Storage The server runs on a computer with a 1TB hard drive, so its pretty much impossible that disk space would run out. Backups are kept daily, and if anything were to happen (such as the server would have to get shutdown permanently for whatever odd reason), I will offer a download of the entire World. Downtime Downtime is rarely an issue, the server is kept running 24/7. Any type of downtime would be due to the ISP and not the computer that is running the server (the computer is new and has had no history of crashing, I have kept it running for 53 days max without a restart at one point). If downtime is indeed required, such as for updating ATB or restarting the server, it will be scheduled and you will know ahead of time. Updating ATB will probably occur no more than a day after its release. Submission Post if you want to join and a sentence including why. (You do not need to post your minecraft name here, I will message you for it instead rather than you giving it out to the public, I know that bothers some people). If you have any other questions just ask.
  3. Hello everyone, Forgive my terrible grammar throughout this post as it is very late at night and I am very tired so I don't really care about grammar atm. Anyway, because of the update to Minefactory Reloaded I began to wonder how infinite energy can be made without the Steam Turbine. Previously you could hook up an Aqueous Accumulator to the Steam Turbine and this would produce infinite energy. Now, with the new update to MFR the Steam Turbine takes in steam instead of water making this set up useless. So, how would players create an infinite energy set up?
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