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Found 14 results

  1. So I started playing Attack of The B Team and I killed some creatures, but after a while I realized that they weren't saving and I couldn't change back into creatures other then the player. What would cause this and how could I fix this also?
  2. Hey Guys I need some help, My Attack of the B team won't launch, I don't even get a mojang insignia. I downloaded the latest Java version, and that didn't work. I also got a Paste Bin crash report so you guys could look at it. I'd like to know latest by tomorrow because me and my brother wanted to record this tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, here's the crash report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16856945/
  3. Plese uptade flans mod to version with planes. Who thinks thats a good idea write thats a good idea
  4. Nyahcraft Nyahcraft is a brand new Attack of the B Team server looking for friendly players. The server is currently 20 slots, but may increase if needed. The server is up 24/7 with no lag. It is a whitelist server and you will need to apply below to get whitelisted. People whitelisted are expected to follow the rules. If players do not follow the rules they will be banned and will have to talk to me if they want back on the server. IP: mc15.fadehost.com:25735 Rules: - No Griefing - No Stealing - No Random PvP (if you agree to fight that's fine, but don't randomly kill someone for no reason) - Do not ask for priveledges or gamemodes - No chat spam - Respect other players - No racism - No ugly/useless structures (ex: 1x1 towers) - No Cheating or Hacking - Have Fun The goal for this server is to have a small community that gets along and doesn't cause drama. Pranks and shinanagins are encouraged as long as they do not destroy or majorly inconvenience the victim. Application: IGN - Age - Favorite Mod in B Team - What do you like to do in Servers? - Why do you want to join my server? - Skype? (no need to list your skype here, ill pm you) - Favorite Color -
  5. How does one get the taming staff from tropicraft?
  6. My b team will load and the strings of file names will appear on the progress bar above the play button then the whole launcher will disappear, usually the Mojang screen appears but instead the launcher reappears like nothing happened, I have 8GB of RAM on my laptop and 64-bit Java. Also I have the console open and it sends this message when it stops and returns to the launcher; Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0 Any and all help would be appreciated thank you very much for your time.
  7. We are an Attack of the B Team server with knowledgeable and fun staff! Only necessary banned items to keep the server up! We have plugins such as PermissionsEx, Factions, TabColors, WorldEdit and more to come! PVP and Raiding is enabled! Drop parties and random events/mini games are presented by the Staff! Be sure to read the rules when you join! Come join us today, we're waiting!
  8. Here is a modpack i just releaesed it is called crankcraft it has a ton of mods just under 120 mods it is so fun youll get addicted in less than 15 minutes if you enjoy mekanism witchery thaumcraft tinkerers construct simply jetpacks biomes o plenty hardcore ender expansion and a lot more so go ahead and try it out at all you have to do is launch the technic launcher click add new pack paste this link http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/crank and click add modpack then go to my logo and click play and boom your done!
  9. Every time that I leave the Nether my item transport system from project red disappears. The blocks are no longer there after I leave the Nether. I have tried breaking the "block" that I know should be there to see if the chunk would update and it would appear and it won't. the only solution I have been able to find that works is to restart my attack of the B team. IS anyone else having this issue? Anybody have any tips that I could try to see if it works? It may be that I do not currently have ample ram dedicated or something else. I am not sure. thanks for reading all of this! I greatly appreciate any help.
  10. What mod in B-team is the one that spawns ores at all levels? I really want this mod in another modpack, but don't know what it is.
  11. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any cool building designs for this modpack? I have seen loads of videos about buildings in this modpack and wanted to see if anyone else had more.
  12. I recently came here to get helpful admins to develop the server to a playable point. Now, it's ready, but I want some population on it before it's public, nobody likes playing on an empty server! You can either reply to this forum post, or email me at [email protected] your application. Here is the format. Although not necessary, I highly recommend using it. In-game Name: (Ex. carrotmaster69) Skype Name: (Ex. carrotlover34) Most Common role in a faction: (Ex. Miner, Soldier, Farmer, Leader) Servers you have moderated on: (Ex. Youcraft. Although I'm not looking for mods, this is if I get a LOT of applicants) Builds you have completed: (Ex. imgur.com/gallery/S0mEr4nd9mLe1tEr2 ) (NOTE: This is purely for aesthetic construction, such as castles, towns, etc.. Pixel art does NOT count.) Pvp structures you have built: (Ex. imgur.com/gallery/S0mEr4nd9mLe1tEr2 ) (NOTE: This is purely for pvp survival constructions, such as proximity detectors, clever traps, automatic turrets, etc..) Anything else you wish to add: (Ex. I hate carrots.) If I approve you, I will simply respond with the IP. Here are the major server rules: 1: Builds MUST look aesthetically pleasing. No giant boxes of the same materials. 2: No unreasonable disrespect of other players, especially staff. 3: No unreasonable RDMing.
  13. I'm playing Attack of the B Team on my own server, and suddenly it just starts crashing. I really don't know if I did anything wrong, the server just lags the very moment me and my friend get on the server. It gives us a java error indicating that the server crashed, and I checked the console log, and this stands out above all others: 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Tiles Last Tick: 0 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Entities Last Tick: 0 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Loaded Chunks: 0 Active Chunks: 0 Entities: 0 Tile Entities: 0 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Dimension:-127 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Tiles Last Tick: 0 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Entities Last Tick: 0 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Loaded Chunks: 0 Active Chunks: 0 Entities: 0 Tile Entities: 0 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Dimension:21 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Tiles Last Tick: 95 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Entities Last Tick: 34 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Loaded Chunks: 457 Active Chunks: 148 Entities: 110 Tile Entities: 141 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Dimension:0 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING [TPS]: 19.9 Server Tick #1084 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING Last Tick: 1393114532614 Current Time: 1393114569104 Warning: 20000 Timeout: 60000 22.02 16:16:09 [server] WARNING The server is going slow. Last server tick was 36490ms ago I also run my server with a hosting company, but I doubt this is their hosting problem, probably a server problem. Can anyone help? Edit: The server only crashes when people join, aside from that, it runs fine on the console log.
  14. After using the Attack of the B-Team modpack for a few days, it asked me to update, I clicked yes, but it came up with an error saying it couldn't delete chicken code (essentially) I figured I wouldn't update it. now every time I try and play without updating, it loads the files, then NOTHING. No windows open, no windows close, nothing.
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