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Found 12 results

  1. I have an issue installing a modpack called Mythic [Kinetic]. Basically, I used to be able to install this modpack and play on it whenever I wanted to. Recently, I wasn't able to do so. Whenever I try to click install nothing seems to download. No mods, no configs, nothin'. Afterwards waiting for a minute or two I get the message "An error was raised while attempting to read pack info for modpack kinetic-mythic-modpack, build 4.0.3d; Read timed out. I would look if there were any logs for any problems but nothing shows up since nothin' is being downloaded. I would delete the pack and reinstall it but the same issue occurs. I even tried factory resetting my laptop to see if my laptop was the issue, but the same problem keeps appearing time and time again. So can anyone please help me figure out what's goin' on please? thank you
  2. I tryed to log into the technic platform using my minecraft acc but it didnt work so i thougth maybe the technic acc would worck but no as well so i thugth that maybe bcuz i have my minecraft acc migrated to Mojang i could not conect but idk. so iff someone can help me with this id apreciate.
  3. So, the other day I loaded up Blightfall through the launcher. Business as usual. When I entered my file, I was on the Jaded with no items in my inventory. Not a one. I had two satchels, several foci...a lot of stuff. And it was all gone. Stuff stored in chests and the like was still there, but any inventory items were completely gone. Logs will come soon...I've been having some trouble with Pastebin. Having trouble pasting this stuff in general, actually...but until then, any ideas?
  4. Ok so, I have Mincraft Std install and fully working I'm Running an Intell HD 3000 Chip GPU Caps reports OpenGL as: OpenGL 3.1 (Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 with 130 ext.) Intell Do not provide windows 10 drivers for my Card but i am running the latest 8.1 X64 drivers for my card and normall Minecraft from Mojang's launcher runs fine so this should can't be a driver issue it's something going wrong in starting any mod-pack versions of minecraft
  5. when i try to load any modpacks the launcher just downloads some stuff and then colses and a second later it reopens log: http://pastebin.com/kPWw1QXc
  6. Hello everyone, in the last days I started to play the Blightfall modpack. Everything went well but on one day it won't load my world anymore. When I choose it, it returns back to the main menu or to the world selection. I've given this modpack 3,5 gb RAM (my laptop has a total of 4 gb RAM) and also update ALL of my drivers but nothing helped. So could anyone tell me whats the problem? Or is the laptop just too bad for the pack? But I can't explain why it worked at the beginning. Generate a new world is also impossible. Same as choosing my world. I hope I'll get an answer because this modpack is AWESOME
  7. I installed the game, and where it's supposed to say "Play" it says "Install". I have Installed it and deleted it many times, and it just says the same thing... Is anyone else having this problem? Please, if you have an answer tell me. - Dreaming_Deer
  8. Hello, I recently came into an issue where whenever I apply a direct link to my modpack's .zip file and click "Update Modpack" on the platform, the page sits there for a minute then returns a page error (Application Error). My link works perfectly and the .zip has no unuseable files inside of it so I'm puzzled on what is wrong with the site or my pack. Also, whenever I use a non-direct link through copy.com, it enters perfectly fine and the site returns to the pack editor (but doesnt allow the launcher to download the pack, as I figured). This has never happened before and I use copy.com to host all of my packs on the platform. The link seems to be entering but the site ends up crashing. Any Ideas? Download Link Im using: https://copy.com/rzY9QFuc36NaV0te?download=1 Pack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/hollow-nightmare.592152
  9. In a creative map, I've build some mob-farming boxes, based on MFR Autospawner / Grinder, and ME network. But today, I find myself exposed to an incomprehensible problem : Grinders do not harvest all items. Only 3 or 4% of items are harvested, the rest remains on the floor. This is not my first attempt at mob-farm building, and I've never had this problem before. I even built another mob-farm almost identical to a neighboring chunk (on the same map), and it perfectly harvest all items. My design : box 10x6x10 (inner) 4 Grinder, 1 Autospawner 2 ME Network : 1 manage safari net (inject/remove to Autospawner), the other manage mob-essence and store the loot 1 Creative enregy cell All fit in the same chunk It's a flat world (redstone ready) There is a vanilla chest behind each grinders, which interfaces with the ME network. Except for harvesting items, everything works perfectly. Even so, I would have been wrong in the management of two ME networks, the items should still be harvested and stored in vanilla chests... I made all kinds of changes (height of grinder, energy/fluid connections, import/export bus, blocks...). Also, I try to restart the game/launcher, which finaly did not change anything I'm running out of ideas. Does anyone ever had to deal with grinders who botch their work in this way? I just noticed that there was an update of Technic plateform and launcher. It is that it took place between the two building (before the contruction of the farm that is malfunctioning, and after the other who works well). Does this update may be the cause?
  10. So I've got a reactor setup under my base- way under. The idea was to set up the reactors safely enough away that if -anything- borked up the base would survive on battery power. But when I exited the underground bit and did a test, I ran into a rather disturbing problem. I'm losing about 15% of all my power generated simply by trying to run through ONE seal wire? JUST ONE? The 8571 is on the right, the 10000 on the left. I thought TE was supposed to be lossless- how do I get around this? Is there an alternative? Something I can configure?
  11. Whenever I try to launch any modpack, it takes forever. It says (in the loading bar) that it's verifying stuff. I know it works because I waited like like ten minutes and it finally launched. Anyone have any help? My computer is by no means slow, but I'll still post specs here. Processor 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB Serial Number C02HM59SDRVC Software OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)
  12. I push and hold the circumflex key and nothing happens. No wheel comes up nothing. Plz tell me what is wrong thanks.
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