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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, After a few hours of playing I experienced a huge TPS lag on my two player server. If I try to break a block, it appears again... The TPS is usually 0,48... And even the server stopping takes ages... However in the nether, or even farer from my house everything is okay. How can I debug what block/entity/mod causes this? My PC is strong enough (I gave it 2-10 GB of RAM) and my Java 8 is 64 bits. Thanks!
  2. So I've been running a tekkit classic server for some good months with my friends on a laptop, and It's been running surprisingly good, both fps and performancewise.This has been until the point where we've built a large automatic cobblestone factory (it is the largest and most complex of our structures until now, and we've been trying to do everything) and since that, the chunk in which the factory is located began to lag increasingly after a while (It ran good for a time), and at the moment it lags horribly, making it unplayable.Naturally I wouldn't worry a lot but this one chunk is next to the server city, and we can't even mine in it. My specs are AMD A8- 6410 Radeon r5 graphics, two video cards, AMD Radeon r5 and r5 m330 respectively, and a total of 4 gigs of ram. The server setup is java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui pause Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  3. Hello guys, I wanted to use an ender thermic pump to grab some lava from the nether but the following bug appeared: When I completed my setup (pump,4 redstone engine, endertank, fluiduct) and then close or minimize the game the whole chunk the pump was standing is clear again. Would be glad about advice....
  4. So, I am playing in an AotBT server, and one of the guys spawned in a Tropicraft Portal. Bad thing, she did it near to my house, and it turned all the chunk in an indestruvtible one, like the one at spawn. So, now, I can't use any of my items or destroy stuff in my own house. How do I solve this? Is there a way to destroy the portal? Can the admin solve this? Am I screwed?
  5. So I'm the admin on a b-team server, and i was building a wicked spawn. All of the sudden apparently the chunk is broken and now i've lost the perfect area and all of my build progress. In one part of the chunk there is purple pixels (that look like the ones around a nether portal) which even shows on the map! Whenever i attempt to re-enter the area, the server crashes. I need to know how to fix this, as the server memory isn't large enough to search for a new area, plus i don't want to lose all of that progress! Please, if anyone knows how to fix this problem, you'd make my month! Thanks!
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