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Found 21 results

  1. Hi! Me and my friends started a server for 2 months ago, one of my friend is the host and we disabled the dolphins spawning in the server config files (Mo'Creatures).However,now they started to spwan on one specific place (at my friend's house) and they make lagging the server if we are on the nearby and make us dropping out from the server,we couldn't realy find any commands that would help us to kill those buggers,(we're on 1.7.10) and tried the" /cofh killall [entity] " command,(CoFH mod) but this is only kills the hostile mobs, and the only solution what we can do is take out the Mo'Creatures mod what I realy don't want,so please if someone know what can we do then please reply to this topic !!! THX!!!
  2. Hi, I'd like to know how I can change the terminal width and size via the ComputerCraft config for my Tekkit Classic server. I've tried changing terminal_width and terminal_height, but they only seem to work on singleplayer and if I edit them on the server's config, nobody is affected. Here is my config... #MLProperties: name (type:default) min:max -- information #MLProp : computerBlockID (int:207) #MLProp : diskDriveBlockID (int:208) #MLProp : diskItemID (int:4000) #MLProp : diskDriveGUIID (int:100) #MLProp : enableAPI_http (int:0) #MLProp : modem_range (int:64) #MLProp : modem_rangeDuringStorm (int:1) # #Fri Jul 22 00:59:10 CEST 2016 terminal_width=100 terminal_textColour_g=255 modem_rangeDuringStorm=16 computerBlockID=207 diskItemID=4000 diskDriveBlockID=208 enableAPI_http=1 terminal_textColour_b=0 checksum=440 terminal_textColour_r=0 modem_range=64 diskDriveGUIID=100 terminal_height=36 What do I do? As you can see I've set terminal_height and terminal_width to twice the default, however, only the HTTP API setting seems to actually change something in this config file. I'm quite stumped here, my singleplayer configuration has no effect on servers too! If possible, I'd like to make the default text colour green as well, to make the ComputerCraft terminals on my server look like the RedPower computers.
  3. The microblocks.cfg for Blightfall has a simple typo that prevents Underground Biomes Constructs stone brick blocks from being used with saws in microblock recipes. The bugged line is numbered 11 and reads: "UndergroundBiomes:metamorphicStoneBricks":0-15 Using NEI to dump blocks.csv the relevant id for UBC stone brick is: "UndergroundBiomes:metamorphicStoneBrick" Removing the s fixes the problem. The problem is identical in the igneous rock entry as well.
  4. I've made a pack where I'm having an issue with Aquatic Abyss. The mobs - sea serpent, sea horses and swordfish - are not spawning in the ocean biomes or in any water blocks in general. I'm only seeing the small fishies, in both creative and survival mode. I got JAS, Just Another Spawner, to help me with this but I'm just a complete idiot when it comes to configs. If anyone can or feel like helping I'll put the download link here: [modpack broke] If you can fix or point out my dumb issue, I'll gladly credit you in my pack. Users who are credited in a pack made by a forum mod are rumoured, nay destined!, for great things. You might become more attractive to the opposite sex! (or same sex, if you swing that way). So being credited in a pack made for modded lego is your ticket to fame. Don't hesitate. Just to repeat my issues: 1) Aquatic Abyss is not spawning sea serpent, sea horses, swordfish and a few other small fishies in the overworld 2) the mod seems to spawn the smaller fish in the Twilight Forest. I'd like that dimension/biome to be blacklisted from Aquatic Abyss. 3) those stupid squids, I'd like their spawn rate considerably toned down in favour of Aquatic Abyss's mobs. Please do not recommend CustomMobSpawner by DrZhark. I've tried it for 3 days until I found in his forum that it doesn't play along with other mods well.
  5. Hi, I hate to be rude, and I have a download problem Recently I've been trying to download ATOTB-T, but it's saying that one of the files, sepcifically the CodeChickenLab file is not deleting. Is that normal? and if so, what is the solution.
  6. Clearing taint with my airship over Obelisk Island and flew a little too high. When assembled ship (pressed '/') top half had disappeared, including dawn machine, pipes, ward jars, chest full of ward jars, and, most importantly, the ship's helm so I can't even move the ship to get my stuff back. Error = 'height limit for building is 256 blocks' so need to try alter config file, but just can't find the one I am looking for in appdata/technic/mods/blighfall - any help? or have I lost all my jars of auram and dawn machine
  7. Hi all, First up, I'm a full blown Tekkit n00b so bear with me if I'm asking the bleeding obvious. We've been grinding away at our first Tekkit world and seem to be going alright but have hit a wall with copper, silver and tin ore. We have had three mining turtles going from level 70 down to bedrock 8 x 8 squares (basic excavate) without any luck as well as manual mining. However we have found quantum dust and ... I suspect it's a config issue but when digging around (no pun) I discovered that the various Tekkit mods have the potential to trip over each other when it comes to spawning various ores. So, I found a couple of mod configs that include ores, Calclavia is one example and I think there are more. I also found these in the ForgeModLoader log Line 4430: 2015-06-08 19:16:52 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Basic Components: Successfully requested item: ingotCopper Line 4434: 2015-06-08 19:16:52 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Basic Components: Successfully requested block: oreCopper Line 4450: 2015-06-08 19:16:52 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Basic Components: Successfully requested item: plateCopper Which looks good to me but being a n00b it's hard to tell. So, my questions.... Is there a specific biome for copper? What is the correct mod config to check to make sure the ore is actually switched on? Anything else I'm missing? Any help appreciated! Cheers T0rmania = n00b
  8. I have been attempting to make changes to configuration files (namely minechem 2, arsmagica 2, and openblocks) and while i can find and edit the config files, it appears to have no effect in game. This is affecting all of the configuration files and is really pretty annoying. The game seems to be functioning normally aside from this, and this occurs without fail everytime I attempt to edit config file. The way I have been accessing the config files is by going to the modpack under the .technic file in my computer, opening the modpack I am trying to edit config files from, opening the config files folder, finding the config files, and then editing it with notepad. I have tried this on both a third party pack and TPPI, to no avail. Please help?
  9. I made a modpack and everything is working fine and loading properly expect that ore spawn rates are all messed up, since i started playing my mod pack i have not seen 1 iron or lapis ore block. I installed an additional mod which you can configure the ore spawn rates but that didn't seem to help either, i'm not sure if the ore spawns are being disables by another mod. Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/this-is-a-quickiee.532077
  10. How do I configure the mods in my custom modpack if I am not allowed to put configs into the config folder? Please help?
  11. HI ! This is under Linux Hexxit2.0.1c server side config. Hope useful Config for Linux Download
  12. I'm trying to blacklist strongboxes to eliminate the item duplication glitch, but every time I change the file, it seems to blank out the entry when I start the server. drawbridge { # Add block or item IDs that should not be placed from the drawbridge S:"Drawbridge Blacklist" < > } I'm changing that to read drawbridge { # Add block or item IDs that should not be placed from the drawbridge S:"Drawbridge Blacklist" < 1970:1 1970:2 1970:3 1970:4 > } But it won't take. What stupid mistake am I making? Is that the wrong way to express the list of blocks? if so, what's the right one?
  13. My modpack will not run its mods. I attempted to local test the modpack to get the config files, The modpack was vannila and it didn't generate any config files. I am using Copy.com to hold my modpack, Is the modpack not being downloaded from the site? Please help, Thanks. Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/guildscorn.403479
  14. So I'm trying to do a big project in ComputerCraft, and I wanted to change the distance that modems operate on(and the terminal text color, less important, still fun), here's what I'd like the file to look like: #MLProperties: name (type:default) min:max -- information #MLProp : computerBlockID (int:207) #MLProp : diskDriveBlockID (int:208) #MLProp : diskItemID (int:4000) #MLProp : enableAPI_http (int:0) #MLProp : terminal_width (int:50) #MLProp : terminal_height (int:18) #MLProp : terminal_textColour_r (int:0) #MLProp : terminal_textColour_g (int:255) #MLProp : terminal_textColour_b (int:0) #MLProp : modem_range (int:512) #MLProp : modem_rangeDuringStorm (int:512) # #Tue Jun 03 21:10:24 EDT 2014 terminal_width=50 terminal_textColour_g=255 modem_rangeDuringStorm=512 computerBlockID=207 diskItemID=4000 diskDriveBlockID=208 enableAPI_http=0 terminal_textColour_b=0 checksum=440 terminal_textColour_r=0 modem_range=512 diskDriveGUIID=100 terminal_height=18 However, each time I open my tekkit installation through the launcher it reverts it back to the following: #MLProperties: name (type:default) min:max -- information #MLProp : computerBlockID (int:207) #MLProp : diskDriveBlockID (int:208) #MLProp : diskItemID (int:4000) #MLProp : enableAPI_http (int:0) #MLProp : terminal_width (int:50) #MLProp : terminal_height (int:18) #MLProp : terminal_textColour_r (int:255) #MLProp : terminal_textColour_g (int:255) #MLProp : terminal_textColour_b (int:255) #MLProp : modem_range (int:64) #MLProp : modem_rangeDuringStorm (int:16) # #Tue Jun 03 21:10:24 EDT 2014 terminal_width=50 terminal_textColour_g=255 modem_rangeDuringStorm=512 computerBlockID=207 diskItemID=4000 diskDriveBlockID=208 enableAPI_http=0 terminal_textColour_b=0 checksum=440 terminal_textColour_r=0 modem_range=512 diskDriveGUIID=100 terminal_height=18 Any help is greatly appreciated, I would prefer not to have to start all over with updated mods and such.
  15. TreeCaitator and FoodPlus mod! I know I'm not the only one to get spoiled by TreeCapitator and hate chopping down trees the "old fashioned" way. I've been playing Attack of the B-Team since it has came out and I'm in love w/ all the mods, but one that it doesn't have is TreeCapitator. But I completely forgot to post this back then, if you would like to add the FoodPlus mod trees to the config just add this into your TreeCapitator Config: Enjoy!
  16. For a while, I've been bothered by incorrect item/block names in NEI (not a bug, but just stuff not properly identified in the 'en_US.lang' file, I believe). For example: in Natura, the Blaze Hopper from the most recent Tekkit version (1.2.8e at the moment) shows up in-game as 'tile.nether.hopper.name'. I'm currently in the process of trying to make some additions to the 'en_US.lang' file, because it just keeps bugging me when things don't properly identify in NEI or WAILA. BUT... while looking up item IDs in Natura, I came across the Flint and Blaze. The in-game ID is 12715 (I can 'give' myself that item in Creative) and yet the ID in the config is 12459. Guess I've never needed to know this before, but how does that happen? What's going on? Ultimately, that may not even affect what I'm trying to do, as it appears the .lang files only create 'nicknames' for the underlying block/item identifiers, so IDs aren't important for what I'm trying to do. I just was completely befuddled that an ID number could change like that. I might have thought that somehow another mod was automatically correcting an ID conflict, but there appears to be no other item in-game with and ID of 12459... so there's no reason for it to have been changed. Am I just losing my mind?
  17. What change is made so ores spawn so frequently? Specifically, what can I do to make this happen in other modpacks? I've heard it was a config file, so for what mod and config file is it? As well, what changes do I make (and how do I make them) so that it will happen in other modpacks with said mod? Thanks!
  18. print "Hello World!" Come check out my "Minecraft: Attack of The B-Team" series and other Minecraft videos! *If you need HELP with a mod, let me know and I will make a video with instructions to help. MOST RECENT EPISODE: Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team EP 4 - What Big Chests you have! http://youtu.be/tZ-z3PgBmzI OTHER EPISODES: Minecraft:Attack of the B-Team EP 2 - Carpenter's Job Minecraft:Attack of the B-Team EP 3 - I'm on FIRE! x2 I'm a Nerd, Techie, and Gamer and love uploading Minecraft game play videos on YouTube. In a nutshell I'm a Nerd. SOCIAL LINKS: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kimchinchicken Google+ http://plus.google.c...893308275338196 Twitter http://twitter.com/kimchiNchicken YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/kimchiNchicken Want to be partnered with an amazing network? APPLY here http://bit.ly/1o9LwXJ to join FULLSCREEN ###Upload Schedule### Sunday: [Planning] Monday: App-Aid[Helpful Apps(Tools, Games &amp; Others) to get you through the week] Tuesday: Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team[um...Minecraft with mods] Wednesday: Flash Wednesdays[Embrace hump day with a Fun Flash Game] Thursday: Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team[um...Minecraft with mods] Friday: Indie Game Night[indie Game Spotlight. Do you even WASD?] Saturday: Minecraft Mod Review[Duh a Minecraft Mod Review] Yottaday: Eighth day of the week! I would call it Yottaday. Do you know why? P.S. - Motherboards Rock
  19. Hey guys I could use some help with my config files. First off in the fossil and archaeology mod, I was trying to turn off the block breaking effect that the T-Rex and brontosaurus have but I haven't had any success. Here is a copy on that file: general { B:BrachiosaurBreaksBlocks=false B:DinosaursGrow=true B:DinosaursHunger=true B:SpawnAcademy=true B:SpawnAnu=true B:SpawnShipwrekcs=true B:SpawnWeaponShop=true B:TRexBreaksBlocks=false I have reloaded that mod-pack after tweaking it and the dinos still break the blocks. Any advice? The next issue is with the tropicrafts mod. Im trying to white-list myself and a friend to be able to use the coconut bombs but still no luck: # Message that will be displayed when someone without permission tries to use a coconut bomb S:cocoBombWarning=You do not have permission to use coconut bombs Check the coconut bomb whitelist in the Tropicraft config file! # List of users who can use coconut bombs. S:coconutBombWhitelist=Ram_Whitehearth KaroniSigara Not sure why its not working but I could really use some help. Thanks for your time, Ram
  20. The server has been working for about 2 days. I think it may have been the Open Blocks radio, I was adding some stations in from the config file. Crash Report:
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