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Found 12 results

  1. I think they should someday add levers that don't jump out of the place when water block hits it. It could be crafted with one normal lever and one pipe sealant. (Pipe Sealants are used to make waterproof transport pipes, so it would make sense if it would be used in the crafting recipe of waterproof lever) This is just my weird idea that I got at midnight, please ignore :-D
  2. When I try to craft a item in tekkit, It sometimes doesnt work, I can put in the materials, but It shows nothing on the part where the result item should appear.
  3. Server Name:Shad0wCraft Server Crafting Dead Version:1.8.1 Server Slots:100 Thank you for checking out the server, we hope to see you there!
  4. KreatorB


    Hellp, was wondering if anyone know why it is when I play attack of the B-Team 1.64 in a single play world I can get the crafting reciepes by searching and clicking on the item. when I enter my server in localhost I can not get those reciepes. it says in the lower left of the screen you do not have that command . Help me figure this out please! Thank K
  5. meeskati

    need help with crafting

    i need help crafting marble bricks in the fellowship modpack
  6. MC Destruction PVP | Crafting dead | PVP | Balanced We are under the 1.8.0 Crafting dead mod. You can find the mod at this platform link And simply install it and connect to our server and join the fun ServerIP :
  7. I am compiling a modpack, and I was just wondering where the crafting recipes for mods are located. I'm assuming they are within the executable java/.zip folder, but where are they typically located from there?
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to add GLSL Shaders to The Crafting Dead cure! Problem I have is I can not find a link for 1.5.2 for the mod and if I do it says It needs Mod loader and then my game will crash I am able to add mods to crafting dead I just need a download or help to install GLSL shaders to the modpack. Thanks for taking your time to read this!
  9. I am currently constructing a new Crafting Dead Server but i need some or mayor help. What im looking for: One of the following Options 1) A completed map suitable for crafting dead server. 2) A near completed map suitable for crafting dead server. 3) A map maker looking for a server to build there map on. Or Finish there map on. (You can hire your own team freely) 4) A team to build me a map. (You will be permanently Benefited on this server) 5) Fill in the form below to be able to build an island or buildings or citys or airfields ect Name: (Your Exact IGN) Age: (Your age) Maturity: (Your honest level of Maturity (This wont effect your app)) How long you have been playing Minecraft: (Days - Months - Years) Your EXP in Minecraft: (Surviving or building stuff ect anything) Links to projects you have been in: (If Any) Images of any and all creations you have built: (Post on Tinyurl or any other image hosting site) Why I should allow you to build the map with others: Why i should trust your not going to grief all the work: Server EXP: Wanted: 1) A Custom Built Large Island Suitable For Villages, Citys, Random Houses, Airfield and Other MISC Stuff 2) Multiple Small and Large Citys 3) Airfield 4) Houses 5) Villages 6) Any suggested Stuff And A Spawn! Add any other pre questions you wish to pre answer not listed here!
  10. My and my boy are trying to make a big dig server using the server files provided, and a Hamachi network for the ip, when we launched the server we were able to play, but when we tried to craft/place mod items we remove it from the crafting table or place it. However this was only an issue for Mod-related items, items form vanilla Minecraft still worked and were completely functional. I know for a fact that it is a server related issue because when I launched a single player world crafting and everything still worked.Is there any way to fix this? Please help (above I meant to say that we couldn't remove or place the mod-related items, but we can for vanilla Minecraft items)
  11. So I have a few issues and topics I would like to discuss about this Mod Pack. Area protection bypass- So start I was curios if there is anyone out there in the interwebs whom have found or came up with a some kind of solution. My staff and I have an issue with keeping morphs out of our spawn. Some of the morphs bypass the protection. I have tried banning these mobs but its hasn't seemed to work. Is there some sort of mod, protection, or command block code I could use? Crafting issues ive been having- A few of my players are having issues creating this item "Illumar " Banned Item- I have banned the master staff but players are still able to get the item by pressing Z and use these greifing dirty little minions. How would I prevent this from happening? Plugging ideas- Curious if there is a plugging out there were I could search my worlds for any selected item and find the location of it. *hints banned items that could crash the server" I know this is a bit much to read. Thanks guys! Following picture is the Illumar crafting issue one of my players posted on my forums. Here is a small list of the important Plugins I use [[Essentials and all the variants, group manger, Grief Prevention, Grief log, World Gaurd, World Edit, Hidestream, server spy, Simple announcer, World Boarder, Clear lag, and ban item]]
  12. Berethain

    Crafting Panel Bug?

    Ok so I just started an Attack of the B-Team server for myself and some friends. Everything seems to be working fine, but when I try to see the recipes of most non-vanilla items I get some gibberish text. Please help, none of the friends on my server have this problem.