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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the Planetary dimensions modpack for the Technic Launcher. In this modpack the object is to explore and conquer all of the dimensions and become the multiverse king. You will find that everything is not as easy as it seems because quite a few dimensions have some pretty tough bosses. Even the original 3 have been revamped an contain more things to conquer now like new biomes dungeons and even bosses! You can even create your own dimensions with the rftools dimensions mod. Becoming the king of the galaxy by conquering the vast expanse of space is another thing on the to do list with the advanced rocketry and futurepack mods. Conquer all dimensions and space and become the Emperor of the Universe. Or just explore the new overworld with new biomes, dungeons, mobs and more! If you like any of these things than this mod is definitely for you. I hope you enjoy! ** mod list: Ad Infernos Ad Hooks Advanced Rocketry Aroma1997Core Aroma1997s-Dimensional-World backpacks BattleTowers-mod BiomesOPlenty Buildcraft compatlayer Damage indicators DungeonDQ ForgeEndertech FuturePack Just enough items (jei) LibVulpes Lycanites mobs Malisis Blocks Malisis core Malisis doors mcjtylib missing_pieces Mob Mash MrCrayfish Furniture multistorage NetherEX Pam's HarvestCraft Patty'sMoreStuff RebornCore RFtools RFtools dimensions shetiphiancore Simple_Void_World terraqueous The Star Wars Mod (in Alpha 2) Think Big core tombstone mod Trapcraft Mod Traverse TreeCapitator Mod Vanilla Builders Extension Waila Welcome to the Jungle Xaeros Minimap *** newly added: Lycanites mobs Buildcraft MalisisDoors MalisisCore MalisisBlocks **coming soon: Simple Dimensions (more as I see fit to add them)** *** Deleted mods: mowzies mobs (until issue with crashing is resolved)** Link to modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/planetary-dimensions-modpack.1090435 looking for mod makers who want to work with me. pm me if you are interested Also looking for testers for new versions. Again pm if interested
  2. hey guys i recently made an modpack just to play with friends, and everything runs and stuff but the fps is still very low and i already gave it more RAM so can annybody look at it and give me some tips or help to make it run smoother? http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/waffleschnitzelcraft
  3. Outside of the portal to the deep dark, I don't see anyone sane person keeping this much cobble around. Here are some fun facts about the highest compression Extra Utilities gives us. 1 Octuple Compressed Cobblestone is 43,046,721 regular cobblestone. A DSU can hold 2 billion blocks of a single type. If one Minecraft block's area is considered to be 1 square meter, one would need to fill 70 DSUs with Octuple Compressed Cobblestone to equal the volume of Pluto. (~ Credit FTB Wki) Who is crazy enough to fill 70 DSUs with Octuple Compressed Cobblestone in survival?
  4. So promised land spawns pixies with no limit, making a lag-tastic time of things. First, how can I turn pixies off in the promised land? and second, is it going to be fixed or has been fixed in update? I have a feeling Kal will answer this lol -DEL
  5. I am needing help with starting in the Big Dig modpack. I'm not exactly a noob when it comes to these technical modpacks, I've played a good deal of Tekkit and other packs, but I've never really reached the high-tier section of the game. I am having trouble deciding where to start, there is so much I could do. I've done some basic mining, got a pulverizer and powered furnace from TE powered by three steam engines and an aqueous accumulator, and I'm currently working on building a small castle-like building to set-up shop in. What is the next best way I can generate power with? I don't like having to blow a ton of coal with the engines, but it seems to me that my next option (magmatic engines?) would require a bit more work to get started. I know that resource gathering isn't a problem in Big Dig, but there's just so many resources, I tend to get lost amongst the ores, engines, machines, pipes, cables, tanks, farms, etc... I also don't know what my goals should be at this point. Should I set up a charcoal factory for my engines using a MFR tree farm? Should I start working on biofuel for some biogas engines? Should I get into bees? Do I even need a quarry this early? What mod is the best choice for ore processing? When do I need to start an AE storage system? Would Magical Crops be helpful to me this early? What are the uses of Mekanism? Should I attempt to use Tinkerers Construct? Are there other mods that can help me that I don't even know about? I read on the forums about some universal solar power in Big Dig, are those a viable option? Modular Powersuits...? While I have many ideas, I can't start many of them until I am more established. I'm completely lost. There is a rather pathetic amount of information on the Big Dig wiki. I myself would try contributing to it, but I'm far too novice at the moment. Maybe I'm just too impatient. I'm basically asking for a guide to help with moving on after the initial world start-up. Thanks! P.S. I apologize for the noobish ranting, but I am in great need of somebody to point me in the right direction.
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