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Found 7 results

  1. I really need help!!!! I have a custom modpack and a friend got a host on mcprohosting and got the ftp access etc and we really want a server with plugins. I know how to do a normal forge server but I cannot find any working versions of cauldron 1.7.10 etc I've found some but they don't work. Does anyone have any working tested modded plugin server files and jars. Any help would be amazing thanks!
  2. I started a huge custom modpack full of tech and magic. I am running a custom whitelisted server using this pack. This has a ton of magic, tech, and adventure. Aside from the usual Botania, Blood magic, and Thermal Expansion, this pack includes all of Reikas mods (IE Rotarycraft, Reactorcraft, Electricraft, and Chromaticraft + others) and also includes IC2. If you want to be whitelisted, apply on the site. I usually get you whitelisted quickly. http://eastgatemoddedserver.enjin.com/ Modlist: Advanced Solar Panels Ae2Stuff AgriCraf Ars Magica 2 Aroma Mining Dimension Another One Bites The Dust AE 2 Avaritia Better FPS BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Big Reactors Binnie Mods Blood Magic Botania Buildcraft Buildcraft Compact Carpenters Blocks Chicken Chunks Chisel 2 ChocoCraft Chocolates Quest ChromatiCraft Compact Storage ComputerCraft Cosmetic Armor Critter Pet Custom Mob Spawner Cyan Warrior Swords Mod Decocraft Dense Ores Dragon Mounts Dr Zharks Mo' Creatures ElectriCraft Enchanting Plus EnderCore Ender IO Ender Storage Ender Tech Ender Zoo Enhanced Portals Expanded Restone Extra Biomes XL Extra Cells Extra TiC Extra Utilities Fastcraft Fast Leaf Decay Forbidden Magic Forestry Fossils Archeology Revival Funky Locomotion Galacticraft Gendustry GeoStrata GraviSuite Hats Hat Stands Headcrumbs IC2 Nuclear Control Immersive Engineering IC2 InfiniBows Inventory Tweaks Iron Chest Jabba Journey Map JurassiCraft Level Up Mod Logistics Pipes Magic Bees Magical Crops Meteors MineFactory Reloaded Morph More Swords Mod Natura NEI Nether Ores Open Blocks Optifine Plant Mega Pack Portal Gun Practicalities Primitive Mobs Project Red Railcraft ReactorCraft Redstone Arsenal RFTools RotaryCraft Simply Jetpacks Solar Expansion Basic Sound Filters Springboards Stefinus Guns Steves Carts Steves Factory Manager Steves Workshop Storage Drawers Tinkers Construct Thaumcraft Thaumic Energistics Thaumic Exploration Thaumic Tinkerer Thermal Dynamics Thermal Expansion Thermal Foundation TMechworks Translocator Twilight Forest Void Monster Waila Waila Harvestability Witchery WR-CBE Xeno's Reliquary
  3. About us Craftnoids is a mature gaming community that has been around for nearly three years. We started as a mature Tekkit server then during the 1.3 update we started to make our own custom mod pack. Minecraft is certainly at the heart of the community however to do also play other games together which are coop focused. Community Rules 1. Be nice to your fellow community members. 2. Listen to the Moderators and Administrators. 3. Do not advertise other services without permission. Minecraft Server Rules 1. Be Nice!!! (No stealing, griefing, pranks or killing other players). 2. Do not build within render distance of spawn or another player. 3. Do not mine under spawn or another players property. 4. Listen to the server Admins. Our Current Server: Craftnoids Fundamentals (1.7.10) After years of creating modpack with every in it, including a kitchen sink, we have taken a radical approach with the Fundamentals mod pack. We tried to create a mod pack that contained a lot of content, but that only uses the minimum number of mods. We primarily focused on not supplying duplicated content and extending the nature charm of minecraft. When loaded, it only has 36 mods, and only 13 of them are actually supplying content. Having played on the server I don't think you don't notice any lack of content. Mods in Pack... The Server is set to Hard Mode and is using an aplified seed. What we're looking for... Currently looking for all manner of members, new to minecraft; our server is perfect for you. Played minecraft for years, most of our senior members are in the same boat. Craftnoids is best suited for the mature gamer(+25) who enjoys voxel and crafting based games, someone who wants to join a community who is focused on cooperative gameplay and couldn't really give a **** how many 'noobz' you 'pawned' in some generic FPS thats a rip off of Battlefield 1942. Application Form Want to join? Fill in all the fields below. I recommend putting some effort into your answers as it will radical improve your chances of getting in. We're not looking for players who can't be arsed. IGN: Age: Country: Reason or Reasons for wanting to join: Your mod experience: Do you have a Mic: Are you willing to use Teamspeak or Vent: What other games do you play? Marmite; love it or hate it? Random fact about yours? How many roads must a man walk down? Would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse or a hundred horses the size you ducks? Any Comments? Example of a Good application.... You will be notified by private message with details on how to proceed if your application is success. You will also be notified is your application is unsuccessful.
  4. I use idfixminus to configure the id's on both my server and my modpack. my modpack works fine, with no ID conflicts, but when i try and join the server, i get a long list of ID errors that means i can't join. I can find the idfix.txt on my server, but not on my modpack. i don't know how to write one, what do i do?
  5. Hey guys i was thinking of geting a bunch of people to play on a custom server and have custom modes.We would have a whitelist and would recruit people if they are worthy, But i need help if you are interested in doing this then please comment below.
  6. ~~~INTRO~~~ Ok I’ll be blunt here, I’m not good at intros but I’ll try my best. After about 2 months of hard work and reloading worlds to find a spawn point I like, I settled on one and made a nice little Spawn town that will always be growing with more to do in it. It’s a community based server mostly PvE (player vs the world for those who don't know) though PvP is ok as long as you don't loot the grave and give the other player a chance to get back to it (10-15 min sounds fair to me). I am always looking for input and ideas for quests and buildings and other stuff to put in spawn as well, so feel free to post on the Facebook page or here on the forum. ~~~RULES~~~ Ok this section should be basics but i'll put it anyhow • Respect EVERYONE (even the NPCs lol jk), some people have it rough so don't make it worse. • Sexist, Racist or just plain rudeness will not be tolerated and will be ban ASAP. • NO hacks, glitching , cheating, greifing, duplicating, or all around abusing bugs (I know a lot of them). • Staff have final word, if there is a problem come to a staff member to solve it before making a bigger problem. • One Quarry per full time player (I don’t need a lot of chunks being held active for players who play once a month) • Streaming and YouTube videos are welcome, message an owner and we can even help out a bit if asked • Finally don't beg for staff or promotions, you earn or donate for a rank ~~~STAFF APP~~~ Just because I said staff rank is earned doesn’t mean you can’t still apply for it. In fact it’s part of earning the staff rank, so basically fill out the app down below and send it on Facebook, email or even in a message on here for me. They all get saved for backup and looked over. I am always looking for builders to help with spawn and people familiar with the mods that are on the server. Other roles are open as well, there is also a special house in spawn for staff members and soon maybe even a world if all works out. Position applying for: In game name: Age: How long have you been on the server: Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph): Experience (details): Contact info: Dedicated time: What you can bring: Proof of work: ~~~SERVER SPECS~~~ I’m not running some 5 star BnB here (bad joke i know) but here is the info on the server as donations and real life work picks up the server is planned to be upgraded more and more SERVER HOST: HostHord (I find them to be good at what they do) Up Time: 99% (there is always stuff you can’t see or when updating the mod pack) MEMORY: currently 2G and can fit 50 players at one time hoping to upgrade to unlimited pack though) ~~~MODS~~~ It’s my favourite part about a post, I get to tell you about all the mods I have on the server =^~^= MCPC+ (forge and bukkit jar, it can be a real pain in the butt tho) Buildcraft Ender IO Applied Energetics Thaumcraft 4.1 + addons (forbidden magic and Advanced Thaumaturgy) Naturia Tinkers Construct Mine factory Reloaded Nether Ore Twilight Forest Witchery Bibliocraft + addons (bibliowoods) Gravestones Liquid XP Thermal Expantion Pams Harvestcraft, and Wee Flowers Railcraft Power Converters Custom NPC and More player Modles (Cnpc is a fix because MCPC+ is a poopey head) Carpenters Block ~~~Plugins~~~ Well most of the plugins I have on are for admins only but I’ll put a few down here for you to see what's going on Grope Manager Towny World Border Item Restrict Buycraft World Guard Essenchals ~~~Links~~~ Sorry it’s not a bunch of pics of the hero of time ( >.> really another bad joke?) Anyhow this section is the Facebook and other links to help with the server and other important things you may need to know Facebook: https://www.facebook...24355977817088/ Server Pack: http://www.technicpa...roexterios-pack Server Texture: https://dl.dropboxus...exture Pack.zip Buycraft: http://tekkitkings.buycraft.net/ E-mail: - on request only SERVER IP: s22.hosthorde.com:25845 All pics of the server will be on the Facebook page (mostly because i dont know how to post them here Just a little note to thos wo looked at the server and didnt know how to be a member.... its on the buycraft page and i will be putting a Cnpc at spawn to make platers members aswel IF you donate and talk to them and become a member again i am not responsable for that and you will not get the rank back to be careful and READ!!!!
  7. Hey there everyone! If you love DayZ, and you love minecraft, it's your lucky day! I am recreating DayZ in minecraft with actual and USABLE vehicles(helis, jeeps, planes), as well as gun(snipers, asault rifles etc, W/ 3d models) If you love playing it solo, or love teaming up. If you love killing people, or saving people. We welcome you. Flan-Z Reloaded Trailer= Website = http://flanzreloaded.enjin.com/ Note= The server is MODDED so you will need to install our modpack but that's as easy as a 1, a 2, and a 5! The old Flan-Z server went down due to money loss, and not enough time. I rebuilt the server from scratch and the community is starting to grow again.The old Flan-Z had 4000 registered members... I think we can top that! Come join us at flan-z.mcpro.co
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