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Found 1 result

  1. I dropped a comment about my lava-to-diamond processing chain elsewhere, and somebody got curious. So allow me to elaborate on it a little. 1. Prelude First, what happened so far in the Equivalent Exchange universe. EE2 was part of the old Tekkit, and can still be used in Tekkit Classic. It was a very big, very powerful and very server-taxing mod because of its extreme empowerment and endgame options. You were basically generating blocks, any kind of blocks, in any amount desired at some point. A whole chunk of diamond blocks? That was kid's stuff when you had Dark Matter, or even Red Matter. Also, massively overpowered endgame armor and equipment above and beyond what even power armor can do. EE2 is gone, closed source, abandoned, most likely never to return. So a friendly coder set out to remake it from scratch in friendly open-sourced EE3, and that has been lingering in pre-alpha stages for so long now that people were wondering why Tekkit was still dragging it around. But no matter how glacial the development pace, something usable is here now. It is quirky, very limited yet, and resembles a humble little alchemy mod more than the old galaxy-size EE2, but there is power here. 2. What is EMC? Blocks have value. Not just usage value, but EMC value. The rarer and harder to get, the higher. EMC stands for Energy Matter Currency, and simple blocks like dirt have EMC=1, with diamonds at EMC=8192. In Tekkit, press shift while hovering over a block to see the EMC value displayed through Waila. Not all blocks have it, although in a theoretically ideal modpack, all should have a value (cut the Tekkit people some slack, that is tons work). 3. What to do with it? EE3 has not terribly many blocks of its own. You will want a Calcinator, an Aludel and a Glass Bell, all quite simple and cheap to produce. 3a. Calcinate! You can place any block with EMC value in the top slot and add any vanilla fuel in the bottom one. It is basically a furnace, with different results. As this is alchemy, you will get magickal dusts for your efforts. very low EMC value = ash (worthless) low EMC value = Verdant Dust (green) medium EMC value = Azure Dust (blue) high EMC value = Minium Dust (red) For now, we just want the Minium Dust. It seems that anything over 8000 EMC will yield it. Yes, that means you will have to sacrifice some diamonds or emeralds here. Do this only if you have some to spare, otherwise advance some more in the game until you have some to spare. The absolute minimum to get started is 8 Minium Dust, so 8 diamonds or emeralds have to be burned. Update: It seems like you can also calcinate fully repaired pieces of gold armor for minium dust. This comes in handy when you generate those with an MFR Grinder or a Peaceful Table. Keep in mind that you can simply repair-craft two identical items to get one with higher durability, which will eventually get you fully repaired ones without using an Anvil. Credit goes to SirLappy for that find. 3b. Get Stoned Craft yourself an Inert Stone from 1 gold ingot, 4 iron ingots and 4 smooth stone (I rely on your ability to look up recipes in NEI by pressing R). Now you need the Aludel. Place the Glass Bell on top of the device, otherwise it is not complete. If you open it then, there are three slots. The lower one is again for vanilla fuels, the middle one will take your dusts, and the top one your "target item". Place the Inert Stone there, add 8 Minium Dusts below it and fuel the whole thing. You will be rewarded with a Minium Stone. 4. Alchemy! Contrary to popular belief, the EE wiki is not dead. You can see a barebones EE3 recipe list here, which should give you a first idea of your newly gained powers. Not all recipes work right now, but a few crucial ones do. 5. An Example: Lava To Diamonds This process chain harnesses the power of several mods besides EE3, namely Thermal Expansion and Extra Utilities. You should only start it when you have enough diamonds to make a handful of Minium Stones. You need at least three Minium Stones for automation, but you could just opt to jiggle it all manually with a single Stone and no Cyclic Assemblers. In that case, do yourself a favour and use at least a Machinist's Workbench. Use an Ender-Thermic pump in the Nether and connect a Tesseract for (nearly) infinite lava. This is a tested process, look up the details with the usual guides. Build yourself a battery of Igneous Extruders. They need no power, just lava and a water supply, and generate obsidian. Why obsidian? Because it has EMC=64, which is not huge, but high enough to make this viable. Don't forget to change the Extruders to obsidian in the interface, as they default to stone. I am running eight Extruders, but more will make things go faster (no idea how many one pump can sustain, but more than eight for sure). Set up a Cyclic Assembler. Feed it the obsidian from your new generator. Write the Obsidian-to-Iron-Ingot recipe to a schematic and place at least one Minium Stone in the Assembler's inventory, as the stone is an ingredient (In case you did not follow that link, 2x2 Obsidian with a Minium Stone added to the crafting grid). It will not be consumed, but degrade over time, so you need to refill Minium Stones at some point. I prefer to set up another Cyclic Assembler at this point to craft the resulting Iron Ingots to iron blocks. Why? Transmuting works with blocks, too, and will take fewer charges from the Minium Stones in the next steps. Next Cyclic Assembler. The concept is the same like in the first Assembler. Write a schematic for Iron-To-Gold (8 iron blocks and a Minium Stone yield one gold block), feed the iron blocks in and place at least one Minium Stone. Final Cyclic Assembler: Same procedure, just with eight gold blocks. Which will yield one diamond block. The process will yield many more diamonds than are consumed in the making of the Minium Stones. As long as you have lava, it will slowly fill your treasury with diamond blocks. Feel free to pipe in excess iron and gold from your quarries at the respective points. Of course, all of these transmutations can be reversed to get back gold, iron, or even obsidian. Just keep in mind that the Stones degrade. Enough for now. Feel free to chime in with your own insights and ideas.