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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I made a new modpack a couple days ago, and since then me and a few others have downloaded and played the modpack on a private server. Still, no "downloads" or "runs" are visible at the modpack page? It feels a bit odd, considering we're at least 5 people who have downloaded the modpack and we've played it many times already. Is Technic just slow or is there something else going on? This is the modpack I'm speaking of. Thanks for clearing it up. - Henriko
  2. Hey, yesterday I ran into a bunch of problems with my technic pack. My discover page stopped working, only one mod (tekkit classic) showed up in my modlist, because it was the only one I'd installed and none of the images in news were loading. Later I also noticed that the "Solder Enabled" widget under the mod title wasn't there either. Technic is connected to the internet, I know this because when I search for a pack in the search bar it shows up. Anyway, when I try to install a mod it give me an error: Something else I noticed was that all my mods only had a single version: 1.0 List of Problems I face: Error quoted above shows up when trying to install mod Discover & News tabs not working Solder not enabled All mods only have the option for one version, that being 1.0. Stuff I've tried: Restarting my PC Completely removing and reinstalling .technic Removing Minecraft and technic and reinstalling them Allocating more RAM (7 GB) Java 7 & 8 both My log: My suspicions are that this is strongly linked to solder as it says: EDIT: Formatting and extra info
  3. My modpack likes counter works, but downloads and runs counter stays on '0'. Why?
  4. It's not that I want to see more downloads or runs, but I am pretty sure that after 3 days of a few people playing and running the modpack it should be more than 0. It will show the likes, but not the runs or downloads. It shows here. http://technicpack.net/modpack/minejade-alpha.756890
  5. Appeal: I am a dev for the ModPack "Post Blast", our ModPack is about a week old and within the last three days we hit a very high trend. We are now a featured ModPack and have reached a startling 2000+ Installs and 3000+ Runs, all rapidly increasing within an hours time. Unfortunately our Download source was DropBox, and they have restrictions on high DL traffic. Thus our DropBox accounts were suspended, and we were actually locating a new host, having found one we returned to edit it into the ModPack and discovered that it had been disabled. My Friends and i built this ModPack with our time, dedication and efficiency. Our desperately wanted Server was supposed to launch exactly 5 hours ago for beta testing but now we have to push that forward until we can get Technic to enable our ModPack once more, so that we can continue providing the ModPack to those whom desire it, especially our staff. Situation: 1. We were busy working on the server permissions and plugin configurations. 2. Upon finding out that DropBox was not working, we searched for an alternative download host. 3. Upon gaining such host, we returned to edit the ModPack here on these forums and found that it had been disabled. Other Notices: We are a trending ModPack, and have a heavily packed schedule, each update was planned carefully, each bug fix done accurately and our desperately wanted server was in white list mode for almost a week, as we were preparing it for large scaled updates and stability fixes so that it would be playable for all on a very very large scale. Please review our Appeal, and unlock our ModPack so that we can get back to our schedule without any further delays. ModPack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/nuclear-revolution.689897 ~Thank You.
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