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Found 3 results

  1. Website || Community Forum Server Address: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Our Tekkit adventure started with Tekkit now called Classic, that was a long time ago but we love Tekkit and we are now here with the latest version! Server Features: > Hosted in USA in a DataCenter on a Dedicated Server. > Online 24/7. > Powerful Land Protection with MyTown mod to keep your work safe from grief. Create Towns and Nations! > PvP and PvE, Clans. > Economy: Server Shops , Players Market, Trades, Vote Rewards. > Few restricted items (details below) > Optimized for minimal lag. > Turtle's and Quarry's are 100% safe to use. Disabled Mods: Balkon's WeaponsMod - PvP protection bypass including spawn protection. InventoryTweaks - Item duplication bugs. Redstone in Motion - Used a lot for grief, protection bypass. Restricted Items: Matter Cannon - Applied Energistics - Protection bypass. Needlegun - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass. SPAMR Launcher - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass. Sacred Rubber Sapling - MineFactory Reloaded - A huge tree, once placed it takes space to up to 4 regions bypassing protection in the process and causing very low fps to clients. Plastic Bag - MineFactory Reloaded - Item Dupe Bug; Lux Capacitor - MMM Powersuits - Only restricted for block place for protection bypass. Creative StrongBox - Thermal Expansion - Item duplicator. Florb - Thermal Expansion - Protecion bypass. Confiscate Module - MFFS - Can steal players inventory's. Anti Personnel Module - MFFS - Killing players and stealing items. Desintegration Module -MFFS - Block Grief Sponge Module - MFFS - Fluid Grief Notes: The Mystcraft and DimensionalDoors worlds are wiped once per week to maintain the server stable and without lag - so do not build bases there! You can build towns on the main world, moon and mars, we don't know how stable the last 2 are so the main world is the safest for base building. Up to date restricted list can also be found >here. Some of our major plugins: Essentials Buycraft DirectSupport HeroChat PermissionsEX RandomSpawn GlobalMarket DynamicMap Clans VoteParty and Rewards. Crates. The Community CraftersLand is a Minecraft Community founded on August 2011, first started with a survival server after a wile we opened our first tekkit server now called tekkit classic. Now after more then 2 years we learned a lot and we try to provide as good and as advanced servers as possible. We also have a community forum where you can post problems on our servers or if you need any help. Join Us! Now some pictures with our Tekkit server:
  2. IP: play.evolutionrd.net Website: http://evolutionrd.net/ Dynmap: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/map.php Mumble: mumble.evolutionrd.net Port: 64738 Pack: Evolution-RD Evolution R&D, also known as Evo, is one of the oldest Tekkit based servers still standing today. We were founded more than 2 years ago in February of 2012 during Tekkit Classic 1.1.4. We are an ever expanding and diverse group of individuals who love building and taking the game to new heights. We offer 4 main worlds for usage by the community. The first being the Overworld where you spawn. This is where you can build to your hearts content without fear of griefing. The second is the Scrapworld where you can gather resources and is replenished every so often so supplies don't go scarce. Finally, The Nether and The End where you will find many ores, plants and creatures. These worlds are also reset every so often. Between exploration and pushing the server to its limits, the fun never stops. New players are always joining and making friends, starting villages, building master pieces and learning the ways of the mods through research and development (#AwfulPun). Remember to contact staff with any questions you may have. Simply read the rules and start playing! Recently, we just had a full map reset and the world was remade for our second instalment of 1.6.4. Due to this, a variety of players are starting towns and we need more people to populate this new world. We are always looking for new players and we never turn down anyone so long as you follow the rules. Our server is run by a team of professionals in the field of Server Hosting, Software Development and IT. We offer some 100% custom mods coded by staff members that are not found on other servers, with the new map, the mods will only grow. There are a few banned items, generally the stuff you will find on other servers due to nature of how the item interacts with the world. This is to ensure griefing is kept to minimum and the players won't have to worry about lost projects or severe lag. Evolution R&D is full of different Plugins and Mods that help protect players and their creations while allowing them to work together to grow the servers economy. Dynmap LWC (Chest/Door protection) Precious Stones (Land and area protections) ChestShop Fe (Economy Plugin) Prism2 (Grief Protection) WorldBorder Multiverse PermissionsEx Essentials PlayerHeads First you will need to download the Technic Launcher from here: Download Next you will need to follow the steps here: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/howto.php Here is a quick link to the modpack so it will be easy to copy and paste the correct information into your client. http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/evolution-rd.556 Please show your support while you're there and drop us a +1 If you have any questions about out server feel free to talk to anyone of the following people either on Dynmap or in-game. [Owner]Firehead94 [Admin]Rebelnode [Admin]Davnell [Mod]robopwner [Mod]topsniper52 [Mod]wds444 [Mod]DCAvz Website: http://evolutionrd.net/ Rules: http://rules.evolutionrd.net/ Modpack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/evolution-rd.556 Forums: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/index.php ModList: http://evolutionrd.net/phpBB3/modlist.php Pictures of Lastmap: http://imgur.com/a/pjeO2#0 Hope to see you there!
  3. I'm wondering if anyone has experience in getting Dynmap to work with tekkit 1.1.10? I have dynmap up and running (currently online if the tekkit server is, moving to a dedicated web server is later on my todo list) http://map.tekkit.pr.clan.ws seems that it has support for some blocks, like ComputerCraft and Greg's Lighting, but not for anything from Steve's Carts, immibis MicroBlocks, or MFR (at least, not MFR rednet cables) There may be more, but most of my mod-specific blocks are inside building, so I haven't had a chance to do much testing information: Tekkit Version: 1.1.10 (recommended) Server: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS MCPC+ versions: git-MCPC-Plus-jenkins-MCPC-Plus-Legacy-646 (MC: 1.5.2) (Implementing API version 1.5.2-R1.1-SNAPSHOT) dynmap version: core=1.9.2-1885, plugin=1.9.2-310
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