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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, i am pretty new to making a server so if my question(s) sound uneducated or nooby, thats why. So...last night i started my server making process and i downloaded the server files for Tekkit Space, put them in a folder on my desktop called "Server" and i made a "Run.Bat" file and i clicked Run.bat and it did all of its loading in and i went to port forward. My router's port forwarding was somewhat confusing so i looked up a youtube video of it for my exact router and from what i can gather, it is done correctly. If someone wants to see the video and/or know how i did it to determine if its right, just comment. But anyways...after all of that, in the server log, it says [Severe] [Minecraft-Server] Reached End Of Stream For xxx.xxx.x.x(my IPv4 Address) and i have no idea what to do. I have my IPv4 address as the server IP under server properties and the port 25565. So if someone can help me out and get moving in the right direction again that would be very appreciated. - Thank you for your time :-)
  2. My friend hosts the server. I've been playing on it for two months with my wife at our house. We use a wifi connection. About a week ago, both of our connections to the game are whacking out. We first try to poll the server, the game then tells us "can't reach server" with a big fat X on the connection bars. We double click/try to connect to the server anyway and we are able to connect. Within a minute, however, we are disconnected with this " Connection Lost -next line- Internal exception: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out". Also, during that minute of playtime, we are able to interact with items for a few seconds before it lags out and we can no longer interact with items. At random times, when polling the server, we will be able to see it up and running again, and of course we cheer thinking it is fixed and we will try to connect and get a "Connection Lost -next line- End of stream" We have tried communicating with our ISP, they did whatever to our router. We turned it off for a few minutes, ect. We have tried flushing the dns in the command prompt with the ipconfig/flushdns command (can't recall exactly what the command was). We have had my friend delete our player.dat file. Oh and here's the kicker - our other friends (non-hosters) are able to login to the server and play without any issues, so it is not the port forwarding issue. What can we do next?
  3. Hi, I'm the host of a Tekkit Classic server, I've done it once before, but i was walked through it and I don't remember how to do it. I have Hamachi and when I pop in my Ip, the Name of my server will come up but when connecting It says "Lost Connection End of Stream". PLEASE HELP XD
  4. I'm trying to play servers in Pixelmon and any other mod and it won't work. It just shows the hated End of Stream errors. Anyone please help!
  5. I can join fine, but my friend suddenly can't join. This results in the server log: [SEVERE] Reached end of stream for /{IP address} 2014-03-29 14:35:52 [SEVERE] Reached end of stream for /{IP address} 2014-03-29 14:35:52 [INFO] {player} [/{IP address}] lost connection 2014-03-29 14:35:54 [SEVERE] Reached end of stream for /{IP address} 2014-03-29 14:36:01 [SEVERE] Reached end of stream for /{IP address) My friend also says she gets the message 'bad login'. My IP has not changed at all, my ports are fowarded, UTorrent is running, the server is running (Tried with Bteam.jar & Launch.bat) Mods are default, and I have not installed anything else. I may try deleting all the files and re-creating the server.
  6. Hello, I've recently started playing tekkit lite with a few of my friends and I get this end of stream error whenever I try to play on my wifi in my dorms at my college. When i'm at home, I can play tekkit lite just fine, it seems the issue lies within the dorm. Like, I would spawn inside the floor and would not die and the tree-capitator mod takes several minutes to load, sometimes it doesn't load at all and I crash with the end of stream error. I just have hug lag to the point where whenever I break a block, I don't get it as a pick up. I've looked around on the internet and I can't seem to find anyone whose had a similar issue but has found a resolution. Any help is appreciated
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