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Found 9 results

  1. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/war-economy.1496564 IP: mc.war-economy.com Featuring 130 Mods, including Flans, Mekanism, EnderIO, AE2, Thermal Foundation, and many more! War rages. Use your favorite tech mods to build up your town into a sprawling nation. Clash with other factions to claim what is rightfully yours. Or simply sell materials to both sides and reap a tidy profit. The choice is yours in our War-Economy.Join our new community server! Currently we're looking for a solid player-base and staff members! Apply today on our website: https://www.war-economy.com Mods: SecurityCraft AE2 Stuff Applied Energistics 2 Aroma1997 (Mining Dimension) BetterFPS Big Reactors Biomes O' Plenty CoFH Core Chisel and Bits Crafting Tweaks Custom Main Menu CustomNPCs EnderIO Extra Cells Extra Utilities Flux Networks Flans Mod Flans Apocalypse Pack Flans Titan pack Flans Zombie Pack Flans Simple Parts Flans Modern Warfare Flans Ye Olde Pack Galacticraft Galacticraft Planets Immersive Engineering IndustrialCraft ICBM Inventory Tweaks Iron Chest Just Enough Items Journey Map Malisis Doors Matter Overdrive Mekanism Mekanism Tools Mekanism Generators (Our personal favorite) Modular Machinery Modular Utilities Modular Forcefield System Modular Powersuits Modular Diversity Mouse Tweaks Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod Natura NetherOres Nether Portal Fix NoMoreRecipeConflicts OpenBlocks OpenComputers Pam's HarvestCraft Project Red Practical Logistics 2 Quantum Flux ReAuth Railcraft Redstone Flux RFTools Thaumcraft ThaumicTerminal ThaumicEnergistics Thermal Cultivation Thermal Dynamics Thermal Expansion Tinker's Construct Thermal Foundation Waystones Wireless Crafting Terminal WAWLA xnet
  2. Advanced Planetarian Warfare 2.0 Advanced Planetarian Warfare 2.0 is here! - Defence Tech - Thermal Expansion - Modular Force Field System (MFFS) - EnderIO - Mekanism/Tools/Generators - Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) - Flans Mod - MineFactory Reloaded - Nether Ores - Galacticraft/Planets + More! TechnicPack Page: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/adv-planetarian-warfare.1006563 This pack was solely made for Factions! Please join the Official 24/7 Server: s7.hosthorde.com:26667 (Port is needed!)
  3. Welcome to Eclecticraft, the server with an eclectic assortment of handpicked mods and quaint architecture but currently in need of inhabitants of this boundless wilderness. Semi-roleplaying, we don't take ourselves too seriously but we like to have some semblance of realism. The Land is a vast untouched wilderness dotted with large medieval settlements themed after Norse/Viking, Far eastern and Central European Architecture. Skirmishes between groups occasionally occur as set piece battles that break up the normally peaceful realm. Ideal for players looking for a friendly community to explore the wonders of survival in this modded world. Biomes'o'plenty ensures that exploring this world will always be varied and the collection of utility and technical mods ensures for sustainability of resources once you find a place to settle down. Use FTB-utilities to stake your claim on land to prevent griefing, then plant expansive plains of magical crops or begin lazer drilling into bedrock to secure a steady supply of resources. Utilise Ancient warfare to populate your kingdoms then exploit the secrets of thaumcraft to further your domination of the land or proceed down mekanism's techtree to create evermore powerful machines. The servers current community, though small, organise special events that all are welcome to including battles, group buildings at Christmas, Halloween etc and competitions. Trading systems are in place to allow autonomous offline trading of resources and the bank at the spawn means that player levels can be exchanged for currencies of increasing denominations. So Join Now! we've got a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1785817171650172/ Server IP is: alistairheath.ddns.net On from about 09:00 till 22:00 depending on how many people are going on regularly Main mods are: applied energistics 2, ancient warfare 2, big reactors, biomesofplenty, buildcraft, chicken chunks, chisel 2, minefactory reloaded, extrautilities, FTB utilities, journeymap, magical crops, mekanism, galacticraft, nether ores, thaumcraft, thermal expansion, tradebooth, veinminer and treecapitator
  4. Pack Code: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/rectech-regeneration Server IP: RecTech Regeneration is a group of friends who got tired of playing on not very well administered servers and decided to make their own server, which was not centered around one person's view on how people should play, but how the community thinks the modpack should be created and balanced. We're friendly, and laid back, always up for a laugh, but more importantly, fair. Got previous bans? No problem, as long as you dont cause any issues if you choose to play with us, you're welcome to join. Containing 218 mods, we've aimed to provide as much choice as possible. This includes, but is not limited to: Applied Energistics 2 Big Reactors Binnies Mods Blood Magic Botania Buildcraft Carpenter's Blocks Chisel Chromaticraft Computer Craft Ex Nihlo Hunger Overhaul Mystcraft Rotarycraft Mariculture Thaumcraft And many, many more! (See full mod list here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b6va4gem0db1ba5/mods.txt?dl=0 ) The oregen has been buffed and we have introduced some new crafting recipes for some of the "magic blocks" such as the Digital Miner, MFR Harvester, Planter and Grinder to provide a sense of challenge in the modpack. No items are banned, and chunkloading is fully enabled for you to use. We have a couple of plugins for your own security such as CoreProtect to log all blocks placed and broken, GriefProtection so you can protect your creations and Essentials so you can set a home, teleport to players and use the /back function. This is not a Pay-To-Win server, everything is completely free for you to use with no limitations. The pack is run on a dedicated server in Montreal, Canada with 32GB of ram and x2 320GB SSD's. Most of our admin team is from the UK, and we have not experienced any latency lag what so ever. The world is fresh as of the 10th of December. To join us, please fill out a whitelist application using the format below: IGN: Age: About Yourself: OVER 18'S ONLY PLEASE.
  5. The server is included in the pack (IP: adventurecraft.unitedworldminers.com)
  6. Our server is looking for new players Our Modpack is centered around tech and the beloved Millenaire mod. Join and establish your own city, create large tech setups and trade with other players! This pack comes preinstalled with the official server (IP: millenaire.unitedworldminers.com) Official Website Vote for our server The full mod-list can be found here. Highlights are: BuildCraft 7 Millenaire IndustrialCraft 2 EnderIO ThermalExpansion GalactiCraft All Unitedworldminers servers are hosted on dedicated hardware with 64 GB of RAM and Intel Core i7 CPU @ 3.8 GHz with 1 GBit/s bandwidth, located in Germany Our community is open for every suggestion and is providing every active player with the ability to rank up. Some impressions:
  7. So, I've been working on a modpack unlike most others. This one uses mods that are either rarely used, compliment each other, or simple don't duplicate other mods in the pack. To that end, I give you "Painfully Simple". A brief outline of some of the anchor mods I'm using: Tinker's Construct w/ IguanaTweaks -- Simply to limit how quickly folks get diamond. I figure what's the point of having diamond within 10 minutes of the start of play? EnderIO -- Sure I could have used other mods, but EnderIO offers machines with dual-purpose, as well as stackable conduits. I can't stand it when conduits have to be next to each other taking up space that could be used for other things. So put them into the space of one conduit and take back your space. Thaumcraft 4 -- Provides some automation, epic armors, flight, and advanced mining. Oh, and even more epic bosses and mobs. Immersive Engineering -- Windmills and water wheels. Need I say more? Pistronics 2 -- cool things you can do with pistons and gears like massive gates that swing, or drawbridges that actually work! Or how about a piston that can move a block more than one space? Steve's Carts 2 -- basic level of farming. Automated wood harvesting. Railcraft -- a level of automation that is unparalleled with automatic switching and cart-linking! OpenComputers -- this is a big one. Ever written a Lua program and had to restart it everytime you enter a chunk or restart your game? Well OpenComputers has a persistent operating system! This means no more worrying about your robots and computers needing to be reset. They'll simply pickup wherever they left off. Optimizations -- I've included BetterFPS as well as Optifine to help with FPS output. Typically, I can get FPS boosts of around 10-20%. May not seem like much, but it helps. And once I get the test-server the way I want it, I'll be opening that up to the public as well! So, have I whet your appetites yet? If so, check it out over here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/painfully-simple.710004 Oh, and one more thing...be careful about digging dirt with just your hands...it could get "messy". ScreenShots: Tutorial:
  8. PACK INFO MC V1.7.10 // Pack V1.2.2 // Forge V1291 Support & Feedback site: RebirthGaming.org/Rebirth Search "Rebirth Gaming" in the launcher. Our modpack's primary and ONLY power type is Redstone Flux. No more mucking about with multiple power systems to perform simple tasks. This has allowed us to focus on where mod integration matters - between mods that were MEANT for each other - mods that developers created to specifically be compatible with RF. We are tired of trying to power Thermal Expansion machines with IC2 power, and we know you are, too. Seriously, why force a square peg in a round hole? This pack also includes a wide array of various hook-ins and addons for RF based mods, such as Draconic Evolution, Technomancy, Solar Flux, Fluxed Feeder Unit, & more! Our mod list has been carefully pruned and tested to ensure that all mods are compatible with each other to a point where they actually FEED off of each other! Have you ever wanted to charge your Thaumcraft wand using your Blood Magic blood network? How about boosting your Botania mana output using Redstone Flux? Perhaps you are tired of having a thousand Essentia Jars near your altar, & prefer to store it all in your ME network. Speaking of ME storage, who has ever dreamed of storing FLUIDS in it? Yes, all of this is possible and SO MUCH MORE. You will be able to create entirely new and unique setups utilizing the deep cross mod integration that this modpack offers you. No more mod compartmentalization. This pack focuses on 5 key aspects: Redstone Fluxed Material Processing & Production - Mekanism, Thermal Expansion, EnderIO & MineFactory Reloaded Magnificent Magical Mystification - Thaumcraft, Blood Magic, Botania & Witchery Integrated Inventory Management - Refined Relocation, Applied Energistics 2, Steve's Factory Manager, Iron Chests Awesome Agriculture & Breeding - Agricraft, Pam's Harvestcraft, Forestry, Biomes O Plenty Integration & Supplementation - ~~Large list of mods the supplement the ones listed above, such as Forestry Extras, ProjRed, Draconic Evolution, Forbidden Magic, Technomancy, Gany's, Another One Bites the Dust, and many more~~ Because our modpack includes a lot of newer or otherwise unfamiliar mods that are not typically found in standard "kitchen sink" packs, we wanted to assist players with becoming familiar, and help them get out of the rut of the ye olde. Our quest system is designed to help you explore new mods. Not only that, but these quests will also help give you inspiration as to how to mix mods to yield new, exciting outcomes. Our modpack offers both new, unique mods as well as some familiar classics. This healthy mix of old and new will keep you familiar enough to make progress, but surprise you around every corner with new ways to do old things. For starters, we don't have BuildCraft. Wait, what!? How will you transport items and fluids, you ask? Refined Relocation and EnderIO, of course! This is just one of many examples. Note: Quests are work in progress and will be released in stages. Find the latest version of the quests at www.rebirthgaming.org/rebirth, or posted here. Version 1 - (Included in modpack) Version 2 now available! www.rebirthgaming.org/rebirth Our pack was designed with server hosting in mind. We have an official server that has been online for several months. Many of the choices we made during modpack development was based on how stable mods & configs were for servers. If something resulted in incompatibility or crashes, we either removed the source of the issue, or contacted appropriate development teams to resolve the issue. We are proud to announce that as of version 1.2.0, there will be a server pack download available. Feel free to grab it, drop it on your server, and host a party for your friends! We offer full support for our modpack. If you run into any issues with either single player use or server hosting, feel free to contact us! Your bug finding helps us keep our server stable as well as delivering the most stable versions to the public. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR SERVER Official Server IP: Rebirth.RebirthGaming.org Hosted via OVH.com 7GB allotted + custom arguments to increase performance and ensure 24/7 uptime. Uses server side mods to ensure stability and lag free play. Officially supported - find us on our website or Teamspeak! World, Nether, and Twilight Forest worlds are pre-generated to eliminate chunk loading lag. Very few banned items (we only ban items to resolve conflicts or balance issues) Server configs are tweaked for max performance. Player economy has been established. Coins!!! This server is whitelisted, and will take requests for being added. Simply reach out to us on our website or Teamspeak and we will most likely add you. We have a one strike policy. We *expect* players to be respectful and mature. There is no grief protection, and we don't need it. Trustworthy players will not ruin gameplay for others, and griefers will simply never be allowed on our server. Our server's configs and settings runs almost identical to that of our pack's server/client downloads. I will, however, point out some key things that people usually want to know: All chunk loaders are disabled except for Railcraft's personal anchor. Requires ender pearls to load chunks. Requires the player to be online to load chunks. We utilize ZERO plugins. Why? Cauldron stopped being updated in Dec '14. That means it can only get buggier! We do, however, use AdminCommandsToolbox, Opis, and Forge Essentials. Basic permission system to keep certain mod commands off limits (or allow players to use certain commands, like cofh friend list) and set custom spawn location. Players also have access to some quality of life commands like /back and /tpa player. Regarding player ranks: To comply with mod developer licenses and wishes, and to comply with the Minecraft EULA, we do not sell items and features, and never will. KNOWN ISSUES Draconic Evolution wireless energy transceivers crash servers and clients. Has been resolved in latest DE snapshot, and will be included in next pack update. THE MODLIST CHANGELOG
  9. After running a B-Team server for a few months and started slowly realizing that it is: A) Buggy. Outdated. C) Discontinued. So I'm attempting to make a revival pack. I've seen a few of these floating around the forums but I'm hoping to start a stable, continuously updated fork here. So far, these mods have been carried over or outright added to the pack: /home/deusversus/.server/mods/advancedgenetics-1.7.10-1.5.7.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ArchimedesShips-1.7.1.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Artifice-1.7.10-1.1.4-310.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/AsieLib-1.7.10-0.3.9.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BetterStorage-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BiblioCraft[v1.9.2][MC1.7.10].jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BiblioWoods[biomesOPlenty][v1.9].jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BiblioWoods[Natura][v1.5].jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/BiomesOPlenty-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.5 - MC 1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Chisel2- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/CodeChickenCore-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.0B9-40.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/DragonMounts-r41-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/EnderIO-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/EnhancedPortals_1.7.10-universal-3.0.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Flans Mod-1.7.10-4.9.0.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/FoodPlus-1.7.2-3.2rS.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Fossils_Archeology_Revival-1.7.10_Build-7.0.1.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/GalacticraftCore-1.7- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Galacticraft-Planets-1.7- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Hamsterrific-0.2.0.jar.zip /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Hats-4.0.1.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/IC2NuclearControl-2.1.2a.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/iChunUtil-4.1.3.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/immibis-core-59.0.7.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/immibis-microblocks-59.0.5.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/industrialcraft-2-2.2.675-experimental.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/InventoryTweaks-1.58-147.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ironchest-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/liquid-xp-59.0.0.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Mantle-1.7.10-0.3.2.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MapWriter-Mod-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Mekanism-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MekanismGenerators-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MicdoodleCore-1.7- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MineFactoryReloaded-[1.7.10]2.8.0RC6-5.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Minions-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Morph-Beta-0.9.1.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/MrCrayfishFurnitureModv3.4.7(1.7.10).jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/natura-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Necromancy-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/NotEnoughItems-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/NotEnoughKeys-1.7.10-1.0.0b29.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/OpenBlocks-1.7.10-1.3-snapshot-561.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/OpenModsLib-1.7.10-0.6-snapshot-310.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ProjectRed-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/qCraft1.2.zip /home/deusversus/.server/mods/RandomThings-2.2.4.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/secretroomsmod-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/statues-1.7.10-2.1.4.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Sync-4.0.0.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/TConstruct-1.7.10-1.8.2a.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Thaumcraft-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ThermalExpansion-[1.7.10]4.0.0B8-23.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/ThermalFoundation-[1.7.10]1.0.0RC1-13.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/TMechworks-1.7.10- /home/deusversus/.server/mods/TrailMix-4.0.0.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/UpdateCheckerMod-1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/Waila-1.5.9_1.7.10.jar /home/deusversus/.server/mods/witchery-1.7.10-0.22.0.jar At this point, I need some players on the test server (versus.ddns.net:25564) to troubleshoot for errors. The pack is available on Technic Launcher under V-Team Revival.
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