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Found 3 results

  1. I made a modpack for 1.10.2. That has both ProjectE and MCA. These two are required for the trick. Other requirements: Required core mods, 1 diamond, 4 redstone, 7-9 iron, and a village. Not sure if regular villagers also have trades like these but MCA guards and blacksmiths have trade for 7-9 iron for an emerald. Know if you have a philosophers stone from projectE. A philosophers stone requires 1 diamond, 4 redstone, and 4 glowstone. Then traded the iron for an emerald and place the emerald in a crafting menu with a philosophers stone. keep doing until you get a stack of iron. Giving you a profit of 57 iron. Repeat for even more. the modpack is http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/my-last-modpack.942765.
  2. Just came across this bug in standard Tekkit 1.2.9f (While playing on a server, not sure if this is relevant). Not sure if this has been reported but Google didn't bring up anything relevant to it so here we go: Severity: High (While it does not immediately crash the server or anything like that, this exploit makes it possible for one player to produce infinite resources early in the game and with minimal effort. Solutions involving locking away the affected items are, shall we say, less than ideal.) Affected Mods (So far): Project Bench Thermal Expansion Backpack Method: Create at least two Strongboxes and a Project Bench. Put at least 8 Invar Ingots in the Project Bench along with at least one empty Strongbox. (You simply have to have enough resources in the Project Bench to upgrade twice or as many Strongboxes as you plan to upgrade. It doesn't have to be Strongbox to Hardened Strongbox, that's just the easiest upgrade.) Place your Strongbox and put something in it. (This can be anything, a piece of dirt, cobble, 18 other Strongboxes filled with 18 Backpacks each filled with 18 stacks of Diamond Blocks each...) Sneak + Right-click your Strongbox with a Crecent Hammer to pick it up. Place your full Strongbox in the middle of the crafting grid on the Project Bench and surround it with 4 Invar Ingots. Pull out your newly upgraded full Hardened Strongbox and subsequently pull out your newly upgraded empty Hardened Strongbox(es). Notice that the formally empty Strongboxes have been upgraded to Hardened Strongboxes each of which happen to also contain duplicates of whatever was in the originally upgraded Strongbox. Replication Rate: 100% (So far, I've only done a few tests) Effects multi-player! TL;DR: Upgrading a Strongbox with items inside using a Project Bench and immediately upgrading an empty Strongbox causes all contents from the full Strongbox to be duplicated to the empty Strongbox after the upgrade. Please attempt to replicate my results, and post.
  3. In light of an exploit I'm seeing around our server lately involving ender pearls and (rowan) doors (details elided), is anyone aware of a plugin or other way to disable the "teleport" feature of ender pearls without banning the item completely (which would pretty much shoot all of TE to hell).
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