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Found 4 results

  1. TopGunners Modded PvP Flyboys Server "A server pack geared towards battle, teamwork, destruction and weaponry..." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This pack is an un-official Flyboys modpack that includes all of the mods in Flyboys. There are also a few added mods and some updates to mods to add to the enjoyment of the server. Server is 24/7 besides very sparse downtimes for maintenance. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IP: Website Link
  2. EDIT** IMPORTANT!Please be sure to visit the forums and sign up! Signing up and being active for 2 days will result in a promotion! "Cadet" offering you new commands/permissions!www.thehoundsofwar.enjin.com Please visit our website to download the modpack and join the server! So what are you waiting for? Download the pack and join the battle of the hounds, rise to the top!www.thehoundsofwar.tk
  3. Hey Everyone looking for a FlyBoys Server! [1.7.10] [10+ players needed!] We just opened up a professionally hosted FlyBoys server and want you to join us! FlyBoys is a gamemode created by the one and only Bdouble100 and is a compilation of several extremely fun mods. We are looking to get about 10 people on the server but everyone is welcome. The basic rules of the game are: -Build a base with your designated team -WORK TOGETHER -DONT CHEAT OR YOU WILL BE BANNED -Be mature -Dont ask to become a mod, admin, etc. -ABSOLUTELY NO FRIENDLY FIRE/TEAM KILLING WILL BE TOLERATED -NO s
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